Beatz Battalion Releases Video for Kikk It





Kikk It – Beatz Battalion [OFFICIAL VIDEO] Directed by Cleverkisum Films from BEATZ BEATTALION on Vimeo.

Gina Rivera @ModelGina – TRRG Stallions Models

#modelgina :) We are pleased to bring another exclusive mixed model to 24Hr Dimes Magazine all the way from Georgia.  The talented model and actress Gina Rivera {G1NaCakeZ} is really making an impact with her sexy photoshoots with Foto Mike that show her unique style, fit and curvy with a really nice booty to compliment her lovely facial features. Check out her photo below!

Visit her website at

We look forward to seeing a lot more from Gina in magazines and media in the months to come.

Follow her on IG: @ModelGina & Twitter: @ModelGina

Photo by Foto Mike

Courtesy of Jay at Machine State Digital


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Big Brother Recap: Who Was Evicted?

Was that one of the best blindsides in Big Brother history?

The Eight Pack alliance continued to chat about getting rid of Jozea, but Jozea and his alliance were so sure that they had the majority in the house. 

BB18 Julie

Jozea made a random claim that Paulie was the road kill champion, but this was probably made up to further sway the rest of the house to send the Calafiore brother packing. 

Nicole was less than impressed when she found out about Bridgette spying on the HOH crew. Her anger was further fueled when Zakiyah informed her that Bridgette said that Nicole’s her enemy. 

Nicole has not done a thing to Bridgette, so the fact that she’s targeting her so openly proves that these newbies are playing a horrible game. 

James tried to lighten the mood up a bit in the house and played a prank on Natalie. He replaced her face cream with mayo, but she never noticed. 

Bronte used it after and the reaction on her face was hilarious. Natalie and Bronte got revenge on him, but the three of them were just laughing by the end of it. 

Victor and Paul pressured Jozea into speaking with Nicole in the event of a tie. Jozea did not want to talk to her, but he knew he had to. 

Nicole knew what he was up to, but she played along with it. Jozea even tried crying to her. Say what you want about Nicole, but she can play this game better than anyone else in that house. 

A last minute argument almost made the Spy Girls vote Jozea out. Jozea got so jealous when James and the Spy Girls were chatting and James ushered him out of the room. 

Clearly Jozea wants to be part of every single house meeting. It’s not like he invites everyone to his, so there’s that. Why bother inviting him if he’s the Messiah of Big Brother?

Jozea and his alliance members were shocked to the core when he was evicted. It really shook his alliance members who were so sure that Paulie was leaving. 

The Eight Pack just sat with no expression on their faces. Well played!

At his interview, Jozea went back on a lot of the stuff he said in the game and even thought that Natalie voted to evict him, so if he gets back in the game you can expect him to target her. 

Julie let him in on the news about the potential of going back into the game in three weeks. He was ecstatic. 

This is all part of the latest twist and the winner will go back in the house in a special Friday airing on July 22. 

The drama continued to mount as the houseguests went to play in the latest HOH competition.

They were in their teams and had to move berries over an obstacle and whichever team wins gets to decide the new HOH. Julie said goodnight to the houseguests just as Natalie was disqualified. 

That didn’t take too long!

Who do you want to win the HOH? Who will be evicted next?

Hit the comments below!

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Demi Lovato: Topless on New Single Cover!

Demi Lovato thought she’d be dead by now.

Thank heaven and earth that she is not.

This is the cover for her new single, “Body Say.”

What would your body say if you saw this?

We don’t even need to answer that question, because it’s obvious: Demi is basically the definition of sexy these days if you ask us.

Why? Because if nothing else, Lovato is authentic.

Hot, for damn sure, and moderately talented, yes. But you always know that Demi she speaks from the heart, and that sets her apart.

It almost doesn’t matter whether “Body Say” is a good song. Odds are it will be, as Lovato produces more catchy pop hits than not.

She’s always about more than just the music, though.

Demi has been open and honest about her struggles with cutting, self-esteem, eating disorders, substance abuse and so on down the line.

By being so imperfect, she is practically perfect.

Saying someone “keeps it real” is such a played out phrase, but when you look at how Demi Lovato lives her life, it really does apply.

What you are looking at here is one of a kind.

What other celebrity can publicly lament what is wrong with the world today in such a way that shines a beacon of light upon it simultaneously?

Lovato is defining what it means to be famous in this day and age, being a role model for young people without losing her sense of self.

As she once sang, what’s wrong with being confident?

Even when she does annoying things like quitting and returning to Twitter within 24 hours, you can chalk it up to her being a real human.

She’s her own person, trolls/haters be damned.

Typically, topless photos are ideal if the topless subject faces the camera, showing off their face and potentially other attributes as well.

Again, though. We’ll forgive her. She’s human.

Also, if you really want to see more of her, well, she’s lived a full life in her 23 years, so there are plenty of other opportunities to do so. 

Just saying.

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Apple In Talks To Aquire Tidal

(AllHipHop News) Apple is currently exploring the potential acquisition of Jay Z’s new streaming service Tidal. According to The Wall Street Journal the negotiations are “ongoing” and not guaranteed to lead to a deal. The reports follow the recent news of Tidal on the lookout for potential buyers, with the organization even holding talks with Napster… Read more »
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Serbian Tennis Player Goes Ham-Sandwich On Judge “You’re The Worst In The World!” [Video]

LOL @ The initial scream.

Viktor goes hard at the Referee screams in his face and calls him an Idiot and the worst in the world! What do you wanna talk about he ask’s and then answers the question to himself: You’re the worst ever! You didn’t see anything today, you made 30 Mistakes.
He totally went crazy at the Referee which even called the Security for help! Never seen a Tennis Outburst / Rage like this before!