Beatz Battalion Releases Video for Kikk It





Kikk It – Beatz Battalion [OFFICIAL VIDEO] Directed by Cleverkisum Films from BEATZ BEATTALION on Vimeo.

Gina Rivera @ModelGina – TRRG Stallions Models

#modelgina 🙂 We are pleased to bring another exclusive mixed model to 24Hr Dimes Magazine all the way from Georgia.  The talented model and actress Gina Rivera {G1NaCakeZ} is really making an impact with her sexy photoshoots with Foto Mike that show her unique style, fit and curvy with a really nice booty to compliment her lovely facial features. Check out her photo below!

Visit her website at

We look forward to seeing a lot more from Gina in magazines and media in the months to come.

Follow her on IG: @ModelGina & Twitter: @ModelGina

Photo by Foto Mike

Courtesy of Jay at Machine State Digital


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‘Women Have Quarter of A Brain’ – Saudi Cleric Claims

A Saudi cleric has been slated for saying that women don’t deserve to drive because they only have a quarter of a brain. Sheikh Saad Al-Hijri was also banned from performing his religious duties because of his outrageous comments. Al-Hijri made his brain-numbing remarks at a lecture aptly titled, “The evils of women driving.” Women […]
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Jim Carrey Says The Old Him Is Gone! "I'm Able To Communicate In An Authentic Way"

In this interview Jim Carrey claims Jim Carrey is gone, he never existed and now he feels he can communicate in an authentic way because there’s nothing at stake and things seem to be happening that matter to other people or apparently matter to other people. Jim goes on further to say he is free of whatever construct appeared to be. Posted By Persist

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Tamera Mowry-Housley Goes In On Kevin Hart Dirty Dogging Eniko, “I’m Not Staying!” [Video]

The Real Daytime: Tamera Explains Why She Would Never Take Cheating Kevin Hart Back

This woman makes a lot of sense. But, will Eniko actually listen? Probably never.


Ophilia in SHOW Magazine #23

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Ophilia in SHOW Magazine #23

Ophilia in SHOW Magazine #23

The post Ophilia in SHOW Magazine #23 has been featured on

The post Ophilia in SHOW Magazine #23 has been featured on All Hip Hop Models.

Original article: Ophilia in SHOW Magazine #23.


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Spoke His Mind: Texas Man Explains His Displeasure Of President Trump! "The Only Son Of A B*tch I See Is The Racist In The White House"

A man from Texas speaks on Preisdent Trump’s recent controversial words about NFL players taking a knee during the national anthem and calling on players to get fired. He says taking a knee is not disrespectful to do & that the only racist he see’s here is in the White House. Via Texas Progressive. Posted By Persist

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Jenelle Evans and David Eason: MARRIED!

There were rumored fights, hesitations and cancelations.

But then, at the end of the day, there were simply the sound of wedding bells.

That’s right, Teen Mom fans, Jenelle Evans is now a married woman!

The veteran MTV personality and the father of her latest child exchanged vows on Saturday at their home in North Carolina.

There had been chatter that a fight just prior to the rehearsal dinner had caused Jenelle to squash the ceremony, which wouldn’t have come across as a major surprise to anyone familiar with her temper.

But cooler heads and true love prevailed.

According to E! News, Evans wore a white lace wedding dress with a sweetheart cut, rocking her hair half-up and accessorizing everything with long, drooping earrings and a necklace.

Eason, meanwhile, donned a white suit jacket with a grayish-blue shirt and a black tie.

Friends, family members and loved ones gathered for a rustic-themed reception and ate a cake that was made to look like wood with “D + J” carved into it in the middle of a heart.

Photographer Celeste Call jumped on Instagram to share a few behind-the-scenes moments from the wedding, including snapshots of the bride get prepared ahead of her big day.

To wit:


Evans and Eason welcomed nine-month-old daughter Ensley in January and first began dating in September of 2015.

The couple proceeded to announce their engagement via Instagram in February, a development that was also documented on an episode of Teen Mom 2.

Wrote Call as a caption to the first wedding photo posted at the outset of this article:

Jenelle & David post ceremony, congrats! #teenmom #teenmom2 #jenelleevans #abdjs #wedding #weddingdj #djfun #wilmingtonweddings #wilmingtonnc #charlotte #charlottenc #raleigh #raleighnc #mtv #mtv2 #bride #groom #wrightsvillebeach #djjason.

Jenelle, of course, is the mother of three kids overall: Ensley, Jace Evans and Kaiser Griffith.

She told E! not long before tying the knot that she envisioned role for each child on her special day.

“I definitely think that Ensley will be old enough to be a flower girl alongside David’s daughter, Maryssa,” Jenelle said, adding:

“While reading our vows, I would like the girls to be part of the bridesmaids and the boys to be part of the groomsmen.”

It’s unclear at this time whether Jenelle’s mother, Barbara, received a wedding invite.

The two have battled over custody of Jace for years.

“I can’t forgive someone that’s just not going to give me back my son, so, and it’s still going on,” Jenelle has told Us Weekly.

“It hasn’t been resolved. And if I had custody of him now maybe I would have invited her, but I’m not at the moment.”

But that’s a scandal for another day.

This occasion is all about Evans and Eason.

“David is such a humble man and has never disrespected me. He can handle me so well,” Jenelle says. “He treats my boys as if they were his own and that’s all I ever wanted for me and my family.”


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BREAKING: Cheeto Trump Snatches Back Warriors White House Invite

President Donald Trump has taken back the initial White House invitation to Golden State Warriors, using his favorite vehicle of Twitter to announce the rescinding this morning. The former business mogul apparently wrote the tweet in response to Warriors star Stephen Curry saying he would vote no to the traditional visit if it were left to him.

ESPN reports:

There had not been previous indication of a White House invitation for the Warriors, but it had been looking increasingly unlikely that the team would visit with Trump in Washington, D.C.

On Friday, Stephen Curry said he would vote no if the team were invited to the White House. Kevin Durant previously told ESPN’s Chris Haynes that he would not go to the White House either.

Warriors Coach Steve Kerr said earlier in the week that no decisions have been made from their side on whether or not the team would take the invitation. With Curry’s statement and the growing disdain from other athletes surrounding Trump’s policies, the events seemed all but inevitable.

This may be the first time such an invitation has been withdrawn. So perhaps the Golden State Warriors actually were woke as previously thought.

Photo:, Public Domain, Link

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Oprah Gives Advice On Success, Reveals Common Denominator Among All Her Guests [Video]

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for Tribeca TV Festival

Oprah Speaks At A Tribeca TV Festival Panel

Oprah Winfrey spoke about the secrets to her success during a panel at the inaugural Tribeca TV Festival on Friday. The icon was at the festival to debut her OWN docuseries “Released.”

“Years ago I learned that your intention determines the outcome of anything you do. One of the reasons why the ‘Oprah’ show was number one all those years is because we had intended for it to be so.” She also explained that before every single show, she would “meet the producers and ask them, ‘Don’t just give me a show idea, have an intention behind show,’ and then I have to be able to find my own intention within the show, some stream of truth, so that I will not be sitting there being phony.’”

After that, she shares the one commonality among every guest she’s ever had on the show, which you can see in the video above.

Word on the street is that Oprah’s BFF Gayle King was in the audience for the panel supporting her friend from behind the scenes. So endearing.



Mariah @stayyjealous – Introducing – J. Alex Photos

I think it’s in my best interest never to meet Mariah aka @stayyjealous, because if she’s really 5’11 I’m ready to give it all up for her.

Mariah @stayyjealous - Introducing - J. Alex Photos

The post Mariah @stayyjealous – Introducing – J. Alex Photos has been featured on

The post Mariah @stayyjealous – Introducing – J. Alex Photos has been featured on All Hip Hop Models.

Original article: Mariah @stayyjealous – Introducing – J. Alex Photos.


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