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Kikk It – Beatz Battalion [OFFICIAL VIDEO] Directed by Cleverkisum Films from BEATZ BEATTALION on Vimeo.

Gina Rivera @ModelGina – TRRG Stallions Models

#modelgina 🙂 We are pleased to bring another exclusive mixed model to 24Hr Dimes Magazine all the way from Georgia.  The talented model and actress Gina Rivera {G1NaCakeZ} is really making an impact with her sexy photoshoots with Foto Mike that show her unique style, fit and curvy with a really nice booty to compliment her lovely facial features. Check out her photo below!

Visit her website at

We look forward to seeing a lot more from Gina in magazines and media in the months to come.

Follow her on IG: @ModelGina & Twitter: @ModelGina

Photo by Foto Mike

Courtesy of Jay at Machine State Digital


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Sad: Meth Head Shows The Effects Of Being An Addict Before He Died Of A Drug Overdose! (Rewind Clip)

Disturbing video testimonial from John-Andrew Flemming who recorded himself while high on crystal meth before the drug took his life. He wanted to show others how this dangerous drug can destroy a person’s life, like it did his.

This video was shared courtesy of his family and the foundation established in his name, to help bring awareness to the scourge of crystal meth. Posted By PSmooth

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The Bachelor Recap: Hometown Dates & Heartbreak?

When Nick took to the hometowns of his final four women, we were wondering if The Bachelor spoilers‘ predicted outcome would be accurate.

Or, as the promos have teased, would there a major twist?

There was in fact a surprise twist involved in The Bachelor Season 21 Episode 8, which we’ll get to in the recap below. As for the results?

Let’s just say not everyone’s family warmed to the suitor after a string of negative press that has dogged Nick Viall since … well, 2014.

There have been so many different seasons with which to watch The Bachelor online at this point that his reputation is well established.

Whether that’s a good thing or not is subject to debate.

First up was Nick’s date with Raven Gates in Hoxie, Arkansas, where of course her brother is a cop, and of course they went four-wheeling.

After some nearly NC-17 mud wrestling in a local wetland, Nick and Raven met her parents and celebrated that her dad is cancer-free.

Even following that far more important news, Nick still went through the motions and asked her dad for permission to propose to Raven.

He said yes … to an engagement. Not a marriage yet.

An interesting caveat, but then again, maybe Raven wasn’t ready either, as she choked hard when attempting to say the L-word to Nick.

In Dallas, we basically got a long intro for Rachel Lindsay as The Bachelorette this summer, as her hometown date couldn’t have gone better.

For a promotional video, that is. And maybe for Nick.

On their hometown date, we learned that Rachel is a committed churchgoer, and who is comfortable in her own skin on many levels.

As for being an interracial couple with Nick, Rachel said it’s not lost on her, but, “you have to be confident to be, you know, not the norm.”

Nick, as the first white guy she’s brought home, was a bit nervous about that fact, especially as her mom openly looked for “red flags.”

She didn’t find any – at least not yet – and Rachel, while she didn’t profess love to Nick, did call the date “perfect,” so we’d call it a win.

In Miami, Corinne Olympios took Nick shopping and made off with $ 3,423 in new clothes (for herself) and a lot of anxiety (for Nick).

At her house, Corinne told Nick she loved him, obviously not holding back like Rachel and Raven had. She’s a real go-getter, Corinne.

As for her family? Corinne’s dad told Nick that she wouldn’t be happy as the breadwinner of the family, which … tells you a lot.

They loved him, though – including Corinne’s nanny – and despite how awkward a lot of that date was, it went really well.

Those fans hoping against hope that Corinne will not be The Bachelor winner may be encouraged by Vanessa’s and Raven’s dates.

Still, Ms. Olympios is who she is, Nick is clearly attracted to that on a very fundamental level, and she acquitted herself well on Monday.

Speaking of Vanessa, in Montreal, she took him to meet her special-needs students in a touching and humbling hometown date experience.

Vanessa’s students approved of Nick, a mark in his favor.

Grimaldi’s parents – Viall met her mom’s side of the family first, then her dad’s – would prove to be a harder deal to close for the salesman.

Her sister and mom feared that Vanessa was going to be too accommodating to Nick and not put herself, her future and her career first.

It’s like they watch The Bachelor or something, right?

At her dad’s, Vanessa realized she had more questions than answers, and he grilled Nick on comparing his daughter to the other three.

Finally, Nick did earn his blessing to propose, should things get to that point, but he had to work for it, and dreaded his upcoming decision.

So who got the boot at the NYC rose ceremony?!

With Nick unsure what to do, and three women (Corinne excluded) second guessing what what they should’ve said, a knock on the door.

Who could it be approaching Nick’s hotel room but Andi Dorfman, the woman whose season started a quixotic TV love quest for Nick.

To be continued, because obviously …

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Raindrop, Drop Top, Go Pop: Watch Migos Perform “Bad And Boujee” On Ellen [VIDEO]

America’s fascination with Migos‘ “Bad And Boujee” just hit peak levels. They performed the hit song on Ellen.

Remember when a hit song by Black artist would get played on BET 24/7 and then pop up on MTV six months later as the new “Jam Of the Week.” That seems to be happening with Migos‘ infectious hit song “Bad And Boujee.” It was already popping in the club, but then Donald Glover shouted them out at the Golden Globe Awards and exposed them to an entirely new audience.

The Glover Effect has now landed the three man team on Ellen. If you’re trying to book Migos now, their price just went all the way up.

Watch the clip below.

Photo: Instagram

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Carol Muniz on

Carol Muniz – This sexy lady is Carol Muniz, and she comes to celebrate Bella Club’s 13th anniversary. Yes, we are celebrating 13 years on the Internet this February, and this amazing chick wants to invite you to the party. Besides being beautiful and sexy, Carol is charismatic and likes soccer almost as much as she loves sex.

Carol Muniz on

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Teen Mom 2 Season 8 Episode 8 Recap: I Don’t Wanna Talk About It!

Monday on Teen Mom 2 Season 8 Episode 8, one member of the fab four was rocked to the core by a bombshell regarding her ex.

Meanwhile, another couple who has been in the news a lot lately continued to bicker, and a seven-year-old’s birthday party got awkward.

If you watch Teen Mom 2 online, you know Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin have been at odds since … well, before we can remember.

This week’s source of tension between them?

Kail decided to just take a camera-free vacation to Hawaii, and Javi lamented how sad his life is without his family complete.

“I created an empire, and now that’s all gone, everything,” he said, unable to fight back the tears in a truly emotional scene.

Somehow, Kailyn came back refreshed and willing to work with Javi on co-parenting their son, Lincoln, and … getting along.

Maybe solo vacations aren’t the worst thing.

Then again, the bitterness still lingers, as Kailyn was on the verge of tears one minute over losing Javi, and moving on the next.

“How do you want me to take you seriously when you got some dude’s shoes in the house?” Javi asked Kailyn, who denied it.

She then told producers she would take her mic off if they pushed the obviously sensitive subject any further, so they did not.

Just another week in Delaware, Teen Mom fans.

For Jenelle Evans, Teen Mom 2 Season 8 Episode 8 began with her in a familiar position – yelling at her mom Barbara over her son Jace.

While she was finally financially and emotionally stable, by her standards, Jenelle’s prospects for winning back custody still felt arduous.

After all, she is Jenelle, and Babs is Babs.

An opportunity did present itself for her to challenge her custody agreement with Nathan Griffith, however, after the miscreant got arrested.

Nathan was arrested for burglary and domestic violence following an alleged attack in which he is said to have attacked Jessica Henry.

On Sunday at 4:00 a.m., which is the real kicker.

Not just because most normal dads would probably be asleep then, but specifically because he was supposed to be watching Kai then.

For his part, Nathan dismissed Jessica’s claims and made fun of Jenelle while at dinner with a friend, so he’s clearly taking it seriously.

In the end, Jenelle decided to pursue the custody case with Barbara but to “keep an eye on” and not act against Nathan … for now.

Give it a few hours.

Chelsea Houska’s daughter, Aubree, turned seven this week, and while Adam Lind’s mom showed up to celebrate, Adam himself did not.

He didn’t even reach out to say happy birthday.

“It’s so disgusting to me. These are the things that matter,” Chelsea lamented while her fiance Cole DeBoer played with Aubree later.

Houska’s theory that her ex – while incredulously threatening to quit Teen Mom 2 – only wants be a dad while filming may have merit.

Basically, Adam Lind is a sociopath.

Adam is pretty much the worst, which makes Leah Messer’s calling Jeremy Calvert a deadbeat dad in her storyline all the more puzzling.

First, Leah reassured friends (and fans) by saying that Aleeah hadn’t shown any symptoms of muscular dystrophy, so she wasn’t worried.

But when Jeremy pushed back his scheduled time to see daughter Addie and was acting too noncommittal for Leah’s liking, she cried.

That’s when her grandmother told her it might be time to consider telling him to hit the bricks and just focus on raising Adalynn alone.

In the end, Jeremy and Addie reunited at a park, but we don’t expect we’ve seen the last of this drama – on the show or Jeremy’s Instagram.

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