Yikes: Critics Are Not Feeling Google’s Pixel Buds Bluetooth Headphones

Google’s Pixel 2 was well received by critics who finally got their hands on Google’s latest smartphone. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for their wireless headphones, the Pixel Buds.

Looks like Google missed with these ones.

The reviews are pouring in about Google’s wireless headphones and it’s nothing but bad news for the tech company and their latest innovation.

Pixel Buds

The Pixel Buds were billed as the answer to Apple’s AirPods and boast some pretty amazing features that had folks pretty optimistic. The Pixel Buds promised amazing sound quality, easy pairing, amazing one-touch controls, instant access to Google Assistant, ability to check messages without looking and instant charging.

Sounded promising right?

Well, critics seem to love the direction Google was going in their wireless headphones but conclude Google misses the mark with them. The complaints about them focus on the earbuds complicated pairing procedure with other devices, sound quality, noise-canceling ability and touch sensitivity and charging them inside the case among other things.

But there are some features they all seem to uniformly like, the Google Translate feature, how they earbuds and Google Assistant work seamlessly together and the earbuds nylon strap. It wasn’t enough to give the Google’s earbuds a good grade though.

Check out some of the reviews for the Pixel Buds below.

David Pierce of Wired.com on Google’s Pixel Buds:

“It could all be more seamless” basically tells the whole story of the Pixel Buds. I like the sound, I like the feel, I even like the way they look. I’m all in on the idea of ear-puters taking over the world, and I enjoy basically having a Google Home with me at all times. But I can’t stand the rigamarole required to use them. And that should be the easy part.

Sean O’Kane from The Verge had this to say on Google’s Bluetooth headphones:

The Pixel Buds tease some really fantastic ideas that I hope Google will someday deliver on. But this is a first-generation product in the bad kind of way, and it looks even worse when you compare it to Apple’s growing success with the AirPods. Futuristic features are only worthwhile if they are paired with something you enjoy using right now. The Pixel Buds only get half that equation right.

Sam MakoVech of ArsTechnica didn’t really have anything good to say about Google’s Pixel Buds:

“Wait for the second generation” is common practice for any nitpicky nerd, but in the Buds’ case, we have to wonder whether we’ll have to wait for a third generation pair of earbuds. This one just doesn’t feel like it was tested enough in the real world, and playing catch-up to the above complaints may still result in a product that feels first-gen.

Well, there you have it, will the reviews deter you from taking a chance on the Pixel Buds? If not you can head over to Google and purchase a pair for $ 159.

Or you can do like one of the reviews suggested and wait. The choice is yours.

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OMB Peezy ft. Youngboy Never Broke Again “Doin Bad,” Roy Woods “Say Less” & More | Daily Visuals 11.20.17

Once again black-and-white cinematography is the basis of a Hip-Hop video.

This time it’s OMB Peezy with his Youngboy Never Broke Again-featured “Doin Bad” where the two men politic on the porch and burn down the essence whenever they ain’t inside the crib and sippin’ on that lean.

Meanwhile, Roy Woods mainly uses one color for his clip to “Say Less” and gets his red light special on in a house where a special young lady awaits his attention. It was kinda weird actually but we digress.

Check out the rest of today’s drops including some joints you might’ve missed over the weekend including work from Skeme, Kur, and more.









Photo: YouTube

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Drake, His Dad & Nicole Murphy Star In New Virginia Black Whiskey Commercial

Earlier this year Drake and his “Realest Dude Ever” daddy dropped some funny commercials promoting Drake’s whiskey brand, Virginia Black.

Now, the father-son duo is back with a new Virgina Black spot and this time find themselves vying for the affections of one Nicole Murphy. And while there’s no evidence to suggest the stunning 49-year-old is a cougar, who can blame Drake for shooting his shot? We’ve witnessed Shannon Sharpe consistently shooting his shot daily on Undisputed and it paid off.

Check out the clip below and congratulations to Shannon Sharpe.

One Sip, and Wooh! @champagnepapi @nikimurphy @therealdennisg . Going live today.

A post shared by Virginia Black (@virginiablackwhiskey) on

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Rick Ross Wants To Sue LMFAO Again

Rick Ross is about his business and wants every dollar coming to him. The boss is asking a Miami court to revive his lawsuit where he alleges that LMFAO used his lyrics for one of their biggest hits.

In 2015 Rozay’s claimed that the pop group bit lines from his classic “Hustlin’” on their “Party Rock Anthem.” The duo said “Every day I’m shuffling” which is strikingly similar to Renzel’s hook where he says “Everyday I’m hustling.” The case was dismissed as the court cited the aforementioned phrases are a part of popular culture and can’t be copyrighted.

In her ruling Judge Kathleen Williams stated “even if the phrase ‘everyday I’m hustlin’’ were copyrightable, plaintiffs still fail the intrinsic test. The average lay observer would not confuse T-shirts bearing the phrase ‘everyday I’m shufflin’’ with the musical composition ‘Hustlin’’ nor, without reference to ‘Party Rock Anthem’ and ‘Hustlin’’ would an average lay observer recognize the merchandise as having been appropriated from ‘Hustlin’.”

Nevertheless the following year the MMG boss tried again but the case was thrown out due to multiple copyright registration errors on “Hustlin’”. On November 15, Ross refiled the suit with the Eleventh Circuit insisting the registration is valid despite the errors since there was no intent to fraud or concealment in the process.

“Party Rock Anthem” went #1 in multiple countries including the United States, Canada, and Australia. Here is the track in question.

And here is “Hustlin’”.

Seems like LMFAO might have to cut the check. Sound off in the comments section below.

Via The Miami Herald

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3 Ohio Pastors Indicted For Running Sex Trafficking Operation

Three Black Ohio pastors have all been indicted for sex trafficking and recruiting young girls to work in their operation. The Rev. Cordell Jenkins, the Rev. Anthony Haynes, and the Rev. Kenneth Butler worked in tandem to exchange money for sex from the girls with one of the pastors grooming a 14-year-old girl for prostitution.

Cleveland19.com reports:

A federal grand jury in Toledo has indicted the Rev. Cordell Jenkins, of Cleveland, the Rev. Anthony Haynes and the Rev. Kenneth Butler on conspiracy to sex traffic children.

Both Haynes and Butler are also facing charges of obstruction of a sex trafficking investigation. Haynes is accused of attempting to destroy electronic evidence of sex trafficking, while Butler is accused of instructing another individual to lie, and then lying himself to law enforcement about his involvement.

All three men pleaded not guilty Tuesday.

A federal grand jury in Toledo, Ohio indicted the men, who all face potential life sentences in prison. Rev. Jenkins and Rev. Hayes were previously indicted on child sex trafficking charges in July.

photo: Toledo Police Department/WLOT

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Chance The Rapper’s SNL Hosting Gig Is In The Bag, Twitter Reacts

Chance The Rapper appeared to be very much a natural during his hosting gig for SNL, and it included a variety of high moments. The Chicago rapper turned on the charm for the show, and fans on Twitter reacted in kind.

Chance opened up his SNL spot with a “Chance-giving” monologue, opening with a song about Thanksgiving after stating there are no such songs for the American holiday. Chance also shined in a skit where he and his mother, played by Leslie Jones, visit Wayne Manor and confront Bruce Wayne about Batman’s rough treatment of petty criminals in his neighborhood. Of course, the sentiment rang loud and clear that Chance was poking at police brutality in inner cities.

Perhaps the most-talked-about skit of the night involved Chance, Kenan Thompson, and Chris Redd as the 90s-styled R&B trio De-Von-Tré, and their slow jam “Come Back, Barack” was an impassioned plea towards former President Barack Obama to take the reins of the White House once more. In the same show, Eminem was the musical guest, performing his hits “Stan” and “Love The Way You Lie” to raucous applause.

Twitter was on fire with the reactions and we’ve captured some of the best. Take in some of the skits and the reactions below and on the following pages. Did you have a favorite moment? Let us know which one it was in the comments section.

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Rick Ross Talks About His Rise To Success With Luc Belaire Rare Rosé

Rick Ross and his alignment with the Luc Belaire Rare Rosé brand has long been solidified as he’s been promoting the Black bottles of French sparkling wine for years. In a sit down with Luc Belaire’s CEO Brett Berish, the MMG boss speaks on his humble beginnings and meteoric rise to rap stardom in the third installment of the “Self-Made Tastes Better” series.

Forbes writes:

What was the turning point in your rise and what challenges did you have to overcome early in your career?

Rick Ross: When I was coming up in Miami, the music in the city at the time sounded completely different. I loved it, but it just wasn’t the type of music I wanted to make. I wanted my wordplay to be more sophisticated. I wanted the sound to be more lush. I wanted my music to sound like who I was and aspired to be — boss. My approach and ideas weren’t really accepted in the beginning, so I had to be patient and trust the process. That’s why the term “self-made” is something I completely understand. Being self-made is when you go against the grain sometimes. So, I began writing for other artists, and I remember sitting in the studio with a young Kanye. We both talked about our frustrations, our ideas, and working with each other. This is before we both had big records. Then, a few years later, I had ‘Hustling’ and that’s when the tide turned.

Check out Rick Ross’ full chat with Luc Belaire’s Brett Berish in the clip below.

Photo: screen cap

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Model Claims Russell Simmons Sexually Assaulted Her At 17

Explosive allegations have surfaced regarding Def Jam Recordings co-founder Russell Simmons. In a new story from the Los Angeles Times, model Keri Claussen Khalighi claims that the business mogul sexually assaulted her in the presence of Brett Ratner, who also has been accused of similar actions.

From the Times:

Ratner was an up-and-coming music video director and a protege of Simmons, the Def Jam Recordings mogul. They took Khalighi to dinner one night in 1991 at Mr. Chow in New York, and then back to Simmons’ apartment to show her a music video they’d been working on.

Quickly, Simmons began making aggressive sexual advances, yanking off her clothes, Khalighi said.

“I looked over at Brett and said ‘help me’ and I’ll never forget the look on his face,” she recalled. “In that moment, the realization fell on me that they were in it together.”

Khalighi said that Simmons, who was then about twice her age, tried to force her to have intercourse. “I fought it wildly,” she said. He eventually relented and coerced her to perform oral sex, she alleged. “I guess I just acquiesced.”

Ratner, meanwhile, “just sat there and watched,” she said.

Simmons has since published a statement in reactions to the allegations, saying that the time spent with Khalighi was consensual, adding they spent two days together. Ratner, via an attorney, says he has no recollection of the events. The director has been accused of sexual harassment by six women so far.

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Clean Up: Usher Herpes Lawsuit Dismissed

One of the lawsuits filed by a woman claiming Usher exposed her to the Herpes Simplex 2 virus has been dismissed. Crooner and model Laura Helm’s suit is kaput, at least for now. 

Reports TMZ:

Laura Helm filed a $ 20 million lawsuit against the singer, claiming he had unprotected sex with her and transmitted the disease. She had a problem — she told someone on a recorded phone call 2 days before the suit was filed that she only had protected sex with Usher.

Helm’s lawyer withdrew from the case and Helm got a new attorney, who immediately filed legal docs to dismiss the case. It is, however, dismissed without prejudice, “with intent to refile.” It’s unclear why her lawyer made the move to dismiss.

Could it be that these women are really just out here trying to get Usher for some coins, to his embarrassment?

The saga continues.

Photo: WENN.com



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Meek Mill Is Out Of Solitary Confinement, Bail Hearing Dropped

Meek Mill has been removed from solitary confinement. Actually, the Philly rapper has been moved to a new prison, and is in general population. 

Reports TMZ:

An official at the State Correctional Institution in Chester, PA tells TMZ … the rapper was just transferred to their prison and out of Camp Hill. He’s now in general population and he has his own cell.

We broke the story … Meek wanted out of solitary because he feared it would take a severe toll on his mental state.

Meek can now hit up the yard in the morning or afternoon. He can ball out on the court or go for a jog. Should he fancy himself with a book, he can read it at the on-site library or in his cell. Gym time will depend on which job he ends up taking … which, by the way, pays 19 cents an hour.

Reportedly, Meek will have the choice of two jobs—cooking or cleaning jail cells.

Meek was thought to be scheduled to go back in front of the judge on Nov. 27 for a new bail hearing.

However, it turns out it was just a clerical error, per Philly.com, so the rapper will remain in prison, for now.

Photo: Pennsylvania Department of Corrections

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