Usher’s Ex-Wife Taunts Singer, Tells the World: I Don’t Have Herpes!

Tameka Foster has not been married to Usher for eight years.

The couple, who share two kids, got divorced in November of 2009.

But apparently time doesn’t heal all wounds, as Foster is using Usher’s ongoing STD scandal to slam the singer pretty hard.

To be clear, the scandal actually is not ongoing.

It’s just that news of Usher’s seemingly sordid past with an unnamed ex-lover has only gone viral this week.

In a story we shared this morning, the artist was sued back in 2012 because a former fling claimed in court that Usher continued to have unprotected sex with her… despite knowing he had been infected with Herpes.

This woman alleges that Usher’s penis started to ooze some kind of green discharge during a hook-up, but he successfully convinced her it was not a sexually-transmitted disease.

The pair continued to engage in intercourse for about three weeks, only for the woman to wake up one day with a “fever, chills, aches and pains.”

A doctor eventually diagnosed her with Herpes and Usher acknowledged he likely gave it to her.

In a legal declaration obtained by Radar Online, the accuser said she “feels that her health and body have been ruined,” and she “has suffered severe emotional distress and has been extremely depressed … knowing there is no cure.”

Usher settled the lawsuit for $ 1.1 million on December 28, 2012.

Like the rest of us, Foster learned about this shady tale on Wednesday… and wasted very little time responding.

“UNF***WITHABLE: When you’re truly at peace and in touch with yourself & nothing anyone says or does bothers you and no negativity can touch you,” she shared on Instagram, along with a caption that reads:

Do not come on my page discussing rumors or adult people that have NOTHING to do with me. I have been divorced 8 years…

Some issues are not my business… ex husbands, ex friends, bitch-maids, snakes, hoes, characters, etc. Not my circus, not my clowns.

Tameka Foster message

And in case anyone was curious about Foster’s well-being (you know…. DOWN THERE), she added:

I’m good and my health (Everywhere is great), well my right knee hurts and I need reading glasses but otherwise I’m awesome and enjoying the sun. Miss me with other grown folks crazy gossip.. Not my business at all.

I’m living my bestest life. Always. Miss me with the bullshit. Thank you. Gwan na.

Foster and Usher were married for two-plus years.

In August of 2013, Usher was granted custody of his sons with Foster, who some believe has a mental disorder.

She and Usher exchanged some rather harsh words toward the end of their relationship, with the former accusing the latter of having an affair.

Elsewhere on the social media page of Tameka Foster, she believes O.J. Simpson should be a free man because he was only trying to “retrieve” stuff when he broke into a Las Vegas hotel room, armed with guns, several years ago.

free oj?!?

We guess this means Foster has yet another reason to be celebrating at the moment.

In case you haven’t heard:

Just like the green substance that came out of Usher’s penis as a result of his Herpes infection back in the day, the Juice will soon be loose.

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Young Thug Told “Watch Your Mouth” By Pimp C’s Widow Over Song Lyrics

Whether he is rocking a purse or calling other male rappers sexy, Young Thug is good for staying in the news for questionable reasons. The widow of Pimp C is now calling Thugger out for name dropping her late great husband.

In his recent collaboration with Chance The Rapper titled “Big B’s”, Thug references Pimp—he raps, “Big pimping, ice out my crew now my mission complete / Pimp C, I ain’t doing that, I’ma f*** her on the sheets.”

Of course, this is a direct reference to Sweet Jones’ iconic verse on UGK’s “Int’l Players Anthem (I Choose You)” where C spits “My b**** a choosy lover, never f**** without a rubber / never in the sheets, like it on top of the cover”.

While on the surface this seems like a harmless nod to the Port Arthur, Texas legend, his widow has taken umbrage to the verse. Chinara Butler took to her Instagram account to explain her grievance stating “I’m feeling a certain kinda away about this #YoungThugverse on this new song with #chancetherapper ! I just need you to watch your mouth! #LongLiveThePimp #pimpc”.

In her video, she details why she feels in a way saying, “He mentioned Chad [C’s real name], he said something like, ‘Pimp C, I ain’t doing that,’ where he disagrees with it or whatever.” “My thing is, if Chad was alive, you wouldn’t mention him in that song the way you did, so don’t do it now. Watch your mouth. He’s not here to have that conversation with you, but I am.”

You can view her Instagram post in full below.

Instagram Photo

In Thug’s defense, he also name check’s Pimp C’s former partner in rhyme in the very next line “And all my n****s loyal like Bun B.”

You can listen to the song in question below.

Did the “Best Friend” rapper overstep his bounds or is Chinara reaching? Sound off in the comments section below.


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Megan McCain Pays Beautiful Tribute to John McCain, Slams Hateful Troll

While the political world responds to the shocking and sad news that John McCain has brain cancer, the senator’s daughter has captured the heart of the Internet with an emotional tribute to her dad.

On Wednesday night, five days after he underwent surgery to remove a blood clot from above his left eye, doctors confirmed that McCain has a glioblastoma.

This is an aggressive tumor that will likely require McCain to undergo radiation and chemotherapy treatments.

According to CNN, the average survival rate for someone with a malignant glioblastoma is around 14 months.

In response to the development, messages of love and support have flooded social media, as McCain is one of the best known and most respected politicians in the country.

“John McCain is an American hero & one of the bravest fighters I’ve ever known,” Tweeted McCain’s opponent in the 2008 Presidential race, Barack Obama.

The former Commander-in-Chief added:

“Cancer doesn’t know what it’s up against. Give it hell, John.”

Meghan McCain, meanwhile, posted a lengthy note on Twitter that attempted to capture all she was feeling about the situation.

“The news of my father’s illness has affected every one of us in the McCain family.

“My grandmother, mother, brothers, sister, and I have all endured the shock of the news, and now we live with the anxiety about what comes next,” she wrote.

Meghan’s siblings include: Douglas, 57, Andrew, 55, Sidney, 50, John Sidney, 31, James, 29, and Bridget, 25.

Continued the television host and personality:

“It is an experience familiar to us, given my father’s previous battle with cancer – and it is familiar to the countless American families whose loved ones are also stricken with the tragedy of disease and the inevitability of age.

If we could ask anything of anyone now, it would be the prayers of those of you who understand this all too well. We would be so grateful for them.”

mm statement

Meghan was right by her father’s side when he underwent the aforementioned procedure at Phoenix’s Mayo Clint to remove a blood clot.

This surgery took place on July 14 and was not considered serious on its own.

But results from a biopsy shortly afterward revealed the cancer diagnosis.

“Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all the thoughtful words and prayers for my father,” Meghan wrote as a caption to the following image on Monday.

“He’s doing very, very well with all of us in Arizona! I’m trying to convince him to watch The Crown with me…”

mccain shoes

On Tuesday, meanwhile, Meghan has to clap back at Twitter trolls, even calling for the resignation of Nevada GOP committeewoman, Diana Orrock…who actually retweeted with “Amen” to a message wishing death to her father.

“You are a godless, horrible monster who should be nowhere near GOP politics – let alone society in general,” Meghan wrote of Orrock, who eventually apologized for being such an insensitive moron.

meghan tweet

On Wednesday, though, Meghan wasn’t full of vitriol. Just love, affection and respect.

“It won’t surprise you to learn that in all this, the one of us who is most confident and calm is my father. He is the toughest person I know,” she wrote.

“The cruelest enemy could not break him. The aggressions of political life could not bend him. So he is meeting this challenge as he has every other.

“Cancer may afflict him in many ways: But it will not make him surrender. Nothing ever has.”

John McCain was shot down by the North Vietnamese in 1967 and was taken as a prisoner of war for over five years.

He has served in the senate since 1986.

“My love for my father is boundless, and like any daughter I cannot and do not wish to be in a world without him. I have faith that those days remain far away,” Meghan Tweeted last night.

“Yet even in this moment, my fears for him are overwhelmed by one thing above all: Gratitude for our years together, and the years still to come. He is a warrior at dusk, one of the greatest Americans of our age, and the worth heir to his father’s and grandfather’s name.

“But to me he is something more.”

She concluded as follows:

He is my strength, my example, my refuge, my confidante, my teacher, my rock, my hero — my dad.

Powerful stuff.

Please join us in wishing John McCain well.

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1-Year-Old Died In Hot Car While Ain’t Sh*t Mom Got Her Hair Done

There’s a special place in hell for mothers like these. While she was getting her hair done, for six hours, Dijanelle Fowler’s 1-year-old baby died in the hot car she was left in. 

Reports WSB-TV:

Channel 2’s Nicole Carr was the first to report that Dijanelle Etta Fowler, 25, has been charged with second degree murder, concealing death and second degree cruelty to children.

Police said around 5 p.m. on June 15, Fowler called 911 from the parking deck and reported a “medical emergency.” Responders found her 1-year-old daughter dead in the back seat. Fowler was taken to the hospital, where she was treated for seizure-like symptoms.

DeKalb County investigators say Fowler had driven around with her dead baby for hours. Earlier in the day, they said Fowler left the baby in a running car while she got her hair done. About six hours later, she came out of the Tucker salon and found the baby had suffocated, and the car had cut off.

This story only gets worse.

Instead of calling 911, police say their investigation shows Fowler called someone to jump her car.

Warrants reveal the man who helped her was unlikely to see the child’s body in the backseat because there were “lots of clothes” to cover her.

Hours later, Fowler made the 911 call from Emory Hospital. According to the warrants, Fowler sent a text to the child’s Godfather and said she was going to urgent care for a headache. The documents said she Googled “seizure symptoms” before parking in the hospital deck.

Fowler has been charged with second-degree murder, concealing death and second-degree cruelty to children.

Actually, hell may not be enough for this woman.

Photo: Dekalb County PD

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