‘Stay in the house’: Tomlinson, Bettis offer advice to Elliott

Ezekiel Elliott‘s recent off-field troubles have caught the attention of some legendary running backs, and they all want to help.

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The Dallas Cowboys running back's recent involvement in questionable situations isn't uncommon for young breakout stars, and Hall of Fame runners LaDainian Tomlinson and Jerome Bettis are telling Elliott to pay more attention to his actions and who he spends his time with.

“I would say that Ezekiel needs to really learn to manage his time a little better. He has to become a professional, that means doing things like a professional,” Tomlinson told “NFL No Huddle” on Thursday, according to Jon Machota of the Dallas Morning News. “For example, there are times when you can’t go hang out. There are times you can go hang out and there are times that you should be studying and preparing for a game rather than going out.

"Being a professional means knowing the difference, knowing when to do that. That's all that means. Being a professional, a lot of times, guys think they made it to the league, so I'm a professional. Yes, you made it to the league and you're considered a professional, but you're not a pro because you don't learn to adjust and act like a true professional. It becomes a job. … Talk to Tony Romo more. Dez Bryant has done a great job of late of taking care of himself."

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While Tomlinson advised Elliott to talk to his teammates more, Bettis believes that without Romo to lead the locker room, the Cowboys are lacking experienced leadership. However, his advice was similar to Tomlinson's.

"I would just tell him to keep your head down, buddy," Bettis told "The Rich Eisen Show," according to Lorenzo Reyes of USA TODAY. "You'll have plenty of time to enjoy yourself in a year.

"You need to keep your head down, stay in the house, and don't get into any more trouble."

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Get Your Life Together: Lamar Odom Offers Some Advice To Drain-Circling Rob Kardashian [Video]

Image via WENN

Lamar Odom Gives Rob Kardashian Advice

Lamar Odom attended the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Sports Awards last night and while on the red carpet, he offered a bit of advice to his estranged “brother” Rob Kardashian in light of his recent struggle…

Might take a bit more than God to get Rob right…


Bonds recalls fertility advice he gave to former teammate’s wife

Barry Bonds is a man of many talents. One area of expertise? Giving his teammates advice about fertility.

The 52-year-old was recognized by the San Francisco Giants at AT&T Park with a Hall of Fame plaque Saturday afternoon. The celebration led to several appearances from past teammates, none more memorable than former starter Kirk Rueter’s speech.

“I told him before I came out here that my wife and I were trying to have a baby and he told Karla (Rueter’s wife) something on a plan ride somewhere, we were going on a trip, and it worked,” Rueter said during his speech.

“My daughter just turned 17 a little bit ago so thanks for that, B.”

So, what exactly did Bonds say to the Rueters that led to the fruit of their loins?

“You really wanna know that for real?” Bonds asked. “Don’t bleep this cause it’s real. I told Woody (Rueter) leave his wife alone for about two weeks so you could get some build up and then you go at night time, then you go in the morning, and then you got all day to recover so then you got that day and then you go the next day, the next morning you gotta recover though so you gotta stay away from her for like two weeks to get the build up so you get each day.

“Sooner or later, man, her walls can’t break it down she gotta give up and that’s what I told him and it worked… I was just joking though. I did it and it worked for me so I was like, ‘go ahead you try it.”

Whatever works, man.

(Video courtesy: YouTube)

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Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent & T.I. Hand Down Player Advice To Rob Kardashian

The debacle that is Rob Kardashian‘s public meltdown on Instagram and now Twitter over ex-girlfriend Blac Chyna has spilled over into other celebrity circles. The event was so big that Snoop Dogg, T.I. and 50 Cent all had to chime in with their takes, although Rob didn’t take kindly to Tip’s words.

Uncle Snoop was the first to chime in via Instagram, offering a quick word of advice in telling Kardashian to “buy him another” on in reference to Blac Chyna. T.I.’s words on Instagram came later but weren’t exactly welcomed as Kardashian screengrabbed the message and proceeded to air out Tip’s business by adding that T.I. paid Blac Chyna to have a threesome with him and Tiny. Yikes.

Fif was the latest celeb to speak up so far, leaving Kardashian a brief note by telling him he too fell victim to the “hoe” trap.

Peep all of the Rob Kardashian-related madness below and on the following pages.

Instagram Photo

Hit the jump to see Rob Kardashian’s reply to T.I. from his now-defunct Instagram account along with Fif’s response.

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Chad Johnson: Goodell asked my advice before celebration rule change

A pioneer of creative touchdown celebrations, Chad Johnson, appears to have played a role in the NFL's decision to relax its rules on end zone antics.

The former Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver explained that Roger Goodell reached out to him before the changes were made, during an appearance on the "B-More Opinionated" podcast with CBS Sports' Jason La Canfora.

“I knew the rule change was coming,” Johnson said. “I had talked to Roger (Goodell) a couple of times at length, maybe two or three times, before the rule change came out. And he asked my advice on what he could do to be able to loosen the reins on the celebration rules, but at the same time maintain the respect and integrity of the game.”

Much like players have long opposed the NFL's stance on what's really a harmless issue, Johnson told Goodell there needs to be a balance without placing too much of a restriction.

“And I said, ‘It’s a fine line, and you have to find a way to find a balance between letting the players have fun and be themselves, without losing the integrity of the game as well.’ And honestly, I told him, ‘You only have to worry about who is celebrating and actually making the headlines, and that would be your top players who consistently score all the time.'”

It's unclear exactly how much influence, if any, Johnson's thoughts had on the matter, but it's fair to assume it was beneficial for Goodell to hear out a player's perspective.

At long last, the rule change actually sees the NFL take a step away from the longstanding and well-deserved title of the “No Fun League.”

Let's see how far players can actually take their post-touchdown joy before the league again finds itself concerned about the "integrity of game" being compromised.

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Isaiah took Pierce’s advice about winning in playoffs to heart

Paul Pierce hasn’t suited up for the Boston Celtics in four years, but he’s still helping them out.

The recently retired star offered some sage advice to his successor, Isaiah Thomas, who appreciated the gesture.

“Paul Pierce reached out to me the other day and he told me that winning is hard,” the All-Star point guard said Friday, as quoted by ESPN’s Chris Forsberg.

“You gotta take your bumps and bruises as they go. But if winning wasn’t hard it would be everybody. I took that to heart. I feel like that’s so true. Like, if it was easy, it would be for everybody and it’s not. You just gotta keep going.”

IT, who's also received tips and encouragement this postseason from Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett, is averaging 28.9 points and 5.9 dimes in the East semifinals versus the Washington Wizards. Boston, which leads the series 3-2, will try to close it out on the road Friday night.

Though he’s played for both the Celtics and Wizards, Pierce is pulling for the Cs. He spent 15 seasons in Beantown, where his No. 34 will someday hang in the rafters.

That’s not the only way the 10-time All-Star’s given back to the Celtics since his departure in 2013, as he helped them net several assets – which they’re continuing to collect – in a trade with the Brooklyn Nets.

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The Truth closed the curtain on his 19-year Hall of Fame-worthy career following his Los Angeles Clippers‘ first-round exit at the hands of the Utah Jazz.

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