The Rock Destroys Jody From Baby Boy aka Black Ty aka Tyrese’s Album [VIDEO]

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Tyrese have a passive-aggressive beef going on. Well they had, because the actor and former wrestler absolutely eviscerated the R&B crooner.

Speaking from a parking lot, the Brahma Bull (word to the WWE), began explaining listening to Tyrese’s Black Rose album. The eloquently delivered slander was so marvelous, writing it down just won’t do it justice.

The thing is that it’s Tyrese is who posted this clip that seems to be from about 2 years ago. And you can see The Rock smiling as he walks off. Nevertheless, the Twitter pile, to the detriment of Black Ty, on was fast and furious. Sorry, too easy.

Peep the added slander below and on the flip.

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Blackened Rose: The Rock Fricassees Tyrese’s Album “Biggest Piece Of Dog Sh!t”

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The Rock Goes IN On Tyrese’s ‘Piece Of S**t’ Album Black Rose

Tyrese better be sure he wants smoke, because The Rock doesn’t appear to be playing with his roodie-poo candy azz.

Tyrese posted this video to his Instagram page and its backfiring:

Instagram Photo

It’s said that this video is old and likely on the set of The Rock’s HBO show Ballers, because Dwayne is currently sporting a salt-and-pepper beard, but we don’t care. It’s about Tyrese and it’s funny. As hell.

Who’s here for The Rock vs. Tyrese? WE’RE here for The Rock vs. Tyrese. How bout you?

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New Wu-Tang Clan Album Pre-Orders Have Gone Live

The Wu is back! The MC’s of Shaolin have just announced that their next project Wu-Tang: The Saga Continues is available for pre-order and only a few weeks away from dropping.

The new album will mark the first music project from 36 Chambers ALC and Entertainment One and fans who pre-order the highly anticipated album will be blessed with the Redman and Inspectah Deck featured cut “Lesson Learn’d.”

The Saga Continues drops this October 13 and no, Pharma Burger doesn’t have any say on who gets to enjoy this latest offering from the Wu.

And who knows, maybe the Wu will finally get that Drake feature that fans have been wondering about. Album artwork below.


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All Bad: Martin Shkreli's $2 Million Wu-Tang Album May Not Be Legit!

After purchasing a one-off Wu-Tang Clan album for $ 2 million in 2015, disgraced “Pharma Bro” Martin Shkreli recently put the album up for auction on eBay as a result of the backlash he received since purchasing the rare project. In a shocking turn of events, Bloomberg spoke with several Clan associates who revealed that Shkreli’s expensive double-album might not even be an actual Clan release after all. According to Killa Sin, a Wu-Tang affiliate, the album was initially presented to him as a project for Moroccan producer Cilvaringz. “The way he presented it was it was going to be basically his album, and he wanted me to do some work for him,” Sin told Bloomberg. Domingo Neris, the manager of Wu-Tang member U-God, shared the same sentiment saying, “It’s not an authorized Wu-Tang Clan album.” Posted By Persist

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Drake Posting IG Pics Proving That He’s Working On Next Album

Just a few weeks ago during his OVO Fest performance Drake announced that he was working on a new album and now it seems like he’s providing photographic evidence that he’s hard at work.

4 MILLI COMING SOON @bakanotnice 😷

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Even though Drake just recently dropped More Life this past March, the King to the North, of the US, knows that if he takes his foot off the gas he’ll leave a lane open for the next man to speed past him and take the lead in the rap game.

And with MC’s like Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, and Big Sean out there, Drizzy would be wise to keep his sword sharp and his rep relevant.

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Pusha T Says Kanye West Produced His Entire Album, Scrapped 3X

Pusha T‘s biggest fan is Kanye West. Yesterday (Sept. 3), during Push A Ton’s Made In America set, the G.O.O.D. Music rapper revealed Yeezy is producing his entire new album, but that comes with consequences. 

According to Push, West has scrapped the album, King Push, three times due to his renowned perfectionism.

“I done done this album like three times,” Push told the crowd of “family. “Like [Kanye] come in and pick all the beats and sh*t and then he’d hear the beats, and he’d scrap ’em and say, ‘I can do better.’ He done done that sh*t like thee times. These past two months we’ve just been locking in—day for day, night for night—getting this album perfect for y’all.”


Push and Yeezy have also been in the lab, including in Wyoming, working on the latter’s Turbo Grafx 16 album.

Watch Pusha T explain the King Push delay below.

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A$AP Rocky Confirms New Album Out Soon

It’s been more than two years since A$ AP Rocky blessed his legion of fans with a studio LP. But in a recent interview with the the A$ AP Mob Pretty Flacko spilled the beans and admitted that he’d have a new album out before the end of the year.

When the interviewer pressed Rocky about the possibility of releasing a new album by the end of the year, Flacko responded with “For sure. For sure.”

Unfortunately, that’s as far as he went into the specifics of his project.

While we always have to take statements like that with a grain of salt due to Rocky’s reluctance to delve into anymore details, we wouldn’t be surprised if he did drop a new album out of nowhere being that the guerilla style release dates are all the rage right now. Couple that with the fact that 2017 has proven to be the year of the A$ AP Mob with seemingly each member making waves in both music and fashion, it would serve Rocky well to capitalize on the wave they’re riding right now.

A$ AP Rocky fans should continue to keep their peepers open.


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Taylor Swift: WIPED From Social Media! Was She Hacked? New Album on the Way?

As of today, Taylor Swift has been wiped from social media. Her accounts are still there, but every photo that she’s ever shared, and even her profile pictures, are gone as if they’d never been there.

You might even say that she has … blank space.

Today’s date is actually a big deal for Taylor Swift, so — whether she was hacked or did this herself — the timing is not a coincidence.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr (she used to be very, very active on Tumblr) show zero activity on Taylor’s accounts.

Taylor Swift’s abrupt social media cleanse has fans buzzing.

That’s very understandable.

There was absolutely zero warning.

Sure, Taylor’s been less active in recent months on social media than she had been int he past.

Just this summer, she broke what had been months of social media silence to congratulate Selena Gomez on Selena’s new music.

Some wonder if this is just paving the way for what’s to come.

Others worry that Taylor’s been hacked — that someone got access to all of her accounts and decided to just wipe them out.

Her Instagram account looks like this now:

Taylor Swift, Blank Instagram

Aside from little details like her follower count, that looks like a brand new account instead of one belonging to one of the most popular celebrities in the world.

But today, August 18th, isn’t just any day.

Today is the three-year anniversary of Taylor Swift dropping “Shake It Off.”

Today is also the three-year anniversary of Taylor Swift announcing her 1989 album.


So, barring some very unlikely malfunctions that occurred simultaneously on multiple social media platforms, there are two possibilities.

One, that someone wanted to hurt the singer — because they could — by wiping out years of hard work.

Two, that Taylor is preparing for something.

Think of it this way:

1989 marked Taylor’s foray into the true mainstream.

Her previous albums had enjoyed tremendous popularity, but they’d already had a strong Country element that limited their appeal.

1989 had none of that.

However, last year, with Taylor already fearful of overexposure and weakened by Calvin Harris’ treachurous tweets at her after their breakup, Taylor Swift faced Kim Kardashian’s carefully timed attack.

So many fickle fans turned on her, calling Taylor a “snake.”

(Now, Taylor Swift is 100% a Slytherin, but that’s no insult and also not what people meant)

It’s been more than a year than that shameful time, and it feels like the time is right for Taylor to come back.

So today could mark preparations for Taylor to drop a new album.

We cannot tell you how exciting that is for us.

She’s wiped the slate clean and can be reborn anew, rising stronger.

Taylor has already vanquished a foe in court this week, winning her court battle against the man she says groped her.

She’s also been putting her money where her mouth is and donating to help other women who have been sexually assaulted.

Now sounds like the perfect time for a grand resurrection of her career.

Whatever Taylor has planned, we can’t wait to see it!

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