Killer Mike Honored By Atlanta City Council With “Killer Mike Day”

Killer Mike continues to flourish as a musician, activist and business proprietor. The Run The Jewels founder was recently honored with Killer Mike Day by the Atlanta City Council.

On July 17, City Councilman Andre Dickens declared it to be Michael “Killer Mike” Render Day in the A. The “Legend Has It” rapper has been a fixture in voicing the community’s political and social challenges; specifically with regards to empowering the under-serviced.

“I respect you in so many ways, you represent the ATL well,” proclaimed Dickens. State Senator Vincent Fort seconded the motion in saying, “I appreciate this brother because he inspires so many people.”

The MC also took on another Rap alias “Driller Mike” as a multi-million dollar tunnel-boring machine that will be used to host over 2.4 billions gallons of drinking water in Atlanta will bear his name.

Rather than focusing on thanking family and friends, Mike took the podium to address the council stating, “My Atlanta City Council members, I challenge you to make sure this city is not polarized by race and or class.”

You can listen to more of his acceptance speech below.

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Kudos to Killer Mike for this honor. Imagine what we would accomplish if more rappers used their platform to uplift the streets.

See more of Killer Kill from Adamsville’s special day on the flip.

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Run The Awards: Killer Mike Honored By Atlanta City Council



July 17 Is Officially “Killer Mike Day” In Atlanta, GA

Killer Mike was recently acknowledged by the Atlanta City Council for his activism work to push for social change through his platform in music and television. Atlanta’s City Council held an official ceremony on Monday to honor the Run The Jewels front man, where they also officially deemed July 17 to be “Killer Mike Day.” City Councilman Andre Dickens was in attendance at the ceremony, where he gave very kind words in regards to Killer Mike and his love for the city. Dickens said, “I respect you in so many ways. You represent the ATL well.”

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This is a big honor for the rapper, who always does his part to encourage his local and widespread fans to support Black businesses, and create their own Black businesses. Killer Mike was also previously honored by the Georgia Senate as an ambassador of the city not too long ago.

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Congrats, Killer!



Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 6 Episode 19 Recap: Did Joseline Really Quit?!?

We think it’s fair to say Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 6 has been the series’ most dramatic one yet.

With pregnancy rumors, cheating rumors and fights on a weekly basis, it’s crazy that it all comes down to this final episode of the reunion. 

On Love & Hip Hop Season 6 Episode 19, the feuds raged on as everyone continued the reunion extravaganza, but who came out on top?

Let’s get to it. 

Joseline was out of the set, going crazy because she only wants Stevie J, Jessica Dime and Melissa on the set with her because she’s apparently better than the rest of them. 

“I am motherf**kin’ Love & Hip Hop. Do you know who the f**k I is? I’m the Puerto Rican Princess. It’s gonna take God to come down here and slow me down,” yelled Joseline.

We do like the drama that Joseline brings to the show, but she genuinely thinks she’s better than every single person in the series, and it’s pretty sad. 

Joseline quit the show on the spot and thought she would be able to make it as an actress. Stranger things have happened, but look for Joseline to return down the line. 

We’re counting down the days already to her return. 

We then switched gears to Tommie, and the show played a montage of her scenes with her mother. Tommie seemed genuinely upset about all of the drama. 

Her relationship with her mother had broken down once again, meaning all of the help in the season she received was not worthwhile. 

However, things got heated when KK appeared on the show via Skype and brands Tommie, a liar about everything. 

“KK, how much can I say about you, dog? You supposed to be my old head,” said Tommie with tears in her eyes. “You know I love trouble. I’m a fan of trouble, bitch!”

“The Momma Dee scene at Momma Dee’s house, Tommie texted me the same night, talking bout she’s gonna kill my dog, cut my dog into pieces, pour my dog on my grave and piss on me,” said KK of the reason she hates Tommie.

“I ain’t never asked the bitch to thank me before, but the bitch need to thank me cause she don’t appreciate me!” said KK.

The only other big thing to come from the reunion was Scrappy’s relationship drama with Bambi being revisited. 

Surprisingly, Scappy felt like part of moving on was recognizing the things that were going wrong with the relationship. 

“What I know, just cause y’all love each other doesn’t mean y’all meant to be together,” said Scrappy, clearly upset. 

This showed us that Scrappy could be the bigger person when he wants to be. Maybe Bambi will see this and allow him another chance. 

What did you think of all the drama?

Sound off below!

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Cash Couple: Amber Rose And 21 Savage Toss $22,000 At Club Crucial In Atlanta

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Image via Splash/Roshan Perera

Amber Rose And 21 Savage Throw $ 22,000 At Atlanta Nightclub

Amber Rose and 21 Savage did their own brand of coupled up community service during their recent trip to Atlanta.

According to TMZ, Muva and her lean-sippin’ Savage went to Club Crucial (formerly owned by T.I.) to promote 21’s new project, Issa Album, and threw up $ 22,000 in the name of “tradition”.

Every Monday night, the club supports the local community, namely the women, by tossing stacks off the stage into the crowd. Such an activity is definitely in Amber’s wheelhouse.

We guess this can be considered a bonding experience. The couple that tricks together, sticks together?


Tennessee AD confident in orange crowd vs. Georgia Tech in Atlanta

Don’t count Tennessee athletic director John Currie as one who believes Georgia Tech will have home-field advantage in their game in Atlanta to kick off the season.

Currie spoke to Knoxville's WKGN-AM 1340 on Wednesday and said he feels orange will be the most noticeable color in the stands.

"It's a neutral site game and the Vol nation will be in there in force, and I'll bet you orange will be the predominant shade, but we're still the team that's got to get on the bus for three hours," Currie said, according to Mike Griffith of SEC Country. "I'm proud and pleased with the way our staff is going about preparing for that, and I know our team is going to be ready to play."

Given Georgia Tech's proximity to the stadium, one would think the crowd would be on the Yellow Jackets' side during the contest. That being said, Griffith points out that Tennessee's largest alumni base resides in Atlanta.

Despite Currie’s confidence in the crowd, he conceded it will be a tough matchup as the team attempts to find a successor for quarterback Josh Dobbs.

"This is a tough business, we got new quarterbacks coming this year, excited about them, the quarterbacks in our program that are competing for our job," Currie said. "It's a big transition opportunity for us, and we have an extraordinarily difficult schedule, having to go down to Atlanta to play in that game against Georgia Tech."

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