New Justice League Trailer Hints At Superman’s Return, Because Duh [VIDEO]

You can’t have the Justice League without Superman, right? In the latest trailer for the DC film, Clark Kent is still…

Last chance in case you’re one of those folk who don’t know what happened at the end of Batman vs Superman.

Anyway, Clark Kent is still dead, as we in the opening dream sequence with Lois Lane.

After that additional delay of the inevitable, we get to the assortment of heroes coming together and dishing out proper fades to invaders of Earth.

Kind of ill to see Aquaman getting busy considering he’s easily the most clowned character of this bunch. The Flash has jokes, too.

Let’s hope Josh Whedon turned this movie into a winner, for the culture. Justice League is in theaters November 17.

Peep the latest trailer below.

The reactions have been positive, too.

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Terrelle Pryor says he flipped off fan because of racist verbal attacks

Warning: Story contains offensive language

Terrelle Pryor appears to have had more reason to extend his middle finger towards a fan after Monday night's loss than the video evidence initially showed.

Related – Watch: Pryor flips off heckling Chiefs fan after loss

The Washington Redskins receiver released a statement via Instagram on Wednesday claiming that he was the subject of racist verbal attacks throughout the game against the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium, which caused him to lash out.

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LaVar on Magic: We won’t have issues ‘because he can’t tell me what to do’

LaVar Ball has a message for Lakers president Magic Johnson: You handle your business, I’ll handle mine, and there won’t be any animosity.

Of course, it would be a little easier for LaVar and Magic to stay out of each other's lanes if their primary interests weren't merging together for presumably the next decade or so. That's because Lonzo Ball – the No. 2 pick in the 2017 draft – is both Magic's star rookie and LaVar's eldest son, as well as the pitchman for the Big Baller Brand family business.

In any case, Magic revealed earlier this summer that LaVar assured him that his braggadocios personality is just "marketing." Lonzo Ball has also openly talked about looking forward to learning from Magic, a Hall of Fame point guard, so it seems unlikely there's an actual feud brewing.

For now, let’s chalk up LaVar’s Kanye-like antics to simply more self-promotion.

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Shannon Sharpe Speculates Jay-Z Turned Down The Super Bowl Halftime Show Because Of Colin Kaepernick's Situation!

Shannon Sharpe thinks Jay Z turned down the Super Bowl Halftime Show to avoid being associated with the NFL because of the Kaepernick situation. Jason Sole, the NAACP Minneapolis president, told Fox 9 that he was glad to hear Jay-Z may have backed out due to Kaepernick and encouraged other black performers to do the same. Posted By Persist

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Let’s Laugh At The Racists Crying Into Empty Hellmann’s Jars Because Jemele Hill Hasn’t Been Fired

(Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images)

THEY Are Mad Jemele Hill Has A Job

Jemele Hill has snowflakes up in arms over the fact she called Y’all President a white nationalist. Not only was she right but she also made a whole lot of wack a$ $ racists mad. Not just your regular Twitter racists, either. Hill also made the entire White House mad to the point that they asked ESPN to fire her.

What’s crazy is the snowflakes really thought that would get Hill fired. JADAKISS LAUGH. So when Jemele was on The Six last night, job in tow with now signs of stress or remorse, the MAGAs lost it. So what do we do in their time of distress? We make fun of them, of course! Enjoy their tears…


Best Buy To Discontinue Sale Of Kaspersky Software Because, Russian Hacking

With all the talk that Team Putin has infiltrated everything from Facebook to the White House, consumers have grown wary of anything Russia related including computer software.

According to the Star Tribune, Best Buy has heard those concerns and has decided to pull a computer antivirus program due to word that its manufacturer, Kaspersky Labs, could have ties to the Russian government.

People fear that the software can somehow allow Russian hackers to sneak into some 400 million computers of Kaspersky customers.

Though the Moscow-based cyber security firm has denied having any ties to the Kremlin and have even offered to give up their source code to prove there’s no backdoor to the program, Best Buy felt there were too many “unanswered questions” and so decided to discontinue sale of the software.

It certainly doesn’t help that in the last few months some emails surfaced that showed exchanges between Kaspersky Labs and Russian intelligence furthering fueling suspicions that the two entities are somehow collaborators.

For people worried their Kaspersky program could allow hackers access to their nude pics that no one wants, Best Buy is offering them the chance to exchange it for free for something else within the next 45 days. They’ll even have their Geek Squad uninstall the software within the same time window.

Unfortunately, if this program did what everyone feared it would, it might be too late. We kid, we kid.

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ESPN Pulls Announcer From Virginia Football Game Because His Name Is Robert Lee

With racial tensions at a drastic high these days, ESPN decided to play it safe and pulled a network announcer from Virginia football game due to his name, Robert Lee.

For those living under a rock for the past couple of weeks, the White Nationalist/Nazi rally in Charlottesville, VA on August 12 was centered around protesting the removal of a statue of Confederate General, Robert E. Lee.

In an effort to avoid riling up any kind of controversy on their part, ESPN decided it best to remove announcer Robert Lee from calling the September 2 football game. UVA is the same school where the racially motivated riot broke out which left three innocent people dead and dozens injured, after all

Robert Lee is now scheduled to work the Youngstown State’s game at the University of Pittsburgh on September 2.

According to RawStory a spokesman for the sports network insisted that the decision to reassign Lee to another game was a mutual decision. “When the protests in Charlottesville were happening, we raised with him the notion of switching games,” ESPN spokesman Chris LaPlaca said. “We didn’t make him. We asked him. Eventually we mutually agreed to switch.”

While the intentions were honorable, social media is disappointed in the decision. Many feel the Asian-American Lee should call the Virginia game against TWilliam & Mary and not be punished just because of his name.

Check out some of the reactions below and on the flip.

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