Rosier’s father suffered stroke just days before Miami win over Notre Dame

It certainly wasn't evident in Malik Rosier's performance in No. 3 Miami's massive win over Notre Dame last weekend, but the standout quarterback certainly had off-the-field issues on his mind during the contest.

A few days before the game, Rosier’s father was admitted to hospital after he suffered a stroke.

“It’s one of those things that really changes how you look at life,” Rosier told Ed Aschoff of ESPN. “My life was 8-0 as a quarterback, everything was going fine, and then you get that news and you realize (all that) means so much, but it’s not everything. You have to take account of the people that are in your life and don’t take them for granted.”

The incident forced Rosier’s father, Eli, to miss a game started by his son for the first time. While Malik admitted it was tough to not have him in attendance, he didn’t want to disappoint the rest of his teammates.

"(Eli) is a die-hard Miami fan, and he really hates Notre Dame, to be honest with you," Rosier said. "But as much as I was playing for my dad, I was also playing for the guys who strapped up and put the pads on with me."

The elder Rosier is already on the road to recovery and has been given the go-ahead to travel to Miami on Saturday for the Hurricanes’ game against Virginia.

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TF Going On Here? Texas Suspect Breaks Out Some Dance Moves Before Police K9 Takes Him Down!

A man who led police on a nearly 20-mile chase through Houston was taken into custody only after dancing once he stepped out of his car. Officers were concerned the man might try to flee into traffic, so they unleashed the K9. The suspect’s been charged with evading arrest. Posted By Persist

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Teen Mom New Jersey: Canceled Before It Even Aired!

MTV and the Garden State formed an unholy alliance years ago with the debut of Jersey Shore, a harrowing documentary series about the devastating impact of Ed Hardy shirts and tribal tattoos on one sleepy seaside town.

Both parties experienced tremendous good fortune in the years that followed–MTV with the Teen Mom franchise, and Jersey with the slow, meatball hoagie-fueled decline of Governor Chris Christie.

So hopes were high when it was announced that the network execs who gave us Snooki and the state that gave us Springsteen would once again be joining forces for Teen Mom: New Jersey.

The project was announced over the summer, and MTV immediately cranked the hype machine up to 11.

Within days, there was sky-high anticipation from the same demographic that made Teen Mom: OG and Teen Mom 2 smash hits.

Social media pages were launched, and the identities of the show’s stars were teased as though they were the members of a new Simon Cowell-founded pop group.

So you can imagine the waves of surprise and chagrin that rippled across the internet yesterday when The Ashley’s Reality Roundup reported that MTV had pulled the plug on Teen Mom: New Jersey before the show ever made it to air.

Teen Mom New Jersey

Yes, it seems that the show will never see the light of day, and its “stars” are every bit as confused as its potential audience.

“Last weekend the girls on the show got calls basically informing them that the show isn’t going to air,” a source tells The Ashley.

“They didn’t really give them an explanation—just the standard ‘We’re moving in another direction’ line. The girls are really upset because they’ve worked so hard on this project and were really excited for its premiere.”

Details are scarce, but it sounds as though MTV simply passed on the show, presumably after getting their first glimpse at the finished product.

It’s worth noting that the show was not produced by 11th Street Productions, the company responsible for the 16 and Pregnant and the original Teen Mom shows.

It’s another reminder that you can capture lightning in a bottle twice, but not three times, as Teen Mom 3 so poignantly reminded us.

Sigh. At least we’ll always have the original series.

So practice some self-care and watch Teen Mom: OG online to get yourself through this difficult time.

There will only ever be one Farrah Abraham, which is both tragic and wonderful news.

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49ers’ Goodwin reveals he lost newborn son hours before playing vs. Giants

Marquise Goodwin took the field with the heaviest of hearts on Sunday.

Shortly after his San Francisco 49ers bested the New York Giants 31-21 for their first win on the season, the wideout revealed on Instagram he and his wife, Morgan, had lost their prematurely newborn son earlier that morning.

“Unfortunately we lost our baby boy due to some complications, and had to prematurely deliver him early this morning around 4am,” Goodwin wrote. “Although we are hurt, I am grateful for the experience and grateful that God blessed me with a wife as courageous and resilient as Morgan. The pain (physically, mentally, & emotionally) that she has endured is unbelievable. Please pray for the Goodwin family.”

Goodwin valiantly dug deep to take his sole reception of the game 83 yards to the house in the second quarter. According to Matt Maiocco of NBC Sports, he left Levi’s Stadium immediately after the game.

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Kings tally NBA-record 29 points before a starter scores

The Sacramento Kings scored 10 points in the opening quarter against the visiting Oklahoma City Thunder on Tuesday. As the Kings are a basketball team (and not a football team), that is not ideal.

In their futile start to the game, Sacramento broke a rather dubious record. Per the Sacramento Bee’s Jason Jones, the Kings reserves scored the team’s first 29 points before Willie Cauley-Stein sank a free-throw with 4:08 left in the second quarter – the first point scored by a Kings starter.

Improbably, the Kings entered the fourth quarter with a 10-point lead over Russell Westbrook and Co.

The previous record for longest game-opening drought for a starting unit was 23 points, set by the Milwaukee Bucks on April 5, 2011.

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Over 32 Advanced Civilizations Have Collapsed Before Us, and We’re Next in Line

As any long-time reader of this column knows, we routinely draw from historical lessons to highlight that this time is not different. Throughout the 18th century, for example, France was the greatest superpower in Europe, if not the world. But they became complacent, believing that they had some sort of ‘divine right’ to reign supreme, […]
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Innovative Design: Dubs have Nuggets chasing ghosts before Steph drains 3

The Golden State Warriors are the epitome of team basketball.

Golden State trounced the Denver Nuggets by a score of 127-108 on Saturday, shooting 55 percent from the field and 45 percent from deep while equaling a season high in assists with 37.

It was yet another masterclass by the reigning champions, who are now shooting an absurd 52.6 percent from the field as a team through 10 games. They're assisting one another on 70.2 percent of their baskets and lead the league by a full 10 points per 100 possessions over the second-best team.

This one assist from Saturday’s match illustrates what makes Golden State unstoppable. Everyone can pass, everyone can dribble, everyone is constantly moving off the ball, and everyone can shoot.

1. Early offense

The Warriors start their offense with a high pick-and-roll between Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant, and they do so immediately. They're already setting the gears in motion with 20 seconds left on the shot clock, which forces the Nuggets to defend and keep their focus for longer.

Wilson Chandler is forced to show high against Curry since he's always a threat to trigger from deep off a screen. That leaves room for Durant to slip into space.

2. Where’s the next pass?

Curry finds Durant rolling to the basket, but the Nuggets sniff it out. Paul Millsap makes the right call by leaving Draymond Green to help at the rim, but Durant doesn't settle for a contested layup.

Instead, he spots the next pass with Green diving into space since his defender is gone. That forces the Nuggets to make yet another read.

3. Perfect defense isn't enough

The Nuggets make the right read once again, with Nikola Jokic ditching the mostly inert Kevon Looney to meet Green in the paint. But again, the Warriors don't settle for a contested look and reset for something better.

Green finds Klay Thompson in the corner, but Gary Harris is right on the spot and crowds Thompson upon the catch. Now the Warriors are stuck, or so the Nuggets think.

4. Perpetual motion

The Warriors rearrange themselves to space the floor. Durant and Green fan out to the 3-point line for maximum spacing, while Looney hides in the dunker spot.

Thompson resets to Curry at the top of the floor, where he has the quickness advantage against Chandler. Thanks to the early offense, there are still 14 seconds left on the clock, which means there's more than enough time to attack again.

5. Gravity kills

Curry is too dangerous to be left open from anywhere. Chandler is caught flat-footed, and Curry's darting drive to the rim attracts the attention of three defenders who flock to the paint.

This is where the Nuggets are beat. They’re completely scrambled by this bit of dribble penetration and there are shooters everywhere. Curry sets everything in motion with a bounce pass to Durant.

6. Never relax

Durant takes one hard dribble to get the step on Millsap, which forces Chandler to help. Green anticipates the action and relocates to an open area where he can attack.

Green could have simply taken the three, but he sees the next pass with Curry sneaking off into the corner. Green knows he can beat Chandler to the spot, which will occupy Jokic to help in the paint.

7. Options everywhere

Chandler does rotate in time, but so does Jokic, which leaves a three-on-two advantage on the weak side. Green has his head up and sees the floor beautifully.

He can either find Durant open for three against a back pick from Thompson, or he can whip a cross-court pass to Curry in the corner. Harris is only one man, and he cannot cover both.

Pick your poison: Both Durant and Curry are hitting over 40 percent from deep and they’re automatic when open. The Nuggets are dead.

8. Checkmate

Green picks out Curry, who's all alone in the corner. Harris doesn't even have enough time to put his hands up. The closest thing Curry sees to a shot contest is his own teammate JaVale McGee on the opposite side of the floor, and the center is already celebrating the three points before the shot goes up.

Curry nails the three, of course. That caps off a seven-pass sequence that featured two drives to the rim, two basket cuts, and a handful of good shots that were passed up for the greatest shot in basketball: Curry open from the short corner for three.

Here's the whole play in totality.

(Photos courtesy:

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