White Supremacist Says The Woman Who Died After Being Hit By A Car In Charlottesville "Shouldn't Have Been Standing Out In Traffic"

White Supremacist who attended the violent “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville blamed victim Heather Heyer for her own death. Kyle Hanophy says the 32-year-old Charlottesville para-legal who was fatally injured when struck by a car “Shouldn’t have been standing out in traffic, I suppose”. The organizer of the march in Charlottesville, Jason Kessler, is alleged to have sent a tweet stating Heyer’s murder was, “payback time.” Posted By Persist

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Kylie Jenner: I’m Tired of Being a Weirdo!

As we've been learning on Kylie Jenner's new show, Life of Kylie, it's not easy being a super hot, super famous 20-year-old woman who also happens to be a literal millionaire.

It's actually really, really hard — not that you'd understand.

Because, see, even though Kylie doesn't have to worry about money, probably for the rest of her whole entire life, and even though she owns multiple mansions and has none of the worries that the vast, vast majority of the world's population deal with on a daily basis …

Sorry, where were we?

Let's try again.

Even though Kylie is privileged beyond most people's wildest dreams, she still has problems.

For instance, she has to deal with people talking about her selfies and her relationships, and she's, like, the biggest outcast.

She didn't even get to go to prom, guys. This girl's had a tough life, and that's undeniable.

And now, thanks to this sneak peek for the new episode of Life of Kylie, we're learning about yet another struggle she's facing …

The struggle of what kind of hairstyle she wants her stylists to give her.

"Honestly, like, guys, I don't want to disappoint anybody, but I just want my hair long and black and pretty," she whines to her team.

Since she knows this is going to be such a blow to these people, she tries to compromise, telling them that she can try on wigs on Fridays for photos.

"I don't want to be a weirdo," she laments. "I don't want to pull up with purple hair. I'm over it."

Then, in a voiceover, Kylie explains that she's always tried "to be different" and to "do new things."

As we all know, she was the first person ever to dye her hair unnatural colors — as she says, "not everyone was dyeing their hair blue or green" when she started the trend.

Then, back with her stylists, she complains that "I'm over keeping up with this lifestyle of crazy hair and wigs and sh-t!"

Poor, poor Kylie.

Her makeup artist suggests that she makes a move to a more natural look, and she agrees, and even adds "With my tits out!'

Whose idea was it to give Kylie her own show? Because all she's doing so far is boring viewers to death and making herself look bad.

Watch Kylie's latest pity party in the video below:

Kylie jenner im tired of being a weirdo

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Single Mom of Three Tired of Being Homeless. With Only $1.75 Left to Name, Cries Out To Heaven

Vanessa Howard hasn’t had an easy life. As a teenager, she became pregnant with her first child. Hoping to give her child a better life, she left her home in search of something better. As the years went by, Howard and her three children struggled to survive. Dealing with homelessness was a major battle for […]
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Nicki Minaj: Check Out My Bare Butt! I Love Being a Stripper!

When you’re rocking a new outfit, you want to snap some selfies to show off your look to all of your friends.

That’s even more the case for celebs, who want to flaunt their looks to fans.

Nicki Minaj didn’t stop at one selfie, though — she included a butt selfie in the mix, which totally upstaged her outfit. You know that a Nicki belfie is going to be absolutely legendary.

We’re actually going to lead with the belfie.

(No, we’re not terrible as spelling belfry or whatever — a belfie is a butt selfie, or a selfie that includes your butt, which can be taken up high to show your butt over your shoulder or it can be taken … like this one, below)

When we first saw Nicki Minaj, which was maybe back in 2009, we were taken aback by how stacked her badonkadonk is.

Like, there’s a reason that she laughs and taunts “Yeah, he looooove this fat ass!” in her song, “Anaconda.”

She knows from experience that people love her butt.

She doesn’t just mean sex partners — she means her fans.

And with this belfie, she’s giving the people what they want:

Nicki Minaj did not include a caption with this pic.

Frankly, this photo didn’t need one.

Her ass can speak for itself, you know?

(We’ll talk about the outfit in a moment, because it is so much)

She also shared another image — this time, of the same outfit as viewed from the front:

This time, Nicki posted a caption:

“New stripper boots, who dis? I love being a stripper.”

Now, we don’t think that Nicki Minaj is announcing that she’s diversifying her career by going into any kind of sex work, including stripping.

But that’s a great outfit and those are some outstanding boots.

We hope to one day live in a time when wearing boots like that is routine, and you might go shopping or to dinner and see people wearing boots that are that level of extra.

(The rest of that outfit, admittedly, might be a little too, uh, butt-tastic for a restaurant … we say that at the risk of sounding like prudes)

Also, from this pic, it sure doesn’t look like Nicki Minaj is pregnant.

We all knew that Nicki looks incredible.

Her legs, her butt, her whole figure — Nicki has never been shy about that.

While her outfit is new, our only real takeaway from these pics that we didn’t know before was that Nicki really needs to clean her mirror.

Those little flecks of dust or whatever are hella distracting from an otherwise mind-blowing, jaw-droppingly hot photo

(Use glass cleaner, though! Rubbing them with your hands will make it so much worse)

Still … we’re sure that plenty of folks never noticed the dust.

Nicki Minaj belfies have a way of consuming all of your attention.

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Harper to undergo MRI after being carried off with knee injury

The Washington Nationals‘ worst nightmare may be coming true.

Bryce Harper had to be carried off the field after suffering a knee injury when he slipped on first base running out a ground ball in the first inning of Saturday's game at Nationals Park.

After the game, manager Dusty Baker didn't have many details, but confirmed Harper hyperextended his knee and will undergo an MRI on Sunday. Baker also encouraged fans to pray the injury isn't serious.

The start of the game between the Nationals and San Francisco Giants was delayed by three hours due to a massive rain storm, leaving the field – and the bases – wet and slick when the teams finally began playing a little after 10 p.m. ET.

Harper’s left foot slipped across the first-base bag as he stepped on it following his ground out. He went airborne after slipping and then fell to the ground, clutching his left knee. Teammates had to carry him off the field, and he wasn’t putting weight on his leg.

Harper was replaced in the lineup by Andrew Stevenson, who took over defensively in center field while Brian Goodwin shifted to right field.

Washington is already missing several important players due to injury, including All-Star starter Stephen Strasburg, shortstop Trea Turner, and outfielders Adam Eaton and Jayson Werth. Eaton suffered a torn ACL on a similar play at first base back in April and has missed almost the entire season.

The 24-year-old Harper, who won the NL MVP in 2015, is in the midst of a stellar campaign for the division-leading Nationals. He leads his club in nearly every offensive category, owning a .326/.419/.614 slash line with 29 homers, 27 doubles, 92 runs scored, and 5.0 wins above replacement.

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Jenelle Evans: My Son is Being Violent Because He Wants to Live with Me!

After years and years of watching Teen Mom 2, we all know quite a bit about Jenelle Evans, don't we?

For instance, we know that she's one of those people who tend to create their own version of events, reality be damned.

You can see several examples of this in her new book — remember how she claimed that her mother tricked her into giving up custody of her oldest son, Jace, even though she was the best mom ever?

Meanwhile, we all remember seeing how it really played out in early seasons of the show, and we definitely remember her willingly signing over custody to the long-suffering Barbara Evans.

Still, Jenelle insists on trying to paint herself in a positive light, even if she doesn't deserve it.

And if you still don't know what we're talking about, then just check out this truly bizarre deleted scene from this week's episode of Teen Mom 2.

As you may remember from the episode, Jace has been acting out recently — so much that he threw a toy at Barbara and bruised her face.

Jenelle and Babs talked about getting him into therapy, which seems like a good idea. The poor kid has been through a lot in his eight years.

But in this clip, Teen Mom's hottest mess reveals some additional details about the situation.

Things start off with Jenelle and her fiancé, David Eason, having a little chat in a restaurant while baby Ensley sleeps soundly in her car seat.

They talk about taking some photos with all the kids this weekend, and she mentions that she's excited for Jace to meet Ensley for the first time.

Then she tells him that "He freaked out a school and he threw something at my mom, and like busted her nose."

"And she, like, doesn't understand why he's freaking out, and she calls me and says 'Oh, he's being bad' and everything."

"And then I'm like 'Well, I got my hands tied, what do you want me to do? I'm not there to discipline him and you don't let me have him, so …'"

She says that Barbara has been telling Jace's teachers that she doesn't know why he's "freaking out," and that "I feel bad for him because it's like no one knows the truth and they're believing my mom."

If you're wondering what the hell she's talking about, you're not alone.

But hang on, she gets to her point real quick …

"I know the truth," she tells David. "I know why he's freaking out. He's freaking out because he wants to live here. And that's why he's being bad."

… Really, Jenelle? That's why Jace is acting out and being violent, because he wants to live with you?

She says that she hopes Jace isn't mad at her because he still doesn't live with her, and that "I want Jace to come live with me so bad, he doesn't even know the truth."

What truth?!

The clip ends with Jenelle telling David that she's "trying everything in my power" to get Jace back.

It's just so bizarre that she thinks that her son is behaving the way he is because he wants to live with her … like is that really the scenario that makes the most sense?

Maybe he's reacting to the years and years of seeing Jenelle scream and yell at Barbara — maybe she's never shown her respect, and he's learning that.

Or maybe he's starting to realize how unstable his childhood has been, especially since his mother just had another baby when she still doesn't have custody of him.

There are a lot of reasons why poor Jace could be acting out, but a desperation to live with Jenelle doesn't seem super likely.

Watch the odd scene below:

Jenelle evans my son is being violent because he wants to live w

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Never Give Up: How Billionaire & Patron Tequila Owner Overcame Being Homeless Twice!

John Paul Dejoria has had a rough ride to the top. Yet being homeless twice and being abandoned by his wife early on didn’t shake his drive to make it in this word, and he’s managed to turn an admittedly difficult hand into a royal flush. These days he’s a billionaire several times over with a successful Paul Mitchell haircare line and even a founding stake in Patron tequila brand. So how did he maintain motivation He remembered giving two dimes to the Salvation Army as a boy, and how his mother told him that those dimes add up and can really help people. This lesson directly helped him overcome a period early in his career where he was collecting bottle caps to get money to eat. Posted By PSmooth

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Watch: Charles Woodson is complete after being named Michigan honorary captain

Charles Woodson is one of the greatest players in Michigan‘s storied history, and the school has decided to honor the 1997 Heisman winner by making him honorary captain for a home game this season.

Not just any home game however, as the former NFL legend will lead the team in the annual rivalry game versus Ohio State.

Head coach Jim Harbaugh informed Woodson of the news on Saturday, and his reaction is absolutely priceless, channeling Renee Zellweger from "Jerry Maguire" with his best, "You had me at hello!"

The Buckeyes visit Ann Arbor on Nov. 25.

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