#LHHATL’s Lovely Mimi: Old Picture Before Surgeries & Wishes Booty Wasn’t So Big [Video]

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Lovely Mimi of #LHHATL, took to instagram (cliche, we know) and touched on her plastic surgeries.

Turn the pages to see the picture of Mimi with her husband before all the PS.

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Meek Mill Caps On Big Booty Model’s Boots, Gets Clapped On

Meek Mill continues to be worried about the wrong things and adding more to his struggle plate buffet, this after getting into it with big booty model Empresaria. The Philadelphia enacted a”What Are Those” moment after pointing out the model’s boots in a photo, and she clapped back while actually using his rival Drake’s “Back 2 Back” as theme music.

The “beef” started last week when Meek commented on one of Empresaria’s photos showing off her assets while rocking a pair of Timberlands. In the reply, Meek wrote, “I will look past that thot pose just to air them yuttas/boots out” which got the model’s attention.

Instagram Photo

Empresaria fired back and took more offense that Meek alleged that her Timberlands were fake over the fact Meek may or may not have called her a thot. The model shrugged it off and said that Meek must still be reeling from the breakup from Nicki Minaj and picking fights with randoms to pass time.


Anyway, we collected what’s out there regarding this slight bit over undercooked mock meat, you know, for the culture. Peep the carnage below.

Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo

And if you’re just in the mood for it, check out Empresaria’s IG too.

Photo: WENN.com

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DWTS Flashback: Kim Kardashian Fails Booty 101

If Kim Kardashian was given the option of erasing one video from all of history, you think she'd choose the Kim Kardashian sex tape.

But we think you'd be mistaken.

That Ray J-directed amateur porn has earned millions of dollars for the reality star, while the footage below has earned her nothing but derision and embarrassment.

As Dancing with the Stars Season 24 gets set to premiere on ABC, we thought it would be fun to flashback for a few minutes and remember when Kim was actually a contestant back on Season 7.

We understand if you forgot.

She only lasted longer than two other competitors.

And we knew Kim was in trouble when she told partner Mark Ballas that she wasn't even confident in the Mambo, a dance that mostly just asked Kardashian to shake her world famous rear end around the stage.

"Everyone's gonna expect this, like, sexy thing and I'm really not," Kim confessed during a pre-taped interview package with Ballas, adding at the time:

"My biggest challenge with the mambo is just shaking my butt. Everyone thinks I know how and I just really don't. I think I need, like, Booty 101."

Alas, Kim would not have time to study up.

She was thrust into the spotlight and asked to work that butt in front of the judges and millions of viewers watching at home.

How did she fare? Click PLAY and see for yourself:

Dancing with the stars flashback kim kardashian fails booty 101

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How High You Trying To Get? Docs Find That Taking Weed Via Booty Is More Effective Than Blazing Up

Doctor Says Rectal Weed Is Most Effective

Listen up cheefers…you’re doing it all wrong!

According to the medical director of the Center for Integrative Medicine at George Washington University, blowing trees isn’t giving you the full effects of marijuana. If you REALLY want that high and those “health benefits” — if that’s the story you’re telling — you’re putting those herbs in the wrong hole.

While speaking with the National Post about making Canada more weed-friendly, Dr. Mikhail Kogan said that the best way to get maximum effect of your favorite flowers is to administer it up the booty chute:

“Rectally is actually a lot more preferred because of the volume of absorption. You can put a lot more and it gets absorbed a lot better, but not everybody is open to this way of administration.”

No isht. But Dr. Kogan swears smoking isn’t really hitting on much.

“[Smoking] in my opinion is very archaic and has very little clinical applicability.”

Hmm. Well for the smokers in the crowd…is this something you’d give a try??

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More Life Spite: Is Meek Mill Using This Big Booty Judy To Antagonize Rumored-Ex Nicki Minaj?


Meek Mill Posts Pic Of A Woman’s (Who Isn’t Nick Minaj) Butt In His Bed

Despite their reported relationship issues, Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj deserve one another. Neither of them can keep from airing each other out via social media. You would think that Meek would’ve learned his lesson after the spanking he was given in the Drake battle, but alas…


Last night, Rihmeek posted this mysterious photo of some caked-up jawn in his bed. Sure doesn’t look like Nicki Minaj’s reconstructed cakes to us, how bout you? Do store-bought butts still have stretch marks?

Even more confusing is Meek’s caption: “Sitting back like…… $ avage… just friends 😂

Is that to say that he and Nicki HAVE indeed broken up and he’s seeking to soothe his wounded soul with one of his hoes “friends”?

There are more tweets that suggest that Meek has found a way to take yet another “L” in 2016.

Flip the page to have a look-see.

Images via Instagram/WENN/Splash