Tiki Torch Carrying White Nationalist Cornballs Clash With Protesters At UVA

A group of white nationalists armed with cheap tiki torches and towering mugs of white privilege converged on the city of Charlottesville in Virginia ahead of a planned event on Friday. The Unite The Right rally, which was slated to take place in the city Saturday, was preceded by a number of ongoing clashes between nationalists and counter-protestors.

NBC News writes:

Altercations erupted Saturday morning and at least two people were hurt as white nationalists and counter-protesters violently clashed in Charlottesville, Virginia, where local police and the governor declared a state of emergency.

Supporters of the “Unite the Right” rally descended again on the city’s downtown in opposition to clergy members and other groups, who stood in a line singing, “This Little Light of Mine,” to drown out the profanity and slurs.

“Love has already won. We have already won,” the counter-protesters responded.

But as the violence intensified with shoving and punching, demonstrators covered their mouths after what appeared to be tear gas was released into the crowd.

The city and Albemarle County both issued a “declaration of local emergency” for the two jurisdictions to request additional resources. Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe also declared a state of emergency to allow for a response to quell the violence.

MSNBC just said in a live report that the Unite The Right rally has been canceled due to the clashing in the streets. Some of the fights took hold on the campus of the University of Virginia as well, with figures such as Dr. Cornel West among the throng shouting down the rally’s intent.

As this story develops, we will provide updates. See below and the following pages to some of the reaction. So far, it looks like the Nazi Parade is unraveling although some of the supremacists are reportedly pulling weapons on people when confronted.

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Favre lauds Rodgers for carrying Packers, thinks he can play til 40

Aaron Rodgers gained a vote of confidence from a previous mentor Wednesday.

Brett Favre, who started for the Green Bay Packers during Rodgers’ first three seasons, lauded the quarterback for carrying the franchise over the past decade, culminating in a Super Bowl victory in 2010.

“Obviously, Aaron has carried the team for a long time; that’s not going to change,” Favre said via ESPN’s Rob Demovsky. “That in itself is not enough – at least it hasn’t been, and it’s been pretty good. As good as he is, I would’ve thought they would’ve won more than one by now. But I don’t know if he can do anything else other than what he’s done up to this point. It always seems like one piece of the puzzle is missing.”

Rodgers earned his sixth Pro Bowl nomination last year, is considered by some to be the NFL's best quarterback, and is routinely in the conversation for MVP. The two-time MVP turns 34 in December and Favre postulated that Rodgers could play until he's at least 40.

“Why stop at 40?” Favre said.

“He moves around as well as anyone in the game right now. That’s big. The less you’re hit, Tom Brady’s a different player, but they protect him well enough. He’s not going to scramble for much, but I see no decline in Tom other than he’s getting older but he doesn’t look like that. And I think Aaron, what is Aaron 33? I would think that barring any injury – and he knows how to protect himself – six or seven years from now is a long time to think that far down the road, but there’s no reason to think he couldn’t play and play at a high level until, I’m not going to say 43, 44. It’s up to the individual and I don’t see any decline in his game unless he doesn’t want to play anymore.”

Barring unforeseen circumstances, Rodgers will continue to be the face of the franchise with no recourse in sight. As the season looms, Rodgers has the support of the only player who could rival him as the best in franchise history.

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#CharleenaLyles Seattle Cop Who Killed Pregnant Mom Stopped Carrying Taser Months Before Shooting

David Ryder/Getty Images


Officer Who Killed Charleena Lyles Stopped Carrying Taser

The Seattle cop who fatally shot Charleena Lyles in front of her children did NOT have a Taser on hand and reportedly stopped carrying it because it “took up too much real estate.”

Officer Jason Anderson left his Taser in his locker, the day he killed pregnant mom of four Charleena Lyles, reports the NYDN who checked the Seattle Police Department’s Force Investigation Team transcripts.

The officer also reportedly said that the gun was too cumbersome to be on his utility belt and he’d never used it, nor witnessed another officer use it.

“I’m a … quite slender guy,” The NYDN reports that Anderson said Wednesday. “I don’t have a lot of room for equipment on my belt.”


On June 18 when Anderson and his partner Officer Steve McNew were called to Lyles’ apartment where Lyles, who had a history of mental illness, approached them with a knife, McNew told Anderson to use the stun gun but he told him he didn’t have a taser.

So instead he pulled out his weapon and fired.

No word yet on what will (if anything) will happen to Anderson but he’s currently under “internal investigation.”

What do YOU think about Officer Jason Anderson not carrying his stun gun on him???


Hoiberg abruptly ends presser when asked about Isaiah carrying

After the Boston Celtics beat his Chicago Bulls to level their first-round series at two games apiece, head coach Fred Hoiberg bellyached about Celtics point guard Isaiah Thomas getting away with what he considered carrying.

“When you’re able to put your hand underneath the ball and take two or three steps, and put it back down,” he said, “it’s impossible to guard him in those situations.”

After the Celtics won their third straight in Game 5 to take a 3-2 series lead, Hoiberg wasn't in the mood to dredge up that complaint. When a reporter asked him about Thomas' carrying, Hoiberg curtailed his postgame presser in record time.

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White Medal: Paraguay Cops Bust A Bus Headed Toward Rio De Janiero Carrying 300 Kilos Of Coke

Cocaine kilo

Tour Bus Loaded With 300 Kilos Of Cocaine Busted In Paraguay

According to BusinessInsider, there are some folks in Rio who are in LOVE with the coco…

Officials in Paraguay intercepted a tour bus loaded with 296 kilos of cocaine on its way to the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro on August 14.

The bus, empty except for two men and the cocaine, was stopped on the Paraguay side of the Friendship Bridge, which connects Ciudad del Este, Paraguay, with Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil, according to a report from Paraguayan news site ABC and first spotted by InSight Crime.

Paraguayan authorities were tipped off that something was amiss with the bus — which still had the logos of a transport company — when they noticed that it had no passengers.

Authorities charged two men, a 52-year-old and 46-year-old, with drug trafficking and other crimes. The cocaine, in 274 packets, was hidden in a meter-long, 20-centimeter-wide false bottom underneath a mini fridge. The bus was sold by VIPS Tours SA in late July, with the buyer promising to remove the logos.

Upon examining the seized cocaine, officials determined that its likely origin was Colombia, the world’s largest producer of the drug. They said that it would have had a value of $ 3 million on the Brazil market, according to ABC. Authorities also seized cellphones and cash.

Ryan Lochte was probably pissed that he didn’t get his shipment…

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Horrible: Hot Air Balloon Carrying 16 People Catches Fire And Crashes In Texas!

Texas officials have confirmed that 16 people are dead after a hot air balloon crashed in Central Texas. According to Federal Aviation Administration officials, the balloon fell crashed into a pasture after striking a high-voltage power line and catching fire. Since 1964, there have been 73 fatal hot air balloon accidents, resulting in 124 deaths. The deadliest crash before Saturday’s was in 1993; it left six people dead. R.I.P. To The Victims. Posted By Persist

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Baby Bump Confirmed! T.I. Reveals That Lauren London Is Definitely Carrying A Bundle For Longtime Boo Nipsey Hussle

Lauren London Nipsey Hussle

TI Confirms Lauren London’s Pregnancy With Nipsey Hussle

Rumors have flown that Lauren London and her rapper boo Nipsey Hussle are expecting a child together pretty routinely since the two went public with their relationship a few years back.

Even though Lauren brushed off the most recent rumors about her gut full of Hussle just two months ago, TI just confirmed to HOT 107.5 Detroit that not only is Lauren toting a baby, but her pregnancy is actually all that’s standing between fans and ATL 2 at the moment…

Skip to the 9:10 mark to hear TI spill the beans…

“Aye man we working on it presently. We got a couple obstacles in our way man. Like… Uh, uhhh, my lil sis man, she uh about to have a baby… So we gone have to let her get that time out of her system and you know when she back in New New shape we’ll be ready to roll.”

Well congrats are in order for Lauren and Nipsey! We can’t wait to find out if this is another little boy for New New, or if she’s getting her first baby girl…



Jermaine Jackson Confirms That His Baby Sis Janet Is Definitely Carrying Her Own Baby At The Tender Age Of 49


Jermaine Jackson Confirms Janet Jackson’s Pregnancy

When Janet Jackson revealed that her tour was postponed due to the sudden planning of a new family with her billionaire hubby, may fans were overjoyed. However, some still speculated that Janet was truly working with a surrogate, adopting, or several other “conspiracy theories” suggesting that 49-year-old Janet isn’t actually toting her gut full all on her own.

Well now, her older brother Jermaine is confirming that Janet is indeed carrying her baby herself, and he couldn’t be any happier for her. As he revealed to Extra:

Jermaine said, “Janet’s my baby… She’s pregnant.”

Jackson added, “She’s like a baby to me, a baby having a baby, but at the same time, she’s my little sister. I’m an uncle again which I’m very proud of. I wish them both the best. If they need any baby skills, I’m the best at it ’cause they all say I have the most kids.” When asked how she was feeling, Jermaine shared, “She’s doing great.”

Nice! Good to hear Janet’s doing well!


Rumor Control: Is Keyshia Cole Carrying A Gut Full Of Bow Wow Or Boobie?

Instagram Photo

Is Keyshia Cole having Shad’s baby? What about estranged hubby Boobie’s? How about none of the above?

Yesterday Fameolous posted claims from an insider that Keyshia is with child due to a tenuous reconciliation with her husband:

According to an insider, Keyshia Cole is expecting a child with her husband, Daniel ‘Boobie’ Gibson. We don’t know how long she is in her pregnancy, but she is trying to hide it from the media as long as possible. Keyshia is currently upset with Boobie due to him assaulting her nephew while the two were drinking. We don’t know exactly what went down but the family is ready to kill Boobie, but Keyshia Cole is working everything out with her family and his family.

Does this sound like a whole lotta hot mess to you? We had to get to the bottom of this one so we reached out to OUR sources in Keyshia’s camp.

Their response:

That’s all lies. NOT true at all.

Interesting right? We just want Keyshia to get back to making that good love music that put her on the map in the first place. Let’s hope NEITHER of these guys causes her any more grief!