If Sandoval isn’t the worst free-agent signing of this century, who is?

When the ink dried on Pablo Sandoval’s $ 95-million contract in winter 2014, the Boston Red Sox organization was all smiles. It had just signed a marquee name with a lovable persona (“Kung Fu Panda”), a pair of All-Star appearances, and three World Series rings. He would be a key to success in the post-Big Papi era for years to come.

Or so Boston thought.

Not even the most negative members of Red Sox nation could have predicted the Sandoval deal would become such an unmitigated disaster on and off the field. Sandoval's played just 161 games in a Red Sox uniform and made no significant contributions. On Tuesday, the club placed him back on the disabled list with an ear infection. His awful tenure in Boston can be summed up in a single tweet:

At least Will Middlebrooks had a hand in the club’s most recent World Series title. And Urbane Pickering, unlike Sandoval, can proudly say he recorded his 1.4 WAR with the franchise without being benched for using Instagram during a game.

Sandoval's earning $ 17 million this year, and will make $ 18 million each of the next two seasons. It's bad, and it will get worse – even if the rich Red Sox can ride out this storm.

But just how bad is this Sandoval contract? Let’s compare this deal to some of the absolute worst free-agent signings since 2000, using theScore’s own “Panda meter.” The more pandas, the worse it gets – and right now, Sandoval’s at about 8.5 and climbing. Here we go:

Chan Ho Park, Rangers, 2002

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Contract: 5 years, $ 65 million
Career WAR prior to contract: 17.2
WAR during contract: 0.2

The always pitching-thin Rangers desperately needed an arm to complement $ 252-million man Alex Rodriguez, so then-owner Tom Hicks spent big on Park, who was coming off his first and only All-Star appearance with the Dodgers in 2001. Park never pitched a full season in a Rangers uniform, and his 5.79 ERA is the worst among qualified pitchers in franchise history. He finished the contract as a member of the Padres’ bullpen before bouncing around as a reliever. Park’s most memorable moment in the majors was the time he offered the media a graphic description of his gastrointestinal problems – as clear a sign as any that the Rangers flushed this $ 65 million down the toilet.

Panda meter: 7/10 pandas

Mike Hampton and Denny Neagle, Rockies, 2001

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Contracts: 8 years, $ 121 million (Hampton); 5 years, $ 51 million (Neagle)
Career WAR prior to contracts: 18.2 (Hampton); 21.3 (Neagle)
WAR during contracts: Minus-1.7 (Hampton); 1.3 (Neagle)

One of these guys would have been bad enough, but the Rockies had to sign both of them together. Hampton, the 1999 Cy Young runner-up, put his name on what was then the largest contract ever given to a pitcher because, he told reporters, he liked Denver’s “school system.” Alas, his children only got to receive the tutelage of Colorado’s fine public educators for two years, because while Hampton won two Silver Sluggers at Coors Field, his pitching in Colorado was atrocious at best. Before the 2003 season, the Rockies traded him to the Marlins, who quickly flipped him to Atlanta. As a Brave, Hampton made just 85 starts over the last six years of the deal and missed two full seasons because of Tommy John surgery.

Neagle – signed five days before Hampton – was somehow even worse. The two-time All-Star gave the Rockies absolutely nothing for their investment. He got bumped to the bullpen in 2002 amid production that was putrid even by mile-high Denver standards, then made just seven starts in 2003 and none in 2004 due to injury. In the 2004 offseason, Neagle was caught soliciting oral sex from an undercover police officer; the Rockies immediately terminated the final year of his contract, and he never pitched in the majors again.

Panda meter: Hampton 9/10, Neagle 10/10

Josh Hamilton, Angels, 2013

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Contract: 5 years, $ 125 million
Career WAR prior to contract: 24.8
WAR during contract: 3.0

Maybe it didn’t seem like that big of a stretch to hand the 2010 AL MVP this deal at the time, but there were a lot of other factors at play. Hamilton, a former first overall pick, had revived his career in storybook fashion as a Ranger after a well-chronicled battle with drug abuse, so there was a risk in taking him out of his comfort zone. He also turned 32 the year he signed in Anaheim. Ultimately, Hamilton played just 240 games as an Angel, battled injuries, and was generally a shell of himself. In February 2015, he was suspended by MLB after suffering a relapse, and the Angels quickly traded him back to the Rangers while eating more than $ 60 million of his remaining salary. He’s now a free agent after the Rangers released him – but the Angels are still paying him over $ 26 million this year.

Panda meter: 9/10 pandas

Carl Crawford, Red Sox, 2011

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Contract: 7 years, $ 125 million
Career WAR prior to contract: 35.5
WAR during contract: 3.4

Pablo’s got company among Boston busts. Crawford was lured to the Red Sox after torturing them in Tampa Bay for many years, but they quickly found out his speed was gone. Crawford never got used to the Boston spotlight, becoming the target of almost every criticism possible amid the club’s famous 2011 collapse. Three days after he underwent Tommy John surgery in August 2012, the Red Sox got out of this deal and sent Crawford to the Dodgers as part of the Nick Punto trade. He was OK in Los Angeles, but couldn’t find his Tampa Bay form before the Dodgers cut him last summer. They’re currently eating the final year of his contract.

Panda meter: 8/10 pandas

Melvin Upton Jr., Braves, 2013

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Contract: 5 years, $ 75.25 million
Career WAR prior to contract: 15.4
WAR during contract: 0.8

It’s not often that a bad contract legitimately cripples two different franchises, but this one did. After getting his big deal following a decidedly mediocre season in Tampa Bay, Upton hit .184/.268/.289 in his first season with Atlanta, then “improved” to .208/.287/.333 in year two. Mercifully for the rebuilding Braves, the Padres came calling on the eve of the 2015 season and took on all of his remaining salary as part of the price to acquire Craig Kimbrel. He was even worse in San Diego, did next to nothing as a Blue Jay after a midseason deal last July, and then Toronto cut him hours before Opening Day this season. Upton’s now on the disabled list of San Francisco’s Triple-A club while the Padres pay off all but a very small portion of the deal they foisted on the Blue Jays.

Panda meter: 9.5/10 pandas

Jason Schmidt, Dodgers, 2007

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Contract: 3 years, $ 47 million
Career WAR prior to contract: 32.2
WAR during contract: Minus-0.5

The shortest contract on this list also resulted in the poorest production. Schmidt got his big payday heading into his age-34 season after three All-Star appearances in six years with the Giants and a runner-up Cy Young finish in 2003. But while the Dodgers thought they were pulling one over on their longtime rivals, the Giants got the last laugh. Schmidt was done from the moment he signed in Los Angeles. As a Dodger he made just 10 starts, missed all of the 2008 season, and posted an ERA+ of 72. The shoulder issues that shut him down for pretty much all of this contract ended his career, and the Dodgers were probably happy they didn’t give him more than three years. As we’ve seen, it could have been worse.

Panda meter: 7/10 pandas

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#BlackGirlMagic: Meet The First Black Woman To Cover Elle Magazine In The 21st Century

Maria Borges Covers Elle

You may know Maria Borges, the Angola-born fashion model, from the time she rocked the Victoria Secret runway with her natural hair. But now you certainly should know her as the first black woman to cover Elle in the 21st century. While this is a sad milestone on Elle’s part, we honestly can’t think of a more worthy model for the cover.


So get familiar with this model as she’s headed to the moon and back.




Keep your head up. Look straight. Stay focused. Stay ready. ⚡️ 🌺 🔥 ✨ 💕 ☄️ 🦁

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📞🛀🏽 ROOM SERVICE, s'il vous plaît. 🛎

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MUSE at Brazil's Carnival ✔️ #carnival #rio #muse #fantasia #mariaborges

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The eyes Chico, they never lie. #tonymontana #scarface #goodnightmiami 💫

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@10magazine S/S 2017 by @richardburbridge. #angelspleasurefluid

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Flashing lights, flashing lights. 📸

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Pharrell Williams To Produce Movie Musical Based On His Life For 20th Century Fox

20th Century Fox has acquired a pitch for a musical based on the life of Pharrell Williams.

Variety is reporting that project will be titled Atlantis. The movie musical will be based on the early life of Pharrell when he was growing up in Virginia Beach, Va. The move is the latest from a creative relationship that also saw Pharrell produce and musically supervise the award-winning film Hidden Figures.

Pharrell’s prior film work includes scoring the Despicable Me film franchise which spawned his hit single “Happy.” His I Am Other company also produced the movie DOPE and the documentary “Roxanne, Roxanne” which chronicles the life of pioneering woman rapper Roxanne Shante.

Instagram Photo

Photo: WENN.com


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Eminem Said To Be A Descendent Of 9th Century King

(AllHipHop News) As a youngster Eminem aka Marshall Bruce Mathers had it tough, well documented in movies like 8 Mile and other visuals from his albums like the Slim Shady LP.

But, while Em grew up tough on the trailer parks and has the classic rags to riches story, Eminem’s ancestor was a 9th century Welsh King according to walesonline.co.uk.

Rhodri the Great is often referred to as “King of Wales” and fought against Vikings and Saxons.

Marshall’s ancestor Rhodri the Great was a king, but everything wasn’t lovely as he spent most of his life fighting in battle, and  is said to have died during a Saxon invasion.

Rhodri the great

According to the online publication there are approximately, “12 centuries, 32 generations and four thousand miles between them,” but nevertheless its proven to be true based on information uncovered stating the following.

“Records on US family history site Geni show Eminem linked to leading US families before his lineage goes back to iconic figures in Welsh history like Hywel Dda and Rhodri Mawr.” – walesonline.co.uk

This past week Eminem rocked Lollapalooza as you can see in the video below.

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Bret Bielema purchases app, joins 21st century

Sixteen years in to the 2000s, Arkansas head coach Bret Bielema has finally joined the 21st century.

One of college football's most entertaining coaches let the world know he has officially joined the modern world of technology by purchasing his first ever app for his iPhone on Monday.

No word on what the app purchase was, but it’s probably a safe bet it was theScore mobile to keep up to date on all the latest surrounding the Razorbacks and other SEC programs.

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