LeBron James Producing Comedy Series About Sneaker Culture For HBO

Sorry Cleveland, but it seems more and more likely that LeBron James is LA bound come next summer. The latest clue comes out of tinseltown where LeBron is going to be producing his new HBO project which centers around two friends who own an up and coming sneaker store in Los Angeles.

The half-hour single-camera comedy about the insanity that surrounds the sneaker culture phenomenon that’s taken over the world seems to be filling a part of the culture that’s yet to be explored by a television series. If done right, it should be a smash. And with LeBron’s Nike connect who knows what kind of original sneakers and designs will make their debut in this series. Don’t expect Big Baller Brand or Kyrie’s to get any shine though.

Though the project has yet to be named according to Highsnobiety the series is going to be written by Shawn Wines (High Maintenance) and Lemon Andersen (She’s Gotta Have It).

No word on when a pilot might air but best believe sneakerheads around the world will be glued to their tubes and tablets when it does indeed debut.

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Pure Comedy: D.L. Hughley Reacts To Black Panther Trailer, Says THIS Is The Super Power We Need… [Video]

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D.L. Hughley Suggests The Real Super-Powers That Black Folks Need

D.L. Hughley is as excited about the new Black Panther movie as we are, but he had a hilariously practical suggestion for the type of super-powers that African-Americans need to survive in America…

LMAO! Facts tho.


Pure Comedy! Dad Sends Clueless Daughters To Buy “Blinker Fluid” In Epic Prank

Dad Pranks Kids Into Shopping For “Blinker Fluid”

One dad pulled off a knee-slapping prank on his two young daughters, when he dropped them off to a general store.

“You made us look like idiots’, the oldest girl screamed. He also somehow convinced them to ask for a “bucket of steam’. Hilarious! Look at how mortified they were.

Hey, we’re just giving away ideas, just in case people need to pull one over on their kids. Happy Saturday!


R.I.P. 90-Year-Old Insult Comedy Legend Don Rickles Dies Of Kidney Failure

Comedian Don Rickles Passes Away At Age 90

We all have to go at some point, today was Don Rickles day…

According to NYDailyNews, the iconic insulter passed away of kidney failure at his Los Angeles home. He was 90 years old.

The comedian appeared in a host of movies, but was best remembered for guest appearances on a variety of talk and comedy shows, where he would trade good-natured insults with hosts and guests.

One of the best-known skits involved a “Tonight Show” appearance when Carson was interviewing Sinatra.

Rickles appears on stage and immediately drops to his knees to kiss Sinatra’s ring, before he launches into a routine replete with references to Sinatra’s alleged mob ties.

“When you enter a room, you have to kiss his ring,” Rickles once joked about Sinatra. “I don’t mind, but he has it in his back pocket.”

Frank Sinatra has a great story that epitomizes Rickles’ humor:

“He came over to the table and he said, ‘Frank, do me a favor, will you? I’m sitting with a very pretty girl and, uh, I’m trying to make out, you know,’” Sinatra said. “And he said, ‘I told her I know you and she really doesn’t believe me. Would you stop by the table?’ And I said all right, I was just about finished, and I walked by the table and I said, ‘How are ya, Don? Nice to see you.’ And he said, ‘Can’t you see I’m eating, Frank?’ “

R.I.P. Don Rickles, you were a OG in the roast game before “roast” was even a mainstream slang.

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