Stanton joins elite group with 59th HR: ‘It’s crazy to be in that company’

Giancarlo Stanton‘s 2017 campaign will now guarantee him one of the 10 best seasons in home-run history.

After unleashing a terrifying pair of long balls Thursday against the Atlanta Braves to give him 59 on the year, Stanton leapfrogged Jimmie Foxx (1932), Hank Greenberg (1938), Mark McGwire (1997), and Ryan Howard (2006), who had all hit 58 in one season. Now, he sits tied with Babe Ruth’s 1921 tally – one away from the Great Bambino’s 60 in 1927 – while joining other names such as Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, and Roger Maris in the top 10 of baseball’s all-time single-season home run leaderboard.

“Those are all the guys I looked up to,” Stanton said postgame, per FOX Sports Florida. “Modeled my – some are lefties – but I modeled my swings, my home run trots, just the way the ball flies … It’s crazy to be in that company.

“It doesn’t sink in yet, doesn’t make sense really yet, but it’s really cool. It’s everything I’ve worked for. It’s something really cool.”

Most HRs in 1 season:

Player Team HRs Year
Barry Bonds Giants 73 2001
Mark McGwire Cardinals 70 1998
Sammy Sosa Cubs 66 1998
Mark McGwire Cardinals 65 1999
Sammy Sosa Cubs 64 2001
Sammy Sosa Cubs 63 1999
Roger Maris Yankees 61 1961
Babe Ruth Yankees 60 1927
Babe Ruth Yankees 59 1921
Giancarlo Stanton Marlins 59 2017

With only three games left in the season, it’s difficult to predict where Stanton will finish, though the round mark of 60 is a moderately safe assumption.

Stanton, though, isn’t planning to do anything differently to reach the milestone.

“It’s impossible not to think about, but the more you think about it the harder it’s going to be, in my perspective,” he said. “Take the rest of the at-bats to simplify it; if it happens, it happens. If not, it’s not a failure, so I think I’ll survive.”

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Wild: Idaho Police Officers Get Into A Crazy Shootout With Suspect!

The Blaine County Prosecutor says Boise Police officers involved in a fatal shooting of a man in the foothills earlier this year were justified in the shooting. On March 18, police say Benjamin C. Barnes was threatening to shoot hikers and dogs in the Hulls Gulch area. One dog was eventually fatally shot by Barnes, officials say. Officers say they saw Barnes take an aggressive shooters stance and begin to discharge several rounds from a firearm toward them. Officers returned fire and fatally wounded Barnes. Posted By Persist

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Pitt’s Narduzzi: ‘It would be crazy’ to change transfer eligibility rules

Consider Pitt‘s Pat Narduzzi against any proposal that would allow student-athletes to transfer with immediate eligibility.

Just over a week ago the NCAA announced they would seek input regarding potential changes to the transfer policy, which currently forces players to sit out for a season before becoming eligible.

When asked about that idea on Thursday, Narduzzi quickly responded with strong opposition.

“It would be crazy to do that,” Narduzzi said after practice, as per Brian Batko of the Post-Gazette. “To leave the window open for anybody just to transfer and be eligible automatically? Yeah, I think it’s a nightmare.”

While the move would would certainly empower the players, it would create havoc for coaches, who would have to adapt their coaching style under the new rules. That’s something of great concern to the 51-year-old.

"It'd be hard to coach your kids. If you coach 'em hard, they might just transfer next week," Narduzzi said. "I mean, you're gonna take your kids and you're gonna spank 'em on the butt every once in a while and (say) 'You can't do this,' and 'we're not goin' to the zoo,' or 'we're not goin' to the park' and they have to deal with it."

Pitt hosts Oklahoma State this weekend in non-conference action.

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Crazy: Homeless Man Arrested For Hatchet Attack On Good Samaritan Who Was Only Trying To Help Him!

A homeless man accused of using a hatchet to attack a Good Samaritan, who offered to help him at a West Hollywood 7-11 store is now arrested. The Good Samaritan witnessed 41-year-old Kisu Brown shoplifting at the store when he offered to pay for the items Brown was accused of stealing, Brown became irate. Brown then waited for the customer to exit the store, where he “took out a hatchet from under his clothes and hit him in the face with it, knocking him to the ground and continued to assault him with a hatchet, severely injuring him. Posted By Persist

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Twitter flip-flopped like crazy over Josh Rosen during epic comeback

One of the craziest games in recent memory went down in the UCLATexas A&M contest on Sunday, with the Bruins emerging victorious thanks to Josh Rosen's monster night.

The star quarterback threw for 491 yards and four touchdowns as the Bruins registered the second-largest comeback in FBS history, erasing a 34-point deficit to score the dramatic win.

Related: UCLA's 34-point comeback capped by fake spike TD toss from Rosen

Despite Rosen’s obvious talents, UCLA has struggled to win many games with him under center, causing many to question whether he should be a top pick in the 2018 NFL Draft.

That chatter has never been louder than it was when Texas A&M was racing to a 44-10 lead.

Before the comeback

After 34 unanswered points capped by Rosen’s fake spike in the dying minutes for the go-ahead touchdown, the reaction on Twitter was very different.

A friendly reminder that a football game is 60 minutes long, and with teenagers deciding the majority of the action, it’s probably best to wait until it’s over to make judgments.

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The Internet Is Going Crazy Trying To Find Out The Identity Of Idris Elba’s New (Maybe) Somali (Maybe) Bae

Lexi Jones/

Who Is Idris’ new Bae

Idris Elba is one of the world’s most desired bachelors, and rightfully so. So anytime he’s maybe seen with a bae it’s big news. So this pic of he and some woman has been floating around and it has Somali Twitter up in arms. They’re fully convinced this woman is Somali (we’ll take their word for it) and that she’s Idris’ new bae. So naturally a lot of Somali women are taking it as a victory that they’re black girl magic and pulling top men.

Wouldn’t you do the same thing?

Here’s the woman. Now take a look at the speculation and get to the end to see who some people think the woman is.