LeBron James Producing Comedy Series About Sneaker Culture For HBO

Sorry Cleveland, but it seems more and more likely that LeBron James is LA bound come next summer. The latest clue comes out of tinseltown where LeBron is going to be producing his new HBO project which centers around two friends who own an up and coming sneaker store in Los Angeles.

The half-hour single-camera comedy about the insanity that surrounds the sneaker culture phenomenon that’s taken over the world seems to be filling a part of the culture that’s yet to be explored by a television series. If done right, it should be a smash. And with LeBron’s Nike connect who knows what kind of original sneakers and designs will make their debut in this series. Don’t expect Big Baller Brand or Kyrie’s to get any shine though.

Though the project has yet to be named according to Highsnobiety the series is going to be written by Shawn Wines (High Maintenance) and Lemon Andersen (She’s Gotta Have It).

No word on when a pilot might air but best believe sneakerheads around the world will be glued to their tubes and tablets when it does indeed debut.

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Hit ‘Em Up: Culture Vultures Kendall & Kylie Sued For Using Tupac’s Image On Their Trash T-Shirts

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Kendall And Kylie Jenner Sued For Tupac T-Shirts

Kendall and Kylie Jenner are facing a lawsuit for those ridiculously headazz Tupac t-shirts. As previously reported the culture vultures were obliterated for shopping around $ 125 Tupac and Biggie shirts superimposed with their faces on them.

Now they’re facing the consequences for their actions in the form of a lawsuit. According to TMZ the photographer who took at least one of the iconic shots of Tupac they used is suing the Jenner sisters.

Michael Miller who previously photographed Eazy-E, Angelina Jolie and Jack Nicholson is suing for any profits made off the shirts. Miller also added in his suit that he NEVER wanted to work with the Jenners, especially Kendall since her Pepsi disaster.

No word yet on if they’ll also face a suit for the Biggie shirts, but B.I.G.’s mother Violetta Wallace is already BIG mad over them.

Are you glad that the Jenners are facing a lawsuit for their Pac shirts???


Rape Culture: Bill Cosby Juror Admits He Didn’t Believe Andrea Constand Because Of Her Attire

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Juror Admits Andrea Constand’s Attire Affected Credibility In Cosby Case

Many were shocked and disappointed when the judge in Bill Cosby’s sexual assault case declared a mistrial after jurors failed to reach a consensus verdict after 52 hours of deliberation.

Slowly but surely, anonymous jurors have begun to speak about their thought process and the things they believed about the testimony they heard.

One such juror spoke to DailyMail about why he didn’t really believe Andrea Constand’s story. It’s the unfortunate logic of many men when it comes to rape and sexual assault.

“She was asking for it.”

The juror said: ‘She was well-coached. Let’s face it: She went up to his house with a bare midriff and incense and bath salts. What the heck?’

While this juror would not reveal how he voted, it’s pretty clear from his statements that he likely did not vote to convict Cosby.

He specifically felt that she should have gone to Cosby’s home only if she was ‘dressed properly and left the incense in the store’ in reference to a gift she brought him before the alleged assault.

A different juror also revealed that the pool used the typical ignorant logic of time-lapse as a reason to disregard Constand’s testimony:

‘That’s hard for me to believe, that I’ve been injured and it takes a year to report,’ the juror said.

‘Whatever the man did, he’s already paid a price and suffered.’

It’s always a bit shocking to hear people say things like this when discussing the rape or sexual assault of a stranger, because it is HIGHLY unlikely that they would use such dismissive logic toward a woman in their family or a female friend.

But there you have it, ignorance as usual.


Radio One Changes Name To Urban One, Aims To Inspire Black America & Culture

For years, the Radio One, Inc. brand has dominated the radio and Internet airwaves as the largest Black-owned broadcasting company. This week, it has officially rebranded itself as Urban One, cementing the company as the only integrated multimedia company devoted to capturing and reporting on Black culture.

On Monday (May 8), the company officially changed its name to Urban One, Inc. but the programming will remain largely the same with a few additions of note. Via its longstanding brands and platforms such as TV One, Radio One, Reach Media, iOne Digital and One Solution, the company’s focus will be centered on providing an inside look at Black culture as it has for the past three decades.

“More than 35 years ago, we proudly began representing Black culture by lifting our voices boldly, courageously and unapologetically,” said CEO Alfred C. Liggins III in a press statement. “Urban One’s mission is to enhance and maintain our position as the largest distributor of urban content in the country.”

Urban One currently covers 82 percent of multimedia content that reaches Black American audiences to the tune of 59 million households, 22 million listeners, 40 million video streams, 20 million unique visitors, and 5 million app starts. Beyond the Web, this also includes the company’s standing across local radio markets across the nation. Under the new umbrella, the prominent brands and outlets will maintain their standing.

TV One will continue to operate as the largest Black-owned television network, Radio One will remain the largest Black-owned local urban radio network, Reach Media maintains its status as the largest syndicator of urban programming, iOne Digital will be the largest distributor of digital urban content, and One Solution will continue its work as the company’s branded solution division.

iOne Digital recently acquired BOSSIP, MADAME NOIRE and this site, HIP-HOP Wired. Collectively, the trio of sites will operate under the BHM Digital brand, led by VP Marve Frasier. iOne Digital, formerly Interactive One,  just launched CASSIUS (http://www.cassiuslife.com), which is billed as an “urban millenial lifestyle platform” and is being led by OG Hip-Hop scribe Kierna Mayo.

The company is also introducing R1 Digital, a new digital portfolio that will assist brands in creating marketing and interactive tools for the company’s vast audience, which spans across more than 224 locally-sourced station websites, mobile apps, and social media platforms with a reach of 66 million unique consumers yearly.

The Urban One Board of Directors includes Ronald E. Blaylock, D. Geoffrey Armstrong, Terry L. Jones and Brian W. McNeill.

Executive Management consists of Founder and Chairperson Cathy Hughes (also a Board member), Chief Executive Officer Alfred C. Liggins III (also a Board member), EVP/Chief Financial Officer Peter D. Thompson and EVP/Chief Administrative Officer Linda J. Vilardo.

The Brand Management team is TV One President Brad Siegel, Radio Division & Reach Media Chief Executive Officer David Kantor and iOne Digital & One Solution President Detavio Samuels.

Learn more by visiting the company’s corporate website at www.urban1.com.

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Ujiri: Raptors need a ‘culture reset’

TORONTO – Masai Ujiri hasn’t yet committed to a specific offseason plan of action, but the Raptors president said Tuesday that plan will involve changes in Toronto.

“After that performance, we need a culture reset here,” Ujiri told reporters at his season-ending news conference, just days after the defending-champion Cleveland Cavaliers put the finishing touches on a humiliating second-round sweep of the Raptors.

“Let’s call a spade a spade. We thought we could do better.”

To Ujiri’s point, many projected Toronto as the Eastern Conference’s biggest threat to Cleveland after he acquired Serge Ibaka and P.J. Tucker before the February trade deadline, adding defensive versatility to a team that took two games off the Cavs in last year’s East finals.

“Yeah, there’s been some success, but we’re trying to win a championship here,” Ujiri said. “To me, making the playoffs is nothing. We have to figure out how we can win in the playoffs. That’s the goal.”

No East team has won more regular-season games over the last four seasons than the Raptors, but their October-April success has yet to translate to postseason glory. Despite owning the higher seed and home-court advantage in five of its last seven playoff series, Toronto has won just three series during that four-year run – all of which came in the last two seasons – and has yet to win a single series opener.

“I’m not trying to hear all this superteams or superperson, or whatever,” Ujiri added – a reference to the league-wide dominance of the Golden State Warriors and LeBron James‘ Cavaliers, who appear to be on a Finals collision course for the third consecutive year. “Yeah, they’re great, but if it was that, then they would be in a league of two teams. We need to figure out how to beat these guys. That’s our job, and that’s what we’re going to try and figure out. Whether it’s now or in the future, I have to figure that out.”

Complicating matters for Ujiri and the Raptors is that four of the team’s eight most used players in this year’s playoffs are set for unrestricted free agency, headlined by All-NBA point guard Kyle Lowry.

“It’s not realistic,” Ujiri said when asked about the chances of re-signing all of Toronto’s free agents (Lowry, Ibaka, Tucker, and Patrick Patterson), though he wouldn’t rule out any possibilities before embarking on a top-to-bottom evaluation of the franchise.

Related – Ujiri on Lowry: ‘We want him back’

That evaluation may end with more than just roster turnover, as Ujiri stopped short of giving head coach Dwane Casey a full vote of confidence.

“We’re talking about it,” Ujiri said when asked if he could once again commit to Casey, who the Raptors extended last spring.

“The style of play is something that we need to change. I’ve made it clear, and coach has acknowledged it, and he’s already thought about it – just some of the things that we do – it’s not working anymore. I’ve made it clear that it’s going to be difficult for me to just keep changing players.

“My short answer is yes, there’s commitment, but we’re all going to question ourselves and figure out the best way to do it. Coach Casey has been a phenomenal part of our success here, and in some ways we owe that to him, but I’ve told him that we all have to be accountable.”

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Culture Vulture YesJulz Fake Sad Over Losing Gigs Due To N-Word Shirt

YesJulz, an Internet-famous figure for reasons we still don’t understand, got caught up in a wave of stupidity on Twitter and did the foul as a white person who should know better. The “celebrity” joked about wearing a shirt bearing the n-word, which caused her to lose a pair of high-profile gigs and now all of a sudden, she’s sad about being a culture vulture but Twitter isn’t letting her rest.

The situation went down when YesJulz, who looks like a budget Sinead O’Connor, made a poor choice in a tweet when she asked her 156,000-plus followers on Twitter if she should wear a cut-off shirt with the caption “N*ggas Lie A Lot” late last week. The tweet sent waves through the Twitterverse folks let her have it as expected. But the carnage didn’t end there as two major festivals dropped the social media “star” like a football fumble after the heat got to be too much

WIPP Toronto and Utopia Music Fest both washed their hands of any connections to YesJulz, who then released a quick video expressing remorse, even opening her apology statement by saying it was “dumb” which anyone with eyes can see. Anyway, through a strained bit of crocodile tears, she moaned about how she should never be associated with the n-word [duh] and some other such nonsense we tuned out of by the time the minute-long clip finished.

We’ve collected some of the slander, the videos and some of the reactions to YesJulz messing up her own money by being an appropriating cornball below and on the following pages. Sadly, this bit of controversy won’t be enough to rid ourselves of her brand of “vibes” or whatever she’s selling these days.

And how about these unconfirmed, but hopefully true, set of tweets:

And this guy is the Savage Of The Year:

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