South Korea ‘Developing Bomb To Wipe Out North Korea’s Power Supply’

South Korea claims it has secured the technology it needs to build a non-lethal bomb that can paralyze North Korea‘s power systems. Dubbed the “blackout bomb”, the weapon spreads chemically treated graphite filaments over electrical components, which short-circuit power systems. South Korea’s state news agency, Yonhap, said the weapon was developed by its Agency for Defence Development, as part of a programme called “Kill […]
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Saban: Hurts has made ‘great strides’ in developing his passing game

Praise isn’t always easy to come by from the likes of Nick Saban, so Jalen Hurts better start stuffing those feathers in as many hats as possible.

Hurts established himself as one of the brightest stars in last year's freshman class by earning SEC Offensive Player of the Year and SEC Freshman of the Year honors, but, not surprisingly, the accolades weren't enough for Alabama's patriarch Saban to rest on.

Instead, Saban set about making sure his quarterback increases his passing ability this offseason in order to compliment his above-average running abilities, and the 65-year-old spoke to ESPN on Saturday about his progress.

"The big goal in the offseason for Jalen was to become a more efficient, effective passer," Saban said. "We didn't ask him to do a whole lot in that area last year because we didn't want to put too much on him … but that was the goal in the offseason."

Saban made it clear he recognizes Hurts’ ability to run the ball at any given time, but he also stressed the importance of being multi-dimensional and not solely relying on the running element to be successful.

"We have to be able to create balance and make explosive plays in the passing game … We need to learn how to make these plays and he's very capable and he's made great strides in the offseason, and I'm excited for the season that our offense can have because of his leadership, as well as his improvement as a passer."

It's not like Hurts was a poor passer last season, as he completed 240-of-382 passes for 2,780 yards and 23 touchdowns with just nine interceptions. If he has made a considerable jump in skill in that regard, then Alabama could be an even bigger nightmare for opponents in 2017.

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Cardinals developing ‘stray animal protocol,’ hope to find lost ‘Rally Cat’

The St. Louis Cardinals issued a statement Thursday regarding their side of the Rally Cat story, and are planning to develop a “stray animal protocol to ensure the safety of both crew and animal should this happen again.”

During Wednesday night's game against the Kansas City Royals, a stray cat ran onto the field and had to be removed by a member of the Cardinals' staff.

Korie Harris, a woman claiming to have taken ownership of the cat following the incident, later informed a local radio show that she'd since lost the cat, which she had named 'Yadi.'

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Ink Without Fear: Company Developing Tattoo Ink Designed To Disappear After A Year!

Ephemeral, a two-year-old startup based out of Harlem, is rethinking tattoos by tweaking the makeup of the ink used to create them. The reason that regular tattoos stay on the skin permanently is that their molecules are too big for our immune systems to eradicate. To get around this, the Ephemeral team developed an ink made from smaller molecules, but this on its own would fade more quickly than what they had in mind. To give the ink a longer lifespan, they encapsulated the molecules in a protective coating designed to start breaking down after a year. If at any point recipients decided they wanted their tattoos removed sooner, a special solution could be applied via a tattoo machine to remove all the components instantly. After testing its ink on cells, the company has now moved on to testing on whole pigs and hopes to make it available to human skin in fall of next year. Ephemeral hasn’t decided on a concrete price yet, but according to the CEO, average-sized tattoos should be expected to go for around $ 50 to $ 100. Posted By Persist

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Lakers GM: Developing young players takes backseat to Kobe farewell

The Los Angeles Lakers know where their current priorities lie, and according to general manager Mitch Kupchak, developing the team’s young prospects isn’t at the top of the list.

“Under normal circumstances (in a season like this), at some point, you would probably concentrate on just developing all your young players,” Kupchak told ESPN’s Baxter Holmes, referring to the Lakers’ 8-28 record and clear rebuilding impetus. “But we can’t do that right now.”

The reason they can’t do that right now, Kupchak explains, is that he and the franchise feel they owe Laker lifer Kobe Bryant a proper farewell in his 20th and final NBA season.

So while head coach Byron Scott can explain away some of his curious playing-time decisions by, say, decrying the immaturity and selfishness of rookies Julius Randle and D'Angelo Russell, at the end of the day, the Lakers franchise doesn't seem intent on beginning their rebuild in earnest until next season.

"This (season) is really a justified farewell to perhaps the best player in franchise history," Kupchak said. "And, God willing, he's going to want to play every game and he's going to want to play a lot of minutes in every game, because that's just the way he is.

“And as long as that continues, which it should, then that’s 30-35 minutes that you might give to a young player that you can’t. How do you get a feel for your team going forward when you know that your best player is not going to be there next year? So it’s really hard to go forward until he’s no longer here.”

The 37-year-old Bryant has been an objectively unproductive player this season, shooting 34.1 percent from the field and 25.9 percent from 3-point range, while posting a 12.9 PER. The Lakers have been 6.7 points per 100 possessions worse when he's on the floor. For all that, he's still second on the team in minutes per game (30.4), and tops by a considerable margin in both field-goal attempts (17.2), and usage rate (30.8 percent).

To Kupchak, though, all the extra emphasis on Bryant – from the media circus surrounding his retirement tour to the way he continues to dominate the team’s offensive possessions – can actually be a boon to the Lakers’ young, unpolished players.

“Every game, it’s about Kobe,” he said. “Even when he doesn’t play, it’s about Kobe. So in a lot of regards, there’s a silver lining that our guys can develop under the radar and maybe make a mistake or make two mistakes and it not be a big deal.”

Perhaps it can also be a boon to the team’s long-term outlook. The Lakers will lose their 2016 draft pick if it falls outside the top three. If the season ended today, lottery odds would put them in line to nab the second pick.

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False Alarm: Beyoncé Is Not Developing Hottentot Venus Film

Recently, reports stated that Beyoncé was developing a film about Saartjie Baartman aka the Hottentot Venus. However, it seems that this news is false, at least according to Bey’s camp. 

“Beyonce is in no way tied to this project,” her representative told Billboard in a press statement. “This is an important story that should be told, however.”

And there you have it. The The Sun, which originally reported the story citing Hollywood “sources,” has some explaining to do.

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