The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 2 Episode 7 Recap: Karen’s Revelation

The ladies continued to bicker over past arguments on The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 2 Episode 7, and it made for another fun, but predictable episode. 

With revelations being revealed about the ladies left, right and center, it was only a matter of time before someone went too far. 

When the episode got underway, Karen opened up about an ordeal she went through when she was younger. She revealed that she was raped, and was set to speak at a foundation benefiting rape victims. 

Karen felt like it would be a good way to open up about her thoughts about the traumatic event because she never opened up about it all those years ago. 

She wants her story to help young girls and women who went through something similar. The great thing about this reveal was that it brought all of the women together. 

They’ve been at odds for the better part of the season, so it’s great to see them play nice. It just sucks that it takes something like this to bring them together. 

The ladies sat listening to Karen’s emotional and empowering speech about her ordeal, and it was heartwarming to see everyone so close together. 

After this, it was revealed that Robyn was still unimpressed by the interest her friends were taking in her relationship with Juan. She was shocked at the way Gizelle and Charrisse acted but commended them for handling it better in a one-to-one situation. 

Ashley, however, was not getting off lightly and Robyn and Gizelle thought it would be a good idea to go to her place of work and start all of the drama up again. 

The argument was a bit of a dud. Ashley did not back down and even managed to get the upper hand by throwing both women out of her place of work. 

Things got totally awkward when a microphone picked up a conversation between Juan and one of the producers. He was claiming he was “fed up” of Robyn and the way she acted. 

He then said he would have ditched Robyn a long time ago if it was not for their children. Yikes. Poor Robyn did not hear any of it and continued with her day-to-day life. 

Charrisse then took her to a therapy session, in which Robyn broke down into floods of tears when she was probed for answers. 

Was this the best way to force her to the realization that her marriage was in tatters? Nope. Did it make for heartbreaking TV? Yes. 

Elsewhere, Charrisse was forced to open up to her daughter about her looming divorce to Eddie. Her daughter did not seem to be amused, but her mother felt like it was time. 

At Karen’s event, only Monique was civil to Ashley. All of the other women were still pissed at the way she had acted before. 

Monique tried to use this as an opportunity to mend fences with Gizelle, but it did not go to plan, and Gizelle shrugged at her. 

Yeah, something tells us these two will not be making nice soon. 

What did you think of all the drama?

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Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 Episode 24: A Fond Farewell To…

The doctor is out.

Probably forever.

On Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 Episode 24, fans were forced to say goodbye to yet another series regular on this beloved drama.

But this wasn’t a case of Katherine Heigl dissing the series and getting shown the door.

Or of Patrick Dempsey openly expressing his irritation with his role and getting killed off in violent fashion.

This time around, those who follow the show closely weren’t even surprised when Jerrika Hinton’s Stephanie made a declaration about her job and her future and how she needs to take a long break.

The actress had previously asked to be released from her contract after landing a starring role in Alan Ball’s new HBO drama series Here, Now.

And the request was gladly accepted by creator Shonda Rhimes, who released the following statement after the Grey’s Anatomy finale aired on Thursday night:

Actors evolve differently and when an actor like Jerrika comes to me and says she wants to try something new creatively, I like to honor that/

Jerrika has shared so much of herself with Stephanie and I am incredibly proud of the journey we’ve taken together.

While I’m sad to see Stephanie leave Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, I am excited to see what’s next for Jerrika.

For her final episode, Stephanie acted as a hero while a fire raged throughout the hospital.

She saved a young woman’s life and then collapsed in a heap from burns she suffered shortly afterward, telling Richard while being treated that something had to change for her.

“I need to travel and… explore… and hike… and breathe… away from the monitors and the blood,” Stephanie said, lying in a hospital bed and then telling her mentor:

“You changed my life, Dr. Webber. You taught me how to take my past and find my path. Thank you.”

Ball, who created True Blood for HBO, is coming out with a series that chronicles the Bishops, a multi-racial family made up of a philosophy professor father (Tim Robbins) and his lawyer wife (played by Holly Hunter).

The couple has adopted three children from Somalia, Vietnam and Colombia and also has a biological child.

Hinton will portray Ashley, one of the adopted children who is now the powerhouse behind an online fashion shopping site.

This character was was born in America to Somalian refugees and was taken in by the Bishops when her mom died and her dad was deported.

To see Hinton bid farewell to the show that made her famous, click below and watch Grey’s Anatomy online:

The series itself is still going strong.

It will kick off Season 14 in September and it has spawned an upcoming Grey’s Anatomy spinoff, one set in Seattle and focused on a group of firefighters.

What other major news did ABC announce this week about future programming?

Find out below!

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The Real Housewives of New York City Season 9 Episode 7 Recap: More Lies About Tom?

How did Bethenny feel about being in the same room as Tom for the first time since all of her claims about him cheating?

That was revealed on The Real Housewives of New York City Season 9 Episode 7, which was an explosive episode of the Bravo hit. 

When the episode got underway, Bethenny and Dorinda were doing some charity work and chatting about their personal lives. 

They both came to the conclusion that they were turning to real-estate ventures to keep them busy because they were unmarried. 

Dorinda opened up about Hannah moving out and how much she was looking forward to having the house to herself. 

“I’ve either been married or a single mom or remarried. I definitely want to spend a little time being on my own. And also I’m looking forward to whenever I leave a Chanel jacket out it doesn’t go missing for two weeks,” she says.

Bethenny then revealed that she was very much into Dennis, but did not want to change things in the house because things for her and her daughter were on the up. 

While this was going down, Luann met up with Sonja to discuss what went down at the party after she left. Sonja did admit that Ramona went too far by bringing Bethenny’s kid into it. 

“When it comes to Bethenny’s business and her kid, those are two subjects you can’t even tread lightly on.” Ramona knows what she’s doing when she acts this way. She’s causing drama to make the other women uncomfortable with one another. 

Meanwhile, Tinsley was in a tough spot because she wanted to settle down, but could not find the man of her dreams. Sonja kept on her back about Tinsley dating men lower than the age on the “list.” Yes, that list she and Sonja created. 

Sonja was not amused with a man named Chad, who was 24-years-old. Tinsley did not seem to give a damn. In fact, all she was concerned about was having fun. 

When Tinsley went out with Sonja and Ramona, they met up with Chad and another man. Ramona then tried to be, like, flirty with him and it rubbed Tinsley the wrong way. 

Later, Ramona met up with her friends, who confirmed what we all already knew: Tom is a cheat. Missy claimed she was dating Tom until he bumped into him with Luann in a bar. 

How will Ramona bring this to Luann’s attention? We’re intrigued. 

At yet another party, the women were together for the first time in a long time. Bethenny wanted to steer clear of Ramona and her random word vomit about who was the better friend. 

She turned to Tom to apologize for the way she treated him. He did not seem fazed by the apology, but hey, at least she tried. 

However, Carole was let in on the revelation that Tom was still hanging around the Regency hotel in the company of other woman. 

Carole got ready to talk to Luann about it, but the episode concluded. Well, that was a great conclusion, but something tells us Luann brushes the claims off. 

What do you think of all the drama?

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The Real Housewives of New York City Season 9 Episode 6 Recap: Wishful Invitation

Is Ramona Singer going off the rails?

That thought crossed Dorinda Medley’s mind on The Real Housewives of New York City Season 9 Episode 6 when it became apparent there was something going on with the veteran housewife. 

When the episode got underway, Bethenny met up with Sonja for some light lunch, and the ladies immediately started chatting about Dorinda and why she was mad at Bethenny for not showing up to Ramona’s party. 

Bethenny was quick to comment that she was just so over Ramona and her foul mouth, to the point she did not even want to be in the same room as her. 

Sonja then started chatting about how many of the cast members have dated her former boyfriends, and boy, Bethenny had the best zinger of the entire series: “You’re like a curator of c–t.”

While this was going down, Dorinda rallied her family, and they went to visit her late husband, Richard Medley’s grave. Hannah opened up with a speech, which basically said even though Richard was not her biological father, he was a great man. 

Elsewhere, LuAnn de Lesseps continued to prepare for her nuptials to love rat, Tom D’Agostino. She showed off her gown to the girls, who did not seem overly excited by the number. 

Dorinda was there, but she was the only one who had not quizzed LuAnn about what was going on with Tom, so there’s that. Now, that’s not to say she has kept her mouth shut when LuAnn is out of earshot. 

Also, Bethenny went to find out what the heck was going on with Carole. It turned out that she wanted Adam out of the house, but claimed they were still all fine and dandy. 

Bethenny claimed that it was a major red flag for the couple, one that would likely signal the end of their relationship. While Carole’s relationship was on thin ice, Bethenny opened up about her drama with Jason Hoppy. 

He was sending horrible emails, and even made her want to get rid of her apartment for somewhere nicer. 

While Dorinda was implying she was the keeper of the peace, she seemed to be trying to cause $ hit between Bethenny and Ramona. She decided it was a good idea to confront both LuAnn and Bethenny. 

Ramona quickly turned on LuAnn, wanting to know why she was not invited to her wedding because she already had her location booked. She felt like she was unfairly treated.

“Now you’re doubly not invited,” Bethenny shouted at Ramona, while LuAnn looked ready to duck for cover. Ramona then claimed she was happy for LuAnn. 

Yeah, right. 

When LuAnn made her getaway, Bethenny tried to do the same, but she was cornered by Ramona. Yikes.

“With your girlfriends, we all have situations that are good, but sometimes when it’s a bad time in their lives, do you like to be there for them?”

Bethenny was not impressed and tried to run off, but Ramona wanted Bethenny to know she was pissed at her.

“You can’t even have a conversation,” Ramona squealed. “I’m very disappointed in you in so many ways. I was there for you every day when you were sick.”

When Bethenny fired back that she was there for Ramona during her divorce, it sent Ramona into overdrive, but Bethenny escaped. 

The episode ended with her trying to get close with Carole, who wanted to run off. 

Is Ramona on thin ice with the ladies?

We have no idea. 

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Love & Hip: Atlanta Season 6 Episode 10 Recap: A DNA Test Type Of Party!

Stevie is a father for, like, the 100th time, so he realized he needed to make some changes to his life. 

That was not the only big development on Love & Hip Hop Season 6 Episode 10, with Momma Dee and Shirleen joining forces to find out what the heck Kirk Frost was getting up to in his private time.

When the episode got underway, Stevie was preparing to have Bonnie Bella at his house for the first time. His two daughters were ecstatic to meet her, but they were probably a little apprehensive because how many siblings they have out there. 

The daughters quizzed Stevie about whether a romance was on the horizon for him and Joseline, but he had no idea what the future held for him. 

As you probably know if you watched Leave It To Stevie online, Savannah was not impressed with Joseline for all of the crap she spouting on social media about her family. 

“I don’t mind her being my sister, but I don’t want the mother around until she apologizes to all of the girls for all of the stuff she said on social media.”

While that was going down, Joc turned his attention to Treasure for opening up about his business with Tommie and Karlie. 

“I know that someone has been spreading my business all over the streets and I wonder who it was.”

Treasure tells him “I felt like I had to tell Sina about you and Tommie because she is my friend and you claim to love her.” Joc tells Treasure “You have no right to get in my business and I can’t mix business with pleasure, so you have to go.”

If that was not bad enough, Joc fired Treasure on the spot. 

We then switched gears to Joc, Scrappy and Stevie who were listening to some new music being recorded by someone named Gunplay. 

Stevie was congratulated by all of the men for becoming a father, again. 

When Joc opened up about all the female drama in his life, Stevie wanted to know whether Tommie was going to get hurt in the crossfire. 

Stevie asks “Are you smashing Tommie?” Joc says “Nope. She was using me to get back at Karlie.”

Scrappy then started thinking about the future, while confirming his wedding was off. He also wanted to celebrate the momentous occasion. 

Scrappy says “I want to throw a bachelor bash.” Stevie says “I have a Panamanian Goddess that I’ll bring through.”

Um, alright then. 

Scrappy then met up with Momma Dee to let her know about the wedding. 

She asks him “What’s going on with you and the Bam?”

Scrappy says “Nothing. It’s over I am having a bachelor bash to get all my feelings out of me because I am moving on to Miami.”

Momma Dee was less than impressed but knew she would be fighting a losing battle if she commented on it. Momma Dee then asked about the situation with Kirk and Rasheeda. 

“Rasheeda is heartbroken, and Kirk is laughing and talking about how he won’t take a DNA test.” Momma Dee says “Oh yes he will. I need to go talk to Shirleen and see what we can do about this.”

Scrappy says “I would love to ask you not to do that.”

Oh, the drama. 

Momma Dee met up with Shirleen to compare notes on the situation between Kirk and Rasheeda. 

“Kirk was trying to put the blame in the marriage on Rasheeda by saying that she wasn’t having sex with him and that if she didn’t want to share him, she needed to give it up,” Momma Dee begun.

Shirleen says “That’s a bunch of bull.” Momma Dee also tells her “Kirk feels like he is being nailed to the cross like Jesus.” Shirleen laughs and says “Good because that’s what he needs!”

At Scrappy’s party, Tammy appeared and turned on him. 

“My girl Bam isn’t here. What happened with the wedding?” Scrappy tells her “She got up and said There ain’t no wedding and that was all.”

Treasure hunted down Joc at the party and managed to turn it around and got her job back. 

Shirleen then shocked the whole room with DNA tests to confirm the truth about what is going in with Kirk and his baby. Everyone looks around them, shocked at the very scene in front of them. 

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The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 2 Episode 6 Recap: Ashley’s Lie

Ashley has been causing drama all season long on The Real Housewives of Potomac, but did her latest act of war send her into social oblivion?

That was the main question on The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 2 Episode 6, and it resulted in one of the finest hours of this reality TV show. 

When the episode got underway, the ladies reacted in shock to Gizelle being removed from the BBQ. Gizelle stormed down the driveway as though she was on the warpath. 

Monique decided it would be best to explain to Gizelle why she felt the need to send her out of her house in a drunken state. 

Gizelle decided that she was done trying to speak to Monique because all they did was argue with one another. Her gal pal, Ashley continued to try and find out about Robyn’s relationship with Juan. 

The ladies decided that Ashley was going too far and turned on her. They felt like she was sticking her nose were it did not belong. 

That signaled the end of the big party, but Gizelle was not ready to let the ladies move on from Monique kicking her out. 

She met with Charrisse and Ashley to talk about the events that transpired at the BBQ. Somewhere along the way, Ashley brought up the fact that Charrisse was single. 

The two women bickered because that was brought up, but made up, like, one second later. 

Sometime later, Gizelle visited Charrisse to see how she was holding up following the drama at Monique’s house. The two women fought in the past, but it became apparent that they were real friends on this episode. 

Charrisse opened up about her divorce, prompting a flood of emotions. Gizelle told her that she would always be there for her. 

Charrisse then revealed the details about her fight with Ashley. Gizelle did not want them all turning against one another and opted to play peacemaker. 

They then started talking about whether Robyn was doing the right thing by sticking with Juan. The two women then went to try and save their friend from what seemed poised to be a failed romance. 

They asked her about the rumors that Juan was cheating on her. They felt like Juan was only looking out for himself, while Robyn was looking out for both of them. 

Robyn revealed that she held the key to the relationship and that she could end it without thinking about it. This worried the women more as they grew concerned she did not love Juan. 

The three ladies bickered over the pros and cons, but ultimately they did not get anywhere. 

What did you think of all the drama?

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Empire Season 3 Episode 15 Recap: Angelo Goes After The Lyons!

Did Angelo and his mother manage to take down the Lyons?

That was their plan on Empire Season 3 Episode 15, in the wake of Angelo accidentally revealing all his illegal activity to the world. 

When the episode got underway, Lucious and Jamal were both in a hurry to get their albums completed. Lucious had the watchful eye of Snoop Dogg helping out, while Jamal had Tinashe. 

With Lucious swooping in to steal the Vegas residency for himself, he knew he needed his latest effort to be a hit or he ran the risk of his residency being a flop. 

Lucious wanted Snoop Dogg to invest in EmpireXStream. Naturally, Snoop seemed to think the album needed Jamal. 

“Jamal brings another audience, a different demographic,” he tells the Co-CEO of Empire

“You will be on Inferno,” Lucious demands of Jamal. But Jamal laughs it off. “You are not the only CEO at this company,” he says. 

Lucious was pissed, but what else could he do? More on that in a little. 

Nessa turned to Cookie because she thought Andre was going to do something he would regret. Now, it’s great Nessa cares about her man. 

I hated this girl when she first appeared because I thought she was an opportunist who wanted to capitalize on the Empire name. 

Turns out, she’s a genuinely nice girl who is going to get caught in the crossfire of the Lyon dynasty. 

Cookie took the advice on board and went to catch up with Andre, who seemed to be getting a little too close for comfort to Shyne’s men. 

Cookie offered Andre to run the Vegas deal like a family thing. Yes, because that’s worked before. When there’s power, there’s just a whole lot of pain on this show. 

Shyne says, “That doesn’t help me.”

“As far back as we go, you’re like a distant cousin,” said Cookie, who was trying to keep the peace, while getting a subtle dig in at the villain. 

Elsewhere, Jamal was getting increasingly frustrated at Lucious for not allowing his name on Bella’s birth certificate. Lucious felt like his son was not ready. 

Now, that’s hardly something for Lucious to worry his old head about. Jamal is a grown man, so let him make his own mistakes. 

Angelo then got the fire marshal to close Leviticus down for the night. If his job is on the line, he’s not helping anybody out.

Lucious stormed over to Cookie and told her that she needed to get her man in check because he was not letting it go.

“You know what he did was about you! You know me too well, Cookie. I can’t let that go,” he tells her.

Giuliana and Anika then appeared, meaning Lucious had his three most recent loves around him. He did his best to get out of the situation. 

While this drama was going down, Hakeem caught Tiana and Tory going down on one another in the bathtub. 

After trying to explain the whole Bella situation, he gives in and hops in the tub with them for a threesome. 

Now, there’s no confirmation that’s what happened, but why else would he get in the tub? 

Over at Cookie’s, Shyne seemed to be acting alright with Cookie, who was making some gourmet food. 

“Somebody needs to marry this woman immediately!” Shyne says. 

Cookie convinced the men to lower their weapons and let Lucious make money in Vegas because they will all win, apparently. 


Snoop tells Lucious that his investment banker urged him to steer clear of the Vegas deal. Turns out, Angelo’s family member was in on it. 

Lucious raged at Cookie, so she turned to Angelo to try and fix things. Angelo was pissed that Cookie ruined the work his family had put years into. 

“When my family decides to shoot, your entire family will burn to the ground,” his mom barked at Cookie after showing up.

Cookie held a meeting, and the family decided it was time to take the DuBois clan out of the equation. 

Jamal caught up with Angelo and handed over a check to help all the kids at WOKE get through college. Angelo accepted. 

That night, the family decided to stop being so toxic to one another, so Anika is handed a divorce settlement along with $ 25 million.

Not bad for a murderer. 

Lucious gave Hakeem his place on the birth certificate and EmpireXStream.

The happiness was short-lived when it was revealed that Bella was being taken off the family because of child endangerment. 

Did the DuBois family take another strike?

We have a week to think about it. Geez. 

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Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 6 Episode 9 Recap: Joseline’s Special Delivery

Joseline Hernandez had a special delivery for Stevie J on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 6 Episode 9

Yes, she finally gave birth to their child! Yes, we know she gave birth months ago, but we were super excited to see it all play out on TV. 

The kind folks at VH1 were kind enough to dedicate a whole episode to Joseline’s road to motherhood, and it gave us all the feels. 

When the episode got underway, Joseline was eight months pregnant and preparing for her baby shower. She met up with her brother at Baby Bella Boutique. 

Kermit’s girlfriend was six months pregnant, and Joseline was concerned over how he would react to it. Also, she was worried about how he would feed his family. 

“How are you going to be able to put food on the table for the kids?” she asks, and he responds, “How everyone else did it.”

Joseline became vocal about her brother not taking the same method to parenting as Stevie and wanted him to find a way to provide for his children. 

You could tell she gave Kermit some food for thought. The wheels were spinning in his mind about the best route to take. 

Joseline then made her way to the Yoga center to meet up with some of her girlfriends. She chatted to them about the possibility of having a water birth. 

Defina wanted to go the water birth route, but she let Joseline know it quickly went the other way. 

“I wanted to do a water birth as well, but by the time I got to the hospital I did three pushes, and it was out,” she reveals.

After that, Tamika gave Joseline an infant simulator to get to grips with being a parent. Joseline was happy with this.

Joseline then revealed that Nikki Mudarris was coming to town for some “pregnant sex.”

“Nikki [Mudarris] is coming into town tonight, and she definitely wants to have pregnant sex, but I’m really not feeling it because, you know, I’ve got this big stomach, but we all know my baby’ll freak,” Joseline explains to her gym trainer.

“So I guess we need to speak to her and see where her mind is at.”

We then got to see the two women in bed together with sexy lingerie on. They were trying to get intimate to send Joseline into labor. 

It did not work. 

At the baby shower, everyone managed to stay civil, and it showed a different side to the cast members. Everyone was smiling and chatting about happy things.  

We then flashed-forward to December 28, 2016. Joseline started feeling contractions and went into labor at home. She decided to go to the hospital when the pain became too much. 

After the birth, she called Stevie to let him meet his daughter. 

As I look at Bonnie for the first time, it’s unbelievable. There’s nothing better you can accomplish in the whole wide world than to be a mother. It’s a feeling that no one can explain,” Joseline says during her final confessional of the evening. 

What did you think of all the developments?

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 9 Episode 23 Recap: Porsha’s Revelation

By now, the whole world has probably heard about Porsha Williams claiming that Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker wanted to take her into their dungeon and drug her. 

It’s cast a dark cloud over the latter part of the season, and there was a new twist in the tale on The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 9 Episode 23. That twist came in the form of a huge revelation from Porsha about who put all of it in her head. 

When the episode got underway, Peter, Bob, and Li’l Todd opened up about the events of the season. Bob was quick to send an apology to Sheree over the abusive things he said in Maui. 

I mean, Sheree did deserve an apology, but you would think he would have apologized long before the reunion taping. Kandi noted that they should try and keep the peace because they have children. 

Everyone seemed to agree with Kandi. It’s not normal anyone agrees with anything on this show, so we’ll take it while we can. When everyone questioned why the other Todd was not present, Peter decided to go nuclear on Porsha.

“EXCUSE ME!” he said. “Why is Todd not here tonight? I just want to know why Todd is not here because Todd should be here.” When you think about it, everyone else brought their significant others. 

He’s not exactly contributed much to the narrative, but still, it must have been annoying for the others. The conversation turned to Porsha’s baby nup and whether she was making the right decision. 

Phaedra advised against being a single mother, but Peter decided to turn on Phaedra in hilarious fashion. 

“YO PHAEDRA, do you have the whole package?”

Um, alright then. Phaedra then confirmed that she was divorced and that she would not delve into the finer details of her marriage with them. This seemed to piss Peter off some more, as he got up to leave the set. 

“Where the f— is the drink, dawg? The f— is the drink?”

This is the reason why alcohol consumption should be limited at these reunion tapings. 

Porsha then decided it would be a good idea to apologize to Shamea for all of the drama she caused throughout the season. 

“I want to publicly apologize for whatever I did, whatever I said, however I made you feel.”

Shouldn’t this apology have come weeks ago from Porsha? Are they purposefully leaving all of the drama for the reunion? We ain’t buying it. Shamea bought it, but seems to be mad that Phaedra used to flirt with her man. 

Shamea and Phaedra bickered like crazy, but eventually, they brought their feud to an end. Porsha then told the truth about Phaedra creating rumors about everyone. 

Andy asked Phaedra why she did not come clean sooner, but she boldly claimed she did not call her a lesbian. Kandi then chimed in, saying that Porsha should look to her own experiences with women. 

“Well I shoulda let you go down there and eat it then, and kiss my ass while you were down there,” she claimed. 

“I work for Dish Nation — I am in the world of journalism,” Porsha fired back. 

She then said that she does not “want to be known as a liar, period.” 

Just as we were getting to the good stuff, Porsha said she could not speak any more about it because of the cease and desist letter, but she did say that Phaedra was the one who lied. 

“YOU SAID THAT?! THAT I WANTED TO DRUG HER?” Kandi screamed just before “To Be Continued” flashed on the screen.

Okay then.

What did you think of all the drama?

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