American Horror Story Season 7 Episode 3 Recap: Neighbors From Hell

Who would have thought American Horror Story Season 7 would emerge as one of the best seasons of the anthology series?

When American Horror Story Season 7 Episode 3 got underway, we got to meet a couple who were being a little too positive about things. They chatted to the Dr. Rudy about Rosie conquering her fears and returning to the person she once was. 

In true American Horror Story fashion, disaster struck when they returned home to celebrate with some red wine. Mark disappeared into the bedroom to retrieve a “surprise” for Rosie. 

Rosie heard a scuffle and went in to be greeted by two caskets, and a swarm of clowns invaded the room and put the husband and wife in an early grave. 

It was a little bit convenient that Dr. Rudy knew all of Rosie’s fears. We can put him at the top of the list of suspects. He is in a great position to terrorize people because he knows everything about them. 

When we returned to Ally, she was trying to put the pieces together about what happened with Pedro. She was mad Ozzy had to witness it all go down. 

Then, Jack revealed that Ally was not in trouble because of the law in Michigan states that you can defend your home against an intruder. 

Ivy was surprisingly okay with Ally having the gun. Maybe she felt bad about sending Pedro in the first place, but she did not exactly address that part of it. 

When the duo made their way to the restaurant, they were greeted with protests from the public because Ally murdered a man of color, so Ally stayed in the car. 

Kai appeared and promised he would find a way to make everything right again for her, and she seemed happy to have someone fighting in her corner. 

When she returned home, Meadow and Harrison appeared wearing sombreros to accuse her her of racism. They spoke about Taco Bell and other Mexican establishments to play the race card. 

“I’m 23 percent Mexican,” Harrison yells. “Does that make you want to kill me?”

The scorned husband and wife then thought it would be fun to make a fake Craigslist ad to get a horrible naked man to show up Ally’s home and demand oral sex. 

Winter let him in the house, and things got pretty awkward when Ally and Ivy appeared and witnessed the dude getting his rocks off. 

But then the neighbors decided to try and get Ozzy on their side and gifted him with a guinea pig named Mr. Guinea. The mothers were annoyed, and Ally said they were getting rid of him. 

Ozzy then said he wished his mother was leaving, so that caused a lot of drama in the house. But, the biggest twist of all was the poor guinea pig exploding in the microwave. 

This sent Ally on the rampage because someone had also marked the house with the smiley face. Meadow and Harrison said they were marked for murder now. 

Each of the Wiltons made their way to Kai and made it clear they resented the other, and it gave Kai all the leverage he needed to cause some horror for them. 

Harrison allegedly woke up to find Meadow dead in bed next to him after a brutal murder. He blamed Ally in full view of the police just moments after Ivy found a video of Ally getting close to Winter. 

On top of all that, someone was spraying the neighborhood with poisonous gas that was killing all the wildlife, so are we to assume that Kai is doing everything in his power to destroy Ally’s community?

It certainly seems that way. Oh, and it also seems like Harrison was having an affair with Jack, so that’s another reason Ally and her family should probably escape while they still can. 

What did you think of all the action?

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American Horror Story continues next Tuesday on FX!

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Dance Moms Season 7 Episode 22 Recap: The End of the ALDC?

Abby Lee Miller was out of the ALDC for a few episodes, but she wanted to make it clear on Dance Moms Season 7 Episode 22 that she was still the boss, so everyone should bow before her. 

Well, she didn’t say it in those exact words, but we got the message loud and clear. Everyone was still mad at her for disappearing without so much as an explanation. 

Rightfully so, she left everyone who looked up to her in the lurch and squandered the last bit of respect anyone at the ALDC still had for her. 

Chloe was still wanting to stick with MDP because of the opportunities that were being given to her, and could anyone really blame her? If she’s being given featured roles, then why wouldn’t she want to move on from the ALDC?

At the Devotion 2 Dance Competition, Abby tried to play the victim as the moms wondered what was going to happen to the people who did not show up to dance. 

She tried to imply that she was happy to have no arguments with anyone, but it was clear she was at least a little worried about what would become of her dance studio.

She was probably worried about what she was going to be eating in prison so that probably explains why she was shoveling junk food into her mouth. 

Yolanda, Stacey, and Jaime wanted Abby to think of the bigger picture and felt like it would be a good move for Abby to build a new team to oust the others for good. 

The older girls made their way to the competition, but they were not there to dance. They were there to sell T-shirts and be with their fans, oh and they wanted to confront Abby. 

All of the tension got to Maesi who felt unwell because of everything that was going on, but Jaime wanted her on top form to prove there was still life left in the ALDC. 

But things got tense in the audience when Abby noticed Christi was there and decided to leave. The moms successfully talked her into standing at the back so the kids could see the teacher. 

Brynn and Ashlee cornered Abby and asked her to return to the ALDC. Abby relented and revealed she loved Brynn and would love nothing more than for her to return. 

At the awards, Lilli won the overall award, but MDP eked out the group victory, and that was because Chloe was with them, but Chloe wanted to dance with her former girls. 

Meanwhile, Holly, Jill, and Kira officially said goodbye to the ALDC because they felt like Abby was the one who caused all the damage and that she did not want to repair any of relationships she destroyed. 

Abby noted that she “feels like a whore” because of the amount of money she spent on the studio to help the girls become the people everyone thought they could be. 

Abby tried to say that she had some regrets, but they did not care about it. They were done and had their new dance squad to deal with, and that was that. 

What did you think of all the action?

Dance Moms continues next Tuesday on Lifetime!

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The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 12 Episode 11 Recap: Breast Intentions

Tamra Judge knows how to carry a grudge, and that’s something that she planned to do on The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 12 Episode 11

When the episode got underway, Kelly Dodd was talking about getting a breast reduction because her breasts were just getting in the way of her life. 

To feel a sense of progression in her life, Kelly opted to take a cast of her current cup size to see the difference when the operation was completed. 

Yes, her husband totally got to help her out with the casting, so we’re sure it was a fun-filled affair … at least until Michael realized what he was saying goodbye to. 

Meanwhile, Tamra was mad. It’s not like Tamra to be mad, is it? That was a joke, by the way. If you watch The Real Housewives of Orange County online, you will know there was much drama at Vicki’s birthday bash. 

The reason Tamra is mad is quite simple: She and Vicki put their beef aside, so she did not understand why Vicki invited Gretchen and Ricky. 

Ricky was the one who claimed he witnessed Eddie getting up close and personal with another man, so that was obviously going to cause a lot of drama. 

Vicki thrives when there’s drama, so it’s probably a given that she knew she would cause a lot of it by inviting the two troublemakers. Tamra thought it was a set-up and there’s a good chance it was. 

Meanwhile, Lydia finally succeeded in getting her boyfriend to go through with the vasectomy, so she was smiling from ear-to-ear like The Joker. 

Kelly threw a party to say goodbye to part of her breasts, and it was clear Vicki and Tamra were mad at one another. They each decided to hang around in separate corners. 

Vicki tried to claim that she was the victim in all of this and that Tamra was just acting like a bitch for no reason. Tamra eventually started wailing as she questioned whether to confront Vicki. 

Shannon threw her off the idea, and Lydia was mad because she thought it looked like Shannon was not looking out for her. She felt like Shannon did not want her to be friends with Vicki for a reason. 

Vicki felt like there was no point in speaking to Tamra because there was nothing to achieve aside from a big fight. Vicki eventually relented and said that Ricky was not on the guest list. 

That’s when Tamra went off on one, claiming that Vicki was trying to destroy her life. Vicki kept her composure and said that she did not even think about her on her birthday.

Shannon then tried to make her way into the argument, but Peggy stood in her way. She eventually found her way inside and was and about being shut out.

Tamra and Shannon brought up the cancer lie, and Vicki retorted with the claims that David was abusing Shannon.

Peggy then decided it was time to dole out some home truths to Shannon about always being the center of attention.  But then Lydia and Shannon started bickering over boob jobs. 

They both bicker about the other wanting all the attention to be on them, and it went completely off the rails. They eventually decided to halt their feud. 

It was a pointless way to create drama, but it helped fill the episode, we guess. 

What do you think about all the drama?

The Real Housewives of Orange County continues next Monday on Bravo!

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Shahs of Sunset Season 6 Episode 9 Recap: A Fiery Thanksgiving Argument

Thanksgiving is a time to come together as a family and put all the feuding aside. 

But, on Shahs of Sunset Season 6 Episode 9, it seemed more like everyone wanted to bicker for the big occasion. For viewers, it was a solid episode, but it revealed that all of the big personalities on the show thrived on the drama. 

When the episode got underway, GG and Adam went to the local sex shop to practice their technique for giving oral sex. The lady giving the masterclass could not contain her laughter when she told GG to listen to her partner breathing, and that will tell her if she’s doing it right. 

Adam chimed in, saying: “She won’t hear. She’s half deaf.” Yes, it was one of the craziest openings, but it was still fun to watch and proved that when they’re not fighting with one another, they are kind of funny. 

Mike met up with Asa at the grocery store to get prepared for Thanksgiving. Things got awkward real quick because Asa wanted to know why their group of friends were so annoyed with her. 

Mike then felt the need to reveal that Reza told everyone the truth about the freezing of eggs, and it immediately made Asa mad. It would have been so much easier for Asa to have been straight up with MJ in the first place. 

They could have gone through the treatment together. Asa had put Reza in a difficult situation, but all she could think about was the betrayal of all of it. 

Asa wasted no time and asked Reza about it at the Thanksgiving meal, and he was brutally honest with her. He said that she put him in a difficult position and that he felt like he was lying to his friends. 

They returned to the dinner table, but Reza noted in a confessional that he wanted to get up and leave because he felt like things were now awkward about the whole situation. 

Meanwhile, the rest of the cast made their way to Shervin’s for a meal, and Golnesa invited Leila because she thought it would make her family happy. 

When Leila appeared, Golnesa gave a speech and Leila immediately went out for a cigarette before trashing her to Mike. Mike was not about to let Shervin’s party be ruined, so he called Leila out. 

Leila then trashed Golnesa to people inside the house and said that she took eight days to thank her for picking her up from rehab. Yes, she was going low with her insults, but the sisters got along after their big fight. 

Leila was not the only troublemaker at the party. MJ was intent on letting Annalise know the true extent of Shervin’s private life, and brought up the cheating rumors, but Annalise shut her down. 

But, the teaser for next week makes it look like the cheating allegations will run rampant, so that should be fun. Reality TV thrives on cheating rumors, so we are totally in for this. 

What do you think about all the drama?

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Cavs’ Thomas to star as himself on episode of ‘Law and Order: SVU’

“In the criminal justice system, sexually-based offenses are considered especially heinous. In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit.”

One of the upcoming stories on “Law and Order: SVU” will involve new Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Isaiah Thomas, as NBC confirmed Tuesday that he’ll be appearing on an episode portraying himself, according to’s Mark Dawidziak.

It will air on WKYC Channel 3, most likely in late October.

The two-time All-Star is currently recovering from a hip injury he aggravated during the Eastern Conference finals as a member of the Boston Celtics. He was recently traded to the Cavaliers in late August in a deal involving Kyrie Irving.

Thomas also recently filmed an episode of Nickelodeon’s “Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn” series alongside his two sons, James and Jaiden.

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J.J. Abrams To Write and Direct Star Wars: Episode IX

A calm has been restored to the Force. The renowned J.J. Abrams is set to write and direct Star Wars: Episode IX.

Abrams will replace director Colin Trevorrow, who recently jumped ship (read: he was probably fired). The franchise is in good hands since it was Abrams who directed the acclaimed reboot The Force Awakens. The script will be co-written by Chris Terrio.

“With The Force Awakens, J.J. delivered everything we could have possibly hoped for, and I am so excited that he is coming back to close out this trilogy,” said Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy in a statement today (Sept. 12).

Can we get a Lando Calrissian (as in Billy Dee Williams) cameo, though? For cultural purposes.

Star Wars: Episode IX isn’t due out until December 20, 2019. But, Episode XIII aka Star Wars: The Last Jedi is in theaters this year, December 15.


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American Horror Story Season 7 Episode 1 Recap: Election Night

American Horror Story is back, but was the Presidential Election-infused opener a worthy hook for the iconic drama series?

When American Horror Story Season 7 Episode 1 kicked off, it was election night, and things were not going well for some of the initial characters we got to meet. 

Ally was freaking the hell out because Donald Trump was set to become President of the United States. Her wife, Ivy, seemed more concerned about Ally’s reaction to the result as opposed to what actually transpired. 

While everyone seemed to be going out of their mind at the result, the patriarch of the Chang family was not impressed that his wife did not vote. 

He blamed her for making things difficult for Ally and Ivy, and the poor woman looked like she was going to burst into tears. FYI: The post-election paranoia and satire are what makes this season so great. 

While all of those characters were genuinely scared for what would become of America, Kai was happy. He sat watching the TV and started humping it when the results were announced. 

“The revolution has begun,” he yelled, but what, exactly, was he up to?

He made a break for the blender with a bag of Cheetos and smeared the paste all over his face. He was obviously going for the Donald Trump look. 

He made his way into Winter’s (Billie Lourd) bedroom and sat on her bed as she bickered with someone on the phone about wanting someone else to win the election. 

The person on the other side made it clear that Winter was NOT to hurt herself. But Kai offered up a pinky, so it seemed like they were gearing up to work together. 

We then got to see Twisty the Clown kill his first victims of American Horror Story Season 7, and it was such a throwback to American Horror Story Season 4

Remember he preyed on the people having sex in the woods? Well, he’s doing the same thing this time around, and we’re totally okay with it.

But was that scene REALLY happening? Oz was reading a comic book about the clown, so are we to assume that Twisty is actually someone who was created?

Or was he real, and the legend has lived on for all of those years? We have no idea, but Oz sure is creepy if he’s that young and reading comic books about people getting butchered by a clown. 

Ally finds the book and goes bat$ hit crazy, so Ivy confiscates the book, and we’re actually happy. There’s something seriously wrong with that kid, and we don’t think it’s anything to do with his mother being a nervous wreck. 

Ally took herself to her therapist to get some clarity on what was going on with her. Her main issue seemed to be that her fears were elevated since the big election. 

She was given drugs and sent on her sweet, merry way, but she knew there was something seriously going on and she wanted to get to the cause of it. 

We then got to see Mr. Chang at a local council meeting, and Kai is there to veto the plans for security at a local Jewish center. He wanted to use fear to control people. 

Like, is this dude seriously related to Trump? It sure seemed that way. 

Anyway, Mr. Chang and the board are not impressed and opt against Kai’s idea of using violence to cause a world of trouble for the Jewish center. 

As if that could not be bad enough, Kai is then seen filling up a condom with urine, before lunging it at a group of Hispanic men. Yes, they got him back by kicking the crap out of him. 

But who was recording the whole scene? Is Kai trying to make it look like the Hispanic men attacked him first? 

Ally entered a dimly lit, and genuinely terrifying grocery store. Gary (Chaz Bono) puts on his “Make America Great Again” hat and Ally immediately pooped her pants. 

She encountered clowns having sex in the fresh food area, and some crazy clowns following her. It resulted in a huge meltdown in her car as Ivy worried what the heck was going on. 

After the police checked the footage, it emerged that no clown had been in the store and Ivy was at the end of her tether with her wife. Things took a turn when Winter was hired to be the new nanny. 

Winter noticed Oz drawing a scene out of the Twisty comic and showed him videos of people being murdered. Before long, an ice cream van appears, and clowns emerge. 

They were the same as the as the group Ally found in the store, so it sure seems like Ally is telling the truth and everything is being covered up. 

When Ally and Ivy returned home, they found out the Changs had been murdered, and Oz gave a colorful story of how Winter let him watch the murders taking place. 

But instead, Winter lied and said he was talking crap and that Ally’s drama was clearly having an effect on his well-being. Well played, Winter. 

“Election Night” was a solid return for the FX drama. It was the best premiere since American Horror Story Season 2

What did you think of it? 

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