Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 2 Photos: Jon Snow v Littlefinger!

Sure, the Game of Thrones Season 7 finale threw a lot of information at us, but some fans have complained that it failed to really scratch the itch they've been nursing for 13 months.

For many, there was too little of certain things (many complained that often felt like a "place-setting" episode and lacked emotion) and too much of others (producers probably should've cut the Ed Sheeran quotient by at least half).

We say it was a solid installment, but we can certainly see how it may have left some viewers wanting more.

The first official photos from the season's second episode don't tell us a whole lot about what to expect, but according to the GoT formula, episodes that set the stage are usually followed by ones that tear it all down.

Check out the pics below, and watch Game of Thrones online at TV Fanatic to get caught up:



1. Jon Snow and Littlefinger Converse

Jon snow and littlefinger converse
Probably not a friendly chat. We’d say they could be talking about the weather, but that’s gonna be the same for like the next 40 years.

2. Arya on the Move

Arya on the move
Okay, she’s been on the move since the end of GoT Season 1. But now, she’s finally on the verge of the revenge and the reunion she’s been waiting for.

3. Sansa in the Snow

Sansa in the snow
Sansa is looking contemplative. She’s probably trying to figure out how to get Jon to stop being such a d-bag with his new power.

4. Jon and Littlefinger At It Again

Jon and littlefinger at it again
Apparently, these two spend a lot of the episode talking in darkened hallways. We’d complain prematurely, but it promises to be a hell of a contentious convo.

5. The Khaleesi and the Hand

The khaleesi and the hand
The Khalessi and her council have set up shop in Dragonstone. We sense a clash of queens in the near future.

6. Sam at the Citadel

Sam at the citadel
Get ready, Hermione Granger fans! This season promises lots of Sam figuring out all kinds of fancy magic things with his book learnin’!

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The Real Housewives of New York Season 9 Episode 16: Drama In Tequila

Ramona and Sonja are like two petulant children when they get together, and have a few drinks. 

On The Real Housewives of New York Season 9 Episode 16, the ladies made their way to Mexico, and things got off to a dramatic start. 

“I was literally throwing up in a garbage can this morning,” Bethenny revealed to the ladies while making fun of Ramona for having a face like Frankenstein. 

Yes, her face was not as on point as usual, and part of that was down to the mass skin peel she had, but did it stop her from having fun?

This is Ramona we’re talking about. She’ll find a reason to have fun so long as a margarita is in her hand. That’s why I love her. She’s hilarious. 

When the ladies exited the plane, they got into their car and talk quickly turned to Tinsley’s big date.

“How was the date?” Luann questioned.

“It was good. It lasted for five days,” said Tinsley. She revealed that they went to Miami and had a lot of fun. Will they be marrying on the next date? I’m going to assume yes. 

This is Tinsley, and she’s proven anything during her stint on this Bravo smash, it’s that she’s full of emotions. 

As is always the case on trips with these ladies, Ramona and Sonja made it their mission to find the best room in the house so that they could be above everyone else. 

While Bethenny flipped the eff out at the very thought of the two women trying to steal rooms, Dorinda was not fazed by the room because she was on vacation. 

“I don’t care what room I get. I’ll sleep on the lawn,” she said. 

While the two women searched for the perfect room, the rest of them were introduced to the staff, and a chef shared the same name with Ramona, and I could not deal with it. 

“Ramona’s the cook?” Luann laughed. 

“Yes, Ramona,” replied the chef. 

Who needs Ramona Singer when we have Ramona, the cook? God, if Ramona Singer were in the kitchen, she’d lace every single dish with Pinot Grigio.  In fact, she’d probably serve Bethenny up a side dish of poison. 

Bethenny got wind of the drama with the room and immediately put her foot down. 

“We’re going to do it fair. We’re not fucking gavone animals,” said Bethenny. 

Bethenny told the women they were doing a lottery with the rooms because she wanted the whole trip to be fair. Ramona and Sonja were pissed because they picked the best room. 

Tinsley got to pick any room first, and immediately gave Bethenny the best room because she planned the trip. 

As expected, Sonja called Tinsley out for apparently not being considerate. Pretty funny when you consider the fact that Sonja was being inconsiderate by taking a room before anyone. 

Ramona played along and tried to get in a room with Dorinda, but she was not ready to let Frankenstein bunk with her. 

“Stop being a spoilt brat. I will literally take your shit and throw it in the pool.” Dorinda yelled at her. 

“Two old bags left their bags, like two old bitches marking their territory. Not in this casa.” Bethenny said when she noticed Ramona and Sonja’s crap in her room. 

In the end, Ramona decided to make one of the maids a slave and started firing orders around. She wanted someone to empty her case and just do things that any normal human would do for themselves. 

Tensions flared up when Tinsley’s friend got an email about Page Six running a story about her. She confided in Carole and Bethenny, before sitting down at the dinner table. 

She wasted no time in calling out Ramona and Sonja because she thought they were to blame. Here’s the thing: the whole thing seemed like it was scripted. 

If we learned anything from it, it was that Tinsley was not a good actress and should probably find her own apartment, because it’s not surprising Sonja is getting tired of her. 

Finally, we got to see a heavily drunk Luann, and it was delightful. She was falling around the place and even found herself stuck in a rose bush. 

Drunk Luann is someone anyone would want at their party.

What do you think of all the drama?

Sound off below!

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Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 6 Episode 19 Recap: Did Joseline Really Quit?!?

We think it’s fair to say Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 6 has been the series’ most dramatic one yet.

With pregnancy rumors, cheating rumors and fights on a weekly basis, it’s crazy that it all comes down to this final episode of the reunion. 

On Love & Hip Hop Season 6 Episode 19, the feuds raged on as everyone continued the reunion extravaganza, but who came out on top?

Let’s get to it. 

Joseline was out of the set, going crazy because she only wants Stevie J, Jessica Dime and Melissa on the set with her because she’s apparently better than the rest of them. 

“I am motherf**kin’ Love & Hip Hop. Do you know who the f**k I is? I’m the Puerto Rican Princess. It’s gonna take God to come down here and slow me down,” yelled Joseline.

We do like the drama that Joseline brings to the show, but she genuinely thinks she’s better than every single person in the series, and it’s pretty sad. 

Joseline quit the show on the spot and thought she would be able to make it as an actress. Stranger things have happened, but look for Joseline to return down the line. 

We’re counting down the days already to her return. 

We then switched gears to Tommie, and the show played a montage of her scenes with her mother. Tommie seemed genuinely upset about all of the drama. 

Her relationship with her mother had broken down once again, meaning all of the help in the season she received was not worthwhile. 

However, things got heated when KK appeared on the show via Skype and brands Tommie, a liar about everything. 

“KK, how much can I say about you, dog? You supposed to be my old head,” said Tommie with tears in her eyes. “You know I love trouble. I’m a fan of trouble, bitch!”

“The Momma Dee scene at Momma Dee’s house, Tommie texted me the same night, talking bout she’s gonna kill my dog, cut my dog into pieces, pour my dog on my grave and piss on me,” said KK of the reason she hates Tommie.

“I ain’t never asked the bitch to thank me before, but the bitch need to thank me cause she don’t appreciate me!” said KK.

The only other big thing to come from the reunion was Scrappy’s relationship drama with Bambi being revisited. 

Surprisingly, Scappy felt like part of moving on was recognizing the things that were going wrong with the relationship. 

“What I know, just cause y’all love each other doesn’t mean y’all meant to be together,” said Scrappy, clearly upset. 

This showed us that Scrappy could be the bigger person when he wants to be. Maybe Bambi will see this and allow him another chance. 

What did you think of all the drama?

Sound off below!

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The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 12 Episode 2 Recap: Lydia Stirs The Pot

The ladies were ready to party, but that did not mean they were putting their drama on the backburner. 

Tamra planned a birthday bash on The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 12 Episode 2, and she was stressing about who to invite. 

When the episode got underway, Shannon had her longtime feng shui consultant inspect her new house. Yes, we’re jealous because the consultant was a hoot. 

She wanted to make sure Shannon’s home was up to scratch, and part of that was firing out crazy phrases, and all Shannon could do was look on. 

Elsewhere, Vicki’s office manager, Linda was introduced to viewers and much like Shannon’s consultant, she brought some much-needed laughs onto the show. 

Because Vicki’s business was apparently doing solid business, she was upgrading offices this season, and she was worried about it. Vicki was being her usual petulant self and stressing the eff out. 

Linda, however, knows Vicki all too well and managed to calm her down without a big blowout confrontation. Vicki then noted that Shannon had used the same feng shui consultant she was planning on using. 

Yes, it’s frowned upon to use the same one, so let’s just say Vicki is not even going there and will need to find an alternative.

After another throwaway scene of Meghan being the doting mother, we switched gears to Lydia who had started a new magazine with her husband. 

It’s called Nobleman, and it’s about “what it’s like to be a gentleman in the world today.”

Um, alright then. 

Lydia’s husband then told her not to hug Peggy because she recently had a double mastectomy. However, upon meeting Peggy, Lydia went straight for the jugular. 

“They told me not to hug you,” she revealed to Peggy. Considering Lydia was the one who instigated the conversation, it was disheartening to find her being annoyed with Peggy for speaking about her illness. 

We then moved to Tamra’s birthday party for her granddaughter. Vicki did not make the cut for the guest list, but her daughter Breanna did. Tamra had unfollowed Breanna on social media after her fight with Vicki.

So, things were pretty darn awkward. Breanna made an early exit because she felt like all of the drama was unnecessary.

Things got tense when Lydia sat Tamra and Shannon down to let them know that she chatted with Vicki over lunch and felt they could still be friends.

On top of that, Lydia said they were “acting the same way almost [Vicki] acted.”

Shannon flipped out, and Lydia accused her of being hostile, and it did not go down well. Shannon was upset because of the party being ruined at the expense of her relationship with Vicki. 

That’s a wrap on all the drama, and something tells us it’s just getting started. 

What do you think of it all?

Sound off below!

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The Real Housewives of New York Season 9 Episode 15 Recap: Oil and Vinegar

Did Ramona manage to get back to being in good graces with Bethenny?

That was her plan on The Real Housewives of New York Season 9 Episode 15 when it became apparent there were strings attached to her invitation to Mexico. 

When the episode got underway, Ramona opened up to Luann about reaching out to Bethenny when she learned what happened with Jason Hoppy. Yes, that d-bag who won’t shut up about the star. 

Ramona seemed a little pissed that Bethenny was still pushing her away because, well, she’s tried about everything she can to make nice with her former friend. 

Sometime later, the ladies met up for a steak dinner, and Bethenny started things off by ignoring Ramona’s existence. 

Luann tried to get Bethenny to just invite Ramona along for the trip because it would divide the group further if she did not. 

Bethenny opened up to Ramona and basically called her a snake. 

“I’m very uncomfortable because of the way that you’ve treated me for a while, and I don’t know how to move forward,” Bethenny said.

Ramona was not about to let her name be dragged through the mud, and chanted that Bethenny said “negative things.” 

“Don’t say that you’re Miss Perfect because you’ve said some nasty things, too,” Ramona clapped back.

Ramona quickly went into an emotional tirade and countered that her life was just as bad. 

“Don’t even try to compare your life to mine!” she shouted. “Have more respect for me and more sympathy!”

Bethenny then said she did not want Ramona going on the Mexico trip, but Ramona countered that it is a group trip, so she will be attending. 

Yeah, you tell her, Ramona!

“Yes we had a fight, that’s what life is,” Ramona said. “I don’t need a negative energy and I care for you in a sense but you just don’t like to be cared for.”

Bethenny then felt the need to blame all of the crazy things they say about each other on their strained relationship. 

So, they made a pact to zip it, but Bethenny revealed in a confessional that it was crap. 

Meanwhile, Tinsley wanted to get back into the dating game, so Carole set her up on a blind date with a friend. 

It was a double date, giving Carole a good look at how Tinsley reacts under pressure. The date, however, was a colossal failure. 

Tinsley claimed she feels herself when she’s drunk, and even revealed that she still wears her original wedding ring. 

Like, what fresh hell was that? Was she trying to scare the dude off? Why speak about previous relationships on a first date? 

It all seemed a little too bizarre to take seriously, but we learned one thing: Tinsley will be single for life. 

What do you think of all the drama?

Sound off below!

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The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 2 Episode 13 Recap: Making Waves

After a thrilling season of shade, the ladies took to the stage with Andy Cohen to open up about all of the crazy developments. 

On The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 2 Episode 13, Robyn went to war with Ashley over Juan’s cheating allegations, while Gizelle and Monique bickered about their various feuds. 

When the episode got underway, Karen made her way to the hot seat and was put on blast for the way she was hiding things about her relocation. 

All the other ladies could do was speculate about the move. Some of them questioned whether her finances were in dire straits, or if her marriage was on the rocks. 

Karen continued to say that the move was due to her sick parents, but nobody was buying it. Gizelle then took aim at her for ditching the girls when the cameras were off. 

She was also put on blast for having plastic surgery while the cameras were off. If you watch The Real Housewives of Potomac online, you will know that it would have served as a solid storyline. 

When Karen realized she could not admit to her lies, she targeted Charrisse to try and turn the tables. Pathetic? Yes, but it was a good way to change the tide. 

Luckily, everyone spoke about Gizelle’s love life, and it paved the way for another argument between her and Monique. 

Monique seemed over all the drama, so Charrisse chimed in with her thoughts on all the arguing, prompting Gizelle to target her. 

We then switched gears to what was going down with Robyn and Juan. Robyn revealed they are still trying to keep their relationship together. 

Ashley then defended her claim that Juan was seeing other women behind her back and that she needed to pull her head out of the clouds and move on. 

Robyn then yelled that she would be just fine without a man in her life. Yeah, you go, Robyn. 

When it came to Gizelle’s thoughts on the BBQ, the other ladies targeted Monique, with Robyn saying Monique persistently ran her mouth and felt like there should be no consequences. 

Ashley then thought it would be fun to bring up the comments Juan made about his life with Robyn, and the feud went nuclear. 

Ashley, however, made it her mission to let Robyn know her own marriage was fine, but something tells us she’s talking smack. 

Michael seemed like he wanted to run away after the restaurant failed. 

We have one more reunion episode left, but how will it all play out?

Hit the comments with your thoughts on all the drama. 

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Game of Thrones Season 7: First Episode Titles Released!

Well, we might be a bit behind schedule due to the difficulty of finding suitably wintry filming locations on our increasingly balmy globe, but it’s finally time for our annual round of Let’s Speculate About Plot Points Based on Vague Game of Thrones Episode Titles!

In the past, the game was a bit easier, due to the fact that you could pick up one of the George R.R. Martin books that the series is based on figure out where things are headed.

If you had no interest in reading the books, you could just find a dude who owns a decorative sword or an iguana named Drogon and ask him what happens next.

These days, however, we’re well beyond the point where Martin’s last book left off, and it’s anyone’s guess as to where the Battle for the Iron Throne will lead from here.

Earlier today, HBO dropped three big clues in our lap, and they’re a lot like Danerys’ dragon eggs from Season 1: 

Loaded with potential, but frustratingly mysterious.

Fortunately, we’re here to help you puzzle them out.

Here are the episodes and what we can glean based on their somewhat vague titles:

Dragonstone (Sunday, July 16, 9:00-10:00 p.m. ET/PT): As fans of the books (and those who paid very close attention to the dialogue from the show) might already know, Dragonstone is the name of the Targaryen’s homeland in Westeros.

Considering that’s where Dany and her fleet of ships were setting sail for in the Game of Thrones Season 6 finale, you can expect that that’s where much of the episode will take place.

You can also expect that the newly-crowned Queen Cersei won’t be happy to hear that yet another claimant to the Iron Throne has arrived in the West.

According to the official description from HBO:

“Jon (Kit Harington) organizes the defense of the North. Cersei (Lena Headey) tries to even the odds. Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) comes home.”

Yeah, not a whole lot of help there.

Stormborn (Sunday, July 23, 9:00-10:00 p.m.): Yes, it sounds like we’re in for two Khaleesi-heavy episodes in a row!

Any who dare complain will be promptly roasted (on Twitter, not by dragons).

Stormborn, of course, is one of Daenerys’ many names along with Mother of Dragons, Breaker of Chains, Inspirer of Impure Thoughts in Virginal Fan Boys.

The episdode’s description reads:

“Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) receives an unexpected visitor. Jon (Kit Harington) faces a revolt. Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) plans the conquest of Westeros.”

We know from a previously released photo that this is also the episode in which Jon Snow leaves Winterfell, so don’t be surprised if these two fan favorites finally join forces.

And Tyrion will be there, too!

The Queen’s Justice (Sunday, July 30 9:00-10:00 p.m.): And this being Game of Thrones, we shouldn’t be surprised that it sounds as though that happy moment will be followed by misery for all.

“Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) holds court. Cersei (Lena Headey) returns a gift. Jaime (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) learns from his mistakes.”

“The King’s Justice” is a phrase used to refer to the royal executioner in King’s Landing.

Since Cersei is sitting atop the Iron Throne these days, we’re guessing heads will roll in this episode.

The description from HBO reads:

“Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) holds court. Cersei (Lena Headey) returns a gift. Jaime (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) learns from his mistakes.”

So there you have it, couple that with what we already know about Season 7, and you start to get an idea of the show’s penultimate season.

Not surprisingly, it’s dark, but it sounds like it’ll be peppered with some fan-pleasing moments, as well.

As always you can watch Game of Thrones online to get caught up in time for the big premiere.

But hurry – winter in July is coming,

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The Real Housewives of New York City Season 9 Episode 14 Recap: A Slippery Slope

The ladies embarked on a trip to Vermont on The Real Housewives of New York City Season 9 Episode 14, but that did not mean they were going to be civil to one another. 

If you watch The Real Housewives of New York City online, you will already know that everyone has been at odds with Ramona Singer at one point or another. 

When the episode got underway, Ramona was trying to play nice with everyone and made them avocado toast. Maybe she’s turned over a new leaf.

Bethenny quickly took a moment to speak with Tinsley. In case you missed it: Tinsley was crying to the ladies last week for the way her life was turning out. 

Tinsley seemed happy that Bethenny took the time to make sure she was okay, and they were immediately back on good terms. 

While one feud was over, another was kicking off with Sonja and Luann. Luann wanted an apology for the way Sonja spoke about her man a few days earlier. 

Like most viewers, Sonja is skeptical of Tom’s intentions with Luann. Who can blame her? Rumors surface every day about what he’s been up to. 

In the end, Sonja claimed she would try to get accustomed to the idea of Luann being with Tom. Um, alright then. 

Carole and Dorinda had a break in front of the fire to have a chat about their co-stars. Their hot topic was Bethenny and what was going on with her ex-boyfriend. 

They chatted about him being arrested for stalking and threatening her. Basically, they were talking about what we already knew about the situation. 

While that’s not entirely a bad thing, it was cumbersome to watch. Get some new material, ladies. 

Back on the slopes, Bethenny opened up to Luann and Tinsley about her hatred for Ramona. Luann and her agreed that they should invite Ramona to Mexico because she could only stay half the week. 

Bethenny got the alerts that her drama was breaking the news, and she was upset. She did not want it to ruin her trip with the ladies. 

Carole checked in with Bethenny, and it was evident Bethenny was not fussed about her friends learning the truth. Instead, she wanted to have fun. 

At dinner, Bethenny felt like Ramona was trying too hard to make things right with her. However, she felt like she was going a little too far. 

Luann then opened up to Ramona about only being invited for half of the Mexico trip. The reaction on her face was genuinely hilarious. 

She looked like she was going to leap over the table and hit Bethenny with the half empty wine bottle. It would have been amazing to watch that, but it would not have boded well for her contract renewal talks. 

When the ladies play Truth or Dare, we learned Tinsley had anal sex in the past and that John’s penis was huge. Luann then shocked the women by boasting about being married. 

While the ladies started bickering, Bethenny leaped to Luann’s defense. 

What the heck?

What do you think of all the drama?

Sound off below!

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