Jenelle Evans FIGHTS Nathan Griffith at the Teen Mom 2 Reunion!

So look, we all know how Jenelle Evans is, right?

It doesn’t take much to get her worked up, and when she does get worked up, she tends to get a little bit rowdy.

Well, “rowdy” is a nicer word for it. Really she gets nasty and hateful and loud, and every once in a while she’ll get violent, too.

Check out her arrest history if there’s any doubt on that one.

When you consider all of that, and when you also consider that Jenelle has seemed to be in kind of a dark place lately, judging from her scenes on Teen Mom 2 and her decision to possibly quit the show

There’s really no way that the reunion show this weekend could have gone well.

The weekend isn’t over yet — as far as we know, MTV is still filming today — but our girl here has already thrown down once.

And the whole mess started because of Nathan Griffith. Of course.

A source who was actually on set for the reunion revealed to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup that when Jenelle’s big fight with Nathan began, “most of the cast was in various green rooms backstage and the kids were all running around playing together.”

Nathan’s current girlfriend, Ashley Lanhardt, was there, and she happened to see Jenelle’s mother, Barbara Evans.

The two women hugged, and Jenelle happened to see it. And she did not handle it well.

“She yelled at Barbara that it was wrong for her own mother to hug Nathan’s girlfriend,” the source explained.

“Nathan jumped in and was defending Ashley, and that’s when Jenelle called David in.”

Oh, great idea, Jenelle, bring in the guy with the violent criminal history and the uncontrollable jealousy and anger issues when it comes to Nathan.

The source said that Jenelle “yelled that Nathan was being out of control,” and “that’s when one of the female producers stepped in between Jenelle and Ashley.”

Another source on the scene told the website that Nathan claimed that Jenelle was high, and at another point in the fight, Jenelle claimed that Nathan’s mother, Doris, was high.

(Doris was there for the reunion, apparently to care for Kaiser.)

“No one actually threw a punch,” a source revealed, but the argument did bring the show to a halt because so many crew members had to stop what they were doing to step in.

And while it’s good that the fight didn’t get physical, it’s not so good because so many of the kids witnessed everything go down.

“The kids were all running around during this huge fight,” the source explained, “and someone in the cast grabbed Kaiser and took him away from the scene.”

“Because the fight was in the hallway, some of the other cast members were basically trapped inside the rooms they were in. Some of the other parents were really concerned and barged out of the green rooms to find their kids and bring them somewhere safe.”

Things were so intense that “Several cast members — even some of the dads — made the statement that this was not a safe place for kids to be, with stuff like this happening.”

Well, yeah.

We’ve seen Jenelle and Nathan fight before, so just throw in Nathan’s girlfriend, David, and Barbara … we wouldn’t want to be anywhere near that mess.

The fact that a bunch of kids were around to see all that fighting, and that those kids’ parents weren’t able to get to them?

We would say that we haven’t heard the last of this fight, but for one last little tidbit, a source revealed that MTV was able to film every bit of it.

So, you know, we definitely haven’t heard the last of it — unless Jenelle’s able to wrangle herself one of those “good edits,” we’ll be able to see it for ourselves!

Seriously, how good is this reunion going to be?

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Jenelle Evans Did a Mermaid Photoshoot (Yes, Really)

Even though Jenelle Evans has been bashed by Farrah Abraham and Kailyn Lowry for whining — meaning that, yes, even Farrah Abraham has the moral high ground in that area — she's a complex individual, right? She's gotta be.

Well, the Carolina Hurricane is actually working for a good cause, but she didn't do just any photoshoot.

Because she dressed as a mermaid — tail and all. Yes, really. (Oh, and you'd better believe that there's video)

Jenelle Evans might quit Teen Mom 2 because, to hear her tell it, the show's producers and editors are all part of some vast conspiracy to make her, in particular, look so much worse than she actually is.

Because when you watch Teen Mom 2, Jenelle Evans and David Eason do not seem to be great parents. (That's actually a massive understatement)

Given what Jenelle's own mother Barbara has said about the couple, you don't get that impression in person, either. 

Jenelle can't blame real life of editors, now can she?

But we need to try — just for a moment — to not think of Jenelle, the angry and defensive reality star. Or Jenelle the not-very-good mom.

Instead, we need to think of Jenelle, the human being.

Or, possibly, Jenelle Evans — the mermaid.

Yes, Jenelle Evans did a mermaid photoshoot. And it's even for a good cause, if you can believe it.

Jenelle has shared behind-the-scenes photos of herself, in a mermaid tail, on the beach.

In addition, she shared a behind-the-scenes video.

Jenelle captioned the video with this, explaining what she was up to — because it's not just a wildly impractical Halloween costume.

"I had such an amazing time with @projectmermaids . [I'm] super thankful to have this opportunity to make my dream come true since I was a little girl, which was being a mermaid!!!"

Like the saying goes — shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll end up famous for getting knocked up in high school.

"I love free diving, scuba diving, and this just topped it all."

Yes, well, the ocean is a beautiful place.

"This is an organization that helps to clean up all the trash on our beaches!"

Oh! That's a genuinely great cause.

"I’m here to bring attention to this issue and ask to spread awareness."

Spread awareness of … trash? Or of the organization?

"We need to teach our younger generation so we can save our earth, keep it healthy, and save our wildlife."

Those are genuinely important causes.

Some might crack a joke about Jenelle Evans being at the beach while encouraging people to remove their trash from the beach, but … we'll resist.

But we do have to talk about something, and it's that mermaid tail.

We know a couple of women who have mermaid tails (both are, coincidentally, redheads) and they look so much nicer than the one that Jenelle is wearing. You can scour the internet and find some amazing-looking tails that don't just look the part, but function for swimming (in a pool; please don't wear one in the ocean).

In comparison, Jenelle's looks like a cheap Halloween costume.

Did Jenelle bring this mildly ratchet looking tail with her after just refusing to splurge on a nice one, despite having that sweet, sweet Teen Mom money?

Or did the organization provide one and Jenelle was just uncharacteristically polite and went along with it?

But we need to remember that these are behind-the-scenes photos (and a BTS video). Not only are these not going to be the most flattering angles, but the organization may doctor the photos in post.

Maybe the tail that Jenelle is wearing is just a baseline, and they'll use cgi to make it look like it's not a mildly doctored pillowcase.

Regardless, though, cleaning up our beaches is vital. Never leave trash behind.

Cleaning our oceans is also tremendously important. Though new technologies are being invented every day for combing beaches for trash and even filtering trash out of the ocean, we all have to do our parts to not make a massive problem worse.

What kind of world will future generations inherit? What kind of world are we leaving for ourselves in a decade or two?

Anyway, take a look at the video:

Jenelle evans did a mermaid photoshoot yes really

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Javi Marroquin SLAMS Jenelle Evans: Sit Down! Be Humble!

It’s been a hectic week for Jenelle Evans.

On Monday’s episode of Teen Mom 2, Jenelle didn’t exactly come off looking like mother of the year, and in a pattern that’s become familiar to fans, she quickly took to Twitter to blame the show’s producers and editors.

Like we said, it’s a familiar form of tantrum, and one that Jenelle favors as a negotiating tactic whenever she feels her bosses are ignoring her demands.

This time, Evans has changed strategy slightly, going so far as to threaten to quit Teen Mom 2 if producers don’t “treat [her] with respect” on future episodes.

It’s a gambit that puts MTV in a difficult position:

Either they lose one of their most inexplicably popular reality stars, or they once again give in to Jenelle’s demands, setting yet another dangerous precedent.

Most of Jenelle’s co-stars have been tight-lipped on the matter, likely torn between wanting to ensure favorable edits for themselves and fear of biting the hand that feeds them.

But it seems Javi Marroquin is well aware of where his bread is buttered because he’s come out in full support of MTV, bashing Jenelle in a scathing interview with Radar Online.

“I feel like every girl has threatened to leave the show since we started this years ago,” Marroquin, tells the site.

“I hate when they say that because if you take out the doors that it opens, the money it provides, the house you’re living in, take all of that out and where would you be?”

Javi goes on to say that he understands Jenelle’s frustrations, but does not condone her public complaints:

“We’re human too,” he says.

“We get annoyed and we get frustrated. But at the end of the day, work with them and they work with you. I’ve heard I want to quit since we started this. People need to be humble.”

He added that at this point, the entire cast is well aware of how to take charge of their narrative, and if they fail to do so effectively, they have no one to blame but themselves:

“You control your story,” he tells Radar.

You do what you do on camera. You know you’re being filmed. If you’re going to act that way, own it. I don’t think you can edit whatever is going on that’s happening.”

Not surprisingly, Marroquin says there were times when he was unhappy with how he was portrayed on the show, but unlike Jenelle, he realizes that’s simply the cost of doing business as a reality star:

“If I get a bad edit then I deserve it,” he says.

“If I said something stupid or did something stupid. We signed up for it. Realize it and change.”

Wise words from a seasoned pro.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online for more from Javi and troubled Mrs. Evans-Eason.

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Jenelle Evans: Pregnant With Baby #4?!

It’s been less than a week since Jenelle Evans married David Eason, but it looks like the Carolina Hurricane already has more big news on the horizon.

No, Jenelle isn’t already on the verge of divorce yet (as far as we know), but those rumors should be coming along shortly.

We’re talking instead about the latest round of Jenelle pregnancy rumors.

Now, before we go any further, we should note that anytime Jenelle’s not admittedly pregnant, there are rumors that she’s secretly pregnant.

Of course, with Jenelle’s history of lying about being pregnant, it’s not hard to see why fans are constantly suspicious.

And so, they scrutinize every photo in search of baby bumps or other signs that Ms. Evans-Eason is secretly expecting.

This time they believe they’ve found conclusive evidence, but we still have our doubts.

We present exhibit A:

That’s a photo from Jenelle’s wedding and the people who print out her Instagram posts and examine them under high-powered microscopes like they’re in a freakin’ CSI lab are convinced it’s hard proof that she’s expecting.

Based on that pic and a recent Snapchat video, fans are basically already knitting wool booties for Jenelle’s fifth child.

“Can everyone stop what they’re doing and go look at the snap Jenelle just posted?” wrote one eager fan.

“If that’s not pregnant, I don’t know what is!!!”

“OK, wasn’t a big believer of Jenell being pregnant, but after seeing her snap, wow that’s a round belly!!” wrote another, equally-psyched procreation enthusiast.

This may be the most boring stance to take on this, but having checked out the evidence, we feel that if Jenelle is pregnant, it’s simply too early to tell.

Jenelle hasn’t responded to the rumors herself, but in a pre-wedding interview with E! News, she and David revealed that they believe daughter Ensley Jolie will be the only child they’ll have together.

“I think we’re good. We have a lot of kids together,” Jenelle told the outlet.

“We already have so many kids and it’s really time-consuming, it’s hectic. We don’t get that much time for just ourselvesm,” Eason added.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online for reminders of how hard Jenelle and David are struggling to retain custody of the kids they already have.

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Jenelle Evans: See All the Photos from Her Wedding to David Eason!

Did you ever think the day would come when someone would marry Jenelle Evans?

Like, sure, she's been married before, but and and Courtland Rogers were addicted to heroin when they got married and the vast, vast majority of their holy union was spent legally separated, so does it really count?

But forget about Courtland … after yesterday, Jenelle is now Mrs. David Eason.

And you know you want to know as much as possible about this mess …

1. Hair and Makeup!

Hair and makeup
Looking good, girl!

2. The Children

The children
Here’s a special shot of all the kids walking down the aisle together — Kaiser, Jace, Maryssa, and baby Ensley!

3. The Ring Bearer

The ring bearer

4. The Whole Family

The whole family
If you didn’t know anything about Jenelle and David, this would be precious, wouldn’t it?

5. The Kiss!

The kiss
Here’s where they officially became husband and wife … yay?

6. Jenelle, David, and Andre

Jenelle david and andre
Andre, Jenelle’s security guard for Teen Mom 2, acted as her officiant.

View Slideshow

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Jenelle Evans and David Eason: MARRIED!

There were rumored fights, hesitations and cancelations.

But then, at the end of the day, there were simply the sound of wedding bells.

That’s right, Teen Mom fans, Jenelle Evans is now a married woman!

The veteran MTV personality and the father of her latest child exchanged vows on Saturday at their home in North Carolina.

There had been chatter that a fight just prior to the rehearsal dinner had caused Jenelle to squash the ceremony, which wouldn’t have come across as a major surprise to anyone familiar with her temper.

But cooler heads and true love prevailed.

According to E! News, Evans wore a white lace wedding dress with a sweetheart cut, rocking her hair half-up and accessorizing everything with long, drooping earrings and a necklace.

Eason, meanwhile, donned a white suit jacket with a grayish-blue shirt and a black tie.

Friends, family members and loved ones gathered for a rustic-themed reception and ate a cake that was made to look like wood with “D + J” carved into it in the middle of a heart.

Photographer Celeste Call jumped on Instagram to share a few behind-the-scenes moments from the wedding, including snapshots of the bride get prepared ahead of her big day.

To wit:


Evans and Eason welcomed nine-month-old daughter Ensley in January and first began dating in September of 2015.

The couple proceeded to announce their engagement via Instagram in February, a development that was also documented on an episode of Teen Mom 2.

Wrote Call as a caption to the first wedding photo posted at the outset of this article:

Jenelle & David post ceremony, congrats! #teenmom #teenmom2 #jenelleevans #abdjs #wedding #weddingdj #djfun #wilmingtonweddings #wilmingtonnc #charlotte #charlottenc #raleigh #raleighnc #mtv #mtv2 #bride #groom #wrightsvillebeach #djjason.

Jenelle, of course, is the mother of three kids overall: Ensley, Jace Evans and Kaiser Griffith.

She told E! not long before tying the knot that she envisioned role for each child on her special day.

“I definitely think that Ensley will be old enough to be a flower girl alongside David’s daughter, Maryssa,” Jenelle said, adding:

“While reading our vows, I would like the girls to be part of the bridesmaids and the boys to be part of the groomsmen.”

It’s unclear at this time whether Jenelle’s mother, Barbara, received a wedding invite.

The two have battled over custody of Jace for years.

“I can’t forgive someone that’s just not going to give me back my son, so, and it’s still going on,” Jenelle has told Us Weekly.

“It hasn’t been resolved. And if I had custody of him now maybe I would have invited her, but I’m not at the moment.”

But that’s a scandal for another day.

This occasion is all about Evans and Eason.

“David is such a humble man and has never disrespected me. He can handle me so well,” Jenelle says. “He treats my boys as if they were his own and that’s all I ever wanted for me and my family.”


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Jenelle Evans and David Eason: Wedding Called Off?!

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans’ dreams of happily ever after appear to be crushed … mere hours before her wedding to David Eason.

Did a blowout fight torpedo the nuptials for good?

According to Radar Online, Evans called off her wedding following a dramatic fight with fiancé David just prior to her rehearsal dinner.

Why? The reason is pretty much vintage Jenelle.

The mercurial mother of three was reportedly livid after the father of her daughter Ensley had … worked on their home all day beforehand.

That’s right, rather than doting on her, pampering her or even just helping get ready for the wedding, Dave was outside doin’ his thing.

Jenelle did not react to this well at all last night.

“You’re not giving a f–k what I feel,” Evans screamed at Eason, whose explanation apparently didn’t suffice, as Jenelle also proclaimed:

“I’m done … you can have the ring!” 

For full effect, the 25-year-old Carolina Hurricane proceeded to slam her engagement ring onto a table in the back yard of her house.

All in front of shocked guests, no less.

Jenelle then vented to a friend about the meltdown, alluding to her bitter estrangement from mother Barbara as an underlying cause.

“I said for two hours I wanted him to care about me, talk to me about my mom situation. I don’t have a mom coming tomorrow,” Jenelle said.

“He has a mom. I want his attention. This is my house, and he does not give a f–k,” Evans fumed to her confidant in hysterics.

I’ve been crying all day. Everyone is going to see the way I feel. I’m not doing this,” she said, storming off the property. Wow.

Puzzled guests began to trickle off the couple’s North Carolina property soon afterward as the mood soured, to say the absolute least.

You don’t see that every day. Even from Jenelle.

Eason, for his part, defended himself and the work he’s been putting into their place, which hosted the event she freaked out during.

“When I’m out here working constantly, every f–king minute of the day, she’s sitting around,” he said. “This place looks different every day.”

“All because of me,” he added, pointing out that he’s not doing DIY projects for the f–k of it. “These people wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for me.”

As for Evans’ son with Nathan Griffith, three-year-old Kaiser, he ran around the backyard unattended as his enraged mother blew a gasket.

While it’s possible that this was just a glitch in Jenelle Evans’ wedding weekend that they’ll laugh about later, it is rather troubling.

If nothing else, it’s the latest in a long line of incidents that suggest perhaps Jenelle is rushing to the altar faster than she should be.

In the last month alone, bombshell reports indicate that Jenelle failed a drug test while pregnant and could lose custody of Kai.

She’s also been effectively banned from seeing Jace, her first-born child, by Barbara after these revelations were made public.

The nuptials are still scheduled to go down this weekend, as far as we know, and despite her public ring-slamming tantrum.

Stay tuned, though.

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Jenelle Evans: Let the Wedding Countdown Begin!

If you’re a Teen Mom 2 fan who somehow hasn’t heard, Jenelle Evans is engaged to David Eason.

She’s been gushing about her lavish wedding plans pretty much non-stop since the day that Eason put a ring on it, so the news has been pretty hard to miss.

Jenelle and David are set to get married this weekend, so naturally the Carolina Hurricane has ramped up the wedding talk in recent days.

In fact, the soon-to-be Mrs. Eason has launched a full-blown wedding countdown, and she’s inviting fans to share in her excitement.

All week, Evans has been taking to Instagram today to remind her followers just how soon she’ll be getting hitched.

First, it was t-minus 5 days, and Jenelle marked the occasion with Boomerang clip featuring some heart-shaped lighting.

“Love is in the air.  the countdown is on…5 more days ! #EvansToEason can’t wait to show @easondavid88 his wedding gift and thanks @celestecall for making this awesome shoot happen!!!!” Evans captioned the video.

The clip received a mostly positive response from Jenelle’s followers, but there were a few nay-sayers in the comments section.

Some skepticism is natural, considering Jenelle has been engaged five times, and it seems some fans are concerned that she’s falling into a gold-digger trap. 

“I hope you open your eyes girl. This marriage won’t last long,” wrote one follower.

“He’s using you for your money . He doesn’t work your money will be gone fast. I really hope you had him sign a prenup.”

Never one to be deterred by … well, anything, Jenelle kept the countdown going today with another vaguely wedding-y pic.

This one shows her putting on some makeup in wedding night attire, alongside a couple random prescription bottles.

Like everything she does, Jenelle’s wedding is shrouded in controversy.

Not only is there the small matter that–and we can’t repeat this enough–she’s been engaged five freakin’ times at the age of 25, there’s also the sad fact that Jenelle is not inviting her mother to the wedding.

“She’s been saying she’s having her wedding, running around with her family of friends, but you know what she says? ‘My mother Barbara is not invited,’” Barbara Evans said in a recent interview.

“She’s not inviting me to her own wedding. It’s very painful,” a brokenhearted Babs reiterated.

Look on the bright side Babs – if that’s the worst thing Jenelle does this week, it’s been her best week in years!

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to relive Jenelle and David’s road to the altar.

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Jenelle Evans: I’m Not Abusing My Son, Nathan Griffith Is!

Jenelle Evans has a lot going on right now, huh?

Her wedding to David Eason is taking place next weekend, if you can even believe it!

There’s also a good chance she’s still adjusting to the number of kids who have come into her home this year: in addition to Kaiser, baby Ensley was born in January, then this summer she and David got custody of his daughter, Maryssa.

She also got that official visitation schedule with Jace, meaning that he’s been around a lot more, too.

It sounds like a lot to handle, right?

And that’s not even touching the absolute mess that is her upcoming custody battle for Kaiser

At the beginning of this month, Nathan Griffith’s mother, Doris Davidson, went to court to intervene in Jenelle’s custody case with Nathan.

According to documents she filed, it would be in Kaiser’s best interest to be placed with her instead of with either of his parents.

The issues she listed included the fact that Jenelle smoked marijuana throughout her last pregnancy, resulting in a positive drug test for Ensley and an investigation by child services.

Doris also claimed that when she visited with Kaiser, he usually had several suspicious bruises on his body, and he even once told her that David had punched him.

On top of that, she insisted that Jenelle was, at best, neglectful — she said that Jace was once lost in the woods for two hours, and that once when she came to the home Kaiser was outside playing by himself.

They were some pretty strong allegations, to say the least.

Jenelle has responded a couple of times, once in a statement in which she blamed her mother, Barbara, for instigating the new custody issues.

Then, in a quickly deleted Twitter rant, she claimed that while CPS had visited her, they were more concerned with Nathan’s behavior.

And in court documents she filed earlier this week, we’re learning that that’s her official stance: it’s all Nathan’s fault.

According to the documents, obtained by Radar Online, Jenelle claimed that in the past, Kaiser has returned from his visits with Nathan “with severe bruising on his buttocks.”

She said that she “attempted to address this concern” with both Nathan and his mother, but they “became hostile, threatening, and rude” to her “and would not maintain a respectful or business-like tone.”

It’s interesting because Doris mentioned this incident in her original filing — in her version, Jenelle did confront her about the bruising and insisted that Nathan was the one responsible.

Doris said she told her that she’d been there with Nathan and Kaiser the entire time and it didn’t happen, and also that she’d been taking pictures of Kaiser after picking him up and dropping him off to document the bruising she’d seen.

So basically both sides here are admitting that Kaiser has been abused, it’s just a question of figuring out who’s responsible.

That poor, sweet little boy …

In Jenelle’s documents, she said that instead of Doris intervening, the agreement should instead be arranged so that she has full custody.

She deserves this, she explained, because Nathan “has pending felony charges resulting from allegations of domestic violence.”

Additionally, Nathan “is often unable to care for the minor child during his designated visitation,” and instead of talking to Jenelle about it beforehand, he lets Kaiser stay with his mother.

And on top of all that, she said that Nathan had violated their custody agreement — particularly the part where they’re both supposed to be respectful of each other.

But, oddly enough, though she complains that he won’t spend time with Kaiser, she’s also upset that he won’t give up a weekend with him when it suits her schedule.

Because next weekend is Nathan’s weekend … but it’s also Jenelle’s wedding. And according to her, he’s not interested in letting Kaiser attend.

The court date to sort this mess out is scheduled for October 2nd.

Should be an eventful day!

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Jenelle Evans Reacts to Child Abuse Claims in Epic Twitter Tirade, Goes to Town on Barbara

A non-stop whirlwind of fights, court dates, men and babies, Jenelle Evans’ life has been turbulent ever since she’s been a public figure.

Still, this week has been wild even by the Teen Mom 2 star’s standards, and she just cranked the tension up another notch … or 10.

Over the past week, the Carolina Hurricane has been accused of child neglect and abuse – by members of her own family, no less.

Specifically, that she was under CPS investigation for allegedly testing positive for marijuana and passing it along to her baby.

Jenelle welcomed her daughter Ensley this past January, reportedly having failed a drug test sometime during her pregnancy.

Already in the midst of several tense situations regarding custody, the revelation prompted backlash from her kids’ grandparents.

Nathan Griffith’s mom, Doris, wants emergency custody of Jenelle’s three-year-old son Kaiser, according to court documents.

Evans and Griffith split up two years ago; Jenelle is currently engaged to David Eason, who’s been under major scrutiny himself.

Jenelle’s mom, Barbara Evans, has full custody of her oldest son Jace (whose father is Andrew Lewis, who’s been MIA from day one).

Barbara has long resisted Jenelle’s efforts to regain custody of the boy, and now has banned Jenelle from seeing Jace entirely.

The older Evans added that Jace told her David abuses Kaiser because he looks like Nathan, a frankly disturbing allegation.

To hear Jenelle talk about it, though, you’d think she were the target of a witch hunt – or at least that her side of the story isn’t being heard.

According to the Teen Mom 2 firebrand, it’s Nathan Griffith that Child Protective Services should be concerned about here, not her.

Oh, and Barbara is just a hater, or something.

Jenelles Tweets

“Oh let’s not mention how you guys call CPS so many times they even have a copy of my book now and love to visit so thanks,” she tweeted.

“Yes CPS has been here and case closed every time. There’s a lot they are concerned about with the OTHER parent.”

Jenelle added, clearly referring to Nathan:

“That is why it was a race to court. My son was not being treated right on his visits so when I expressed that, it was a race to court.”

She then went OFF on her mom for selling her out publicly, saying, “We are handling this the best way we can as a family.”

“David [Eason] is the best thing that ever happened to me and my mother can’t seem to get over it,” Jenelle explained.

“She’s going to tell you all EVERYTHING she can that is bad about David to ruin his reputation cause I completely cut her out.”

“So she’s lashing back at me by posting articles and selling stories about her own daughter because it’s a scream and cry for attention.”

“But I don’t care,” she adds … and wishes.

Evans, who conveniently ignores some of the shocking claims against her (such as her non-compliance with drug testing), feels victimized.

Regarding Griffith’s mom’s case, Jenelle says that her mom is so vindictive and bent on payback that she’s going to help out her adversary:

“Now [Barbara] is going to bring up evidence from the past that would have been used against me in court and giving it to my ex’s mom.”

Jenelle has since deleted this rant.

Barbara said in an interview earlier this week that yes, she used the information about the CPS investigation in court – but had no choice.

The act of keeping a boy away from his mom is not something she’s happy about, but she says it’s her duty to protect Jace, end of story.

“I knew all along [about Ensley] and never exposed it until the day of court in May. All that time I never opened my mouth,” she said.

“That’s a fact,” she says of Jenelle’s drug tests. “I have Jace, so when something like that happens, they [CPS] contact me.” 

“I can’t send him over there when that’s happened,” Barbara adds of Jace, who she insists is her only concern in all of this.

“I don’t want to put him in that atmosphere.”

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