Hindu And Jewish Women Marry In Britain’s First Interfaith Lesbian Wedding

A Hindu woman, Kalavati Mistry, and a Jewish woman, Miriam Jefferson have said ‘I do’, over 20 years after they fell in love while on a training course. Their happy union after so many years was special for many personal reasons, but it was also unlike any other wedding day in British history. This was to […]
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Jersey Shore: See the First Look at the Reunion Special!

Can you believe that it's been five whole years since we last saw any new footage from Jersey Shore?

Sure, we've been keeping up with several of the cast members in that time — we know all about The Situation's legal trouble and Snooki and J-Woww's family life.

But nothing can compare to what goes down when that special, special group of people get together for a summer in Seaside Heights.

It was just such an iconic moment in American history, you know?

Like, most people can tell you exactly where they were and what they were doing the moment they found out that Snooki got arrested for being drunk on the beach.


But while Jersey Shore signified such a special time in reality television, that time has passed.

Still, that doesn't mean we can't revisit the magic!

On August 20th — so soon! — E! is airing a special called Road Trip Reunion: Return to the Jersey Shore.

In the special, Snooki, The Situation, J-Woww, Pauly D, and Sammi Sweetheart will gather together to take a road trip down to their old stomping grounds.

Which means that Ronnie, Deena, and Vinny won't be there — and Angelina, obviously.

Their absence will be noticeable, we're sure, but with Snooki there, you can't really go wrong.

And, as you can see in this brand new footage from the special, there's plenty of drama to go around.

In the clip, we see The Situation pull up to a house with Snooki in the passenger seat — an interesting move, considering their history — and Pauly D greeting them.

"Cabs here!" The Sitch yells, just like the good old days.

Pauly, bless his heart, then takes some time to discuss the GTL lifestyle and what that looks like in 2017.

If you're curious, he has an in-home gym, he spray tans instead of getting in a tanning bed, and he sends his laundry out to have someone else do it for him.

He also discusses his iconic hairstyle, which, in case you haven't noticed, hasn't changed a bit.

The drama comes when Pauly goes to greet his former co-stars. He's just as happy as ever, and we see him giving The Situation a hug.

But then, in one of those classic reality show moments, Sitch explains to the camera that "Pauly D was my boy in the house," but "it's been five years, we haven't spoken."

It's going down! You can just smell that good ol' Jersey Shore drama a-brewin', can't you?!

Check out the action in the video below:

Jersey shore see the first look at the reunion special

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Ancient Egyptian Stories Will Be Published In English For The First Time

While people may view inscriptions in Greek or Latin as pretty, they still recognize their merit as text. Indeed, writings from ancient Greece and Rome are revered and considered classics of Western literature. Egyptian hieroglyphics, however, are often seen as mere decoration. Sometimes, the characters are literally used as wallpaper. One reason is that schoolchildren […]
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Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed Welcome First Child!

Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed have said hello to their first baby.

Which means we’ll soon be saying goodbye to Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed.

The day after Reed said in an interview that she and her husband will lock everyone out of their lives for 30 days after their child enters the world, E! News reports that the blessed event has taken place.

Reed has given birth!

To a girl! 

Named Bodhi Soleil!

The bundle of precious joy (full name: Bodhi Soleil Reed Somerhalder) was actually born on July 25.

Neither Somerhalder nor Reed has posted a photo of their daughter on Instagram just yet, but we’d have to imagine they will after their self-imposed “month of silence” is over.

And we’d have to imagine the photograph will be accompanied by some beautiful and profound words.

That’s simply how the ex-Twilight Saga star and former Vampire Diaries actor roll, based on previous social media posts about themselves, their family and each other.

“I know you, but only because I feel you,” wrote Reed as a caption to the image above, which she shared in May to announce her pregnancy, adding at the time:

“How is it possible to love someone so much already? All I know for sure is it’s the strongest feeling I’ve ever felt.

“We’ve been sharing this body for quite some time, and we’ve already experienced so much together. We can’t wait to meet you…”

Friends for years prior to dating for several months, Reed and Somerhalder got married in April of 2015.

They celebrated their two-year wedding anniversary in special fashion a few months ago, gushing over each other in separate Instagram posts.

“Thank you for 2 incredible years of marriage,” wrote Somerhalder to Reed in honor of the occasion, continuing as follows:

“Thank you for being my best friend, the hardest-working, kindest, most patient and most talented woman I’ve ever known.

“To you my love, I say that I know we will have so many of these we can’t even count them. Partly because I’ll be so old… I love you.”

And then there was Reed to Somerhalder:

“Thank you for 2 incredible years of marriage. Thank you for being my best friend, the hardest-working, kindest, most patient and most talented woman I’ve ever known.

“My guy, my man, my honey, my partner in this life, my better half in every way. At exactly this time two years ago today we walked hand in hand into the next chapter, our chapter, together.

“Every day gets better, every moment calling for even more.

“Navigating the waters of life with you is the greatest and most rewarding adventure I’ve ever known. We climb, we grow, and we laugh at all of it.

“Thank you for being exactly who you are, and for loving all of me.”

Man. This little girl is going to be SO very loved!

And we are SO very happy for the newly-expanded family!

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Carly Waddell and Evan Bass: Expecting First Child!!!!!!

As DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios proved this summer, sometimes sex on Bachelor in Paradise can lead to threats of a lawsuit and the shutdown of production amidst rape allegations.

Other times, however, it can lead to true love… a marriage… and even a baby in a baby carriage!

Isn’t that right, Carly Waddell and Evan Bass?

The couple, who met on the set of this Bachelor/Bachelorette spinoff and then got engaged on the third season finale, made a major announcement on Sunday:

There will soon be a baby on board!

“SECRET IS OUT GUYS!!!! Evan and I are SO EXCITED to announce we are HAVING A BABY!!!” Carly wrote on Instagram, adding:

“What a beautiful, wonderful, wild year it has been and the adventure continues Feb 2018!”

Bass and Waddell exchanged vows just two months ago in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The ceremony was officiated by none other than Chris Harrison.

“We had a dream wedding on Saturday. It was truly the perfect day with friends and family in Mexico,” the newlyweds told People Magazine (the same outlet that broke this pregnancy news) at the time.

While Bachelor in Paradise is known more for drunken hook-ups than truly romantic entanglements, Evan and Carly changed that perception a bit last year.

Just consider the former’s on-air proposal, during which he said the following:

“Carly, our life in Paradise has been nothing short of epic. My love for you has only gotten stronger.

“And the love I feel from you is the most amazing, inexplicable, mind-blowing thing that I just never in a million years thought I would get.

“I feel like my heart beats to your soul.”

Did anyone else just experience ALL THE FEELINGS?

The wedding between these Bachelor in Paradise alums was scheduled to air during the upcoming fourth season.

However, those plans were scrapped after the aforementioned scandal between Olympios and Jackson, which resulted in an internal investigation that eventually put to rest all talk of sexual misconduct.

Season 4 is now set to premiere on August 14.

A few weeks ago, Bass wrote a piece for The Hollywood Reporter in which he said this controversy “broke his heart,” explaining why as follows:

While to some it’s a silly TV show, for me, it was an experience that changed my life in unimaginable ways.

For me, I will be forever grateful to Paradise for guiding me to an incredible stepmother to my own children.

Pretty darn sweet, huh?

We send Carly and Evan nothing but our very best wishes!

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LL Cool J Will Be First Rapper To Be Honored By The Kennedy Center

LL Cool J continues to break barriers for the culture. The G.O.A.T. will be the first Hip-Hop artist ever to be honored by the Kennedy Center.

The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts announced the recipients of the 2017 Kennedy Center awards. Honorees included LL, Gloria Estefan, Lionel Richie, screenwriter Norman Lear and dancer Carmen de Lavallade.

The Kennedy Center Honors is a decoration given to individuals for their lifetime contributions to the performing arts. Mr. Smith took to his Twitter account to show his gratitude for the acknowledgement saying “To be the first rap artist honored by the @kencen is beyond anything I could have imagined. Dreams don’t have deadlines. God is great.”

Not only is he the first rapper to receive the honor, he ties Stevie Wonder as the youngest recording artist to be inducted.

Originally started in 1978, this will be the 40th anniversary of the ceremony culminating at the yearly star studded gala on December 3. President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump are scheduled to attend. The show will be broadcast at 9PM Dec. 26 on CBS.

Via Billboard

Photo: WENN.com

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Married at First Sight: Which Couples are Still Hitched?

On last week’s season finale of Married at First Sight, viewers were stunned to learn that all three couples decided to stay married.

Yes, even Danielle and Cody.

Despite the fact that she barely wants to hold her husband’s hand.

A week after revealing the fate of its six stars, the Lifetime reality show aired a reunion special, which was filmed six months after these twosome chose to remain husband and wife.

All this time later, and considering all the problems some of these couples encountered, there’s no way each marriage is still going strong, right?


Despite not sounding very into each other – and despite STILL NOT HAVING HAD ANY SEX! – Danielle and Cody have not split up, the reality star said on the special.

“I still just don’t feel in love, I think, so it’s very hard for me to totally embrace it,” Danielle said in regard to the pair’s total lack of a sex life.

Danielle and Cody met and married at the Palmer House Hilton in August 2016. They went on a honeymoon in the Caribbean afterward and then moved in together.

Listening to the pair not exactly gush over each other, the trio of Married at First Sight brought up Danielle’s dogs and congratulated Cody for being a “good dad” to them.

So at least this marriage now makes sense: Danielle is still in it because she’s found herself a high quality dog sitter!

Let’s talk about Sheila and Nate now.

They are living with Nate’s younger brother and still together.

Sheila says life has been easier ever since cameras stopped following them around everywhere.

“Nate and I entered this process with a lot of hope and a lot of optimism, but we were definitely individuals and I think that we have definitely assimilated and we are one,” she said during the reunion, adding:

“I love this man and when you have two people who want it this badly, I think that our future is going to be amazing.”

And now we wrap up with Ashley and Anthony.

They are living near Ashley’s sister, which was an issue early in their marriage, but which seems to have now worked itself out.

Despite a few rumors to the contrary, they are NOT expecting their first child.

“We still have awhile for that,” Ashley said. “It’s in the future, it’s going to happen, but not yet.”

To conclude the reunion, all three couples sat down together to answer questions from viewers.

We didn’t learn a ton from this gathering, except that Sheila really loves make-up sex.

Also, Ashley is working on being more adventurous, while Cody and Danielle are simply committed to the whole “building intimacy” thing.

Forget the make-up sex. They need to just start with basic sex and work their way up (or down, if you know what we mean!) from there.

We wish them the best of luck.

NOTE: Married at First Sight Season 6 will feature three couples from Boston. But Lifetime has not yet announced a premiere date.

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Cute First Timer Audrey Poses For Northwest Beauties

Northwest Beauties have found a new girl who’s never posed on the Internet before, her name is Audrey and you’ll no doubt agree she’s a real cutie!  How do they keep finding these gems?  Audrey has to be one of the best finds for a long time, she has a cute smile and a sexy body, she also looks like she’s enjoying posing.  Audrey puts on a number of sets of very sexy lingerie and gives us a tease, including showing quite a lot of skin for her first photoshoot, she’s very brave considering this is her casting call.  If you’ like to enjoy a lot more of her the full uncensored video 60 minute video of >Audrey from Northwest Beauties< available for download, and that means you’ll be able to keep it in your collection for ever even if Audrey ever has second thoughts about having such revealing videos of her available online.

Cute girl Audrey is a first timer posing for a casting call with Northwest Beauties

Audrey poses for a casting call with Northwest Beauties

Cute brunette posing for Northwest Beauties

Cute brunette on Northwest Beauties

Sexy casting call girl gets down on the floor

Casting call girl gets on the floor

Audrey showing off her sexy ass on the sofa

Audrey shows off her sexy ass

That skirt is very shot indeed Audrey

That skirt is very short

Sexy girl on the couch in a miniskirt

Girl in a miniskirt

Audrey is showing off her lovely ass for Northwest Beauties in a purple thong

Audrey shows off her lovely ass

Audrey shows her sexy legs as she poses in lingerie

Audrey in lingerie on the floor

Audrey has put on sheer lingerie for Northwest Beauties

Now Audrey has put on some sheer lingerie

Audrey is showing off her lovely cute ass on the couch with Northwest Beauties

Audrey showing off her lovely ass on Northwest Beauties

Audrey on Northwest Beauties

Official Northwest Beauties

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Sexy Girls Teasing – Kari Sweets, Brooke Marks, Northwest Beauties, Playboy and Bailey Knox

Honoring The First Female Bank President Of Any Race To Charter A Bank In The United States!

The first woman to start a bank — a black woman — finally gets her due in the Confederacy’s capital. Maggie L. Walker started a newspaper. She was the first country’s first woman to found a bank. She was a humanitarian, a teacher, an icon of her community in 1920s Richmond. She was also the daughter of a former slave. Walker’s accomplishments in the face of racial oppression and segregation have never been honored in her hometown in the same way as the Confederate leaders whose statues are the focal point of downtown Richmond. Posted By PSmooth

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