Shock Footage: The Aftermath of Las Vegas Shooting *WARNING: Extremely Graphic Video*

The following footage was taken in the immediate aftermath of the Las Vegas shooting. Viewer discretion is advised as the following scenes are extremely graphic. I found this and reposted it! Many people questioned if there was any actual deaths – this video proves what the aftermath was like.  via: www.liveleak From Around the Web From […]
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Vegas Police Release Bodycam Footage That “Justifies” Them Hemming Up Michael Bennett After The Mayweather Fight [Video]

Las Vegas PD released body cam footage depicting a 3-man police team of 2 hispanic officers and 1 black officer chasing down Michael Bennett after he kept running and did not get down on the ground as instructed during a hotel swee in search of an active shooter inside a casino.

As Bennett was spotted crouching down and running through the casino and out a hotel door, eventually jumping over a gate and running out the street, cops singled him out as a possible suspect in the incident. But once they identified him, they quickly let him go.

The Vegas PD believes this proves his detainment had nothing to do with race.

Hmmm…do you think the cops have a point or was it just another case of blame the Black man?



Not Backing Down: Kenneka Jenkins’ Mother Held A Press Conference Today After Seeing Hotel Footage

Chris Sweda/Chicago Tribune/TNS via Getty Images

Kenneka Jenkins’ Mother Holds Press Conference

The Kenneka Jenkins case continues to grow more and more heartbreaking. With the release of video footage from the night, one would hope that things would only grow more clear, but unfortunately the opposite is true with this situation. The confusing footage shows Jenkins wandering around aimlessly and noticeably disoriented, and some claim that proves that she, herself went into the freezer she was later found dead in.

Kenneka’s mother is rightfully unsatisfied with the release of the footage, especially because there is no video of her actually entering the freezer. She held a press conference today where the general message was: this is anything but a closed case.

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For any mourning mother, closing a chapter like this is unbelievably hard, but it’s made even more difficult when there’s so many holes in the story. Whether her friends actually “lost track” of her or deliberately led her astray, there’s something missing in this story that’s making everything seem fishy.

Some insensitive mf’s are saying Jenkins’ mother needs to “let it go,” after seeing videos from the press conference, but if anybody’s going to dedicate themselves to finding out the truth, it’s a mama bear.

This press conference proves she’s not giving up on the truth anytime soon, hopefully this mourning mother can find justice for her daughter and the real story presents itself sooner than later.


McDonald’s Under Fire After Hidden Footage Reveals The Truth Behind McNuggets

Undercover video released on Wednesday by animal rights organization, Mercy for Animals, shows how chickens are treated before being turned into McDonald’s famous Chicken McNuggets. The graphic footage was filmed at T&S Farm in Dukedom, Tennessee by an investigator for Mercy for Animals, who applied for a job at the Tyson Foods-contracted farm earlier this year. The covert activist, who worked at T&S in […]
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‘Rape By Cop’: Dashcam Footage Shows Student’s 11 Minute Vaginal Search

Dashcam footage has been released showing three Texas police officers subjecting a college student to a shocking road-side vaginal search that lasted 11 minutes. Charneisha Corley was a 21-year-old college student with no criminal history when she was pulled over by police in Harris County, Texas on June 21, 2015, for allegedly running a stop […]
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Jay-Z Releases Behind The Scenes Footage Of “Moonlight” To TIDAL

Jay-Z‘s video accompaniments to his latest studio album 4:44 have been nothing short of riveting and revealing, letting fans inside the mind of one of Hip-Hop’s geniuses. The latest piece to emerge from the TIDAL service exclusively is behind the scenes footage of “Moonlight” featuring the all-star cast of the video.

By now, the visuals for “Moonlight” has been seen by TIDAL subscribers who are fans of Hov and their lucky associates who got to peer over their shoulders. The clever concept of the visual is a flip of the hit sitcom Friends with an all-Black cast featuring Issa Rae, Tessa Thompson, Tiffany Haddish, LaKeith Stanfield, Jerrod Carmichael, and Lil Rel Howery.

In the preview clip for the BTS footage, Haddish, who has been making the most of her moment after breaking out in the Girls Trip movie, has a comical quip about leaping at the opportunity to play a white character. Thompson also chimed in, stating that the video and song’s message about diversity and inclusion should be the largest takeaway.

Watch the preview for the BTS footage for the Alan Yang-directed video by following this link.

Photo: screen cap

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