Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer: Getting Married Again!

Ryan Edwards has been married to Mackenzie Standifer for six months now.

And what a wild and crazy ride it has been.

From the drugged-up drive to their first wedding to the fact that their first wedding was in a parking lot down by the river to Ryan's Tinder cheating scandal …

There's so much drama we barely even know where to start.

But since Ryan and Mackenzie are having their second wedding this weekend — the real wedding that they'd been planning before that abrupt decision to get hitched in the parking lot — we have to try!


Ryan edwards high
For a very, very long time — the entirety of his relationship with Mackenzie, even — Teen Mom OG fans noticed that Ryan looked pretty odd on the show.

2. Up to No Good

Ryan edwards gun pic
In addition to looking high as a kite 100% of the time, Ryan got into trouble for murdering a bunch of cats. For real. This is the beginning of the fairy tale love story of Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer.

3. Meet Mackenzie

Mackenzie standifer screen cap
Right around the same time that Ryan was getting into trouble for killing those cats — and pretty much immediately after she filed for divorce from her first husband — he met Mackenzie.

4. Moving Fast

Mackenzie standifer engagement ring
… And then pretty much immediately after the divorce was finalized, Ryan proposed. Did we mention that Mackenzie was only 19 years old at this time? Because that feels like an important thing to mention.

5. Bad News

Maci bookout on teen mom og
A few months after Ryan and Mackenzie got engaged, Maci Bookout began opening up about his issues on Teen Mom OG. She started out by hinting that she was scared for his safety before finally breaking down about his drug addiction while on vacation with Catelynn Lowell and Amber Portwood.

6. Moving Faster

Ryan edwards and mackenzie standifer photo
Though they’d been planning a wedding for November, Ryan and Mackenzie decided to go ahead and get hitched in May because, as she explained it, it would help them in their custody case against Maci for Bentley. It didn’t make too much sense, especially since their custody hasn’t changed since then, but that’s their story and they’re sticking to it.

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Baker Mayfield is the star QB prospect NFL fans should be getting to know

At the beginning of the season, it was a near consensus that USC's Sam Darnold was the best quarterback prospect in the 2018 NFL draft class, followed closely by UCLA's Josh Rosen, Louisville's Lamar Jackson, and Wyoming's Josh Allen. However, it is Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield who is quickly proving to be the cream of the crop thus far.

Mayfield is ascending to the top of the Heisman Trophy race, after Penn State's Saquon Barkley fizzled out and, with apologies to Stanford's Bryce Love, no player has been more important to their team this year than the Oklahoma quarterback.

The redshirt senior went ballistic last week for 598 yards, five touchdowns, and two interceptions in a 62-52 victory over Oklahoma State, and followed it up Saturday by going 18-of-27 for 333 yards, three touchdowns, and no interceptions during a 38-20 win over TCU, who boasted the nation's sixth-ranked defense.

Slowly but surely, the idea that Mayfield ought to be taken first in next spring's draft is quickly gaining traction. Pro Football Focus selected Mayfield first overall to the moribund Cleveland Browns in their latest mock draft, and he tops their college football quarterback rankings this season, in large part due to his accuracy and on-field poise.

Mayfield shows veteran-like composure when maneuvering in the pocket and does an excellent job of looking off his initial read before finding his target. Throughout the season, Mayfield has shown off NFL-level accuracy and arm strength, while leading the Sooners past every challenge in their way, including an early season victory on the road against Ohio State. Mayfield's detractors have pointed to his lack of ideal quarterback size, a criticism that has been rendered moot with the success of Tyrod Taylor, Drew Brees, and Russell Wilson, with the latter two in the thick of the NFL MVP race. This isn't to say Mayfield will instantly replicate Brees or Wilson's production, merely that writing him off due to his size seems like an archaic evaluation tool.

Although the 2018 draft class is shaping up to be one of the best quarterback cohorts in recent memory, Mayfield's peers have their flaws. Darnold hasn't been the Andrew Luck prototype some had envisioned and has a tendency to throw passes into double and triple coverage. Rosen has an NFL-ready arm and there are games when he looks like an NFL starter, but he's also proven to be wildly inconsistent. Jackson is undoubtedly the most fun player in college football and it's possible he revolutionizes the game, but he struggles with accuracy and it could be telling in the NFL. Allen's physical gifts will generate plenty of hype over the winter, but the fact that such tools can't even translate to a 60 percent completion rate represents one of several red flags when evaluating his game. In the end, Mayfield's flaws may be the easiest to live with compared to the rest of the 2018 group.

There's plenty of time until the 2018 NFL Draft. In the interim, prepare yourself for the idea that Mayfield goes off the board first after proving his mettle on a weekly basis.

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Khloe Kardashian: Is She Getting Plastic Surgery While Pregnant?!

Khloe Kardashian has been undergoing a huge transformation for years now.

She looks different today than she did yesterday, and she looked different yesterday than she did the day before.

It’s just that today she looks really, really different.

She shared that photo above on Instagram yesterday, and although she’s cuddling with the fluffiest little puppy that ever was, people couldn’t help but notice her face.

Or whatever’s going on in the area where her face used to be.

Seriously, this barely even looks like Khloe.

Her followers had many, many feelings about the photo — a whole lot of them were actually positive that this isn’t even Khloe we’re looking at here.

Several people made a “new face, who dis?” joke, which is fine. It’s an obvious place to go when you see something like this.

Some thought she looks like Hilary Duff here, which is accurate, and lots of commenters made Michael Jackson comparisons, which is unfortunate.

A fair amount of Khloe’s followers believe that this is the result of plastic surgery — that she’s gotten a nose job, or a face lift, or an eye lift, or cheek implants, or a combination of all of these procedures.

As one person pointed out, “money can’t buy you happiness but it sure can buy ya a new face!”

If she did get one or two or twelve plastic surgery procedures, it would be disappointing, because she is naturally gorgeous.

But if she did it now, when she’s widely rumored to be pregnant?

Well, that would be a whole new low. And for this family, that’s saying a lot.

Before you get too worked up though, know that while surgery is a popular theory, an equally popular theory is that this face came about with the help of Photoshop or another photo editing app.

Another possibility — people have seriously put so much thought into this girl’s face right here — is that she’s just wearing her makeup a little differently.

As one of her followers explained it, “Nothing wrong with her face. She just contoured a lot. It’s what a lot of pregnant women do.”

(That’s another theory, by the way, that pregnancy is changing her appearance.)

“LMAOOOO, contouring?” a more cynical father replied “Contouring doesn’t make your nose disappear and actually shrink in size. It’s sad that you still believe the Kardashians’ lies.”

Hilariously though, most people just couldn’t seem to figure out what’s going on here at all.

“What is wrong?” one person asked. “Is this photoshopped?”

“Your face looks very weird,” another pointed out.

“What happened to your normal face??” yet another concerned follower questioned. “I am not being rude, I just don’t understand the transformation.”

Honestly, we don’t understand it either.

But it sure is fun to talk about, huh?

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Close Call: Police Officer Shoots Back At Driver After Nearly Getting Shot In The Head During A Traffic Stop!

(No Sound). La Crescent police have released dashcam video showing an officer nearly get shot in the head during a traffic stop. The officer returned fire, as the suspect accelerates away. Suspects Wyatt Helfrich and William Walraff were eventually apprehended and are being charged. Posted By Persist

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Drunk White UM Fan Caught Fade Of The Decade After Getting Tossed

A woman who was apparently inebriated at a University of Miami football contest between Virginia Tech had to be ousted from the Hard Rock Stadium by four officers. The woman, who was white, struck the Black officer after an initial failed attempt, with the officer striking back with his arm with such force that it appeared to knock the woman unconscious.

Local10.com reports:

The Miami-Dade Police Department is investigating a violent exchange between a police officer and a University of Miami football fan who was removed from Hard Rock Stadium Saturday night.

Detective Alvaro Zabaleta said MDPD received a copy of the video and the investigation of the incident in Miami Gardens was ongoing Saturday morning.

The 14-second video shared late Saturday night on Bartstool UMiami’s social media accounts shows three male police officers and a female police officer pick up a woman who was wearing a UM T-shirt.

The woman’s first attempt to hit the officer, who was holding her right leg, failed. She was able to slap him in the face during her second attempt, and the officer struck back with his right arm, as he was using his left to hold her leg.

Reactions to the viral video have been mixed with some observers stating she was resisting arrest. Others are highlighting the racial ramifications as well, but it’s been quiet on the Blue Lives Matter side of things. There is also some chatter that if race roles were reversed, the outcry would be startling.

A Warning: the clip showing the blow is quite violent so proceed cautiously when viewing.

Hey @ndbarstool even she’s better than Rudy

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Photo: screen cap

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