Kailyn Lowry & Dionisio Cephas: Having Problems ALREADY?!

Earlier this week, we reported that Kailyn Lowry is dating Dionisio Cephas.

Actually, it may be too soon to use the term “dating,” but both parties have confirmed that they’re hooking up and would be open to a relationship at some point in the future.

So basically, these two are in a relationship, but neither of them is prepared to admit it yet.

But regardless of what sort of “friends with benefits” labels Kail and the awesomely-named Dionisio are applying to their situation, it seems they’re not above the sort of problems that most couples endure.

Shortly after Dionisio was identified as Kailyn’s new boyfriend (or whatever she’s calling him) the mother of three started posting some tweets that made it sound as though she’s seriously frustrated with a man in her life.

“Over it. Need some better energy around me,” Kail tweeted, adding a few hours later:

“You’ve lost your mind.”

Adding to the perception that Kail is referring to Dionisio, she retweeted a fan who remarked:

“Stop bullsh-ttin and make it official!”

It’s not hard to see how fans got the impression that Kail is ready to take the next step and entered a committed relationship with Dioniso, while he’s a bit more hesitant to make it official.

“I’m psychic… I knew this would happen,” Kail tweeted on Tuesday, prompting many fans to wonder if she and Cephas had called it quits.

Kailyn didn’t respond to the barrage of questions from fans, but she did offer a subtle indication that the situation that she and Dionisio are working through their problems.

Just when things were beginning to really look bleak, she retweeted a piece of relationship advice from Cephas himself:

“Know the difference between someone that’s really down or someone who’s just tryna keep you around,” he wrote.

Perhaps the complexities of the situation can best be summed up by this cryptic tweet from Kail:

“Been going through it……. been getting through it.”

Or maybe we’re just reading way too much into her social media posts.

How else are we supposed to kill time between new episodes?!

Speaking of which, watch Teen Mom 2 online for your daily dose of Kail and company.

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Convicted Rapist Beats Daughter And Her Boyfriend With A Hammer After Catching Them Having Sex

Father Beats 17-Year-Old Daughter and Boyfriend With Hammer

Soruth Ali attacked his 17-year-old daughter and her boyfriend with a hammer after he discovered them in the house having sex. The father attacked the pair after he heard noises coming from her bedroom on August 21, and has now been jailed for 14 months after he admitted to actual bodily harm and common assault. The 42-year-old’s daughter is in police protection after the incident and has now been placed in care to keep her away from her “very religious and very controlling” father.

Not only is he religious and controlling, but it was found out after he was sentenced at Bolton Crown Court that Ali had served seven years in 1995 for the rape of a 15-year-old girl when she was in her school uniform….

According to testimonies heard in court,  Ali was woken up at 5am by noises coming from his daughter’s bedroom and opened the door to find her and boyfriend James Martin in bed together. He then grabbed a hammer and hit Martin over the head, after that, he punched and kicked his daughter Fathema before dragging her out of her bedroom by the hair while her family begged him to stop.


In a statement to police, Fathema claimed she was forced into living two lives, one for her strict Islamic father at home and another outside the house. The court heard that on the night of the incident, Fathema snuck her boyfriend in the house thinking her parents were away, but when they returned he hid in her bedroom for the night.


Ali has been banned from contacting his daughter for three years under the terms of a restraining order.


Kim Kardashian: Yup, “We’re Having a Baby!”


Another day, another confirmation that a member of TV's most annoying family is having a baby.

Late last week, we shockingly learned that Kylie Jenner is pregnant with Travis Scott's impending offspring.

A few days later, it was time to discover that Khloe Kardashian is pregnant with Tristan Thompson's little boy or girl.

Now, in the following extended promo for Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 14, Kim is talking to her sister on the phone when she turns a long-gestating rumor into an exciting reality:

She and Kanye West really are using a surrogate to welcome a third child into their family!

“What happens every time I say, ‘Guess what?’ ” Kardashian asks Khloe in the video below.

“Pregnant, or the person’s pregnant,” Khloe replies

“We’re having a baby!” Kim then exclaims.

According to various reports, this baby is due in January and is expected to be a girl.

We really are very happy for Kim and Kanye, the former of whom has a serious health issue that would make a third pregnancy dangerous.

Elsewhere in this revealing trailer, Kourtney admits that she's given up on Scott Disick, while also acknowledging she has a "boyfriend." (That would be none other than Younes Bendjima.)

We also see plenty of Khloe and Thompson hanging out and making it clear that their romance is very serious.

Which is a good thing. Considering they will soon be parents together and everything.

Also, Rob Kardashian's troubles with Blac Chyna are explored, as we see the very ugly side to their relationship.

"Why would the restraining order have to do with his amount of custody?" Kris Jenner asks in one scene, referencing Rob and Chyna's legal woes.

Oh, and this happens to Kris:

We love it!

Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 14 kicks off on Sunday, October 1.

Check out this fresh footage now:

Kim kardashian yup were having a baby

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West: We’re Having THIS Kind of Baby!

As has been previously confirmed, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West really are having a third child.

Via surrogate, that is.

Following multiple months of rumors and speculation, a source close to the famous couple revealed on Wednesday that Kim and Kanye have hired a woman to give birth to their fifth immediate family member.

Moreover, we know when this surrogate is due:

Kimye will become parents again in January.

How exciting, right?!?

And now we can contribute another vital tidbit to this initial report:

According to TMZ insiders, Kim and Kanye will welcome a baby girl into the world in very early 2018!

Neither superstar has spoken out specifically about the surrogacy, which is pleasantly surprising.

For a celebrity who shares absolutely everything with the public, it’s nice to see Kardashian is taking this major life step seriously, while also respecting the privacy of her surrogate.

All we know at the moment is that she’s a twenty-something from San Diego.

The baby to whom she has agreed to carry to term on behalf of Kardashian and West will join four-year old daughter North and 21-month old son in the busy household.

Kim has said several times that she’d love to have more children, but she suffered dangerous complications with both her earlier pregnancies.

“It would be a really dangerous environment for me if I were to get pregnant again,” Kim said last year, adding that her husband is very much on board with another child.

“Kanye has been mentioning” the prospect of another kid every day for over a week, Kim told sister Khloe on the latter’s short-lived talk show in 2016.

Under the terms of their arrangement with the unnamed surrogate…

Kim and Kanye will pay $ 45,000 in ten $ 4,500 monthly installments.

… will also pay $ 5,000 for each additional baby in the case of multiples.

… will pay $ 4,000 if surrogate loses reproductive organs.

In exchange for these payments, the surrogate has agreed to various health-related terms, such as no drinking or smoking while pregnant.

“This was always the plan,” a source tells Entertainment Tonight, explaining that the surrogate was found and hired by the stars in June.

“After the complications with the other pregnancies, they knew they wanted to go the surrogacy route for the next baby,” the source adds.

“They took their time finding the right woman to carry their baby and of course they are being very hands-on during this process.”

We’re so very happy for Kardashian and West.

No, really, we are!

It’s easy to mock these superstars for a variety of reasons, but no one can doubt that they love their children and provide those children with a stable, healthy environment at home.

So if they want to expand? And if they went about it in responsible, legitimate fashion? Hey, more power to them! Mazel Tov!

(Editor’s Note: We still reserve the right to make fun of the baby’s name if Kim and Kanye go a North or Saint-like route once again.)

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Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood: Ray J Tried For Another Hit Song And Twitter Wasn’t Having It

Ray J Tries For Another Hit

Say it with us: another week, another Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood dragging. This time it’s Ray J who got the internet chopper for trying to drop off another hit. We have to respect Ray, though, because he was able to poke fun at himself and mention that he hasn’t had a hit in four score and seven years. Kudos to him. But he tried to make another one and, man, Twitter was blasting him.

Take a look at the jokes and how more people caught strays from Twitter, too.


Kim Kardashian Poses As A First Lady, Twitter Ain’t Having It

Kim Kardashian, along with North West, posed as former First Lady Jackie Kennedy Onassis on the cover of Interview magazine. Kim K might have liked it, but Twitter was not amused. 

Ain’t nothing First Lady about Kim K, no shots. Then again, considering the current First Lady Melania Trump’s own salacious past, it isn’t that much a stress.


Anyway, Twitter wasted no time going in on Kardashian. He skin does look a little darker than usual, no?

Peep the reactions below and on the flip.

Photo: Steven Klein courtesy of Interview

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Homeless Man Has Been Granted $550,000 From The Estate Of A Former Lover For Having Threesomes With Her And Her Husband

A ‘homeless’ man has been awarded $ 550,000 from the estate of an elderly woman he regularly had threesomes with more than three decades ago. The man first met the woman – who at the time was married – in 1979 before going on to have numerous sexual encounters with both her and her husband. But […]
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