Jenelle Evans: I Have Too Many Kids!

Have you ever noticed that even though Jenelle Evans has three children now, she's never seemed particularly maternal?

Sure, she's managed to keep Kaiser and Ensley alive, and they seem like healthy, reasonably happy kids, but we've never really seen Jenelle enjoying being a mother, you know?

After Jace was born, she took off night after night because she thought that since he was asleep, he'd be fine — which, as you surely know, is not how babies work.

With Kaiser, she seems overwhelmed and annoyed with him most of the time, and we really haven't seen much footage of her with Ensley to be able to get a feel for how she is with her …

Until now!

In a new sneak peek for tomorrow night's episode of Teen Mom 2, we see Jenelle talk to a producer about how life is with so many children.

(At this point, she still has random visitation with Jace, but Kaiser and Ensley, as well as David's daughter, Maryssa, live with her.)

As the clip begins, she explains that David took Kaiser and Maryssa to school while she sorts out things around the house and takes care of Ensely.

Which means that she runs around upstairs while Ensley chills in a baby swing down in the living room.

A producer asks her how it's been to get moved into their new house while caring for so many kids, and Jenelle doesn't hold back.

"It's been pretty hectic," she says. "I don't know, I'm so confused about life right now. I can't think straight."

The producer suggests that it's all too much, and she doesn't argue.

"I mean, I'm tired by the end of the day, but when I wake up I'm happy that I'm in this house," she explains.

When they were in their old house, she couldn't stop thinking about how much she disliked it, and how she just wanted to "be on my land, away from people, away from traffic."

She then goes to get the baby so she can feed her a bottle, and she tells the producer "See, when I try to get things done I have to stop so I can feed Ensley."

Because how dare that newborn not get up and get her own dang snack, right?

When she's asked if she ever gets any time for herself, she says that she's able to shower and eat and sleep, "but that's about it."

But honestly, it sounds like she's got way more time to herself than many moms — being able to shower and sleep after just giving birth are pretty big luxuries, actually.

While Jenelle doesn't drop any major bombs in this sneak peek, the interesting thing is her demeanor.

It's looks like she's more than just exhausted.

Watch Jenelle and the adorable Ensley in action in the video below:

Jenelle evans i have too many kids

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Jenelle Evans: My Son is Being Violent Because He Wants to Live with Me!

After years and years of watching Teen Mom 2, we all know quite a bit about Jenelle Evans, don't we?

For instance, we know that she's one of those people who tend to create their own version of events, reality be damned.

You can see several examples of this in her new book — remember how she claimed that her mother tricked her into giving up custody of her oldest son, Jace, even though she was the best mom ever?

Meanwhile, we all remember seeing how it really played out in early seasons of the show, and we definitely remember her willingly signing over custody to the long-suffering Barbara Evans.

Still, Jenelle insists on trying to paint herself in a positive light, even if she doesn't deserve it.

And if you still don't know what we're talking about, then just check out this truly bizarre deleted scene from this week's episode of Teen Mom 2.

As you may remember from the episode, Jace has been acting out recently — so much that he threw a toy at Barbara and bruised her face.

Jenelle and Babs talked about getting him into therapy, which seems like a good idea. The poor kid has been through a lot in his eight years.

But in this clip, Teen Mom's hottest mess reveals some additional details about the situation.

Things start off with Jenelle and her fiancé, David Eason, having a little chat in a restaurant while baby Ensley sleeps soundly in her car seat.

They talk about taking some photos with all the kids this weekend, and she mentions that she's excited for Jace to meet Ensley for the first time.

Then she tells him that "He freaked out a school and he threw something at my mom, and like busted her nose."

"And she, like, doesn't understand why he's freaking out, and she calls me and says 'Oh, he's being bad' and everything."

"And then I'm like 'Well, I got my hands tied, what do you want me to do? I'm not there to discipline him and you don't let me have him, so …'"

She says that Barbara has been telling Jace's teachers that she doesn't know why he's "freaking out," and that "I feel bad for him because it's like no one knows the truth and they're believing my mom."

If you're wondering what the hell she's talking about, you're not alone.

But hang on, she gets to her point real quick …

"I know the truth," she tells David. "I know why he's freaking out. He's freaking out because he wants to live here. And that's why he's being bad."

… Really, Jenelle? That's why Jace is acting out and being violent, because he wants to live with you?

She says that she hopes Jace isn't mad at her because he still doesn't live with her, and that "I want Jace to come live with me so bad, he doesn't even know the truth."

What truth?!

The clip ends with Jenelle telling David that she's "trying everything in my power" to get Jace back.

It's just so bizarre that she thinks that her son is behaving the way he is because he wants to live with her … like is that really the scenario that makes the most sense?

Maybe he's reacting to the years and years of seeing Jenelle scream and yell at Barbara — maybe she's never shown her respect, and he's learning that.

Or maybe he's starting to realize how unstable his childhood has been, especially since his mother just had another baby when she still doesn't have custody of him.

There are a lot of reasons why poor Jace could be acting out, but a desperation to live with Jenelle doesn't seem super likely.

Watch the odd scene below:

Jenelle evans my son is being violent because he wants to live w

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Jenelle Evans: I’ll Never Do Heroin Again, Dude!

So hey, just for a fun little change of pace, why don’t we try to say some nice things about Jenelle Evans? Show her a little love for once.

For example, she’s really pretty, isn’t she?

She’s managed to keep the two children she has custody of alive and healthy for their entire lives.

Oh, and here’s a big one: she used to do heroin a lot, but now she doesn’t, and that’s pretty impressive.

See, isn’t positivity fun?

And seriously, she really does deserve respect for how far she’s come from where she used to be.

In her book, Read Between the Lines: From the Diary of a Teenage Mom, she revealed that there was a period in time not too long ago when all she did was smoke weed and do heroin.

This was, of course, during the infamous Kieffer years.

One time, she said that she passed out and woke up later lying on the floor, and “I had no idea how long I was out or what I did during that time.”

“It was scary, not knowing.”

Yeah, we imagine.

And in a new interview with Us Weekly, Jenelle is opening up even more about those dark times.

To start, she recounts that scary heroin incident one more time, saying “I basically blacked out and woke up not remembering anything.”

“I was appalled — I couldn’t believe that happened. I really was so close to dying.”

After that, she called her mother, the long-suffering Barbara Evans, and asked her to come pick her up, which she did.

“I quit cold turkey,” Jenelle claims. “I just went to my mom’s house and rode it out. I started to go through withdrawals for the first time.”

“I didn’t know it would be like the worst flu I’ve ever had for seven days. First, you have insomnia, then you can’t eat, then you have panic attacks, then hot and cold sweats for a week, uncontrollable shaking and your joints hurt.”

“You can die from trying to withdraw on your own,” she adds. “I luckily did it safely.”

“But I said to myself, ‘I’m done. I can’t ever go through this again.'”

And that, kids, is just a short list of reasons why you should never, ever do heroin.

It’s also a little confusing, because she did heroin when she was with Courtland Rogers too, right? And she was with Courtland after she was with Kieffer, and she moved on to Nathan Griffith pretty fast after dumping Courtland.

But we all know by now that Jenelle is a fan of rewriting history, so it’s hard to tell what the truth is here — let’s just let her have this one.

Admirably, Jenelle also says that she wants to “bring attention to how severe the heroin epidemic is. It’s horrible. It is like a disease and needs to be treated like it.”

She adds that she was originally “I was afraid to speak out and tell people that I was on drugs. People were accusing me of it, but I just thought, ‘Oh, they don’t know me. I have it figured out.'”

“I was in denial.”

Thankfully she stopped with denial, at least about the drugs, and she’s obviously doing much better now.

But how about her relationship with poor Babs?

“I told her, ‘If you want to be in my life, you can give me back my son and we can start from there,'” she says.

“I can’t stand that a mother would do this to her daughter. I lost all respect for her.”

Where’s the eye-roll emoji when you need it, right?

About all the rumors about Jenelle being pregnant with her fourth child, she says that she’s actually “planning to get my tubes tied as soon as I get the time.”

She’s “75% sure” she’s going to get that done, “but I don’t want any more kids. The shop is closed for business!”

Finally, when asked how her life has changed since she began filming Teen Mom 2, she says that back then, “I watched myself really running with a bad crowd.”

“Now I’m settled in my house, I don’t go out partying. I’m not a bad kid anymore.”

And thank goodness for that.

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Jenelle Evans Opens Up About Pill-Popping, Overdoses

In case you haven’t heard, Jenelle Evans has a new memoir out, and it is just chock full of jaw-dropping revelations about the Teen Mom 2 star.

We thought we were pretty much past the point of being shocked by Jenelle, but it turns out that her years before reality stardom were just as bonkers as everything that’s happened since.

In one of the first excerpts released to the public, we learned that Jenelle suffered heroin overdoses and nearly died on more than one occasion.

In a portion revealed earlier today, we found out that Jenelle contemplated suicide in her youth, though she admitted that her attempts were primarily “cries for help.”

Now, Jenelle’s publishers have posted yet another excerpt of Read Between The Lines: Diary of a Teenage Mom, and once again, we’re confronted with the reality that Jenelle’s backstory is even darker than we thought.

In one scary scene, Jenelle writes about an incident in 2006, in which she swallowed 24 decongestant pills after being told that large of an overdose would have a hallucinogenic effect.

“I took six pills at first, then waited,” Evans writes.

“I got a little lightheaded but nothing else… I got nothing from it, so I took six more. Where were my hallucinations? Where was my unusual insight to the universe? All I got was a queasy feeling. So, I took six more.”

She never achieved the hallucinations she was looking for – but she did get very sick.

“I knew something wasn’t right when my heart started beating really fast,” she writes in the book.

“I had some chest pains and felt really sick to my stomach. That’s when I decided to go find my mom and tell her what I had done.”

In another excerpt, Jenelle writes about multiple brushes with death while she was dating Kiefer Delp in 2008.

The couple frequently used heroin together, and the way Evans describes it, it’s a wonder she survived.

“I did a lot of heroin and weed,” she writes.

“That was all I did. Just smoked and shot up and laid around chillin.’”

She goes on to describe an incident in which she lost consciousness on a bathroom floor after shooting up.

“I had no idea how long I was out or what I did during that time,” she said.

“It was scary, not knowing. I asked Kieffer why I was lying on the f–king floor. Kieffer said I passed out.”

Obviously, Jenelle is still far from perfect, but she’s certainly come a long way since those days.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online at TV Fanatic to relive the rollercoaster that’s been Jenelle’s life.

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Jenelle Evans SLAMMED for Bad Parenting by Nathan Griffith!

If you watched Monday night’s season premiere of Teen Mom 2, then you know that Jenelle Evans did not have the greatest time while pregnant with her third child, Ensley.

It was actually kind of hard to watch.

The big issue in the episode was that Jenelle and her family were forced to move to a new rental home because their current house had some mold in it.

Mold that was potentially toxic: bad news for everyone, but especially bad news for a pregnant woman and toddler.

So her boyfriend, David Eason, assembled some buddies and began moving things while she took care of little Kaiser.

Sounds like they had a plan, right?

Unfortunately, being pregnant while caring for a toddler and also while moving is a recipe for disaster, and a disaster is what we got.

After a day of moving, David called their realtor’s office to pick up the keys for their new house, only to find that the office had already closed.

Jenelle began freaking out — hard.

“Now where are we going to sleep? In a hotel?” she asked him. “What are we going to do? I’m going to freak out if I have to stay in this house another day.”

David pointed out that he’d told her earlier that day to pick up the keys, but she said that she couldn’t do it with Kaiser.

He told her to take Kaiser and go to a hotel, and she scoffed, telling him sarcastically that being in a hotel room with Kaiser would be “so much fun.”

Basically nothing was good enough for her, and she took her frustrations out on everyone around her.

Including poor little Kaiser.

She made it sound like that little boy is the worst kid in the world, like he’s completely unmanageable and she’s simply unable to control him by herself.

She kept calling him “bad,” and she kept making it seem like she’d rather do anything than be alone with him.

And yes, she was heavily pregnant during these scenes, and her frustrations are understandable, but she’s still his mother. She still needs to be caring and kind to him.

And it sounds like Kaiser’s father, Nathan Griffith, agrees.

When someone reached out to him on Twitter to ask him if Kaiser was really as bad as Jenelle made him out to be, he wrote “He can definitely be a handful but it’s not his fault.”

“I think a little love, structure and attention can go a long way in a child’s life.”

To be clear, Nathan is a terrible human being and also a terrible father, so it’s not like he really has any room to give anyone else parenting advice.

But he’s actually not wrong.

Another person told him that he needed to work on co-parenting more effectively with Jenelle if he really believed these things.

“100%,” he replied. “I can’t agree with you anymore! I have discussed these issues with David and Jenelle.”

“I get along with my ex wife and her family perfectly,” he added. “I’m really easy going. I give in a lot to JE. I know it doesn’t show it but it is tv.”

“Kaiser has a big heart. He is like me that needs tons of love and structure that I didn’t get.”

“He will fall and learn as I did,” he wrote, “but I want him to be 100x’s better than a man I am!”

Again, we can’t stress this enough, Nathan is an absolute nightmare.

But if he looks like the reasonable parent here … what does that say about Jenelle?

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Jenelle Evans: I Don’t Respect My Mom!

If you keep up with the comings and goings of Jenelle Evans, then one, bless your heart, because you sure are trooper, huh?

And two, you know that she hasn’t gotten along with her mother, Barbara Evans, for a very, very long time.

Even back in the first season of Teen Mom 2, we saw Jenelle and Barbara get into horrific fights — mostly because Jenelle couldn’t seem to comprehend the idea of being responsible.

She left her newborn son, little baby Jace, at home while she went out partying at night, and she expected her mom to pick up her slack.

Meanwhile, Barbara had (and still has) a job, but she still cared for Jace throughout the nights while Jenelle was out, and during some mornings when she was too tired to parent.

Eventually she signed temporary custody over to Barbara, with the understanding that “temporary” custody could mean she’d get him back in a few months or that Babs would have custody until Jace turned 18.

After that, Barbara acted as a full-time parent to Jace while Jenelle ran off with various boyfriends, got addicted to heroin, etc.

The kid will be eight years old next month, and Barbara still has full custody of him.

And, according to Jenelle, that’s why she’s “lost all respect” for her mother.


“We don’t talk much,” she admits in a new interview with Us Weekly.

“We only talk about Jace and meeting up to drop him off or pick him up and other than that, we aren’t talking.”

The issue, she says, is that she’s “frustrated” that Barbara just won’t give her custody of Jace.

“I told her,” she claims, “if you want to be back in my life in any way, you can give me back my son and we can start from there.”

“As long as I don’t have Jace, I don’t see us having a real relationship.”

Does Jenelle not understand anything?

It’s not like Barbara can simply change her mind and give Jace to Jenelle — she’s not keeping him to spite her.

She stepped up when Jenelle was in a really dark place, and she’s been the only real parent Jace has ever known.

And really, it’s only been a year or so since Jenelle’s had her life together. For several years, she was completely out of control.

As she admitted in another recent interview, she almost died of a heroin overdose — shouldn’t she be grateful for Barbara and how she’s dedicated so much of herself to Jace when she couldn’t?

Also, just a couple of months ago, Jenelle agreed to an official visitation schedule for Jace.

Instead of going to trial and possibly getting custody of her son — the thing she’s said she’s wanted for years — she agreed to go to mediation with Barbara, and their lawyers worked out their new schedule with the new rules.

That was her opportunity to get Jace back, but she’s still saying she’s waiting on Barbara to just hand him over.

Again, does she not understand anything?!

In the interview, she also says that “Ever since the court date, I haven’t filmed with her. I think it’ll just be pick up and drop offs unless my director really pushes.”

“As for me and my mom on camera together having a conversation? No, you won’t be seeing that.”

Which is sad, because we did see them have a nice moment in a sneak peek for the upcoming season.

We should have known it wouldn’t last.

Ideally, someone can sit Jenelle down and calmly explain to her how this whole custody thing works, since she hasn’t seemed to be able to comprehend it yet.

And then, maybe that person can clue her in on just how much Barbara has done for her and Jace over the years.

That’s the dream, anyway.

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Jenelle Evans Takes a Pregnancy Test in Facebook Live Video!

For the past week or so, a certain rumor about Jenelle Evans has been getting stronger and stronger.

That rumor, as hard as it may be to believe, is that she's pregnant. Again.

It's funny because it's not even a little hard to believe — this girl is only 25 years old and she's already been pregnant at least five times.

This time, the rumors began because it seems like Jenelle's been focused on hiding her midsection lately, possibly to hide a baby bump.

Another interesting little tidbit is that her fiancé, David Eason, shared a photo of the two of them kissing with the caption "V.I."

Some people speculated that he could be referring to the roman numeral for six — the number of kids they'd have between them if she was pregnant right now.

Jenelle has denied the rumors on social media, but still, they're persisting.

So short of giving an ultrasound on live television, she's giving us the most definitive proof she can: a pregnancy test done on Facebook Live.

As she explains before taking the test, the rumors have been going on for a while now, but they've gotten to the point where certain sites are definitively stating facts about he pregnancy.

Which, she maintains, is not real.

She says that when David wrote "V.I.," he was simply shortening "Virgin Islands," the place where the photo was taken, and besides, she's got an IUD.

"If it is positive," she says about the test, "it's the first time I will know, but I have an IUD, so …"

But, as we all know, IUDs aren't 100% effective, so it is possible that she's pregnant.

The cameras kept rolling as Jenelle went to take the test — a way to show all us viewers that there's no funny business going on.

But still, she didn't squat over the stick on the live feed, so there's always the chance she had some non-pregnant lady pee waiting to trick us all.

While they're waiting on the results of the test, she acknowledges that she did lie when she was pregnant with Ensley, and that's why people are having a hard time believing her when she says she's not pregnant.

But, she says, that's why she's taking the pregnancy test for us all to see — and if there's still any doubt, time will tell when her wedding comes up and she doesn't have a huge bump.

Hilariously, she also adds that she's planning on getting her tubes tied when she has the time, but David won't get a vasectomy because it would be "unhealthy for him."

Because sure, it makes sense for her to have an invasive surgery instead of him getting a little snip at a doctor's office.

After this weird bit of chit chat, it's finally time for Jenelle to reveal the test results.

Check out the current state of her uterus in the video below:

Jenelle evans takes a pregnancy test in facebook live video

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Jenelle Evans: Wedding Date Revealed … And It’s SOON!

After years of arrests, meltdowns, various drug habits, and general bad behavior, we’d become convinced that Jenelle Evans was done surprising us.

When will we ever learn?!

Just when you think that Jenelle has done her last terrible deed, that nothing else she could do could possible shock us, she turns around and proves you wrong.

And she’s doing just that with the latest news concerning her upcoming wedding to David Eason.

Which, by the way, is happening really, really soon.

Like, in just over two months.

Jenelle and David announced the big news with some photos taken from a Save the Date photo shoot.

Your eye might find itself checking out the happy couple first, which makes sense.

Against all odds, these photos actually are pretty cute.

But then you’ll see that on that fence, someone scrawled the date 09-23-2017.

Which means that on September 27th — less than three months away — Jenelle will walk down the aisle for the second time and wed David.

(Or will she walk down the aisle for the first time? With Courtland Rogers, there may have been less tradition and more heroin.)

It seems very, very soon, right? Too soon, really.

They had their first child together, precious little Ensley, in January, then David proposed in February.

Seven months from the proposal to the wedding isn’t unheard of, but two and a half months from the Save the Date to the wedding?

That’s a little more rushed.

One may even be inclined to theorize that they’re pushing the wedding so fast so that Jenelle’s dress options won’t be limited by a growing baby bump.

Because remember, it’s that time of year when our favorite Teen Mom trainwreck faces a whole bunch of pregnancy rumors.

The rumors began when her social media followers began to notice that she’d developed a habit of hiding her stomach in photos.

A classic pregnant Jenelle move if there ever was one.

Then, in a Fourth of July selfie she shared on Snapchat, her stomach looked like it was sort of pushed up — kind of like she had a baby bump.

The thing is that it doesn’t look like she’s gained weight — she’s a small person, and she’s small right now. She looks happy and healthy.

Perhaps happy and healthy also with some tummy secrets.

But hey, even if they’re not rushing the wedding because of a second kid, there’s still a Teen Mom wedding happening!

And that’s always a sweet, special occasion.

To give you an example of the sweetness, when Jenelle shared her Save the Date photo, she wrote “I’m ready to make my life forever with you.”

As for David’s mushy caption, he wrote “Love binds us together in perfect unity.”

And The Ashley’s Reality Roundup has exclusive details for the wedding, too!

According to the report, the wedding will take place at Jenelle and David’s North Carolina home on their massive amount of land — cute!

The guest list won’t be large at all — none of the Teen Mom girls will be invited, and Jenelle’s mother Barbara isn’t invited either.

But before you get too sad about that pitiful little tidbit, know that a film crew will be there, because thank goodness, the wedding will be filmed for Teen Mom 2.

Congrats, Jenelle!

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Stevie Ryan Dies; Actress & Jenelle Evans Foe Was 33

Stevie Ryan, an actress and comedian best known in gossip circles for her lengthy feud with Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans, has passed away.

Ryan was just 33 years old.

Details are still scarce, but police investigating the tragedy are describing Ryan’s death as an apparent suicide by hanging.

The shocking news comes just one week after Stevie publicly shared her grief over the death of her grandfather.

“I’m just worried that this is going to send me into a deeper depression,” Ryan stated on a recent episode of her podcast.

After moving to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career at the age of 19, Ryan unexpectedly found success through her YouTube channel.

Specifically, through her signature character, Little Loca.

Ryan eventually carved out a niche when she started poking fun at celebrities, going viral with a number of spot-on impressions.

Ryan told The Hollywood Reporter in 2012:

“I remember waking up and one Little Loca video had like 900 hits and I was like ‘Oh, my gosh. There’s people watching this?’” 

“And it just kept going and then I did this Paris Hilton thing and then it literally was just growing and growing.”

“And I just became so obsessed with all of it.”

Ryan landed a VH1 sketch series entitled Stevie TV in 2012 but despite critical acclaim, the show lasted only one season.

She went on to host Brody Jenner’s short-lived E! series, Sex With Brody. That series also lasted only one season (2015).

But it was her riffs on the Teen Mom phenomenon and its cast members that gained Ryan the most attention on social media.

Ryan mocked Farrah Abraham, Jenelle Evans, and others in a fashion that made her popular with many fans of the franchise.

On the flip side, it made her roundly despised by some of the show’s stars, who failed to see the humor in what she was doing.

At one point, Ryan publicly shared a series of flirtatious texts that she had received from Evans’ then-boyfriend Nathan Griffith.

Today, the 25-year-old Evans spoke out on social media after receiving word of Ryan’s death, acknowledging their feud.

“I know we pretty much hated each other but I’m sorry you had to go so soon pretty girl,” Jenelle tweeted.

Other Teen Mom stars have yet to publicly address Ryan’s death, but we suspect we’ll be hearing from more of them in due time.

As is to be expected amid such tragedy, thousands of tributes from fans of the gifted comic have already poured in on Twitter.

Many of the online reactions involve encouraging anyone who may be suffering from thoughts of suicide to seek immediate help. 

We strongly urge those who are struggling to take such steps sooner rather than later, and our thoughts go out to Ryan’s family.

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Jenelle Evans: Putting Her Own Happiness Ahead of Her Son?

It hasn’t been the best week for Jenelle Evans.

In fact, we’d wager that she hasn’t looked this bad in quite some time.

First off, she lost her custody battle for her oldest son, Jace — or, well, she didn’t so much lose it as she did agree to stop pursuing it.

On Wednesday, and and her mother, Barbara Evans, had mediation in which they both agreed to a new visitation agreement.

Barbara would maintain full custody of Jace, as she has for nearly eight years now, and Jenelle would get him every other weekend, for a couple of weeks during the summer, and for certain holidays.

There were also several rules put in place to protect Jace: no one could use drugs or drink excessively around him, they’re required to be respectful of each other around him.

It’s a pretty nice setup, but the niceness didn’t last for long.

On Friday, Jenelle went on an epic Twitter rant, bashing poor Barbara and threatening to write a tell-all to reveal her deepest, darkest secrets.

She also claimed that she had a plan and a reason for not pursuing custody of Jace.

Then, a little later, a video mysteriously surfaced that showed Jenelle and her boyfriend, David Eason, accusing Barbara of drinking and driving with Jace, along with some other kids, in the car.

Was that part of her plan? It sure seemed like it.

Barbara didn’t seem drunk at all, and Jenelle and David were mercilessly taunting her. If anything, the video made them look bad, not her.

But hey, drinking and driving might sway a judge’s opinion on who should have custody, right?

It’s a mess, that’s for sure. And in this new interview Barbara did with Us Weekly, it seems like she’s fully aware.

To start, Babs felt the need to defend herself by saying “I just want people to know that I’m not trying to keep Jace away from my daughter.”

“I have to protect him from certain situations. I don’t hate my daughter,” she insisted.

“All of this was because I love Jace. Jace has a great life at my house: he’s going to school — he finishes in a couple weeks — he has friends now, he’s in Boy Scouts and he’s going to summer camp!”

It sounds like the kid really does have a great life — and it’s not a stretch to think that Jenelle might not be as good about keeping up his extracurricular activities.

“I think that in the end, our whole family will be very happy,” Barbara continued. “My main concern was that my daughter and I would have a very drawn out court battle, and luckily that was not the case.”

“I love her and don’t want to fight with her in a courtroom! It actually went much more smoothly than I could have hoped.”

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about her relationship with her daughter, which she said is “very, very strained right now, as it usually is.”

“She hates me. I think as time goes on, it will get better between us. I have to believe that because she’s my daughter.”

Barbara represented us all when she added “I’m not sure why Jenelle doesn’t see that I have the best home to raise Jace in.”

“I do not think Jenelle is putting Jace’s well-being before her happiness. Of course she wants Jace to live with her, but she isn’t thinking that my house may be a better place, especially while she’s with David.”

Remember, Barb has said that David is Jenelle’s worst boyfriend ever — which is really saying something.

Jenelle’s dated guys that have introduced her to heroin, guys who have physically abused her, guys that are named Nathan Griffith.

If David is the worst … does Barbara have room at her house for Kaiser and Ensley, too?

In closing, we remain, now and forever, #TeamBabs.

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