Magic likens LaVar Ball to Kardashian matriarch: ‘We didn’t say she was bad’

Los Angeles Lakers president Magic Johnson reiterated this week that the media antics of LaVar Ball will have no influence on whether the Lakers select Lonzo Ball with the No. 2 pick in next month's draft.

“I don’t look at any parent when it comes to a professional league,” Johnson told ESPN LA 710’s “Marcellus and Kevin” on Wednesday. “I have no problem with LaVar.”

Johnson then drew a comparison to another only-in-L.A. story, the Kardashians.

“The Kardashians, we didn’t say the mom was bad, and she made them a lot of money, right?” he said. “I think it’s the same here, (LaVar is) saying ‘my son’s great’ and there’s nothing bad with that.”

Johnson went on the record earlier this month by saying the potential distraction of the senior Ball wouldn’t dictate the Lakers’ draft strategy. While most observers expect the purple and gold to select the UCLA product, other reports have suggested it’s not a given.

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Last week, The Vertical’s Jonathon Givony said the Lakers were trying to set up a head-to-head workout between Ball and De’Aaron Fox, who torched Ball in the NCAA tournament. Johnson didn’t discuss that report, but did say the team was in the process of setting up a workout with Ball.

Despite LaVar’s earlier proclamation that his son would only work out for his hometown Lakers, a report surfaced Thursday that he would consider visiting the Philadelphia 76ers, holders of the No. 3 pick.

Johnson, meanwhile, reminded listeners that once players arrive in the NBA, they are all over the age of 18 and can be considered adults.

“This young man has been a champion in high school, he’s gone on to have a stellar career at UCLA, and his father was talking then and it didn’t bother (Lonzo),” Johnson said. “So as long as it doesn’t bother him, it’s not going to bother the Lakers organization as long as Lonzo performs on the basketball court.”

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Kim Kardashian Reaches Instagram Milestone, Sharing Shocking Pics

Kim Kardashian really is a changed woman.

And this is very bad news for horny young men around the globe.

Just over two years ago, Kardashian crossed the 27 million follower mark on Instagram and celebrated with a seductive photograph of herself in bed.

“27 mil!!!!! Thank you so much!!!! I love you all!!!!!” Kim captioned the very sexy snapshot in February of 2015.

When her follower count subsequently climbed to 42 million, Kardashian dropped a MASSIVE cleavage selfie on fans in recognization of the achievement.

When she hit 45 million not long afterward?

You guessed it: more cleavage!

But that was before Kim was a mother of two.

It was before she was robbed at gunpoint in Paris this past October and forced to truly re-evaluate nearly every aspect of her life.

Kardashian has understandably become far more guarded since this incident and, by extension, far more clothed.

Earlier this week, she accomplished a true Instagram feat, becoming just the sixth person to reach 100 million followers.

However, she didn’t strip down in celebration. She didn’t show off her boobs. She chose to show off her family instead.

kim thanks

“I CAN’T BELIEVE I’VE REACHED 100 MILLION FOLLOWERS ON INSTAGRAM, THANKS TO YOU GUYS!!!” she wrote as a caption to the above family portrait on her official website.


On Instagram itself, meanwhile, Kardashian not only didn’t reward followers with a new naked selfie.

She didn’t even feature a new picture of herself!

She went with the following image of daughter North West and wrote as another caption:

“She has no clue what 100 million followers means but she’s excited cause i’m excited lol thanks for the follows and the love.”

This brand new Kim Kardashian is probably good for the reality star’s mental health.

But is it good for her future as an actual reality star? Can a buttoned-up, responsible, conservative, more private Kim Kardashian remain a legitimate A-Lister?

No. Not if the failing ratings for Keeping Up with the Kardashians are any indication.

After the aforementioned robbery in Paris, Kim stepped fully away from the spotlight.

She didn’t share anything at all on social media and she didn’t go out in public.

Following several weeks of being on a self-imposed lockdown, however, Kim re-emerged little by little, posting various pictures of her husband and children at home.

“It was time for Kim to get back on social media and back to work,” an insider told Entertainment Weekly in January, explaining:

“That is a huge part of her career. She has obligations to support her family and has an entire team working for her. It was time to get back to normal.”

Well, not normal.

Normal would have previously meant a Kim Kardashian nude spread in honor of this social media milestone. 

The new Kim Kardashian normal is a portrait of her loved ones.

We’re sorry, fellas. But you had to know this day was coming sooner or later, robbery or no robbery.

As for where Kardashian stands in the grand scheme of Instagram, she still has a ways to go before she can threaten Selena Gomez as the most popular user.

That singer is the most followed person on the platform by far, with approximately 120 million fans.

She is followed by: Ariana Grande at 105 million; Taylor Swift at 102 million; Beyonce and Cristiano Ronaldo, both at 101 million; and then Kim.

Kardashian is a solid 20 million followers ahead of the next person in her family, however, although we could actually see Kylie Jenner catching up someday.

She has her own reality show coming out and she remains very open to taking nearly everything off on a weekly basis.

That’s a tough combination. It’s one Kim can’t really compete with these days.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on both Instagram accounts to see if Kylie can someday usurp her sibling. Stay tuned!

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Kim Kardashian: Shut the F–k Up, Khloe, You Bully!

The Kardashians are an extremely close family, full of love and sisterhood and all kinds of nice, sweet things.

But sometimes, families fight. It's an unavoidable fact.

It's just that when the Kardashians fight … well, they tend to get a little trashy with it.

You'll see what we're talking about in this sneak peek from Sunday night's new episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

In the clip, the family is down in Costa Rica on their big fancy vacation, lounging in a mansion by the beach and generally just soaking up their own good fortune.

Khloe, Kim, Kourtney and Kris have a little hang-out session on the deck, and Kris tells Khloe that she heard she wasn't having a good time on the trip.

Khloe, who is straight up pouting like a child, complains that she doesn't get to spend a lot of time with everyone anymore, so she wanted to get in some solid bonding time while in Costa Rica.

"Kylie and Tyga are locked away in their room," she tells Kris. "You and Corey are doing whatever you and Corey do, you don't like to do any activities."

Kris tries to tell her that she's wrong, that she loves activities, but Khloe cuts her off so that she can continue airing her grievances.

"Kim has her things where she's … whatever," Khloe begins, but Kim isn't having it.

She tells her little sister that she was afraid of whitewater rafting — it sounds like an issue that's already come up — and adds "What's the point in making it not fun for us to want to hang out with you if you're always snappy?"

Kim has a point, but Khloe shuts down, telling everyone to "get away," and she tells Kim that she's "ruined her mood already today."

In what turns into the most awkward, immature scene we've seen on this show in a while, which is really saying something, Kris and Kourtney try to comfort Khloe, but she refuses to listen.

"This is what I can't handle," Kim begins, "you're just so f-cking … like you're so annoying. It's like, shut the f-ck up."

"You're the negative one," she continues, "just saying how awful we are. You're like a big bully who bullies all of us."

Kim walks away after that, and in a confessional, Khloe says that she just wants to hang out with her family, and she doesn't understand why that's bad.

It's bad because she does it in the most obnoxious way possible, but if she doesn't understand that at this point, it's unlikely she ever will.

Watch Khloe and Kim go at each other's throats in the video below:

Kim kardashian shut the f k up khloe you bully

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Kourtney Kardashian: Having Secret Hotel Hookups with Younes Bendjima?!

Kourtney Kardashian has been seeing very beautiful model Younes Bendjima for several months now.


We first heard rumors of Kourtney getting with Younes back in November, but we’ve learned that they were partying together the night Kim Kardashian was robbed, which happened in early October.

After the initial reports, we didn’t hear much about this Younes until earlier this month, when he and Kourtney were photographed going to lunch together.

So what’s up with this couple? Are they even a couple? Perhaps they’re just a couple of horny pretty people?

Thanks to a loose-lipped source who spoke with E! News, we may finally have an answer.

The source claims that Kourtney and Younes spent some time together at the Hotel Bel Air in L.A. on Wednesday night — and that this is a frequent occurrence for them.

The routine, it seems, is for the two of them to stay away from any populated areas like the bar or the lobby, and instead to just get right to business in a private room.

Their hotel rendezvous allegedly began shortly after Kim’s robbery — the source says that “He was really helpful and supportive during that time.”

“Kourtney really likes him and will text him to meet up whenever she has time without her kids.”

“It’s been casual,” the source added, “but they are really getting to know each other and having fun.”

So he stepped up after the robbery in October, so since then Kourtney hollers at him when she has some free time and they meet up at a hotel?

Sounds pretty discreet. And also pretty titillating.

Oh, and also it sounds like the same thing she did with Justin Bieber back in the day.

But hey, Kourtney is a single woman, she’s not doing anything wrong by hooking up with younger men in hotels. Good for her, really.

It’s not like she needs anyone’s approval anyway.

Scott Disick has reportedly been devastated by her relationship with Younes, so much that he’s been drinking heavily again, on yet another downward spiral.

But still, a source has said that “Kourtney doesn’t care what he thinks. She thinks he is the last person who should have opinions about who she is dating.”

So if she doesn’t care about the opinion of her former partner of over ten years, the father of her three children … it’s probably safe to say that she doesn’t care about anyone else’s opinion, either.

You get yours, Kourtney.

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Rob Kardashian Confuses Fans With Blac Chyna Throwback Pic

It’s been almost six months since Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna broke up for what seems to be the final time.

The couple has called it quits many times before, but after a pre-Christmas blowout during which Blac allegedly attacked Rob, both parties seem to have reached the decision that it’s best if they part ways for good.

So why is Rob still posting coupled-up pics with Chyna on his Instagram page?

Well, despite rumors to the contrary, it seems Rob and Blac are not back together.

But amazingly, following seriously messy split, it seems they’re actually making good on their promise to work out an amicable co-parenting relationship.

As anyone who caught Rob and Chyna’s ill-fated reality show can attest, these two were terrible as a couple.

But somehow they’re actually making it work as friends.

Yesterday was Blac’s birthday and Rob posted the above pic with a caption reading simply:

“Happy birthday @blacchyna”

He added two watermelon emojis for reasons that are probably clear only to Rob and Chyna.

Blac opened up about her high-profile relationship and breakup in a recent interview with Cosmopolitan South Africa:

“Every person who’s in a long-term relationship, or who is committed to their person, goes through ups and downs,” she told the magazine.

“Everything isn’t always going to be peaches and cream. If it is, then it’s fake. I’m in it for the long haul, so I feel like my advice [for anyone in a similar situation] is therapy, know each other’s family, calling each other’s moms.”

Rob and Blac certainly had more than their share of ups and downs, but it looks like they’ve reached a good place together.

Or maybe Rob really is trying to win Blac back and this is just his painfully awkward way of going about it.

It’s a depressing thought, not only because it means Rob doesn’t realize how dangerously dysfunctional his relationship with Blac was, but also because if he pulls it off, it would mean putting little Dream Kardashian back in a nightmare scenario.

Here’s hoping Rob realizes it’s best to let the past stay in the past.

It’s enough of a miracle that these two were able to build a friendship out of the ashes of their romance.

It really wouldn’t be wise for them to press their luck.

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West: Still on the Brink of Divorce?!

Remember a few months back, after Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint and Kanye West had his mental breakdown and there were a whole bunch of rumors about how they were getting divorced?

Yeah, it was a tough time in the world of Kimye.

But lately, Kim seems to be doing considerably better after her trauma, and Kanye is still taking plenty of time to himself.

So you’d think that things were good between them now, right? No divorce rumors, no rumors at all, really, so surely they’re fine.

According to a new report from People, that may not be the case. Not entirely, anyway.

A source close to Kanye claimed that “Kim and Kanye are in a great place” right now, and “They are just so happy. He’s doing really great.”

“They went through a really tough time there for awhile. It was really touch and go.”

“She was dealing with the robbery and all that came after,” the source explained, “and she felt like he wasn’t there for her. He was going through his issues around the holidays, and he felt like she wasn’t prioritizing him.”

And so “Things were just awful between the two of them, but also with both of them separately.”

“It was like for the first time, they just weren’t happy. I don’t think they were happy separately, and I know they weren’t happy together.”

It sounds like a tough time, but the source said that Kim kept telling Kanye that “if we can get through this, we’ll be stronger than ever.”

“They never fell out of love with each other, but it was just one of those times where marriage is hard work, and you have to push through the pain.”

Apparently they both went through moments when they wondered if it was worth it to keep struggling, “But the answer was always ‘Yes, this is worth it.’ So they both chose to fight.”

The source, who seemed to be extremely chatty, theorized that it was like Kim and Kanye “were dangling on a rope off a cliff, and they used every single thing they had to find solid ground.”

“They clawed their way back to somewhere a lot more healthy, and they’re still clawing their way back. There are good days and there are bad days.”

So while they obviously love each other and are fighting for their relationship, “If they called and said it was over, it wouldn’t come out of the blue.”

“But on the other hand, it wouldn’t shock me if the two of them are still married in 20 years. Their chances are way better now than they used to be.”

Meanwhile, a source close to Kim explained that “She’s really focused on what’s ahead, in her work and in her marriage.”

“She and Kanye have been able to process things and move past them and are very ready for what’s next and not be so focused on the mess that was last year.”

So from both sides of the fence, it seems like things are looking good for them, but they’re not out of the divorce woods yet.

Here’s hoping they’re able to continue working on their marriage, because … come on, do you really want to live in a world with either of these people single again?

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Tristan Thompson Dumps Khloé Kardashian, Blame Basketball Or Bangin’ BabyMama?

Khloe Kardashian Tristan Thompson SplashNews

Tristan Thompson And Khloe Kardashian Break Up So He Can Focus On Playoffs

Last week we warned you Tristan Thompson was feeling a bit crowded by clingy Khloé Kardashian. Well the newest reports we’re hearing are that Tristan actually did ask Khloé for space so that he could focus on the NBA playoffs. The baller hasn’t been on Khloé’s social media in weeks and she’s currently filming

And fighting insomnia

Which seem to back up the reports. A few folks have responded both favorably and unfavorably to the split online:

But the big question remains whether Thompson is actually just taking a break, or using the playoffs as an excuse to get away from Khloe and get back to his bangin’ baby mama Jordyn Craig.

Missing this Sunset&Tan😘🍭🦄🍦

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Our bets are on him missing that sunset and tan too!

Hit the flip for more reasons Tristan may want to try to win back Jordy


Trying out some new looks! Thank you @GlamhairousExts & @MyHandsAreGolden for this unit & color!💕

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Khloe Kardashian: Did She Just Get Dumped by Tristan Thompson?!

It’s a little hard to believe that Khloe Kardashian has been dating Tristan Thompson for eight whole months now, but time flies when you’re in love and unnecessarily famous, it seems.

Khloe and Tristan have been the subject of an incredible amount of rumors for their entire relationship.

One week she’s pregnant, the next they’re engaged, the next they’ve broken up … rinse and repeat approximately a trillion times.

But this latest rumor may be the saddest of all.

According to a new report from MediaTakeOut (we know, we know), Tristan is done with Khloe.

A source told the site that Tristan asked Khloe to “take a break” that would allow him to put all his time and energy in his professional basketball career.

That would be sad enough, but the source adds that the basketball excuse isn’t the whole story.

Nope, in this tale, Tristan is also allegedly attempting to repair his relationship with Jordy Craig, the woman he dated before Khloe — the one who gave birth to his child in December.

Apparently people close to Tristan believe that Jordy is the woman he could eventually end up with.

If any of this is true, it would be such a blow to Khloe. And sad as it may be, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard that she’s having trouble with Tristan.

Just earlier this week, another report claimed that he was contemplating breaking up with her because of all the engagement talk.

“Tristan’s barely getting used to the idea of being a dad and here’s Khloe pushing him into a high-profile engagement,” a source claimed.

The poor guy is supposedly “ready to run” because “it’s too much too quickly.”

That part actually makes sense — remember, Khloe flat out admitted in a recent interview that if Tristan were to propose, she’d say yes, and she even said that they’d been talking about raising a family together.

But the engagement talk isn’t the only thing that’s said to be bothering Tristan.

We’ve also heard that he’s troubled by Khloe’s spending habits (which are obviously ridiculous), and for months now his fans, and allegedly even his teammates, have been urging him to dump her before the Kardashian Kurse takes hold.

Seems like Khloe and Tristan have a lot of things going against them, huh?

Can they make it through it all? Can they weather the storm and come out on the other side, happy and engaged and expecting just so many children?

Only time will tell.

(But honestly, probably not.)

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Kourtney Kardashian: Did She Photoshop Those Hot Mexico Pics?

Kourtney Kardashian is frequently touted as the “real” sister in her famous family, a blessed reprieve from her plastic, pretentious siblings.

If this report regarding her smoking hot Mexico photos is any indication, however, Kourt’s pristine reputation could be in serious doubt.

Case in point, look at the photo above. You’re welcome.

Now, once you pry your jaw back up off the table …

Her Instagram followers were undoubtedly drooling over the shots of her derriere that made it to social media, but they did raise questions.

Is Kourtney, who just turned 38, doctoring images of herself in light of the Kim Kardashian cellulite photos that recently leaked online?

Celebrity photographer and Photoshop expert Alan Barry, quoted by venerable Internet celebrity gossip publisher Radar Online, says yes.

“Her upper left back has been edited in to a perfectly straight line,” Barry explained. “Both of her butt cheeks have been heavily edited.

“And badly at that.”

The gorgeous mother of three, he believes, went to town on that butt (digitally) “to remove all evidence of any kind of cellulite or marks.”

“I would think they would learn by now.”

Whether his analysis is true or not, and regardless of whether it matters, it’s not the first time she’s been accused of such not-so-handiwork.

Last year, Kourtney shared a hot tub photo in Iceland which many observers believed had also been altered to smooth out her backside.

Then there was the below shot featuring herself and daughter Penelope that was live for just a few short moments before she deleted it.

Why, you ask, would she – a Kardashian, and by definition an over-sharer – take down a seemingly harmless picture of herself? 

“Start at her waist,” Berry said. “When you come down she has altered what would be her hips down to where her hand is on one side.”

“And where the child is on the other side. I don’t know what applications they’re using, but in Photoshop you would actually use the clone tool.”

“There’s a jagged line. Her daughter’s face has actually been pulled over by the software. Her daughter’s head has been turned into an alien!”

“If you go above her waist to the bend in her right elbow alongside her body, below her right breast, if you look at that line that would be her torso.”

“That’s been played with. She had a little muffin-top thing going on there and that line has been altered extensively by trying to blur it out.”

“[She tried to] shrink it because you notice on that side her body doesn’t extend out. It’s a flat, straight line from her elbow to her torso.”

That’s quite the breakdown, and maybe has some merit to it, but let’s be honest, we’re willing to overlook a few photo alterations.

When Kourtney Kardashian takes a trip to celebrate her 38th birthday, and posts images like this, we are the ones who should celebrate.

As depicted in a number of photos and tweets from sister Kim, the sisters had a wild, crazy, borderline naked time south of the border.

Are we really worried about Photoshop?!

If she’s trying to sell products using bogus pics to influence fans, that would be one thing, but come on, who doesn’t edit their photos?

Exactly. So call her out if you want, but that doesn’t change the fact that the gallery below is a gift from the heavens. Or at least Mexico.

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Tristan Thompson: Backing Away From Khloe Kardashian?

Prior to the start of the NBA playoffs, Cleveland Cavaliers fans publicly urged Tristan Thompson to dump Khloe Kardashian.

Clearly, the relationship hasn’t proven to be as much of a distraction as the Cavs faithful had feared, as the team easily swept the Indiana Pacers in four games to advance to the second round.

But for reasons that likely have nothing to do with his performance on the court, Tristan might actually be planning to give the good people of Cleveland what they want and kick Khloe to the curb.

According to Radar Online, Thompson is on the verge of breaking up with Khloe due to mounting pressure to put a ring on it.

Thompson became a father shortly after he and Khloe started dating (She knew that his previous girlfriend was pregnant when the relationship began.), and he’s reportedly not willing to pile marriage on top of his already very full plate.

“Tristan’s barely getting used to the idea of being a dad and here’s Khloe pushing him into a high-profile engagement,” says one insider.

“[Thompson] is ready to run because it’s too much too quickly.”

Yes, it seems Khloe’s overeagerness to get hitched is scaring Tristan off, but it seems he’s also put off by the reality star’s spending habits.

Apparently, the fact that Khloe earns more than Tristan is something of sensitive subject, and he finds it emasculating when she drops massive sums of cash to impress him, as she did on his most recent birthday.

“He was pissed that Khloe threw all that money on his birthday, just for bragging rights,” the source tells Radar.

“His friends are calling her ‘Khloe Warbucks’ after the rich guy in Annie.”

Hmm … That’s sort of a dated reference, but the rest seems entirely plausible.

Anyway, the rumors about LeBron James encouraging Tristan to dump Khloe are probably baseless, but the tipster insists the rest of Thompson’s family really does want him to end his high-profile relationship.

“All his friends and family are begging him to get out of this situation before that family takes over his life,” says the source.

We’d say next time maybe Khloe should try dating a dude who’s not an NBA player, but we all know that’s never gonna happen.

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