Mona, Get Your Kids: Hazel-E’s Burgandy Boo-Thing Beef With Jess Hilarious Exposes Couple As Self-Hating Homophobes

Hazel-E Is Color-Struck And Homophobic

We’ll that escalated quickly! Earlier, comedian Jess Hilarious and Hazel E was going at it. If you missed that, please go read to catch up! Jess seemingly “outed” Hazel-E’s boyfriend as being a cheater and loving on boy parts, but Burgandy now denies Jess’ source. Not only does Rose Burgandy deny cheating with a man, he went TOTALLY homophobic in the response, posting up a burning LBGTQ flag and some hateful choice words.

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Do you see how Hazel-E joined in with her homophobic 2 cents? But wait, THERE’S MORE. Hazel goes in on Jess’ skin complexion, calling her and others dark butts and monkeys.

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WTFFF. Do you think these two are on DRUGS? That turned left rather quickly.



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Y’all Some Scumbags: Texas Man Who Took in More Than 180 Foster Kids Accused of Sexual Abuse


Family Food: Beyoncé And Jay-Z Leave Carter Kids At Home To Step Out For Dinner Date

Image via Splash

Beyoncé And Jay-Z Seen Leaving Dinner Date In NYC

Jay-Z is set to take the Saturday Night Live stage tonight for a season premiere performance. Despite JUST copping a crib in Los Angeles, the Carters are making the most of their time in NYC by spending some quality time on fine dining.

Shapely MILF Beyoncé put her bangin’ post-baby body on full display in a form-fitting dress that accentuated her waist. She also carried a funky cheetah print Louis Vuitton bag that will likely have Insta-thots and fly-out floozies scrambling to find an unwitting trick to buy it for them.

Anywho, Flip the page a few times to get more looks of Beyoncé bringin’ it in the Big Apple.


In Spanish? Cardi B. Tells Fan Mad At Lyrics “Not Here To Raise Your Kids Or Grandkids” [Video]

Cardi B. was getting it in with her Latin roots when a fan called and talked about her lyrics. Reacting immediately, Cardi was quick to cut her off and place the responsibility right back on the lady in the mirror saying:

“I’m not here to raise your kids and your grandkids. The only kids I’m going to need to answer to are going to be mine!”


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Jessa Duggar: Slammed For Literally Everything She Does Involving Kids

Jessa Duggar cannot catch a break.

Sure, she’s gone out of her way to court criticism in the past, and some of the pushback she’s gotten on certain topics has been warranted.

Yet fans seem intent on laying into her for every single thing she does, including many parenting choices that seem harmless or mundane.

One would think given the eventful, sometimes controversial nature of Joy-Anna and Jill’s lives, Jessa would be free of scrutiny lately.

With young sons Spurgeon and Henry, and a devoted husband in Ben Seewald, she’s pretty much focused on her perfect little family.

The moments she shares on Instagram and Facebook are shredded almost immediately, however, by armchair parents shaming her.

Whether it’s Spurgeon drinking out of bottles at an age deemed too old, or not speaking in a video, the Seewalds live under a microscope. 

When you put your life out there the way she does, looking for attention, some of this is to be expected. On the flip side … come ON, people.

Latest, (not) greatest case in point?

The 24-year-old mom of two posted the image above, and was quickly filleted by fans (term used loosely) for carrying Henry the wrong way.

She had strapped him to her chest, with the baby facing out, which a few dozen Parent of the Year winners say is bad for hip development.

“It’s so bad for their hips,” a fan said.

“I’ve worn my LB since he was born but they need support right to under their knees otherwise [their] legs hang and it pulls on their hips.”

“This can cause hip dysphasia,” the Instagram follower told the Counting On star. “Just turn him around […] or have him on your back.”

Duggar fans weren’t done there, getting after her again after she posted a photo of the family engaging in “cruel” treatment of animals.

Taking Spurge to ride ponies after she realized that he was obsessed with horses, Jessa probably thought this was a cute thing to share.

Her fans did not see it that way.

“This practice is incredibly cruel,” one follower commented. “Those poor things are lined up very unnaturally and cannot move.”

“They are forced to walk in circles in the heat all day without care, and have children placed on their backs over and over again.”

“Just an hour of riding a day can cause permanent back problems for horses,” another fan wrote, upset over the above image.

Granted, this was more about the concept of pony rides in a particular setting than about Jessa herself, but can the girl live?

Fortunately, Jessa has some fans in her corner.

Her parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, who frequently babysit Spurgeon and Henry, often post about the experience, and pridefully.

Comb through her comments and you’ll see some praise here and there too, or at least acknowledgement that parenting is hard.

“Jessa is such an amazing mother! Look how happy, healthy, and content those babies are,” a fan wrote underneath the picture.

“Also look how clean, haha! We all know how hard it is to keep a perfectly clean house with small babies around!” said another.

What’s your take: Does Jessa Duggar get too hard of a time just because of her last name, or are her followers’ gripes legit?

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