King Louie – Long Live The Kings (Official Music Video)

King Louie is currently working on his Jeep Music 2 project, and now decides to shoot a music video for a new track called “Long Live The Kings.”

Watch the J Visuals-directed footage below and expect Jeep Music 2 to arrive later this year.

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Wu-Tang Clan And Live Nation Partnering To Relaunch Wu Wear

It seems the W flag will fly again. Wu Tang Clan has announced a partnership with Live Nation to relaunch Wu Wear.

According to a recent interview with Billboard Magazine, RZA and executive Oliver “Power” Grant will bring back Wu Wear via a deal with Live Nation’s Merchandise Division. “Wu Wear was the first Hip-Hop brand to be in the windows on Macy’s 34th St.. Now that we are aware and re-energized for our legacy, we felt it was the proper time to reenter the market. Not in a boutique way, but to go big, once again” The Abbott explained.

Originally launched in 1995, Wu Wear was one of the first Rap music spawned clothing lines to be sold in major national retailer including Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s. Aside from feeding nostalgic fans with new gear a major reason for the relaunch stems from the constant bootlegging the Wu logo has faced since shutting down shop in 2008.

“Yesterday in Little Italy there’s a guy right in the middle of the block with a whole shirt stand. All type of shirts and the biggest one in the middle was what? The Wu-Tang shirt. I’m like, ‘Yo, who is this guy paying?’” Power griped.

The new collection will not only be a throwback with their iconic logo t-shirt’s but will also include Clan album inspired designs. Wu-Wear will officially re-debut this week at Agenda (August 14-16) in Las Vegas.  You can see some of the pieces on the flip.

Via Billboard 


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Jenelle Evans: My Son is Being Violent Because He Wants to Live with Me!

After years and years of watching Teen Mom 2, we all know quite a bit about Jenelle Evans, don't we?

For instance, we know that she's one of those people who tend to create their own version of events, reality be damned.

You can see several examples of this in her new book — remember how she claimed that her mother tricked her into giving up custody of her oldest son, Jace, even though she was the best mom ever?

Meanwhile, we all remember seeing how it really played out in early seasons of the show, and we definitely remember her willingly signing over custody to the long-suffering Barbara Evans.

Still, Jenelle insists on trying to paint herself in a positive light, even if she doesn't deserve it.

And if you still don't know what we're talking about, then just check out this truly bizarre deleted scene from this week's episode of Teen Mom 2.

As you may remember from the episode, Jace has been acting out recently — so much that he threw a toy at Barbara and bruised her face.

Jenelle and Babs talked about getting him into therapy, which seems like a good idea. The poor kid has been through a lot in his eight years.

But in this clip, Teen Mom's hottest mess reveals some additional details about the situation.

Things start off with Jenelle and her fiancé, David Eason, having a little chat in a restaurant while baby Ensley sleeps soundly in her car seat.

They talk about taking some photos with all the kids this weekend, and she mentions that she's excited for Jace to meet Ensley for the first time.

Then she tells him that "He freaked out a school and he threw something at my mom, and like busted her nose."

"And she, like, doesn't understand why he's freaking out, and she calls me and says 'Oh, he's being bad' and everything."

"And then I'm like 'Well, I got my hands tied, what do you want me to do? I'm not there to discipline him and you don't let me have him, so …'"

She says that Barbara has been telling Jace's teachers that she doesn't know why he's "freaking out," and that "I feel bad for him because it's like no one knows the truth and they're believing my mom."

If you're wondering what the hell she's talking about, you're not alone.

But hang on, she gets to her point real quick …

"I know the truth," she tells David. "I know why he's freaking out. He's freaking out because he wants to live here. And that's why he's being bad."

… Really, Jenelle? That's why Jace is acting out and being violent, because he wants to live with you?

She says that she hopes Jace isn't mad at her because he still doesn't live with her, and that "I want Jace to come live with me so bad, he doesn't even know the truth."

What truth?!

The clip ends with Jenelle telling David that she's "trying everything in my power" to get Jace back.

It's just so bizarre that she thinks that her son is behaving the way he is because he wants to live with her … like is that really the scenario that makes the most sense?

Maybe he's reacting to the years and years of seeing Jenelle scream and yell at Barbara — maybe she's never shown her respect, and he's learning that.

Or maybe he's starting to realize how unstable his childhood has been, especially since his mother just had another baby when she still doesn't have custody of him.

There are a lot of reasons why poor Jace could be acting out, but a desperation to live with Jenelle doesn't seem super likely.

Watch the odd scene below:

Jenelle evans my son is being violent because he wants to live w

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James Harden & His Beard Are Cooking On The Cover NBA Live 18

The beard is winning this Summer. James Harden is covering the latest installment of EA Sport’s famed basketball franchise NBA Live—solo, and adding to his long list of accomplishments.

Houston Rockets came up short in their quest for an NBA championship, but they are definitely having a great off-season to say the least. Things are looking up for both him and his Rockets though!

Earlier this Summer, Harden signed one of the biggest contract extensions ever in NBA history securing $ 228 million from the Rockets.

Just recently his squad leveled when they acuqired the “Point God”, Chris Paul in a trade with the Los Angeles Clippers.

This isn’t the first time he’s earned a cover, he graced the cover of NBA2k16 sharing that honor with Golden State Warrior sharpshooter Steph Curry and the New Orleans Pelican’s dynamic big-man Anthony Davis.

Once beloved among electronic sports enthusiast, NBA Live has seen better days after being dethroned by NBA 2K. NBA Live 2018 looks to reclaim the throne or at least give gamers another option when it comes to NBA simulators

Last week NBA Live 2018 did something its competition hasn’t done yet by annoucing that for the first time the WNBA will be featured in this year’s installment.

NBA Live took a hiatus last year but looks to return with a bang. With what we are seeing, NBA Live 18 looks to be a solid offering from EA Sports.

Hoopers will get an idea just how improved the franchise is when the demo goes live August 11. We are very intrigued, to say the least, EA Sports may finally have one here.

Photo: EA Sports

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Harden unveiled as cover athlete for ‘NBA LIVE 18’

James Harden is the new NBA LIVE cover athlete.

EA SPORTS revealed Thursday that the Houston Rockets superstar will grace the front of “NBA LIVE 18.”

The Beard expressed gratitude for the opportunity and shared a montage of his video game character getting buckets and stirring the pot just like he does.

Harden’s coming off his best season yet, as he averaged a league-leading 11.2 dimes per contest while finishing second in points with 29.1. He led the Rockets to the No. 3 seed in the West and finished second to Russell Westbrook in MVP voting.

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