Meek Mill Drops Meekend Music Mixtape For 30th Birthday

Clap it up for Meek Mill for making to the big 3-0. The Philly rapper is celebrating his 30th birthday with the release of a three-song mixtape project, Meekend Music.
The project features A$ AP Ferg on the Honorable C.N.O.T.E.-produced track, $ lay,” and gives shine to frequent Lil Uzi Vert collaborator and fellow Philly homeboy Maalay Raw with Murda on the help out on production with “Backboard” which features Young Thug.

Meekend Music ends with the Stoopid-produced “Left Hollywood” with Meek going for dolo. While fans of the Maybach Music Group artist should be happy with the holdover mixtape, many might be wondering when Dreamchasers 4.5 will see the light of day.

Check out Meek Mill’s latest project in the link below.

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Troy Ave Inches Closer To Death Wish With NuPac Mixtape Announcement

Brooklyn rapper Troy Ave continues to use his near-death struggles to push music.

After being mocked for comparing legal drama and attempts on his life to the “second coming of Tupac,” Troy is giving his fans and haters exactly what they want with a new mixtape he is calling NuPac.

In a message posted on Instagram, Troy addressed the masses by saying:

a few media outlets with hidden agendas against us real ones done twisted what i said, and thru lemons in hopes of covering & preventing my true message from gettin thru to the masses! well ya Dope Boy Troy gon twist those into Lemonade & Serve it Cold! The Hate can’t effect me cause I’m fearless, dedicated, faithful & righteous! Never Wait out the storm Y’all! Go Dance in The Rain💯 With that said on Friday April 14th Ima drop this [Street Album] titled: Dope Boy Troy (vol.2)#NuPac! I’m airing everybody tha fuk out! ….. These Ain’t No Photoshopped Pictures, This My Real Life

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“Dope Boy Troy” is playing with some very hot fire here. Most of us got to witness the many ups and downs of Tupac’s life while he was here. We also got to see how it ended. To call yourself the “second coming of Tupac” and then compare your life to his through pictures is barking up a dangerous tree.

Tupac is dead. Yes, he is loved and revered all over the world. But he is dead. His soul and name has never really been allowed to actually rest in peace either since his murders were never arrested, prosecuted or jailed. On top of that, this man’s personal belongings are being sold off at auctions to the highest bidder.

Does Troy Ave want to die? We don’t know. But if he continues to keep this up, he might just get what he’s asking for.

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Listen To Young Dolph’s Bulletproof Mixtape [STREAM]

Young Dolph makes his art imitate his life with his newest mixtape Bulletproof.

One of Dolph’s many haters tried to take his life during his visit to CIAA in Charlotte back in February. But the Memphis rapper survived the shootout unscathed and still went on to perform at his gig because his SUV was bulletproof. Since getting shot or shot at in rap is still a bankable story, Dolph isn’t letting this chance pass him by.

On his latest mixtape Bulletproof gives us more of his ludicrous hood wit, but here he finds a way to interlace the tragic story throughout the tape. Equipped with skits and lines dedicated to the incident, Bulletproof also features a tracklist that tells the story.

“100 shots in Charlotte, but I’m bulletproof, so f*k ’em. That’s how I feel. I’m so real, I pray for my enemies. I’m everything you wanna be, so that’s why you envy me, smh.”

Since the content here is so personal, Gucci Mane is the only feature here. Listen below.


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