Mainstream Media Defends Amazon Deleting Nearly All Negative Reviews of Hillary Clinton’s Book

As failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton began making the media rounds promoting her new book titled, “What Happened,” many Amazon users were asking the same questions after their 1-star reviews of the memoir were mysteriously deleted.   As a report from ZeroHedge noted, Amazon did not just delete a few reviews—it deleted over 1,000 reviews. […]
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Watt’s fundraising goal increases again with nearly $1M raised for flood relief

Just like with his play on the field for the Houston Texans, defensive end J.J. Watt keeps setting new goals for himself in his fundraising efforts to help victims of flooding in the wake of Hurricane Harvey's damage to the Houston area.

Watt began his efforts Sunday night with an online campaign and a goal of $ 200,000. He quickly raised it to $ 500,000 with a $ 100,000 donation of his own.

In just over 24 hours since the launch of the campaign, Watt's efforts have raised more than $ 955,000, including a $ 50,000 donation from Houston Rockets point guard Chris Paul, according to Pro Football Talk.

"We can’t help physically, so we’re going to help raise that money, we’re going to try to make sure that we get a jump-start on it,” Watt said Monday after practice at the Cowboys’ practice facility. “We’re not going to wait until it’s too late to start. We’re going to try to raise that money right now, because we know what’s about to happen.

"We know that once this storm stops there’s going to be massive, massive recovery efforts, and we want to be there. We want to be ahead of it so we can really get a jump-start on getting these people back on their feet."

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Audrey Roloff Baby Bump: It’s Nearly Complete!

Audrey Roloff is pregnant with her first child!

The Little People, Big World star is expecting a girl with husband Jeremy Roloff in September of 2017 and she has taken fans on a fun, special, blessed journey via social media ever since making this announcement.

Below, we've collected a number of Audrey Roloff baby bump photos, as we keep track of the status of her belly and count down along with other followers to the day when she becomes a mother.

We can't wait.

1. The Announcement

The announcement
Audrey broke the very exciting news to Little People, Big World this cute photo. (There’s a baby bump back there, we swear!)

2. At 13 Weeks

At 13 weeks
Audrey is just past her first trimester in this photo. And she’s positively glowing.

3. It’s a Girl!

Its a girl
Roloff shared this beautiful photo to alert the world to her child’s gender.

4. Halfway Home!

Audrey roloff baby bump
Audrey is at 20 weeks here.

5. And Away It Goes

Audrey roloff pregnant pic
Or away it GROWS perhaps we should say.

6. At 20 Weeks

At 20 weeks
She’s halfway there, folks!

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Rihanna: Nearly Nude, Probably Not Pregnant

Last month, rumors that Rihanna is pregnant began to make the rounds on social media.

The reports seemed to be entirely based on a handful of troll-ish d-bags looking at recent photos of RiRi and deciding she looks like she’s knocked up.

Based on her latest Instagram photo we’re go ahead and offer our own opinion:

If she is pregnant, it’s way too early in the game for some Internet jackwagon to make that assessment by looking at a damn photo.

Ms. Fenty is in Barbados at the moment, and as you can see, she decided to bless the island nation with the sight of her in … some sort of bejeweled peacock bikini thing.

We’re not really sure what you call that, but we know that it’s worthy of two very enthusiastic thumbs up.

Rihanna is in Barbados to perform at the Grand Kadooment, the celebratory conclusion of the famous Crop Over Festival.

Whenever she returns to her native country we get some incredible photos, but this year’s might take the cake.

Anyone can go to Barbados and snap some epic sand and surf shots, but not everyone can decorate their cleavage like something Liberace might imagine on LSD.

For obvious reasons, the photos have prompted many re-posts, along with captions about how your “fav” could never pull this look off, because for some reason, fandom is a competitive thing in 2017.

Anyway, for many folks it’s been a tough year with a lot of frightening stuff in the evening news.

So feel free to take comfort in the fact that it looks as though Rihanna will be continuing to show off her curves for the foreseeable future.

Maybe someday she’ll get pregnant.

Hell, maybe she’ll really get pregnant with Leonardo DiCaprio’s baby.

(Remember when that was a rumor. Never change, Internet.)

But for now, it doesn’t look like there are any Baby RiRis in the offing, and there are a few facts you can hang your hat on:

1. Rihanna looks amazing in whatever that thing is that she’s wearing.

2. Hassan Jameel is a lucky man.

3. We should all move to Barbados immediately.

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Altuve nearly hit .500 during outstanding July

Jose Altuve is probably sad to see July go – although the way he’s hitting, August won’t be slowing him down any time soon.

The diminutive second baseman closed out his incredible month with a 2-for-4 night in the Houston Astros' 14-7 win over the Tampa Bay Rays Monday that ensured his work over the past 31 days won't be forgotten for some time. Altuve hit .485 over the month of July – a mark that left him tied for the fifth-highest average over a single calendar month (minimum 75 at-bats) in baseball's expansion era (since 1961), according to ESPN Stats & Info.

Per ESPN's David Schoenfield, Altuve narrowly missed out on becoming just the third player since 1961 to hit .500 for a month. Only two men – Todd Helton in May 2000, and Ivan Rodriguez in June 2004 – have surpassed the .500 mark during a single calendar month since the sport first expanded from 16 teams.

The 27-year-old Altuve also posted a .525 on-base percentage in July, and struck out just nine times.

Related: In the Statcast era, Jose Altuve is succeeding the old-school way

Altuve now leads all American League hitters in a variety of categories this season, including batting average (.368), hits (148), doubles (33), and on-base percentage (.430). He's on pace to record his fourth straight 200-hit campaign and third batting title in four years.

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Watch: Rockies, Pirates clear benches after Kuhl nearly plunks CarGo

Tensions boiled over Saturday between the Colorado Rockies and the Pittsburgh Pirates after Carlos Gonzalez narrowly avoided taking a 96-mph Chad Kuhl fastball to the torso in the sixth inning.

Kuhl's first pitch of the frame was likely retaliation for the Rockies hitting star center fielder Andrew McCutchen in the top of the inning. Gonzalez clearly wasn't interested in an unwritten honor code, though, as he went straight after Kuhl on the mound following the pitch, leading to both dugouts (and bullpens!) trekking to the diamond.

Despite the fracas, no one was ejected in the incident.

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O.J. Simpson granted parole after serving nearly 9 years for armed robbery

After spending almost nine years in a Nevada state prison, O.J. Simpson was granted parole Thursday.

The 70-year-old former NFL star was serving a 33-year sentence for armed robbery and assault with a deadly weapon. He was expected to be given parole after keeping a clean record behind bars since being found guilty in October 2008.

Simpson’s official release won’t come until October, when he meets the mandatory minimum of nine years in prison.

The Hall of Fame running back was arrested in September 2007 after he and five men stole sports memorabilia from two dealers in a Las Vegas hotel room. Simpson claimed the memorabilia was originally stolen from him, but that argument didn’t hold up in court.

After infamously being found not guilty in the murders of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ron Goldman, in 1995, Simpson found himself in legal trouble several times before being incarcerated. Following the criminal trial, he lost a civil suit that ordered him to pay a total of $ 33.5 million to the families of Brown Simpson and Goldman, forcing him to auction off much of his own memorabilia to contribute to the damages. He also picked up charges for battery, auto-burglary, and speeding between 2000 and 2002, had the FBI and DEA raid his house in 2001, and lost a civil suit to DirecTV in 2005.

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Report: George nearly given OK to call Cavs owner before Thunder trade

How close were the Indiana Pacers to trading former franchise star Paul George to the Cleveland Cavaliers? They reportedly nearly gave George permission to call Cavs owner Dan Gilbert directly.

“It was so close in fact that Indiana was about to give permission to Paul George to get on the phone with Dan Gilbert,” reported ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski. “Indiana backed out of it and did the Oklahoma City deal.”

George was ultimately traded to the Thunder on July 6 in exchange for Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis.

A call between George and Gilbert would have likely been one of the final benchmarks needed before the Cavaliers could sign off on any blockbuster deal. Any team surrendering significant pieces would have sought some sort of clarification about the possibility of the four-time All-Star re-signing long term.

George has two years remaining on his current deal, including a player option for 2018-19 that is likely to be declined.

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