Watch: Harper’s home run nearly flies out of PNC Park

Bryce Harper has now homered in every National League venue, and he completed the PNC Park stop of his Long Dong Tour in unbelievable fashion, hitting a line-drive no-doubter off of unwitting Pittsburgh Pirates reliever Wade LeBlanc.

There are many genres of no-doubter, such as the "majestic arcing fly ball" and the "bat flip and admire." But Harper opted for arguably the best kind: a line-drive screamer where the opposing outfielders never even move from their positions. Usually an outfielder at least humors the home crowd by making an effort to catch the ball. Not John Jaso, though – he's resigned to just staying put.

Harper’s bomb was the fourth-hardest hit homer of the Statcast era and came remarkably close to leaving the ballpark altogether.

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Report: Jeter, Bush trying to raise nearly $1 billion in cash for Marlins

The sale of the Miami Marlins isn’t a done deal yet.

Though the 1.34-billion bid spearheaded by New York Yankees legend Derek Jeter and former Florida governor Jeb Bush has emerged as the most likely to purchase the Marlins from current owner Jeffrey Loria, the sale can’t be completed yet as the pair are still attempting to raise nearly $ 1 billion in cash from outside investors to fund the purchase, sources told Charles Gasparino and Brian Schwartz of FOX Business.

Despite needing an unimaginable amount in cash to complete the acquisition, both Jeter and Bush want to remain principal owners of the team, adding an obvious obstacle to their potential bid.

“How many people are willing simply to write a $ 100-million check and not have a say in running the team?” a senior baseball executive told Gasparino and Schwartz. “We all want them to succeed because Jeb and Jeter would be great for baseball, but it won’t be easy.”

That Jeter and Bush's bid would be good for baseball is almost an understatement. The Yankees – Jeter's former employers for 20 seasons between 1995-2014 – would see their value rise from $ 3.2 billion to approximately $ 5 billion if the duo's $ 1.34-billion bid for the Marlins goes through, according to Gasparino and Schwartz's sources.

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Watch: Westbrook, Beverley nearly go nose to nose in Game 5

The long-standing, four-year-old feud between Russell Westbrook and Patrick Beverley continued to boil over Tuesday night in Houston, as the feisty point guards engaged in this hilarious exchange of words after a Beverley flop drew a foul on Westbrook in the fourth quarter of Game 5.

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17 Cakes That Nearly Make Divorce Worthwhile

Did you know that approximately one in every two U.S. marriages end in divorce?

It's true.

But did you also know that some percentage of these divorces are so amicable that the couples celebrated with a joint party… and a cake?

Or that one half of the ex-couple simply had to bake him or herself a special treat in honor of the occasion?

It's also true!

Check out a few of our favorite divorce-related desserts below:

1. I Loved You…

I loved you
… I know. But not anymore! So let’s eat!

2. Eff That Sh-t!

Eff that sh t
If only we could read the sides of this cake. Looks like they tell quite the tale!

3. Newly Unwed

Newly unwed
This woman didn’t kill her husband… did she?

4. Boy… Bye!

Boy bye
Don’t let any doors hit you on the way out.

5. Who Needs a Dictionary?

Who needs a dictionary
When you’ve got a cake!

6. Just Divorced

Just divorced
There’s a simple symmetry to this one.

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Cashman: Nearly impossible for Sanchez to repeat 2016 performance

As Gary Sanchez gears up for his first full season in the big leagues – he’s even skipping the World Baseball Classic to focus on the upcoming campaign – New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman said he’s keeping his expectations for the 24-year-old phenom reasonable.

It would be crazy, Cashman suggested, to think Sanchez could repeat his performance from 2016, when the rookie catcher smacked 20 homers and put up a 1.032 OPS in 53 games with the Yankees after being called up from Triple-A in August.

“I don’t know if you can repeat that type of year,” Cashman told ESPN’s Andrew Marchand. “That kind of is impossible.”

Though banking on that level of productivity from the American League Rookie of the Year runner-up is unfair – Sanchez became the fastest player in history to reach 20 home runs, needing just 50 games to reach the plateau – projection systems are bullish about his 2017 campaign.

Steamer 3.9 .820 27
PECOTA 3.9 .803 31

Such a performance would easily cement Sanchez's status among the game's elite backstops. In 2016, the only catchers to accrue more than 3.5 WAR were two-time All-Star Jonathan Lucroy and Buster Posey, the longtime San Francisco Giants star who won the National League Rookie of the Year award in 2010 and was named his league's Most Valuable Player two seasons later. If Sanchez can put up the 3.9 WAR he's projected for by both the Steamer and PECOTA systems, he would also enjoy the most productive season by a Yankees catcher since 2007, when Jorge Posada hit .338/.426/.543 (157 wRC+) and finished sixth in AL MVP voting.

As the hype continues to build, though, Cashman knows not to let his imagination run wild.

"I've been around the game long enough to know that you can never count on anything," he said.

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Martin nearly tumbles into Astros dugout

Russell Martin went all out trying to record the final out of Thursday’s contest against the Houston Astros.

After Astros catcher Evan Gattis sent a 3-2 pop-up ballooning towards the stands in the ninth inning, the Blue Jays backstop stayed relentless in his pursuit of the ball as he chased it all the way to Houston's dugout. Martin's pursuit proved almost too relentless, as he almost made a dangerous flip over the railing had it not been for the quick thinking of Houston's coaches and teammate Justin Smoak holding him upright.

Obviously, Martin didn’t secure the ball and missed the chance to record the game’s final out, but that’s still one impressive showing of teamwork.

(Video courtesy:

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Caitlyn Jenner: I Nearly Killed Myself…

Caitlyn Jenner opened up about the most personal of topics as a guest on HBO’s Any Given Wednesday this week.


As previously detailed, the transgender star spoke to host Bill Simmons about why she’s a Republican, which is something very personal to Jenner.

But it’s not what we’re talking about here.

Instead, we’re talking about the time Caitlyn Jenner considered killing herself.

Remember back when Jenner had operation on her Adam’s apple?

That marked the first time rumors of a sex change really ran rampant on the Internet.

In her interview with Simmons, Caitlyn says that was a body part that she “always hated,” and that a paparazzi photograph of Jenner as she was exiting the doctor’s office nearly prompted her to end her life.

“I could not sleep that night. I’m up at 3 a.m. walking up and down my hallway, thinking, ‘Damn, all this s–t is going to come out tomorrow and it’s going to be horrible,” she said.

“And I said, ‘You know what? Easy way. Go in the other room. You got a gun. Let’s just end it right here.'”

What, exactly, was going through her mind at the time?

“No more pain, no more nothing. I don’t have to deal with the tabloids any longer. I don’t have to deal with any of this. And that was probably the lowest I’ve ever gotten.”

So, what changed since then?

Why is she doing so well these days?

The very next morning, Jenner went for a walk. By herself. All alone, except for her thoughts. And they went something like this:

“Wasn’t that, like, the stupidest thing you’ve ever done?. I thought, ‘What a terrible way to end your life’s story!’ I don’t want my story to end that way, on a negative note.”

This marked a turning point for her, Caitlyn says.

Ever since coming out as transgender in April of 2015, Jenner says the past year and a half have been the “best” months of her life.

“I have never been happier, more at ease with myself,” she told Simmons. “I got my mojo back.”

In the video above, Caitlyn explains how a trip to Las Vegas is far less stressful now than it used to be; all because of… a suitcase?

Watch to see what she means.

Elsewhere in the chat, Jenner is asked about her fame in 1976, immediately after she won the Gold Medal; about nearly being chosen for the role of Superman; and about Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

What makes her love Kanye to such an extent? What makes her hate North Carolina so much?

Click PLAY to find out:

Editor’s Note: We are so very happy for Caitlyn Jenner and so very pleased that she has found peace.

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