Former KKK Leader David Duke Says The White Supremacist March In Virginia "Fulfills The Promises Of Donald Trump"

Prominent white supremeacist David Duke is marching in Donald Trump’s name at the violent “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, VA. “This represents a turning point for the people of this country,”. We are going to fulfill the promises of Donald Trump,”. the former Grand Wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan said at the rally. Posted By Persist

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Watch: Erin Andrews promises to ‘crush’ Rodgers on ‘$100,000 Pyramid’

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is facing some stiff competition Sunday night.

Rodgers is squaring off against FOX Sports' Erin Andrews on ABC's "$ 100,000 Pyramid," and the sportscaster talked some trash before the episode aired.

“I’m going to crush you,” Andrews said to a bemused Rodgers.

Rodgers is playing on behalf of the Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer.

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Norman rips Bryant, Beckham; promises ‘bad blood’ between NFC East rivals

Warning: Story contains coarse language

Washington Redskins cornerback Josh Norman reignited the volcanic rivalries between two of his biggest division rivals during an interview with Bleacher Report's Tyler Dunne.

Norman was engaged in high-profile feuds with Dallas Cowboys standout Dez Bryant and New York Giants superstar Odell Beckham Jr. over the past two seasons and took every opportunity to put them on blast Thursday.

“That’s a guy. Just a guy. Dez was Dez in 2012, ’13, ’14. Maybe ’14. Now? He’s a guy,” Norman said of Bryant.

"He's trying to be a tough guy and that's not him," Norman added. "That's not how you play ball. The media really created this "talk trash" with me. I don't really talk to these guys. They're talking to themselves. I just play them. And then they get a little snippet of me having a conversation with them and blast it on ESPN. So now when I go up against people, the coaches tell them: "Don't talk to Josh! He'll get in your head!" My coaches think I have this magic wand and just automatically make these people do something crazy."

Norman and Bryant engaged in several contentious verbal battles during a November 2016 game in which the Cowboys ended up victorious. After the game, Norman alleged that Bryant told him "where I'm from, we unload the clip," inferring gun violence against him.

Bryant retorted, saying that the Redskins ought to get a refund on the five-year, $ 75-million contract they offered Norman prior to the 2016 season.

Norman also took shots at Beckham Jr., arguing that the 24-year-old pretends to be tougher than he actually is when confronted by the opposition.

“He tries to be a tough guy. He tries to put on this persona which he’s not. Because he’s always going to have his head on a swivel. Always. Always when we play each other. He’s scary like that. He does things that he normally wouldn’t do because of all the pressure and added hype that he has to put on his whole persona. He’s not this guy. If you go back and watch the games in which we play compared to the games we don’t play each other, he’s a totally different guy.”

Norman ended the interview by vowing war on the rest of the division, implying that there could be a lot of sanctions coming from all parties involved.

“Trust me when I tell you, it’s going to be bad blood this year. You think the NFC East didn’t like each other before? This year right here? There’s going to be a lot of fines and maybe some suspensions. I’m going to be honest with you: This shit is going to get really ugly. Because I do have a safety that don’t give a fuck and I definitely don’t. And I know they don’t have that many people on the offense who do on their side.”

Get your popcorn ready.

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Morrow apologizes for wearing No. 1 with Bulls, promises a change

Unbeknownst to sharpshooting veteran Anthony Morrow, the No. 1 is a sacred digit in the Windy City to fans of the Chicago Bulls, as it was worn by former league MVP and hometown boy Derrick Rose.

Morrow, who was recently acquired by the franchise prior to Thursday's trade deadline from the Oklahoma City Thunder, was in uniform for Chicago on Friday against the Phoenix Suns, although he didn't see the floor.

Following Chicago's 128-121 overtime victory, Morrow took to social media to apologize to those bothered by his selection, as the backlash he received became overwhelming, resulting in him vowing to change his number as soon as possible.

The same situation arose when point guard Michael Carter-Williams was traded to the Bulls from the Milwaukee Bucks prior to the start of the season. Originally choosing No. 1, the former Rookie of the Year was backed into a corner by fans who took issue with his choice, so to avoid digging himself into a hole in his new home, Carter-Williams elected to wear No. 7 instead.

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Lil B promises to lift curse if Durant joins Knicks

Rapper Lil B is a merciful individual, but only at a cost.

His infamous curse of Oklahoma City Thunder All-Star Kevin Durant, which he handed down after the four-time scoring champion called him "wack," will be withdrawn if Durant takes his talents to The Big Apple this offseason.

The Based God let it be known on Thursday night that if Durant signs with the New York Knicks as an unrestricted free agent, all will be forgiven.

New York Knicks president Phil Jackson reportedly told newly-acquired starting point guard Derrick Rose that the team will push to sign Durant, so if that ultimately doesn't happen, it won't be due to a lack of effort.

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Kim Kardashian Promises Nude Selfies Forever, World Braces Itself

As a community of interweb users, we only have ourselves to blame.

Last night, before she hopped on a private plane that took her to the Cannes Film Festival, a Vivienne Westwood-clad Kim Kardashian accepted the first-ever “Break The Internet” gong at the 20th Annual Webby Awards, which honors “the best of the internet.”

Best is a relative term in this case.

Kardashian was toasted at the ceremony – held at Cipriani Wall Street in New York – for her “bold and creative” ways of using social media, according to Us Weekly.

“As the leading celebrity in terms of her online presence and understanding of how to connect with a global audience via social media, apps and online video, Kim has set the standard incredibly high,” the Webby Awards site explained.

“She has shaped our understanding of how someone or something can draw the popular attention of Internet users everywhere. To the degree that she’s created a new type of celebrity — publicizing her life to the benefit of herself and her family — is due to the Internet.”

Prior to the ceremony, Kardashian taped a Facetime segment for Ellen (airing today), in which she asked the talk show host to help her with an acceptance speech.

“I’ve been texting all my funny friends like Chrissy Teigen, everyone I think is so funny, asking what my speech should be. Any ideas?” she asked DeGeneres.

“Um..”I thank Ellen Lee DeGeneres?” the comedian suggested, before an even better idea struck.

“You should say, ‘You’re welcome for naked selfies,'” DeGeneres said.

And so, Kardashian took to the stage to accept her award, telling the audience and viewers at home, “Nude selfies until I die.”

Jessica Alba took home Entrepreneur of the Year, Kanye West won Artist of the Year, and The Onion took home the Lifetime Achievement Award for “commitment to online publishing and satire” as well as being one of the first online publishers.

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