Dallas Cowboys' Owner Jerry Jones Confronted By Protesters Over National Anthem Stance!

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was confronted by two protesters for his national anthem stance Tuesday while on his way into the NFL fall owners meetings in a Battery Park City hotel. The Cowboys owner said over a week ago that any Dallas player who does not stand for the anthem will not play but he had previously locked arms and taken a knee with his team, before the anthem was played & after President Donald Trump’s remarks. Posted By Persist

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J. Cole Shows Solidarity With Protesters, Encourages NFL Boycott In Twitter Return

J. Cole is usually too busy making albums that go platinum and touring to be on Twitter all time of the day and night. But today (Sept. 24), the Dreamville rapper made a return to the social media app to express his solidarity with NFL protesters, including his mans (sic) Colin Kaepernick, while encouraging fans to boycott. 

After admitting to his lack of a Twitter presence, and bigging up Cardi B, Cole went in.

“God bless every player that finds courage to kneel today. But the real power comes from you deciding to not watch,” tweeted Cole. “Your eyes translate to advertising money for the League and it’s [sic] owners.”

It seems like Cole isn’t falling for the jig.

He continued, “Same ones who speak out against Trump today, are the same ones that denied a qualified man a job because he took a stand against injustice. You and me have the power to deny them our attention ($ $ to them) until they make a wrong situation right.”

Basically, Cole is riding for Kaep. And that means boycotting the NFL.

“How do they make it right? I know there are people smarter than me with better answers. But here’s one. Hire 3rd party investigator approved by NFLPA to determine if kap was denied a job unfairly as punishment for his stance. (I know, I know) Bare with me I’m just a rapper.. now look. Every day they stay quiet on this they’re saying that they condone what’s happening to Kap and the message it sends.

Well, you have a choice on how you respond to that. You can choose to not watch. if a boycott doesn’t force them to action, don’t even trip. This is where the real flex happens. Black people spend a lot of money with NFL corporate sponsors. White people who don’t fuck with white supremacy spend a lot of money too.

So, next you turn your attention to these sponsors. Pick one of the biggest ones and say, ‘do you agree with black balling players when they speak out against oppression?’ ‘If not, why are you spending all this money with a League that clearly condones that? …”You know what, I don’t think I can spend my money with you no more until you fix this.” Repeat this with another company, and another.

Thats when the magic happens. And sadly, in this capitalistic world we live in, that’s when your voice is heard. When you hurt the pockets. I respect whatever you decide to do. Watch or don’t watch, whatever’s in your heart. But I’m not watching til it feel right.”

Cole essentially laid out the blueprint to how successful boycotts work. He may not have said anything new (if you were paying attention during the Civil Rights portion of History class), but his influence certainly will open the eyes of many who have been unaware of the power they do possess.


Check out the full spiel below.


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Protesters For Kenneka Jenkins Are Still Gathering Outside Hotel, Demand Police Release “The Real Tapes” [Video]

Instagram Photo

Despite surveillance footage depicting Kenneka Jenkins stumbling around deserted areas of the Crowne Plaza hotel moments before she wandered into a freezer, many people insist there is much more to the story. Social media sleuths have now claimed that the tapes must be tampered with and edited, and some people even insist that they see hands, feet, a boy in a blue jacket and a man in a white shirt standing motionless in the background or around corners of the video where Kenneka is seen struggling to keep balance in the hotel hallways alone.

As such, people are now gathered outside of the hotel, insisting that police release more footage and the “real, unedited” versions of these tapes so they can determine for themselves what truly happened on the night that Kenneka passed away.



Trump rips anthem protesters: ‘Get that son of a b—- off the field’

(Warning: Story/video contains coarse language)

President Donald Trump threw another verbal jab at Colin Kaepernick and other NFL anthem protesters during a rally Friday in Huntsville, Ala.

Trump has blasted the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback several times for vocally opposing police brutality and racial inequality. Though Kaepernick remains a free agent with the season well underway, active players have continued protesting the anthem, and the president took aim at them during an extended commentary on the NFL that included complaints about the officiating.

"Wouldn't you love to see one of these NFL owners when someone disrespects our flag? Get that son of a bitch off the field right now. He's fired. HE'S FIRED!" Trump said, yelling emphatically into the microphone as his speech carried on.

"You know, some owner is gonna do that," Trump continued, according to the Guardian's Bryan Armen Graham. "He's gonna say 'That guy disrespects our flag, he's fired.' And that owner, they don't know it. They don't know it. They're friends of mine, many of them. They don't know it. They'll be the most popular person in the country for a week. They'll be the most popular person in the country."

Trump also ripped the NFL for its declining ratings and said officials are "ruining the game" by calling too many penalties.

The president then returned to discussing the anthem protesters, asking fans to leave the stadium in response.

"But do you know what's hurting the game more than that? When people like yourselves turn on (the) television and you see those people taking the knee when they're playing our great national anthem," Trump said. "The only thing you could do better is if you see it, even if it's one player, leave the stadium. I guarantee things will stop. Things will stop. Just pick up and leave. Pick up (and) leave. Not the same game anymore, anyway."

Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett and Philadelphia Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins have taken on a leading role in speaking out on social issues during Kaepernick's absence from the league. Bennett and Jenkins recently headlined a group of players that penned a memo asking commissioner Roger Goodell for his support in criminal justice reform efforts. Jenkins has been to Capitol Hill twice to speak about police-community relations and criminal justice reform, and even met with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

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Hillary Holds Book Signing In Costco Milk Aisle, Protesters Chant “Hillary For Prison!”

From declaring her Presidential candidacy to millions of adoring and zealous followers to signing her new book in front of toilet paper at Costco. It’s either irony, or some sort of hilarious prank played by Costco, because they know her book is so full of crap. This is absolutely hilarious and for reasons you don’t […]
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Protesters In North Carolina Topple A Statue Of A Confederate Soldier!

A group of protesters toppled a statue of a Confederate soldier in Durham, North Carolina, on Monday, in an incident that appears to be a direct response to violent clashes in Charlottesville, Virginia, over the weekend. More than 100 activists from progressive and anti-fascist groups attended the “Emergency Durham Protest,” which culminated with the smashing of the 93-year-old statue. Posted By Persist

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Tiki Torch Carrying White Nationalist Cornballs Clash With Protesters At UVA

A group of white nationalists armed with cheap tiki torches and towering mugs of white privilege converged on the city of Charlottesville in Virginia ahead of a planned event on Friday. The Unite The Right rally, which was slated to take place in the city Saturday, was preceded by a number of ongoing clashes between nationalists and counter-protestors.

NBC News writes:

Altercations erupted Saturday morning and at least two people were hurt as white nationalists and counter-protesters violently clashed in Charlottesville, Virginia, where local police and the governor declared a state of emergency.

Supporters of the “Unite the Right” rally descended again on the city’s downtown in opposition to clergy members and other groups, who stood in a line singing, “This Little Light of Mine,” to drown out the profanity and slurs.

“Love has already won. We have already won,” the counter-protesters responded.

But as the violence intensified with shoving and punching, demonstrators covered their mouths after what appeared to be tear gas was released into the crowd.

The city and Albemarle County both issued a “declaration of local emergency” for the two jurisdictions to request additional resources. Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe also declared a state of emergency to allow for a response to quell the violence.

MSNBC just said in a live report that the Unite The Right rally has been canceled due to the clashing in the streets. Some of the fights took hold on the campus of the University of Virginia as well, with figures such as Dr. Cornel West among the throng shouting down the rally’s intent.

As this story develops, we will provide updates. See below and the following pages to some of the reaction. So far, it looks like the Nazi Parade is unraveling although some of the supremacists are reportedly pulling weapons on people when confronted.

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