Jesus Take The Wheel: Mom Charged After Allegedly Using Pliers To Pluck Son’s Teeth Out In Public Restroom

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WTF? Caucasian Mother Plucks Kid’s Healthy Teeth Out On Walmart Bathroom

A mother in Utah has been charged this week with felony child abuse according to— for pulling out her 7-year-old son’s teeth in a Walmart bathroom. The crazy woman didn’t even use sanitizer or any anesthetics.

47-year-old Jeanine Isom alerted the store’s employess on April 2nd, when they heard the boy screaking for help. That’s when they discovered she was yanking out his teeth.

Isom told police the boy’s teeth were infected, Sgt. Josh Christensen with the American Fork, Utah, police tells PEOPLE.  But “he was taken to the dentist a couple of days later and the dentist said there was no sign of an infection whatsoever,” Christensen says.

Police were not called to the scene immediately, but a family member learned about what she did and called to report Isom, 11 days after the incident.


Out Of Pocket: Pennsylvania Public School Employee Charged With Choking Student Out [Video]

Pennsylvania School Employee Charged With Assault For Choking Student

An employee of Rankin Promise School in Pennsylvania is under fire for assaulting a student by grabbing him by the neck, lifting him up and dragging him down a hallway.

According to CBS, 50-year-old Joseph Golden will go on trial for simple assault and endangering the welfare of a child.

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Serena Williams Says Her Pregnancy Post Wasn’t Meant To Be Public

When Serena Williams announced her pregnancy to the world via a social media post, she actually meant to share it privately amongst her closest friends and then make a public announcement later. Whoops.

While participating in a TED Talks conference in Vancouver yesterday (April 25), the soon to be married tennis star told Gayle King “On social media, you press the wrong button and thirty minutes later I missed four calls and I’m like ‘That’s weird.’”

A simple mistake that has led to many a private message being posted publicly.

At the end of the day her fans are ecstatic for her and haters would’ve came out the woodworks eventually anyway.

Luckily long hair don’t care.


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