Rain Brown Praised for Equality Message!

You may not think of Alaskan Bush People as the best platform for progressive ideals, but you should remember that the Brown family is made up of real people with a lot more depth than could ever fit into a reality series.

The family’s youngest, Rain Brown, uses social media for a lot more than just delivering updates on her mom’s health and speaking about her battle with depression.

She also uses it to promote wonderful messages about making the world a better place. And she’s getting some well-deserved praise (and undeserved hate) for it.

Before posting her own miniature essay on equality in the captions, Rain posted an existing image that reads:

“I am a nasty woman because I believe in love, acceptance, equality, kindness, respect, and the power of my voice.”

Though Rain doesn’t say so herself, this quote was inspired by Ashley Judd who, at the Women’s March, recited a poem by 19-year-old Nina Donovan.

And, obviously, the “nasty woman” line was inspired by what Trump so infamously said about Hillary Clinton at the debates.

Instead of giving background on the quote contained within the image that she posted, Rain wrote in her own words about the importance of equality and what it means to her.

“Equality is SO important.”

A simple statement on its own, but very true.

“No one it’s better no matter their sexuality, skin color, or gender.”

Also true.

“We are all people, it’s so sad to me that we are living in 2017 and STILL we are not all treated equal, if you’re different, good!”

She’s such a sweet person. We have to wonder what brought on this topic, right?

She had previously improvised a song in which she joked about being better than the listener, but this was just her hitting back at trolls who fill her Instagram comments.

So … what prompted Rain to talk about equality?

We’re not sure, exactly.

But Rain does talk about how the issue of equality impacts her, personally.

“You actually had the power and strength to stand up for something, and something that is NEVER discussed in media is age equality.”

To be clear, she’s not equating ageism (which can impact the young and old, if in different ways) with slavery or anti-LGBT bigotry or anything like that.

But it’s a topic that, she’s right, doesn’t get talked about enough.

“Just because I’m 14 doesn’t make me less of a person then a 60 year old our time spent on this earth or how we spend it shouldn’t change the way people treat you.”

Rain Brown may be referring to her recently revealed battle with depression, which she says was dismissed off-handedly because of her youth.

(When, in fact, adolescents are more vulnerable to depression than most other groups; with symptoms exacerbated by hormones, a depressed teenager should get the counseling and medication that they need)

But Rain is not trying to make the message of equality all about her, of course. She’s just talking about how it relates to her, personally.

“For everyone out there that is sad or been bullied or lied to it happens to literally everyone.”

Unfortunately, that is true.

“So just don’t return the favor, basically what I’m getting to is, all my life I’ve wanted to change something and so many people tell me I can’t, but I already have, even if no one agrees with me I still made them think.”

She’s right — don’t get mistreated and then turn around and do it to someone else.

And it sounds like people don’t listen to her enough. Perhaps, because she’s the youngest, people can’t help but see her as a baby. But she’s not anymore.

“And I’m not about to let anyone make me give up on my dream, my mission is to spread love and light on this dark world, join me be strong and fierce but kind and compassionate to your neighbors, life is all about balance.”

So she’s not listening to trolls. Good.

Commenters were quick to praise the young Alaskan Bush People star for her stance.

“I liked you before this. Now I freaking love you Rainy!!!! Equality, respect, kindness, and acceptance are paramount in this world.”

Very well said!

“Your response is exactly what I would expect from a young women raised by an amazing mom. Thumbs up! I can only hope my 13 year old daughter learns your family values.”

Awww, a shout-out to Ami Brown while praising Rain! Cute.

“You are such an outstanding person.”

And there were many more positive comments.

There were, of course, some negative comments. Even though Rain is 14 and shared a positive message, some people just want to get into arguments.

“Equality, acceptance, all good, but Romans chapter 1, God says diffrent.”

We’re not going to get into an academic debate about Biblical passages, but … well, we’re pretty sure that Romans is attributed to Paul.

(Honestly, that’s beside the point, because adults have no business going into the comments of a 14-year-old’s post and starting theological arguments or arguments of any other kind. She’s a kid; be nice or get out)

“There is no such thing as equality. We are all different. Although well meaning ‘equality’ creates division. Males and females have different abilities on average and different races have different attributes. We must accept our differences and move on to be happy.”

So that one’s, like, straight-up racist, among other things. (The “different races have different attributes” line is fine if you’re talking about, like, elves or orcs … not real-life people)

“My advice is to listen to wise advice. ‘A Nasty woman’, is a nasty term from nasty feminists. I’ve always admired your mom for being a sweet lady, with so much faith, not a nasty woman.”

That last hateful comment is best read in Gollum’s voice.

We hope that Rain can set aside the hate, though.

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Rain Brown Details Struggle with Depression

Rain Brown has provided Instagram followers with an update on herself and also on her gravely ill mother.

The youngest member of the Alaskan Bush People, Rain has been a consistent social media presence for months.

Recently, however, it’s been difficult for her to keep up a happy persona, considering that her mother has tragically been diagnosed with lung cancer.

According to a number of reports, Ami Brown is at Stage Four and she may not have very much time left.

Earlier this week, Rain tried to keep up an optimistic front, sharing an uplifting text image with her followers that read:

“You may not understand today or tomorrow, but eventually God will reveal why you went through everything you did.”

She then opened up a lot more about the issues she’s been dealing with of late.

“For the past few days I’ve been struggling with some things, such as my depression, life, and some teen girl probs too (ya know a broken nail) and I couldn’t figure out why I was in such bad shape,” Brown wrote, adding:

“I stayed in bed for about four days with minor aches and pains and I couldn’t find out a reason, it bothered me so much, I lost any want to be healthy or motivational, I was just a husk.”

That’s awful to hear.

Sadly, it’s not the first time Rain has mentioned Depression.

She wrote the following to her followers last month:

I’ve struggled with a lot of depression over the last couple years, I was told it was puberty I was told I was too young to feel any real emotion that I “wasn’t fully developed so my brain couldn’t have actually been depressed” one of the main things I struggle with is my age.

This time around, Rain didn’t question her mood too much.

As explained below, she sort of just gave in to it:

“But just now in the middle of the night it occurred to me, sometimes you don’t have to have a reason sometimes you don’t have to be perfect and somedays you just feel like staying in bed and watching old @simplynailogical videos and that’s OKAY!

“In the time of all this happening I told myself that over and over but it also hit me I had to actually believe it and just let it go and stop being bothered by it.”

While the Discovery Channel star admitted that she continues to “still feel kinda down and Like being lazy,” she now knows it’s “alright because my body knows what it needs and if that’s rest I won’t be one to refuse.”

In conclusion, Amy mentioned her sick mother:

“Stay strong my rainbows and listen to your body and soul they know what you need, don’t let your depression or dark feelings try to make you feel bad or people make you feel bad for doing what you know is right for you

“Ps my mom gave me some panaway oil and now my aches feel so much better thanks mommy!!!”

We really can’t imagine what Rain and her six siblings are going through.

On Friday, though, Rain did say that she and her mom spent the morning making peach tea, adding of Ami:

“She is now going though her second round of chemo…

“Sadly I can’t say how she is doing just yet, but we are all hopeful and faithful, thank you all so much for your support and love in this harsh time.”

We wish her the very best.

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Rain Brown: See the Alaskan Bush People Star’s Selfies That Get So Much Hate!

Alaskan Bush People has captivated viewers and fans for years and years.

For the youngest member of the Brown family, Rain, the series has gone on for half of her life.

Despite her youth, though, Rain or "Rainy's" social media presence is quickly working to make her among the most recognizable members of the Brown family.

Her full name is Merry Christmas Katherine Raindrop "Rainy" Brown, which is honestly amazing … especially considering the fact that she was born in November. It wasn't even Thanksgiving yet when she was born, on November 23rd, 2002.

Rain's Instagram following by her "Rainbows" — what she calls her fans — is booming. She's unfortunately gotten some hate, but she's not the only one of her siblings to be targeted by trolls.

A lot of that hate was related to her selfies during her mother's battle with lung cancer, but as you look through these photos, you'll see that there's nothing offensive in them. At all.

Rain Brown is a treasure and, frankly, the internet is lucky to have her.

1. She’s so popular!

Rain brown
On August 1st, Rain Brown gave a shout-out after reaching the milestone of 2,000 fans or “Rainbows,” as she calls them. She’s NOW up to over 21,000 Instagram followers.

2. Can you believe that people send her hateful comments?

Rain brown selfie
Rain snaps selfies and people work up the nerve to troll her in her Instagram comments. Let her live her life!

3. Always stop and smell the flowers!

Rain brown on instagram
Rain’s follower count has been blowing up this summer, groiwng more than ten times under two months.

4. Rain loves hanging with her siblings!

Gabe brown bird brown rain brown in target
Gabe and Bird are Rain’s older siblings, but they’re not too cool to hang out with her. Even if “hanging out” happens at a Santa Monica Target.

5. The only daughters in the whole family

Rain brown with bird brown
Rain and Bird each have a whole mess of brothers, but they have only one sister. That’s an important bond.

6. Rain Brown and Gabe Brown

Rain brown and gabe brown
Though Gabe has seemed to grow camera-shy lately in terms of Alaskan Bush People, he and Rain are two of the most visible Browns on the interwebs.

View Slideshow

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Making It Rain On Them Hoes: Mayweather-McGregor Estimated To Bring In $700 Million

Image via Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Mayweather McGregor Could Possibly Gross $ 700 Million

America gathered around their homies’ television to watch Floyd Mayweather pummel Conor McGregor live from Las Vegas.

We can’t recall their ever being a fight with this much hype behind it. In most cases, it’s Floyd Mayweather taking center stage as the villain to promote a fight. But in this case, it felt like McGregor was the star sh!t-talker, and his racist, sexist and disrespectful form of villainy was every bit as instigating as Floyd’s.

Not to be dismissed is the fact that most people knew going in that this would be the last time they see Floyd Mayweather box. The victory over McGregor made him 50-0, breaking the 49-0 record of hall of fame fade deliverer Rocky Marciano.

There was a lot on the line. Could a MMA-fighter-turned-boxing-neophyte give Floyd his first and only loss? Would Floyd keep his promise to knock the aggy Irishman out? People have varied opinions about Mayweather, but we all watched in anticipation of witnessing history.

We say all that to say, the hype was BIG and apparently it paid off because according to Telegraph, the fight is estimated to gross $ 700 between pay-per-view sales and tickets.

The official numbers are confidential, but Mayweather is gonna walk away with several hundred million, at least two, maybe even three.

Sure would be nice to see Floyd do something really good with all that bread.


Nationals blasted for near 3-hour rain delay with no rain

Maybe don’t take weather forecasts from the Washington Nationals.

With a storm said to be approaching Nationals Park on Thursday at about the time the team was scheduled to take on the visiting Atlanta Braves, the hosts decided to play it safe by putting the game into a rain delay before it could get a chance to kick off.

That's all well and good, except for the fact that not a single drop of rain fell in over two hours of the "rain delay." Washington was put on blast on social media by those who couldn't understand the team's logic, including fans who left after refusing to wait any longer:

It took just over an hour and a half of the delay before the Nationals finally decided to roll out the tarp, despite there still being no rain yet at the stadium:

While it did eventually trickle in Washington, D.C., some other teams and players took the opportunity to poke fun at the Nationals for their lunacy:

After thousands of fans had already left, the Nationals announced the game would finally get underway at 10:10 p.m. ET, three hours and five minutes later than its original start time.

Copyright © 2017 Score Media Ventures Inc. All rights reserved. Certain content reproduced under license.

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Makin It Rain On Them Hoes: “Cutting It In The ATL” Star Maja Sly Is Slangin’ Her Extensions Via Infomercial Now

Instagram Photo

Maja Sly Makes History For Hair Extensions Infomercials

Congratulations are in order for Maja Sly!!! Sly is a cast member on WETV’s Cutting It In The ATL and she is turning her reality TV success into even more expansion for her business and empowering women in the process. This month she began airing the first ever infomercials from a Black women for Hair Extensions nationally.

Instagram Photo

She posted her testimony and more from the informercial on social media.

Instagram Photo

For more information check out her website http://www.prettyhairnow.com and follow her on Instagram @MajaSly


2 Chainz “Trap Check,” Vince Staples ft. Ty Dolla $ign “Rain Come Down” & More | Daily Visuals 6.23.17

A popular phrase people live by is “life is chess not checkers” and 2 Chainz is taking that notion and using it as a theme for his latest clip

In the black-and white visuals to “Trap Check” the artists formerly known as Titty Boi playing the role of the king while he directs his live human pawns to get it poppin’ on a life sized version of the thinking man’s board game. This clip brings back fond memories of Wu-Tang’s “Mystery Of Chess Boxin’.”

Today Vince Staples finally dropped his highly anticipated sophomore LP, Big Fish Theory, so to coincide with the release blessed us with a visual to the Ty Dolla $ ign assisted “Rain Come Down” where Staples roams the dry desert in search for a Sprite. The thirst is real, y’all.

Check out the rest of today’s drops including work from DJ Khaled featuring Sizzle, Lil Yachty, and more.







The post 2 Chainz “Trap Check,” Vince Staples ft. Ty Dolla $ ign “Rain Come Down” & More | Daily Visuals 6.23.17 appeared first on Hip-Hop Wired.

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Astros-Yankees game postponed due to rain

Saturday’s matinee matchup between the Houston Astros and New York Yankees has been postponed due to inclement weather, the league announced.

Both teams will now play a doubleheader Sunday, with the first game starting at 2:05 p.m. ET. Those who purchased tickets for Saturday's game will be able to exchange them for any other game throughout the 2018 season. They will not be valid for Sunday's doubleheader, which has already sold out.

A ceremony to retire longtime Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter's No. 2 will take place at 6:35 p.m. The second game is slated to start following the event, no later than 7:35 p.m.

Copyright © 2017 Score Media Ventures Inc. All rights reserved. Certain content reproduced under license.

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Making It Rain On Them Hoes: Drizzy Drake’s ‘More Life’ Cracks Over 500,000 Units Sold In First Week

Instagram Photo

Drake’s ‘More Life’ Hits #1, Sells 505,000 Albums First Week

Some of you are probably pausing “Passionfruit” or “Portland” or “Do Not Disturb” or any one of the new bangers that Aubs released last week just to read this.

Suffice to say Drake’s new album “playlist”, More Life, is a BIG success if you believe what you read on social media. However, if you don’t, here are some number that confirm that claim.

According to Billboard, More Life hit #1 on the charts after garnering the equivalent of 505,000 units sold between streams (257,000) and traditional album sales (226,000) and single sales (23,000).

Tweeters lie, Instagrammers lie, numbers don’t.

More Life is Drake’s seventh consecutive album to debut at No. 1. Only his debut EP, So Far Gone, has missed the top slot, as it debuted and peaked at No. 6 back in 2009.

Drake’s seven No. 1s ties him with Kanye West and Eminem for the second-most No. 1s among hip-hop acts, trailing only Jay Z, with 13 leaders.Last week’s No. 1, Ed Sheeran’s ÷, falls to No. 2 after two weeks leading the list. ÷ earned 119,000 units in the latest tracking frame — down 34 percent.

What’s your favorite song from the Owl God’s new project?

Image via Instagram