The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 12 Episode 15 Recap: Mystic Mistake

Maybe Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador are not as close as they would like the world to think. 

That thought crossed my mind several times during The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 12 Episode 15 when it became ever more apparent that they are just as toxic as the rest of the housewives. 

When the episode got underway, David confirmed to Shannon that he questioned Diko about Peggy’s cancer diagnosis. Shannon did seem like she understood, but was probably only mad because it looked like her husband was doing her dirty work for her. 

If you watch The Real Housewives of Orange County online, you will know that Peggy’s double mastectomy has been the topic of conversation all season long and it’s about time everyone stopped talking about it. 

Tamra was very much against anything else being said about the whole cancer situation, but Shannon would not shut up about it, and it started to grate on Tamra’s nerves. 

Like viewers, she was done with hearing these people bring down Peggy for her cancer diagnosis. Tamra wanted Diko and David to work their issues out and leave the women out of it. 

Shannon got mad because Tamra was giving advice when she didn’t want it. Isn’t that what friends are for? Maybe these two have just outgrown each other. 

Meanwhile, Vicki admitted that she needed to go to the cardiologist to make sure that all was right with her after some stressful times. Part of this stemmed from the phone call she received when her mother died, so it’s understandable that she would be worried. 

The doctor confirmed Vicki’s worst fears and said there might be a blockage, and one of the chambers of her heart could be enlarged. This was worrying for the OG of the OC, but she claimed she was ready to live a little. 

Meghan was still scarred by some of the fiery feuds this season, so she invited the ladies over to meet with her psychic, Mystic Michaela. 

Peggy did not seem interested in speaking with Shannon because she just seemed so over all of the talks about her health, and she sat with a scowl on her face for the whole event. 

When the ladies indulged in some fine dining, Lydia asked them all to accompany her to Iceland, and the ladies who attended the event seemed happy enough. 

Vicki and Kelly ditched the event at Meghan’s and had some wine, but Vicki wanted to let her pal know about her diagnosis. Vicki said that she was convinced a murmur is what killed her mother. 

So, her big idea was to work less and be around positive people. It’s good on paper, but if she wants to stay out of the drama, the producers will fire her, so there’s that. 

Lydia called the pair to invite them to Iceland, and they agreed to go. Vicki did not want to, but she did so for Kelly. 

After that, Peggy thought it was high time Shannon got a taste of her own medicine, so she confronted Shannon about the whole thing. 

Shannon reiterated that David was asking the questions because he was worried about Peggy and wanted to know more. Shannon also said that Diko was the one in the wrong for jumping to conclusions. 

Shannon flipped out when Peggy questioned whether Shannon trusted David. Shannon yelled about David’s infidelity, and all I could do was laugh. 

Shannon is deluded these days and needs to get help. Peggy said she wanted everyone to shut up about her health and that if she wanted to talk about it, she would. 

After Peggy left, Shannon cried wolf because nobody stuck up for her, and Tamra told her to stop being an asshole. Shannon admitted that the affair is coming back to haunt her, and it’s not a good feeling. 

What do you think about all of this?

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The Voice Recap: Steals Galore!

With the Blind Auditions out of the way, the hopefuls went to war with each other to secure their spot at the next stage of the competition, and it paved the way for some emotional scenes. 

Rascal Flatts advised Blake Shelton, Kelly Rowland joined Jennifer Hudson, Joe Jonas partnered with Adam Levine and Bill Ray Cyrus joined forces with Miley Cyrus. 

Lucas Holliday vs. Megan McNeal – “My Prerogative” 

Jennifer stressed that it was vital for them to focus on their own performance as opposed to worrying that the other was getting all the attention. 

Despite positive comments for both contestants, Jennifer sent Megan home and kept Lucas around until the next stage of the competition. When the pair were put together, Lucas was the clear winner. 

Moriah Formica vs. Shilo Gold – American Woman

Miley implied that this was a terrible choice for her, but when you think about it, Moriah completely owned the stage during the battle. Shilo was decent, but no match for Moriah. 

Moriah went on to win the vote of Miley, sending Shilo packing. 

Keisha Renee vs. Noah Mac – “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry”

This one was more of a tough choice. Both singers put so much effort into ensuring they would secure a victory, and they even took a lot of feedback from the coaches into consideration. 

That’s the best thing you ask for of a participant during one of these shows. Unfortunately for Noah, Blake thought Keisha pulled it off better. 

Chris Weaver defeated Kathrina Feigh  – “Dangerous Woman.”

In rehearsals, Chris got an early lead on Kathrina, and you could tell Kelly thought so. It was almost like everyone had agreed Chris was advancing and Kelly’s fate was up in the air. 

When it came to the actual performance, Kathrina sounded like she was whimpering throughout, while Chris turned in a solid performance. Jennifer kept Chris around, but it was not the end of the road for Kathrina. 

Blake swooped in to give her a shot on his team. We’re not quite sure it was a wise idea, but time will tell whether it will come back to bite him. 

Brooke Simpson vs. Sophia Bollman – “You’re a Big Girl Now”

Both Brooke and Sophia brought a lot to the table, so you can only imagine our surprise that one of them got through and the other was sent home. 

The performance was rock-solid, and the two squared off against each another with class. Miley kept Brooke around, but nobody thought it was a good idea to steal Sophia. 

What a shame. 

Adam Pearce vs. Whitney Fenimore- “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around”

What do you get when you put two of the most promising singers together? One of the biggest disappointments of the season. Both of them appeared as early frontrunners, but putting them together was just wrong. 

There was nothing about their voices together that really worked. Adam scraped a win by the skin of his teeth, and Whitney was stolen by Miley. 

We are so glad she’s getting a second chance. 

With the Battle Rounds in full swing, it should be fun to find out who goes next. 

The Voice continues Tuesday night on NBC!

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Dancing with the Stars Recap: Who Got the First Perfect Score?

Disney Week made its way to Dancing with the Stars, and there was no fairytale ending for the celebrities on this special night of the ABC reality series. 

With one couple definitely going home, tensions were at an all-time high, but one couple managed to get a perfect score, so it wasn’t all bad. 

Let’s briefly break down the performances of the night, so we can establish who did not make it through to the next heat of the competition. 

Victoria Arlen and Val Chmerkovskiy

After emotions ran a little too high, this performance was all about bringing the fun back to the forefront, and that was a good thing. You could tell Victoria was in a much better place than she was last week. They threw it all the way back to 1928 for a homage to Steamboat Willie. 

She and Val fit together like a glove, and their performance was a well-choreographed one that proved they have been taking feedback on board. 

Score: 27/30!

Vanessa Lachey and Maksim Chmerkovskiy:

Vanessa and Maks have been solid dancers all season long, and despite some alleged behind the scenes drama, they do work well together. 

However, they aren’t exactly offering anything new with their performances. With some of the other couples going from strength-to-strength, this pair appears to be stuck in a rut. 

That’s not to say their waltz was terrible. They just need to change things up a little. 

They could have done so much different with their Snow White and the Seven Dwarves inspired performance. 

Score: 24/30!

Lindsey Stirling and Mark Ballas

Lindsay claimed she always wanted to be a Disney princess, and it sounded like the judges agreed that she would make a great one. 

The jazz from the couple won rave reviews from them, and Len even handed them out a 10. When does that ever happen with Len? He’s always got something negative to say. 

Score: 28/30!

Nick Lachey and Peta Murgatroyd

Being at the bottom of the scoreboard is not the best place to be, and Nick knew there was a lot riding on his performance. The couple performed the quickstep, and you could tell it took its toll on Nick. 

The Jungle Book is a great movie, and now, we will probably never watch it again thanks to Nick’s wooden performance. 

By the end, he looked like he wanted to take a nap on the stage, and the judges picked up on it. 

Score: 22/30!

Drew Scott and Emma Slater

Drew and Emma have had a lot of chemistry going for them since the season kicked off, and that always seems to go in their favor. The went with a fun performance inspired by The Muppets Movie. 

The waltz garnered them some praise from the judges, and they really deserved it. 

Score: 25/30!

Sasha Pieterse and Gleb Savchenko

This duo went with the rumba inspired by The Little Mermaid, and it was a delight. Sasha struggled with nerves earlier in the season, and has been improving every single week. 

The judges took note, with Carrie saying she was “mesmerized” by the whole display. Even Len gave another positive comment. What’s going on?

Score: 24/30!

Terrell Owens and Cheryl Burke

All of the performances seemed much better than recent ones, and Terrell’s was inspired by The Lion King. The whole performance was full of memorable moments, and Terrell managed to dance very well given the big height difference between him and Cheryl.

They secured their highest score of the season, and it was well deserved. 

Score: 25/30!

Frankie Muniz and Witney Carson

While his short-term memory may not be all that, Frankie’s short-term one is good because he continues to be one of the best dancers. The duo went with a tango to The Pirates of the Caribbean.

The performance would have definitely secured a perfect score had Witney’s heel not caught in her dress. 

Score: 29/30!

Jordan Fisher and Lindsay Arnold

Jordan knows a lot about Disney, and that’s because he has been in the family for a long time. He performed a foxtrot to his song “You’re Welcome” from Moana. 

It was flawless, and the judges seemed to think it was the best performance of the season. They were right. It secured them a perfect score. 

Score: 30/30!

Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvintsev

Nikki went with the upcoming move, Coco, as her inspiration, and it was a refreshing mix of style, confidence, and chemistry with Artem. It was a real surprise, and Len called it Nikki’s best dance yet. 

Score: 27/30!

Sasha Pieterse & Gleb Savchenko, and Frankie Muniz & Witney Carson found themselves in the bottom two. No, that’s not a joke. In the end, Sasha and Gleb were sent packing. 

It’s not up there with the Heather Morris elimination, but it sure was shocking. Nick Lachey should have been the one to go!

Dancing with the Stars continues next Monday on ABC!

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Keeping Up with the Kardashians Recap: Walk of Shame

Some wounds take a very long time to heal, and have a way of manifesting themselves in unexpected ways long after the fact.

On Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 14 Episode 3, Kim’s Paris robbery ordeal came back to haunt her in a major way.

Meanwhile, Kourtney Kardashian found herself in a world of trouble when she tried to hide her dating life … but from whom?

If you watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians online, you will see an episode kicking off with Kim getting ready for the Met Gala.

By her side as she preps for this event on Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 14 Episode 3 are Kylie and Kendall Jenner.

Kylie was focused on showcasing her impossibly curvy figure, and that means making her waist so thin she can’t even breathe.

Seriously. Her words. “I need to kind of suffocate. Like, I need to not be able to breathe like the whole time,” she instructed.

Kylie was also dismayed that her red carpet slot was “so f–king early” and thus not prime time, but Kim had bigger things on her mind.

Much bigger things.

Even after so many years of fame, she was a nervous wreck about this red carpet appearance, saying she was “about to throw up.”

Spoken like a first-timer, she revealed part of her mantra: “I’ll say to myself, ‘Suck my stomach in, arms to the side, chin down.’”

The issue here is that even someone as famous, wealthy and renowned for posing nude as Kim has some serious body issues.

“She’s got a real insecurity problem lately,” Jonathan Cheban said, while Kim added, “That Mexico trip really f–ked me up.”

That was when shady photographers captured Kim Kardashian bikini photos at a most unflattering, cellulite-revealing angle.

Kim said this gave her “body dysmorphia,” and that’s the kind of thing you don’t just snap your fingers and get over on cue. 

Kourtney Kardashian thought it was a trigger for something worse, adding, “I think this is just making her think about Paris again.”

According to her older sister, Kim was publicly ridiculed after the robbery, so any scrutiny – even over body issues – is amplified.

Khloe Kardashian agreed, saying that Kim “was just mocked about this traumatic thing that happened to her” and it’s harsh.

We give the Kardashians a hard time for their hashtag First World Problems, but in all seriousness, Kim is still human after all.

You might not think of unflattering press bringing Kim’s past demons to the surface as a big deal, but to her, it is beyind that.

It is all she thinks about.

Meanwhile, Kourtney began a new relationship … with a guy whose name was not revealed, but we have to assume is Younes Bendjima.

She didn’t reveal that, and seemed to try to keep the romance on the DL, but these are the Karadshians. Secrets aren’t easy to keep.

There was no hiding her excitement.

Said Khloe of her older sister’s love:

“It’s so cute to see her this giddy.”

When Kourtney returned home after a night out that went … very well, Khloe (good-naturedly) called her out by calling it what it is:

“Walk of shame, right there.” 

Sorry Scott.

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Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Episode 4 Recap: Did Amelia Survive?

Who is Amelia Shepherd?

That was the big question on Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Episode 4 when the character underwent surgery to remove the tumor that has been taking up residence in her brain for the last few years. 

If you watch Grey’s Anatomy online, you will already know that Amelia has been all over the place since she started appearing on the show. 

Leaving her husband and job behind in Los Angeles, she appeared in Grey Sloan Memorial and immediately ruffled feathers. He mood was ever-changing, and people questioned whether she was crazy. 

With her erratic behavior, you would think the brain tumor storyline had been on the cards since her entrance. She underwent the surgery to have the tumor removed. 

The show did a great job to show off what was going on in Amelia’s mind as she struggled to communicate with her friends and family in the aftermath of the operation. 

Eventually, she came around and was her same irrational self. She struggled to come to terms with losing the tumor and felt like something was missing from her head. 

In the end, DeLuca said that it was because she grew up for so long with the tumor undetected, and she realized what was going on. 

She told Owen she knew he was dumping her. For that reason, she would be moving back in with her sisters. Owen gave her the whole in sickness and health schtick, and she decided to give their relationship one last try. 

Meanwhile, Nathan brought Megan’s son into the U.S., and it resulted in one of the most beautiful scenes of the entire series. It made sense because Megan was trying to flee the hospital at the top of the hour. 

Meredith also reiterated to Megan that Nathan and she were not going to happen and that she should try and make a go of things with him because they could be a family. 

On top of that, he went across the world to bring her sick son into the U.S. for her. If that’s not love, then I don’t know what is. 

Then there were the new interns. All of them were wrecks, and they should not be working in the hospital, but Bailey and Webber had to pick some of them. 

Will the hospital be able to remain a good one with the six new idiots in training? That will be an exciting watch. 

Also, Jo found herself in a tricky situation when Meredith’s surgery was making it into the press and Jo had to say she did not want to be part of the article in case her psycho husband showed up to kill her. 

That’s a wrap, you guys! What did you think of all the drama?

Sound off below!

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Arrow Season 6 Episode 1 Recap: Who Died on Lian Yu?

Arrow finally returned last night, and we finally found out who died after the crazy explosion on Lian Yu at the conclusion of Arrow Season 5

When Arrow Season 6 Episode 1 got underway, it was five months later, and we got the reveal that Oliver, Diggle, Curtis, and Rene had survived the blast. 

If you watch Arrow online, you will already know that Malcolm Merlyn blew himself up to save Thea right before the island exploded, but was it all for nothing?

As the episode progressed, we got flashbacks to find out what happened, and it did not look good for Thea.

Slade found her lifeless body and led Oliver to say goodbye to his sister. 

Because Willa Holland has been less prominent on the hit CW series of late, she seemed poised to exit, but everything was not as it appeared. 

Thea was revealed to be in a coma, so that was not quite as bad as an off-screen death.

It remains to be seen whether Holland is sticking around with the show, but if the actress does not return, we guess she could be killed off-screen. 

The other person who did not make it out of the blast alive was Samantha, who was adamant that Oliver takes on their son full-time in the aftermath. 

However, William felt like Oliver was the person who caused the blast because of what Adrian said and the kid favored Reza over Oliver. 

After much back and forth, Oliver managed to get William on his side after revealing that he did everything he could to save his mother and that he would never do anything to hurt him. 

The other person presumed dead on the island was Black Siren. She attacked Lance and Dinah, forcing Lance to shoot her. 

They left her on the island for dead, but someone appeared to bring her back into the land of the living, and she went to war with the residents of Star City. 

She blew up the SCPD offices and killed nine officers.

Thankfully, Rene had just graduated to become an officer, so at least the city knew it was going to need some new officers. 

When the graduation ceremony for the SCPD officers came, everyone expected there to be a terrorist attack, but for some reason, nothing happened. 

The Arrow lair was then intercepted by Black Siren and her goons, and Diggle was forced to fight for his life.

The team showed up in time, but they realized that Siren had stolen one of the devices Curtis used earlier to detonate a missile headed for Star City. 

With that, it left the team questioning the villain’s next move, but things took a crazy turn when a picture of Oliver as Green Arrow was leaked to the media. 

How will the Mayor be able to spin this one? We’ll need to wait another week to find out!

Arrow continues next Thursday on The CW!

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Riverdale Season 2 Episode 1 Recap: Who Died?

Fred Andrews survived, but who did the Angel of Death take in his place?

When Riverdale Season 2 Episode 1 got underway, Archie found himself trying to get his father to the hospital before it was too late. He drove across town and with blood seeping from his father’s wound. 

The hospital looked like something out of a horror film. It was empty, but at least people appeared to help when it was really needed. Everyone gathered at the hospital to find out what happened. 

What surprised me the most was that Sheriff Keller threw out the whole premeditated schtick without knowing all of the details. Why would someone seriously say that to a kid?

Veronica and Archie made their way to the house to take Vegas for a walk and get some fresh clothing for Fred, but somewhere along the way, they indulged in a steamy hookup. 

Archie then went ham on Veronica for going through his father’s things. She was only trying to help, and I loved that she stood her ground when he told her to leave. 

Deep down, she knew Archie was hurting, and that’s why she let his crazy outburst slide. All she wanted to do was be there for her man, and that’s why she is such a great person. 

Fred was having a tough time of it in his mind. He kept thinking about critical moments in Archie’s life, but they all ended in someone being shot. Fred woke up straight after Cheryl kissed him, and Archie realized he would need to keep his father safe. 

Archie was upset with himself for freezing on the spot when the shootout kicked off. It was a perfectly natural thing to happen, but it did not stop Arch from hurting for not doing more. 

Archie went to extreme measures and realized he would need to guard the house when Fred returned home because the register at Pop’s was untouched, further proving this was not a random shooting. 

In a surprising scene, we picked up with Miss Grundy in another city and romancing another high school student. When the kid left, the disgraced teacher was murdered by the same man who shot Fred. What the hell is going on?!

In other events, Veronica sparred with her mother, and not even her scary father, Hiram, could make Veronica listen to orders. Yes, her dad was back in the mix, and Veronica took great pleasure in letting her parents know Fred survived. 

Would it be that out of the ordinary to have Hiram and Hermione involved in the shooting? They are a wicked duo and are going to ruffle a lot of feathers this season. 

Then there was Jughead, who decided to use the Serpents to garner some insight into what happened to Fred. Unfortunately, it only proved he was a Serpent and that there was no way he was getting out of it. 

What did you think of all the shocks? Hit the comments below!

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Dance Moms Season 7 Episode 24 Recap: Farewell, Abby Lee Miller?

It’s hard to believe that The Irreplaceables were once part of the ALDC. What a difference a few weeks makes. 

On Dance Moms Season 7 Episode 24, the two teams went head-to-head at the FIERCE National Dance Competition, and Abby Lee Miller struggled to come to terms with a significant betrayal. 

When the episode got underway, Ashlee wasted no time in going after Camille to let everyone know that she is nothing more than a snake.

The big issue stemmed from Camille apparently saying Brynn was lying about her and Camryn making an appearance at the ALDC. 

The terrible thing about all of this was the message they were sending to the swarm of young fans who were looking at them swear at each other. 

The ladies retreated to continue to press the girls to do well at the competition. The Irreplaceables’ moms wanted this to be the thing that defined them for being away from Abby. 

They wanted to achieve a win without the influence of her. Things did not get much better when Aisha showed up to find that the girls were still defying her. 

She thinks the girls are struggling because they do not know much about how the industry works.

This was not exactly what they wanted to hear, and it caused a lot of drama for them. 

Kira took issue with the way Aisha was talking about everyone and felt like she was too hard on them.

In reality, Aisha wanted them to be a success because it would look bad on her if they did not. 

Aisha then took aim at Kalani for not paying attention to what she was saying.

She worried that the girls would not be able to separate themselves from the pack if they went to an audition without their mothers. 

Elsewhere, Abby appeared to speak to the ALDC mothers and went on another screaming session about how she made all of the others a lot of money by letting them be a part of her team. 

But, why is she blaming them when she’s clearly the one who cannot handle having some money without causing some drama for herself?

Things then went into overdrive when Abby bickered with a producer because she did not want to be in the audience to face the other mothers and disappears. 

While Abby is hiding in the shadows, everyone learns the ALDC is doing “Where Have all the Children Gone?” and everyone seemed mad about it. 

Things took another epic turn when the mothers threw sass at one another and went as low as trashing their daughters. The Irreplaceables take second place proving they are not the force they were with the ALDC. 

When does Abby Lee Miller really leave? Next week, probably. 

What do you think about all the action? Sound off below!

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The Flash Season 4 Episode 1 Recap: Barry Allen, Is That You?

Just because Barry has been in the Speed Force prison for six months, it does not mean that the team has not been able to function. 

When The Flash Season 4 Episode 1 got underway, we got the revelation that Iris has become a reliable leader on the team as she has been making sure everything is moving smoothly. 

Wally and Cisco have been keeping the mean streets of Central City safe, but they were no match for the armored samurai who demanded a fight with the Flash. 

With the scarlet speedster nowhere near town, and very much out of the loop, the team fretted when the samurai villain claimed he would destroy Central City if he did not get to fight the fastest man alive. 

Cisco was quick to reveal that he had been working on the way to allow Barry to make a return to the city. The reason he kept quiet about it was that there was a huge possibility it could go wrong. 

When does anything ever go right for anyone on these superhero shows? The biggest shocker was that Iris told the team to focus on other ways to make sure the city was safe. 

It was clear she was taking what Barry said to her about moving on with her life in his absence. But that was not enough to stop Cisco from bringing his friend home. 

Cisco turned to Caitlin who was no longer working in the world of science and found herself bartending in the dirtiest bar around. It did not take long for her to join Cisco’s cause. 

When it came to bringing Barry back, the group thought the machine was broken, but Barry returned to town via a portal in another part of town. 

Iris immediately flipped out at them for going ahead and carrying out the mission even though she explicitly asked them to find another way. But, a phone call about Barry being found stops the bickering. 

But the man who has returned is not exactly the Barry who left. In fact, this new iteration has some major issues and does not seem to know his left from his right.

When everything seemed to be working against the team, Iris thought it would be a good idea to hand herself over to the villain, and it worked. Barry raced to her side in order to ensure no harm came to her. 

Barry returned to the loft with Iris, and the pair quickly spoke about how much they loved each other, and Barry seemed to think that everything that was wrong is gone, claiming they can move on. 

In a last-minute twist, The Mechanic called her boss to let him know the speedster was back in Central City, and we got our first glimpse at The Thinker, who will be the big villain on The Flash Season 4

What a conclusion, you guys! What did you think of the episode?

Sound off below!

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Teen Mom 2 Recap: The Decision

On Teen Mom 2 Season 9 Episode 14 Monday night, Briana took a trip to the hospital and found out something interesting about Stella.

Meanwhile, a court date threatened Kailyn’s vacation, and Chelsea attempted to modify Aubree’s custody agreement, but to what end?

When the episode got underway, Briana DeJesus and Luis Hernandez had only had their daughter for two days before he up and left.

Literally. Dude peaced out in the night.

“Take control of the situation and you’ll be OK,” Roxanne, her mother, told her anxious daughter, who was clearly worked up about it.

“It will all work out,” she told her. 

Meanwhile, Stella was having problems breathing, and with blood circulation, so Briana had to take the newborn to the hospital.

She tried to text Luis, but he didn’t respond, at which point her mom said, “If he doesn’t respond, you’re going to have to kick his ass.”

Kinda deserves it.

Honestly, it’s hard to imagine being in Briana’s shoes and trying to handle caring for a newborn and another daughter on top of all this.

For Leah Messer, it was a tough week as daughters Ali and Aleeah would not stop fighting, screaming and even hitting one another.

Leah and Corey decided it may be time for Aleeah to see a therapist, as she’s clearly jealous of the attention her twin sister receives.

Obviously, Leah and Corey wish that weren’t so – Ali’s muscular dystrophy is the primary cause – but Aleeah can’t see it that clearly.

“It’s getting a little bit out of hand,” Corey said.

“We’ll just have to work together.”

Heartbreakingly, Aleeah said she felt guilty for the way she “crammed her up” in their mom’s womb and helped cause Ali’s MD.

“That wasn’t your fault,” Leah assured her.

“It has nothing to do with you.”

In North Carolina, Jenelle and David were doing a “Save the Date” photo shoot and feuding with producers of Teen Mom 2. Hardcore.

“If you don’t leave my house, you will be escorted by police,” he texted them, generally making everyone feel uncomfortable.

Jenelle, meanwhile, was feuding with Barb as usual, all while trying to wrangle her three kids for a photo shoot. Utter chaos.

It was bedlam as the kids went buck wild, screaming and terrorizing each other as Kaiser almost knocked over one of the MTV cameras.

“Holy f–k dude,” Jenelle yelled at him.

That would about sum up the life of Jenelle in three words. It’s somewhat amazing these two made it to the altar, to be honest.

In South Dakota, Chelsea Houska was looking to take baby daddy Adam Lind back to court to change their custody agreement.

She wanted to add “DeBoer” to her daughter Aubree’s last name, reflecting that Aubree’s stepdad Cole is her real father figure.

The 7-year-old personally requested this, no less.

“I don’t know if it will bother your other dad,” Chelsea said, but there’s no question that Cole was beyond touched by the idea.

“I’m glad she is the one that wants to,” Cole said.

“That makes me feel good.”

Finally, Kailyn Lowry wanted to celebrate graduating from college and take her sons on vacation to St. Thomas before her next baby.

She planned a trip, but it happened to fall during the week Javi Marroquin was taking her back to court over child support issues.

“He’s ruining the last family vacation that we have,” Kailyn said, though Javi dropped the charges so she could go on her trip.

“Have fun with the kids,” Javi told her.

“At the end, it’s not about us.”

This is true. One can only hope that both parties continue to act accordingly in the weeks, months and years to come.

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