Watch: Trubisky shocks Bears fans by personally delivering season tickets

Mitchell Trubisky: No. 2 overall pick, franchise savior, and … delivery man?

The Chicago Bears paid a king’s ransom to jump up and select Trubisky, and it appears they’re getting their money’s worth, sending the quarterback and his fellow rookies to deliver season tickets to some lucky – and surprised – Bears fans.

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Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 2 Photos: Jon Snow v Littlefinger!

Sure, the Game of Thrones Season 7 finale threw a lot of information at us, but some fans have complained that it failed to really scratch the itch they've been nursing for 13 months.

For many, there was too little of certain things (many complained that often felt like a "place-setting" episode and lacked emotion) and too much of others (producers probably should've cut the Ed Sheeran quotient by at least half).

We say it was a solid installment, but we can certainly see how it may have left some viewers wanting more.

The first official photos from the season's second episode don't tell us a whole lot about what to expect, but according to the GoT formula, episodes that set the stage are usually followed by ones that tear it all down.

Check out the pics below, and watch Game of Thrones online at TV Fanatic to get caught up:



1. Jon Snow and Littlefinger Converse

Jon snow and littlefinger converse
Probably not a friendly chat. We’d say they could be talking about the weather, but that’s gonna be the same for like the next 40 years.

2. Arya on the Move

Arya on the move
Okay, she’s been on the move since the end of GoT Season 1. But now, she’s finally on the verge of the revenge and the reunion she’s been waiting for.

3. Sansa in the Snow

Sansa in the snow
Sansa is looking contemplative. She’s probably trying to figure out how to get Jon to stop being such a d-bag with his new power.

4. Jon and Littlefinger At It Again

Jon and littlefinger at it again
Apparently, these two spend a lot of the episode talking in darkened hallways. We’d complain prematurely, but it promises to be a hell of a contentious convo.

5. The Khaleesi and the Hand

The khaleesi and the hand
The Khalessi and her council have set up shop in Dragonstone. We sense a clash of queens in the near future.

6. Sam at the Citadel

Sam at the citadel
Get ready, Hermione Granger fans! This season promises lots of Sam figuring out all kinds of fancy magic things with his book learnin’!

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Heat re-sign Udonis Haslem for 15th season

The Miami Heat have re-signed veteran forward Udonis Haslem, the team announced Thursday.

Haslem will return for his 15th season with Miami after going undrafted in 2003. He has won three championships and made five Finals appearances.

At his advanced age, the 37-year-old no longer directly figures into the Heat's outcomes on the floor. Haslem's contributions come in terms of setting an example, providing a veteran voice in the locker room, and as a walking reminder of the Heat's winning culture.

Haslem averaged 1.9 points and 2.3 rebounds in 16 games last season.

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The Real Housewives of New York Season 9 Episode 16: Drama In Tequila

Ramona and Sonja are like two petulant children when they get together, and have a few drinks. 

On The Real Housewives of New York Season 9 Episode 16, the ladies made their way to Mexico, and things got off to a dramatic start. 

“I was literally throwing up in a garbage can this morning,” Bethenny revealed to the ladies while making fun of Ramona for having a face like Frankenstein. 

Yes, her face was not as on point as usual, and part of that was down to the mass skin peel she had, but did it stop her from having fun?

This is Ramona we’re talking about. She’ll find a reason to have fun so long as a margarita is in her hand. That’s why I love her. She’s hilarious. 

When the ladies exited the plane, they got into their car and talk quickly turned to Tinsley’s big date.

“How was the date?” Luann questioned.

“It was good. It lasted for five days,” said Tinsley. She revealed that they went to Miami and had a lot of fun. Will they be marrying on the next date? I’m going to assume yes. 

This is Tinsley, and she’s proven anything during her stint on this Bravo smash, it’s that she’s full of emotions. 

As is always the case on trips with these ladies, Ramona and Sonja made it their mission to find the best room in the house so that they could be above everyone else. 

While Bethenny flipped the eff out at the very thought of the two women trying to steal rooms, Dorinda was not fazed by the room because she was on vacation. 

“I don’t care what room I get. I’ll sleep on the lawn,” she said. 

While the two women searched for the perfect room, the rest of them were introduced to the staff, and a chef shared the same name with Ramona, and I could not deal with it. 

“Ramona’s the cook?” Luann laughed. 

“Yes, Ramona,” replied the chef. 

Who needs Ramona Singer when we have Ramona, the cook? God, if Ramona Singer were in the kitchen, she’d lace every single dish with Pinot Grigio.  In fact, she’d probably serve Bethenny up a side dish of poison. 

Bethenny got wind of the drama with the room and immediately put her foot down. 

“We’re going to do it fair. We’re not fucking gavone animals,” said Bethenny. 

Bethenny told the women they were doing a lottery with the rooms because she wanted the whole trip to be fair. Ramona and Sonja were pissed because they picked the best room. 

Tinsley got to pick any room first, and immediately gave Bethenny the best room because she planned the trip. 

As expected, Sonja called Tinsley out for apparently not being considerate. Pretty funny when you consider the fact that Sonja was being inconsiderate by taking a room before anyone. 

Ramona played along and tried to get in a room with Dorinda, but she was not ready to let Frankenstein bunk with her. 

“Stop being a spoilt brat. I will literally take your shit and throw it in the pool.” Dorinda yelled at her. 

“Two old bags left their bags, like two old bitches marking their territory. Not in this casa.” Bethenny said when she noticed Ramona and Sonja’s crap in her room. 

In the end, Ramona decided to make one of the maids a slave and started firing orders around. She wanted someone to empty her case and just do things that any normal human would do for themselves. 

Tensions flared up when Tinsley’s friend got an email about Page Six running a story about her. She confided in Carole and Bethenny, before sitting down at the dinner table. 

She wasted no time in calling out Ramona and Sonja because she thought they were to blame. Here’s the thing: the whole thing seemed like it was scripted. 

If we learned anything from it, it was that Tinsley was not a good actress and should probably find her own apartment, because it’s not surprising Sonja is getting tired of her. 

Finally, we got to see a heavily drunk Luann, and it was delightful. She was falling around the place and even found herself stuck in a rose bush. 

Drunk Luann is someone anyone would want at their party.

What do you think of all the drama?

Sound off below!

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Iverson predicts 76ers will make playoffs next season

"The Process" is starting to pay dividends for the Philadelphia 76ers, with several legendary players from the franchise's past taking notice of the talent they've accumulated in recent years.

Allen Iverson is one of the most beloved figures in Philly sports history, and knows a thing or two about taking the Sixers to the postseason, having done so on six occasions, including a 2001 Finals berth. He still keeps close tabs on the team, and feels there's a strong possibility it will end its playoff drought in 2017-18.

"But I mean, our direction, man, our future is bright, you know what I mean? All that young talent, throw a couple veteran guys in there with them young boys, and teach 'em the way, we gonna be fine," Iverson told Sports Illustrated's Jake Fischer. "I see us going to the playoffs this year."

Related – Watch: Philly crowd cheers for Iverson during BIG3 intro

Charles Barkley, who was drafted by the organization in 1984 and spent the first eight years of his Hall of Fame career there, is of the same mindset, recently saying that he'd "totally be shocked" if the 76ers didn't qualify.

Philadelphia finished with a 28-54 record this past season, marking the fourth year in a row it failed to win at least 30 games. It was still an 18-win improvement over the previous year, and that was with center Joel Embiid only making 31 appearances.

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Les Miles says he’ll appear on multiple TV networks during 2017 season

Les Miles has yet to resurface as a college football head coach since being fired by LSU last season, but the 63-year-old seems intent on pursuing another calling.

Miles told Jacques Doucet of WFAB-TV on Wednesday that he'll work for more than one television network during the 2017 college football season, although no specific networks were mentioned.

The leader of the 2007 national champion Tigers has developed a reputation for being a colorful personality, so it's not a stretch to think he'll be comfortable in front of a camera.

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NBA, Nike give 1st look at jerseys for 2017-18 season

Nike and the NBA are making some notable changes to the jersey industry. After briefly taking down the initial release Tuesday morning, Nike republished an official post detailing the new threads that will be worn to kick off the 2017-18 season.

Essentially, Nike and the NBA have agreed to do away with “home” and “road” jersey designations and color assignments. In their place, Nike will introduce what the company is currently referring to as “editions.”

However, these editions will still adhere to the white versus colors contrast NBA fans are used to seeing between competing home and road teams.

One notable change is the home team’s ability to decide which jersey it’ll wear.

“Beginning with the 2017-18 season, home teams will pick which of their uniforms will be worn at all home games and visiting teams will choose a contrasting uniform within their own assortment,” per

“Because of this change, Nike and the NBA worked together to create four core uniforms for each team, classified as ‘editions.'”

From the looks of it, the “Association Edition” will replace white home uniforms, while the “Icon Edition” will replace colored road uniforms.

Nike also plans on rolling out a “Classic Edition” for eight unspecified teams.

It wasn't divulged how much advance notice teams will be given ato coordinate their jersey decisions, but obviously team-to-team communication will be a factor ahead of each NBA game going forward.

The new editions also come with a plethora of manufacturing changes that focus on improving player motion and moisture-wicking features.

No retail price was mentioned in the now taken-down release.

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Counting On: Renewed For New Season By TLC!

Duggar Nation has reason to celebrate today.

No, Jana Duggar is not courting. No, Jinger Duggar is not wearing a swimsuit (though Jinger’s shorts are a nice change of pace of late).

TLC has confirmed that the family reality show Counting On (formerly Jill & Jessa: Counting On) has been renewed for a new season!

It’s not clear when you’ll be able to see new episodes, but you can watch Counting On online knowing there will be more to come soon.

The news that it was renewed for another season comes just over a week after the end of this summer’s run, so that didn’t take long.

For all the critics and controversies the Duggars seem to attract, they retain a loyal, passionate fan base and TLC is sticking by them.

As for what we can expect next season?

Pretty much more of the same. Why fix what ain’t broke if you’re the Duggars, who successfully rose from the TLC ashes once before.

After the Josh Duggar sex scandals derailed 19 Kids & Counting in 2015, the family returned with Counting On, which notably lacks …

… Josh.

Seriously, the lengths producers go to edit Josh out of footage when they can’t ignore his presence altogether is nothing short of amazing.

Though Counting On has featured Josh’s wife Anna, and his parents Jim Bob and Michelle, the shift in focus has been clear, and popular.

Don’t get us wrong: Jinger, Joy, Jessa and Jill Duggar (and to an extent Jana and their brothers) are heavily scrutinized at every turn.

They’ve collectively managed to avoid the taint of Josh, however, and viewers remain attached to the goings on in their young lives.

In the past few episodes, we watched Joy-Anna Duggar marry her husband, Austin Forsyth, then flashed back to when they got engaged.

Now we can look forward to seeing more of the planning process to find out what went on behind the scenes of the 19-year-old’s nuptials.

The bride even admitted that the whole thing is “overrated,” but fans don’t seem to think the same about watching this play out on TV!

Elsewhere, we expect to see more of Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo settling into domestic life in Texas and dishing on their future.

Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald will road trip it with Spurgeon and Henry down to Texas to visit Jinger and Jeremy in their new hometown.

Jinger has said in the past that she’d like to have a baby over “the next five years,” sparking rumors of Jinger Duggar on birth control

Stay tuned there. 

We can’t confirm that rumor, but Jeremy notes that “parenting is hard work” watching Jessa, Ben, Spurge and Henry, so perhaps waiting is best.

Meanwhile, we may get to see Joseph Duggar propose to Kendra Caldwell (again), an event that took place at Joy-Anna’s wedding.

With debate raging over when Joseph Duggar is getting married, expect that to play out on TV – potentially shrouded in secrecy prior.

Meanwhile, Jill Duggar, Derick Dillard, and son Israel prepare to become a family of four (Jill welcomed baby Samuel two weeks ago).

Jill was clearly stressed out prior to his arrival, as the family was living in El Salvador doing mission work during the bulk of her pregnancy.

This proved to be dangerous when Jill and Derick’s friend was murdered and led man fans to question her decision to remain there.

“There is definitely a level of stress and concern I feel just if something were to go wrong,” she said in the first preview for the new season.

Josh and Anna are expecting their fifth kid this summer, so it will be interesting to see if producers decide to acknowledge that milestone.

As for Jana Duggar?

We can’t say for sure if she’ll be featured on the new season, but we can cross our fingers … for both screen time and courtship news.

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