Thursday Night Fun: Rams-49ers just saved the NFL season

No football fan would have predicted that a game between the San Francisco 49ers and Los Angeles Rams on Thursday night would be the best contest of the NFL season through three weeks – and yet, here we are.

A week after the Cincinnati Bengals and Houston Texans made a strong argument against the very existence of Thursday Night Football, all the stars came out to give their best in Santa Clara in a matchup most fans would have gagged at when perusing the early-season schedule.

So far, the 2017 campaign had lacked a signature game to recapture people's attention after the 2016 season ended with the most spectacular Super Bowl ever. Only one prime-time affair thus far had finished with a score within seven points. No game has gone to overtime. No competing teams had scored at least 30 points in the same contest.

On Thursday night, essentially everything a fan would want to happen did happen in a narrow 41-39 Rams win.

The stars starred. The young coaches showed off creative offenses. The highlights came early and often. And the action just didn't stop in the highest-scoring Thursday Night Football game ever.

Todd Gurley broke out of his sophomore slump, getting a career-high 33 touches as he scored three touchdowns and matched his scoring output from a year ago. He finished with 113 rushing yards, 36 receiving yards, and one of the most demoralizing third-down conversions possible.

Gurley spent the last two seasons as the Rams' only offensive star with name recognition, but a trade with the Buffalo Bills brought in Sammy Watkins – and he introduced himself to Rams fans Thursday night with a 47-yard deep catch before scoring two touchdowns to amass a total of 106 yards.

Not to be totally outshined, 49ers veteran Pierre Garcon didn't let the Rams have all the fun. The receiver's seven catches for 142 yards weren't just good final stats – the 10th-year pro made two of the season's best catches to date.

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It was an incredibly even back-and-forth affair, with neither team allowing the opponent to notch more than two consecutive scores.

Category Rams 49ers
Points 41 39
Touchdowns 5 5
1st Downs 26 25
Net Passing Yards 292 308
Net Rushing Yards 126 113
Time Of Possession 29:43 30:17

In the end, a missed extra point to start the fourth quarter for the 49ers ended up being the difference between a loss and the first overtime outing of the season, while a converted two-pointer would have given Kyle Shanahan's team its first win.

The Rams' and 49ers' upcoming schedules may not allow another offensive outburst like this in the 2017 season. At least for one night, though, two teams who rarely get the prime-time spotlight made us remember why we love this game so much.

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America’s Got Talent Recap: Who Won Season 12?

America’s Got Talent crowned another winner last night, but with ten finalists still in the mix, it was hard to pick just one winner because they had all made it so far. 

Who managed to turn the tables in their favor with one last performance?

Scroll down to find out!

AGT Finale Trio

There were a lot of showstopping moments as the top 10 took to the stage to perform one last time to sway votes their way. 

Kechi and Angelica Hale showed off their high notes by performing “What Doesn’t Kill You” by Kelly Clarkson. And, of course, Kelly joined them on stage to join in on the fun. 

Kelly is a true example of America voting for the best singers, so it was a good move to bring her onto the show to perform her newest hit and prove she still has staying power after all these years. 

Diavolo then performed one final time for the audience, and they did their thing to “Sign of the Times” by Harry Styles. Yes, we’re still not sure why that song is so catchy, but Diavolo showed off that it was a good one to dance along to. 

Light Balance appeared on the stage before Derek Hough emerged from one of the light-up suits, so it was a fun-filled dance that kept viewers firmly on their toes. 

Then, Mandy Harvey took to the stage with Shania Twain to belt out “You’re Still The One.” Shania has long had some of the most addictive music around, so we were ecstatic she stayed along to sing “Life’s About To Get Good.”

Next up was Darci Lynn who got to hit up the big stage with Season 2 winner, Terry Fator. Yes, they were awesome together and should probably collaborate in future. 

Evie Clair then took to the stage with James Arthur, and they even went with one Evie’s original songs, so that must have been a huge confidence boost. 

James then performed “Say You Won’t Let Go” with Chase Goehring, and we loved it just as much as the original song. 

We then found out that 

Chase Goehring, Evie Clair, Diavolo, Preacher Lawson, and Kechi had missed out on a spot in the top five. 

But how did the rest of the results pan out?

  • Sara & Hero finished in fifth place.
  • Mandy Harvey finished in fourth place.
  • Light Balance finished in third place. 
  • Angelica Hale finished in second place. 

That winner of America’s Got Talent 2017 is Darci Lynn!

It was a long and winding road, but Darci Lynn deserved to win the whole thing. 

What do you think about her big win?

Sound off below!

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Sale becomes 1st AL pitcher since 1999 to record 300-K season

Strikeouts are up throughout baseball, but no one is quite at Chris Sale‘s level.

The Boston Red Sox lefty punched out 13 Baltimore Orioles batters Wednesday night to reach the 300 strikeout plateau. He’s the first American League pitcher to record 300 strikeouts in a season since Pedro Martinez mowed down 313 in 1999 as a member of these very Red Sox.

He’s only the second pitcher in franchise history to strike out 300, and Pedro managed it only once in Boston – he also struck out 305 with the Montreal Expos in 1997.

Joining Pedro is breathing rarefied air, and Sale said after the game that he wasn't taking his accomplishment for granted, according to the Providence Journal's Tim Britton.

"That's special. We all know that's about as good a company as you can get," Sale said. "Just appreciative of it. It's fun. Being here and hearing that name thrown around is special to me; I don't take it lightly. He's one of the best to ever step on that mound. To be in the same sentence as him is pretty crazy to me."

The AL Cy Young candidate – and potential front-runner – has recorded 191 of them away from Fenway Park, the most by any pitcher on the road in at least 104 years, according to USA TODAY’s Bob Nightengale.

Sale took the mound in the eighth inning needing a single strikeout to reach the milestone. After a pair of groundouts, he struck out Ryan Flaherty looking on an 83 mph slider.

The 13-strikeout performance raised his K/9 to 12.9 on the season, which is far and away the best among qualified starting pitchers this season. Compare that to Curt Schilling, who punched out 300 batters on three different occasions but never had a K/9 higher than 11.29. Even strikeout king Nolan Ryan never recorded a K/9 as high as Sale’s this season.

As to his most common victims, Sale has struck out New York Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge and Tampa Bay Rays slugger Steven Souza Jr. 10 times apiece.

Sale is scheduled to get at least one more start, Sept. 26 against the Toronto Blue Jays, giving him a shot at breaking Pedro’s single-season franchise record of 313.

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Barkley critical of extended season: ‘poor babies can’t play back-to-back’

Charles Barkley will forever be old school when it comes to the game of basketball.

He’s demonstrated this viewpoint in the past by claiming jump-shooting teams are incapable of becoming champions – something the Golden State Warriors have disproved on multiple occasions, mind you.

The latest target of his disdain is the league itself and its decision to extend the regular season to cut down on the amount of back-to-back games for its players.

“I want to commend the NBA. You know, these poor babies can’t play back-to-back games,” said Barkley, sarcastically, at an SMU athletic forum on Wednesday.

"Making $ 30-, $ 40-million a year. But we want to make it convenient for them. At $ 40 million a year, we can't stress 'em out. The private jets and the four-star hotels is not enough, so I just want to commend the NBA for just making it so convenient for these poor babies," Barkley said.

To reduce the stress level on players from travel, the NBA will begin the 2017-18 regular season on Oct. 17, therefore eliminating stretches of four games in five nights completely, as well as reducing the amount of back-to-back slates per team from 16.3 to 14.4.

Such changes will also aid in preventing teams from resting talent when they’re healthy, either on the road where opposing fans can only see them a handful of times (if that), or for nationally-televised contests. New guidelines on the matter have been submitted to the Board of Governors from the NBA’s Competition Committee, with a vote for approval coming on Sept. 28.

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Judge becomes 7th Yankee ever to hit 45 HRs in a season

Aaron Judge is now firmly entrenched in New York Yankees royalty.

The rookie slugger continued his remarkable debut campaign Wednesday afternoon by smacking his 45th home run of 2017, a two-run shot off Minnesota’s Bartolo Colon.

With the homer, Judge became only the seventh player in Yankees history to hit at least 45 home runs in a single season. The list of men he joined is indeed a who's who of pinstriped legends: Babe Ruth (nine times), Lou Gehrig (four), Mickey Mantle (twice), Alex Rodriguez (twice), Roger Maris, and Joe DiMaggio.

Judge also knocked in his 100th RBI of the season with the two-run shot, making him the eighth Yankee ever with 100 RBIs, 100 runs scored, and 100 walks in a single season. According to, he's just the third rookie to reach those heights, joining Ted Williams in 1939 and Al Rosen in 1950.

Judge is four homers shy of tying Mark McGwire's major-league rookie home-run record that's stood since 1987. He already surpassed Williams' modern-era record for walks by a rookie earlier this summer.

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American Horror Story Season 7 Episode 3 Recap: Neighbors From Hell

Who would have thought American Horror Story Season 7 would emerge as one of the best seasons of the anthology series?

When American Horror Story Season 7 Episode 3 got underway, we got to meet a couple who were being a little too positive about things. They chatted to the Dr. Rudy about Rosie conquering her fears and returning to the person she once was. 

In true American Horror Story fashion, disaster struck when they returned home to celebrate with some red wine. Mark disappeared into the bedroom to retrieve a “surprise” for Rosie. 

Rosie heard a scuffle and went in to be greeted by two caskets, and a swarm of clowns invaded the room and put the husband and wife in an early grave. 

It was a little bit convenient that Dr. Rudy knew all of Rosie’s fears. We can put him at the top of the list of suspects. He is in a great position to terrorize people because he knows everything about them. 

When we returned to Ally, she was trying to put the pieces together about what happened with Pedro. She was mad Ozzy had to witness it all go down. 

Then, Jack revealed that Ally was not in trouble because of the law in Michigan states that you can defend your home against an intruder. 

Ivy was surprisingly okay with Ally having the gun. Maybe she felt bad about sending Pedro in the first place, but she did not exactly address that part of it. 

When the duo made their way to the restaurant, they were greeted with protests from the public because Ally murdered a man of color, so Ally stayed in the car. 

Kai appeared and promised he would find a way to make everything right again for her, and she seemed happy to have someone fighting in her corner. 

When she returned home, Meadow and Harrison appeared wearing sombreros to accuse her her of racism. They spoke about Taco Bell and other Mexican establishments to play the race card. 

“I’m 23 percent Mexican,” Harrison yells. “Does that make you want to kill me?”

The scorned husband and wife then thought it would be fun to make a fake Craigslist ad to get a horrible naked man to show up Ally’s home and demand oral sex. 

Winter let him in the house, and things got pretty awkward when Ally and Ivy appeared and witnessed the dude getting his rocks off. 

But then the neighbors decided to try and get Ozzy on their side and gifted him with a guinea pig named Mr. Guinea. The mothers were annoyed, and Ally said they were getting rid of him. 

Ozzy then said he wished his mother was leaving, so that caused a lot of drama in the house. But, the biggest twist of all was the poor guinea pig exploding in the microwave. 

This sent Ally on the rampage because someone had also marked the house with the smiley face. Meadow and Harrison said they were marked for murder now. 

Each of the Wiltons made their way to Kai and made it clear they resented the other, and it gave Kai all the leverage he needed to cause some horror for them. 

Harrison allegedly woke up to find Meadow dead in bed next to him after a brutal murder. He blamed Ally in full view of the police just moments after Ivy found a video of Ally getting close to Winter. 

On top of all that, someone was spraying the neighborhood with poisonous gas that was killing all the wildlife, so are we to assume that Kai is doing everything in his power to destroy Ally’s community?

It certainly seems that way. Oh, and it also seems like Harrison was having an affair with Jack, so that’s another reason Ally and her family should probably escape while they still can. 

What did you think of all the action?

Sound off below!

American Horror Story continues next Tuesday on FX!

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Dance Moms Season 7 Episode 22 Recap: The End of the ALDC?

Abby Lee Miller was out of the ALDC for a few episodes, but she wanted to make it clear on Dance Moms Season 7 Episode 22 that she was still the boss, so everyone should bow before her. 

Well, she didn’t say it in those exact words, but we got the message loud and clear. Everyone was still mad at her for disappearing without so much as an explanation. 

Rightfully so, she left everyone who looked up to her in the lurch and squandered the last bit of respect anyone at the ALDC still had for her. 

Chloe was still wanting to stick with MDP because of the opportunities that were being given to her, and could anyone really blame her? If she’s being given featured roles, then why wouldn’t she want to move on from the ALDC?

At the Devotion 2 Dance Competition, Abby tried to play the victim as the moms wondered what was going to happen to the people who did not show up to dance. 

She tried to imply that she was happy to have no arguments with anyone, but it was clear she was at least a little worried about what would become of her dance studio.

She was probably worried about what she was going to be eating in prison so that probably explains why she was shoveling junk food into her mouth. 

Yolanda, Stacey, and Jaime wanted Abby to think of the bigger picture and felt like it would be a good move for Abby to build a new team to oust the others for good. 

The older girls made their way to the competition, but they were not there to dance. They were there to sell T-shirts and be with their fans, oh and they wanted to confront Abby. 

All of the tension got to Maesi who felt unwell because of everything that was going on, but Jaime wanted her on top form to prove there was still life left in the ALDC. 

But things got tense in the audience when Abby noticed Christi was there and decided to leave. The moms successfully talked her into standing at the back so the kids could see the teacher. 

Brynn and Ashlee cornered Abby and asked her to return to the ALDC. Abby relented and revealed she loved Brynn and would love nothing more than for her to return. 

At the awards, Lilli won the overall award, but MDP eked out the group victory, and that was because Chloe was with them, but Chloe wanted to dance with her former girls. 

Meanwhile, Holly, Jill, and Kira officially said goodbye to the ALDC because they felt like Abby was the one who caused all the damage and that she did not want to repair any of relationships she destroyed. 

Abby noted that she “feels like a whore” because of the amount of money she spent on the studio to help the girls become the people everyone thought they could be. 

Abby tried to say that she had some regrets, but they did not care about it. They were done and had their new dance squad to deal with, and that was that. 

What did you think of all the action?

Dance Moms continues next Tuesday on Lifetime!

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