Bettis plans to pitch this season after cancer scare: ‘It’s going to happen’

Chad Bettis is adamant he will be back on a big-league mound in 2017.

The Colorado Rockies hurler, who in December revealed he had undergone surgery after being diagnosed with testicular cancer, recently announced he had completed all of his chemotherapy treatments. Now, Bettis says he plans to hopefully rejoin the Rockies to help them lock up first place in the NL West, where they currently sit 49 games into the season.

“The way I see it, it’s going to happen. I think it’s a realistic goal,” Bettis told Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports. “At what point in time during the season I would be coming back is all kind of up in the air. But it’s something that I’m going to be pushing to get to.”

After having the cancerous testicle surgically removed, Bettis believed the worst was behind him and joined the Rockies in spring training. After a routine checkup, however, he discovered the cancer had unexpectedly spread, necessitating chemotherapy.

Rockies general manager Jeff Bridich fully expects Bettis to reach his target of returning this season.

“It’s more about the guy than it is about the cancer,” Bridich said, according to Rosenthal. “Who knows with cancer? There is only so much you can control. But we are expecting this man to achieve what he wants to achieve. And we know that he wants to get back on the hill this year.”

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Here There Be Dragons: The Official Game Of Thrones Season 7 Trailer Has Dropped [VIDEO]

HBO is doing a wonderful, and maddening, job of teasing Season 7 of Game Of Thrones. Today (May 24), we finally get a proper trailer.

Cersei Lannister sets things off talking out the side of her neck, as usual, about all the enemies around her and how she and Jamie are the only Lannisters left that count.

Tyrion will surely beg to differ and we also get shots of Jon “The King of the North” Snow, his annoying sister (that would be Sansa Stark), the cool sister (that would be Arya Stark) and more (even cornball Reek is still around).

No White Walkers or the Knight’s King, yet. But we do see Dothraki handing out fades and that Drogon has become quite the sizeable dragon.

Game Of Thrones season 7, and The Great War, kicks off on July 16

Can’t, wait. Watch the trailer below.


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Sun Belt announces split into 2 divisions for 2018 season

POINT CLEAR, Ala. – The Sun Belt Conference will split into two five-team divisions, broken up simply by east and west, starting in 2018.

The conference announced its divisions Tuesday after the end of its spring meetings.

The East Division will include Appalachian State, Georgia Southern, Coastal Carolina, Georgia State, and Troy. The West Division will have Arkansas State, South Alabama, Louisiana-Monroe, Louisiana-Lafayette, and Texas State.

The winners of each division will meet in the championship game, which will be played at the home stadium of the team with the best College Football Playoff ranking.

Sun Belt administrators also approved a collaborative instant replay system for football that will be modeled on the Southeastern Conference's setup. Officials in a central location will review replays and assist instant replay officials at each game.

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Counting On Season 4 Trailer: Everything Changes in Tontitown!

In the official trailer for Season 4 of Counting On, Joy-Anna, Jessa, Jill and Jinger Duggar all drop hints as to what's going on in their lives.

And that's not even all.

You don't have to watch Counting On online to know there's a whirlwind of speculation surrounding the various Duggar family members.

These days, especially. With so many kids and so many life milestones, it's hard to go a day without a major event – real or rumored.

Unlike some reality shows, though, what happens behind the scenes isn't always reported in the celebrity gossip media that instant.

In other words, Counting On offers a lot of insight into some event we don't know  much about – or in some cases, know about at all.

One major case in point this spring?

Fans have been wondering whether Jinger Duggar is pregnant with her first child pretty much since the moment she married Jeremy Vuolo.

In the trailer for Season 4, we see that her sisters are equally curious, grilling her on that very subject in an awkward FaceTime convo!

But will she reveal the answer?

Card-carrying members of Duggar Nation are also clamoring for new details regarding whether Joy-Anna Duggar married Austin Forsyth.

That engagement has already happened, and the wedding … was said to have maybe, possibly happened May 20. But probably not.

You never know, though … could they have wed in secret and kept people from knowing until the show reveals it in a few weeks' time?

Very difficult to pull off, but not impossible. 

Joseph Duggar (above) clearly has marriage on the mind, as he's courting Kendra Caldwell – but not before asking her father's permission.

Obviously, he got the nod.

Rumors of Josh Duggar's return to Counting On have run rampant in recent days, but he does not appear in this teaser for Season 4.

Thank goodness.

Other footage in the trailer includes Jill and Derick Dillard musing about their controversial return to Central America for mission work.

Jill, of course, is expecting her second child, and some believe she's putting her kids – present and future – at risk with this trip.

Sister Jessa, meanwhile, and husband Ben are about to welcome their second child. Fortunately, we know he turned out fine!

One storyline we will not be seeing?

Jana Duggar courting. Despite rumors linking her to family friend Jonathan Hartono, and a whole lot of people getting their hopes up.

It's not happening, and that's really a shame, both for Jana and for TLC, which could've had the most popular love story in show history.

Seriously. Would've been by far.

Alas, the single status of Jana Duggar continues to vex fans and linger as one of the main mysteries and sources of debate in Tontitown.

There's a lot happening this season in any case, and we have to imagine Jana will make appearances this season one way or another.

Better than nothing.

Check out the photo gallery above for a full rundown of what we can expect when the show returns June 12, then watch the trailer below!

Counting on season 4 trailer everything changes

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The Bachelorette Season Premiere Recap: Can You Say Whaboom?

It’s that time of year, people! ABC’s The Bachelorette is officially, finally back (and The Bachelorette spoilers have already told us who wins!

For real, do not click above if you don’t want to know how it all plays out for Rachel Lindsay and … ooh, that was a close one right there.

Almost gave it away. Phew! Anyway, about last night.

Whether you’re a Bachelorette spoilers fiend or opt to remain in suspense as to who Rachel picks this summer, this much is 100% clear:

Rachel is back, and even more awesome than ever!

The third-place finisher on Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor snagged the starring role and will be the one doling out the roses this time.

As the first African-American lead in franchise history, there will obviously be a lot of attention paid to Rachel’s race in the coming months.

How big a factor will it really be on the show, though?

Maybe a lot, but maybe not. Lindsay and her suitors are, at their core, just trying to find love (and 15 minutes of fame) like anyone else.

That should be interesting to watch. So who’s in? Who’s out? Who claimed her first impression rose and how many of the 31 men remain?

Let’s break down the highlights of the premiere now!

So a lot of these guys are just not doing it for us.

We’ll just put that out there right now. No one’s dismissing 31 guys collectively right out of the gate, and we know the premiere is an outlier.

Theatrics and gimmicks dominate screen time as each man tries to make a first impression and stand out. It’s par for the course here.

Still … OH MY GOODNESS, the tool factor.

“I work out intensely regularly, which raises testosterone so I would say scientifically my libido is above average,” Blake, a trainer, boasts.

“I don’t want to come across as the guy that talks about his d–k, but many women have told me about the amazingness of my penis.”

If only that was as bad as this got.

Lucas, and his catchphrase “Whaboom,” could be up Lindsay’s alley if she’s really looking for one of the all-time douches this season.

“Whaboom grew from the word boom,” Lucas explains to us in his introd segment. “Not only have I been called a good catch, I’m charismatic.”

“I think that Rachel will get my humor.”

Then there was Adam and puppet Adam Jr., as well as Matt and Jonathan, seemingly engaged in a game of reverse one-up-manship. 

The former arrived in penguin garb. The latter used “tickle monster” techniques on Rachel. It really doesn’t get much worse than that.

All of that said, there were some standouts, and the prestigious First Impression Rose went to Lucas. Just kidding. Bryan, come on down!

“From the moment you walked out of the limo, I felt something that was unexplainable and that I just connected with,” Rachel told Bryan. 

“There was something there.” 

A sneak-attack kiss got the job done, apparently … and being a handsome doctor doesn’t hurt either. Sorry, Josiah. You had a good shot.

Believe it or not, Josiah actually felt he was the front-runner at this point, but stunningly, one of the other 31 GUYS got the rose instead.

The way Bryan had been direct and taken control of the conversation like a man stood out among these boys, and should serve him well.

As Bryan stole one of the first kisses from Rachel, the other dudes could only watch in agony, wondering if they even stand a chance.

Sorry again, Josiah.

“For the ones not getting roses tonight, I truly, truly appreciate your time, but unfortunately I can’t give a rose to everyone tonight,” Rachel says.

“I want to thank you for being here and I want you to remember that,” she adds, before laying down the law and getting down to business.

Bryce received one, along with DeMario and Josiah, Peter, Will, Jack, Jamey, Iggy, Eric, Jonathan, Kenny, Dean, Matt, Anthony and Brady.

Next up were Lee, Diggy, Fred, Adam, Blake E. and … WHABOOM! Lucas got the last rose of the evening, living to fight another week.

And thus, we are down to just 25 men. Eliminated this week were Rob, Kyle, Blake K., Grant, Jedidiah, Michael, Milton and Mo. 

Better luck next time, fellas.

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Shani Rose: Birthday Season – Brand Nu Studios

Shani Rose absolutely knows how to celebrate her birthday. She celebrated with us on Saturday in the studio and next week she’s pouring champagne all weekend long. Enjoy just one of her bday shoots with Sitta, Lady Monroeee, Liyah, Diamond Breona, Ms Jackson and Brand Nu Studios.

Shani Rose: Birthday Season - Brand Nu Studios

Shani Rose: Birthday Season - Brand Nu Studios

Shani Rose: Birthday Season - Brand Nu Studios

Shani Rose: Birthday Season - Brand Nu Studios

Shani Rose: Birthday Season - Brand Nu Studios
Shani Rose: Birthday Season - Brand Nu Studios
Shani Rose: Birthday Season - Brand Nu Studios
Shani Rose: Birthday Season - Brand Nu Studios
Shani Rose: Birthday Season - Brand Nu Studios
Shani Rose: Birthday Season - Brand Nu Studios
Shani Rose: Birthday Season - Brand Nu Studios
Shani Rose: Birthday Season - Brand Nu Studios
Shani Rose: Birthday Season - Brand Nu Studios
Shani Rose: Birthday Season - Brand Nu Studios
Shani Rose: Birthday Season - Brand Nu Studios
Shani Rose: Birthday Season - Brand Nu Studios
Shani Rose: Birthday Season - Brand Nu Studios
Shani Rose: Birthday Season - Brand Nu Studios
Shani Rose: Birthday Season - Brand Nu Studios
Shani Rose: Birthday Season - Brand Nu Studios

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The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 2 Episode 7 Recap: Karen’s Revelation

The ladies continued to bicker over past arguments on The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 2 Episode 7, and it made for another fun, but predictable episode. 

With revelations being revealed about the ladies left, right and center, it was only a matter of time before someone went too far. 

When the episode got underway, Karen opened up about an ordeal she went through when she was younger. She revealed that she was raped, and was set to speak at a foundation benefiting rape victims. 

Karen felt like it would be a good way to open up about her thoughts about the traumatic event because she never opened up about it all those years ago. 

She wants her story to help young girls and women who went through something similar. The great thing about this reveal was that it brought all of the women together. 

They’ve been at odds for the better part of the season, so it’s great to see them play nice. It just sucks that it takes something like this to bring them together. 

The ladies sat listening to Karen’s emotional and empowering speech about her ordeal, and it was heartwarming to see everyone so close together. 

After this, it was revealed that Robyn was still unimpressed by the interest her friends were taking in her relationship with Juan. She was shocked at the way Gizelle and Charrisse acted but commended them for handling it better in a one-to-one situation. 

Ashley, however, was not getting off lightly and Robyn and Gizelle thought it would be a good idea to go to her place of work and start all of the drama up again. 

The argument was a bit of a dud. Ashley did not back down and even managed to get the upper hand by throwing both women out of her place of work. 

Things got totally awkward when a microphone picked up a conversation between Juan and one of the producers. He was claiming he was “fed up” of Robyn and the way she acted. 

He then said he would have ditched Robyn a long time ago if it was not for their children. Yikes. Poor Robyn did not hear any of it and continued with her day-to-day life. 

Charrisse then took her to a therapy session, in which Robyn broke down into floods of tears when she was probed for answers. 

Was this the best way to force her to the realization that her marriage was in tatters? Nope. Did it make for heartbreaking TV? Yes. 

Elsewhere, Charrisse was forced to open up to her daughter about her looming divorce to Eddie. Her daughter did not seem to be amused, but her mother felt like it was time. 

At Karen’s event, only Monique was civil to Ashley. All of the other women were still pissed at the way she had acted before. 

Monique tried to use this as an opportunity to mend fences with Gizelle, but it did not go to plan, and Gizelle shrugged at her. 

Yeah, something tells us these two will not be making nice soon. 

What did you think of all the drama?

Sound off below!

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Ginobili: Retirement decision won’t be affected by how I finish season

In the absence of Kawhi Leonard, 39-year-old shooting guard Manu Ginobili was perhaps the San Antonio Spurs‘ best player in Game 3 of the Western Conference finals against the Golden State Warriors on Saturday.

Ginobili went for 21 points on 7-of-9 shooting, helping the Spurs keep the game relatively competitive despite facing an enormous talent deficit with their MVP candidate sidelined. Through three games in the series, he's averaging 13.3 points on 63.6 percent shooting. Though he'll turn 40 in July, Ginobili – who has yet to decide on his future as a player beyond this season – looks more than capable of giving the Spurs at least one more year.

But the Argentine plans to take a more holistic approach when it comes time to make a decision, and he hasn’t forgotten how badly he’s struggled at points this postseason – like when he missed his first 15 field goals of the first round against the Memphis Grizzlies.

"I'm the same guy who was struggling against Memphis, and that you were all concerned (about)," Ginobili told reporters Sunday, when asked whether his recent run of strong play will impact his decision about retirement. "Same exact guy. Sometimes having good games, sometimes bad ones; sometimes making shots, sometimes not.

“I’ve always said it: Winning the championship or not winning it, scoring 20 the last game or zero, is not going to change who I am or the decision I make. I can’t throw nine months into the trash and just respond to the way I felt the last game. It’s a more well-thought decision. I’ll let it sink (in), as I’ve been doing lately, and see how it goes.”

If he does ultimately decide to hang up his sneakers, Monday's Game 4 in San Antonio could mark the end of an illustrious NBA career that's featured 992 regular-season games, 213 playoff games, two All-Star games, two All-NBA appearances, and four championships, all with the Spurs. The Warriors lead the series 3-0.

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CBS locks in Army-Navy game through 2028 season

CBS Sports, Army and Navy have agreed to a 10-year contract that extends the network's media rights for the military academies' annual football rivalry game through 2028.

The new agreement starts in 2019. CBS has been the broadcast home of Army-Navy since 1996. In 2009, the game was moved to the second Saturday in December to make it the only Football Bowl Subdivision game scheduled for that day and the final major college football game before bowl season.

Last year’s Army-Navy game was the most watched in 24 years. Army broke a 14-game losing streak to Navy.

The 118th Army-Navy game is scheduled for Dec. 9 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia.

Army-Navy will be streamed on CBS Sports Network will continue to broadcast the Army-Navy basketball rivalry.

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