Farrah Abraham SLAMMED for Sharing Inappropriate Photo of Her Daughter!

So hey, has anyone noticed that Farrah Abraham has been kind of quiet lately?

Sure, there was that whole thing where she stripped and masturbated on a live stream, but you know what we mean.

Usually we can’t go a day without Farrah doing something dumb — making some ridiculous statement that barely makes sense, posting something dumb on social media.

She’s still doing outrageous things for any tiny little bit of attention she can scrounge up.

That masturbation thing we just talked about, and also her very public vaginal rejuvenation, if you needed any examples.

But other than that, we really haven’t heard all that much from her.

It turns out that she’s been spending a bit of time in Italy with her daughter, Sophia!

Which is nice, right?

Maybe since she’s homeschooling Sophia these days, she’s teaching her some art and history over there.

Stranger thing have happened, probably.

But unfortunately, this strange (relatively) silent streak of hers didn’t last for too long.

Because she shared this photo of herself with Sophia wandering around Italy, and it’s … well, it’s not getting a lot of positive attention, we’ll say that.

Farrah looks OK, even though that red hair is still the worst.

She looks happy and sort of peaceful, which is honestly something we never imagined we’d be able to say about this girl.

But Sophia, bless her heart … that swimsuit looks to be a little too small for her, and the result is that her butt is hanging out of those bottoms.

And according to Instagram, this is very, very bad.

“U need to buy ur daughter clothes that fit her,” one of her followers suggested. “Don’t turn her into u.”

“Do won’t you dress appropriately and teach your poor little girl some values?” another person asked. “So so sad … really poor parenting.”

“Please please have some damn respect for once!” yet another person wrote. “If not for yourself or your daughter, for the culture and country you’re visiting at the time ffs.”

Someone really went in for the kill, telling Farrah “Just cuz your parents exploited you doesn’t mean you have to do the same. You know good darn well u saw your kid’s butt in the background cuz we did and we ain’t even the mama.”

And if that wasn’t savage enough, she also received the comment “I’m sure daddy Derick is just flipping in his grave. Poor kid!”

Some Farrah defenders — believe it or not, she does have some actual fans — theorized that perhaps she simply didn’t notice the wardrobe malfunction.

But she posted a similar photo in her Instagram story with the caption “Suns out, buns out,” so that theory’s pretty much out the window.

It’s just … why is it so hard for her to be a decent person?

Why does it seem downright impossible for her to just avoid doing things like this?

Unfortunately — or fortunately, depending on how you look at it — the world may never know.

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“Think Before You Post,” Police Are Urging People To Stop Sharing RIP Posts

Call it a sign of the times: police across the country are trying to crack down on bad social media etiquette. After running into the same problem over and over again, police departments and organizations have one simple request for you: please never post photos of car crashes on social media. It seems that well-meaning […]
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Robert Pattinson: Sharing Sex Scene with a Dog in His New Movie?!

Robert Pattinson is so great, right? So adorable and funny and just so, so good.

But there's no denying that he's come a long way since he first appeared on our radar as the brooding, creepy, glittery vampire in Twilight.

These days, Rob is in a very different place in his life, and in his career, too.

For instance, instead of doing film adaptations of dumb teenage fantasy books, he's doing critically acclaimed movies in which he may or may not have sexual relations with dogs.

Confused? It's OK, so are we.

But good ol' Rob explained the whole sketchy story on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

He was there to promote his new movie, Good Time, which premieres next week, and at one point, Jimmy brought up a story about a dog in the movie.

At first, Rob doesn't want to get into the story — as he explained, it may not have technically been legal — but later he relents.

And the story sure is a doozy.

As he says, his character in the movie "has this affinity with dogs," and he actually "thinks he is a dog in a previous life and he thinks he has control over animals."

"There's this one scene we shot," he continued. "There's a drug dealer who busts into the room, and I was sleeping with the dog and basically giving the dog a hand job."

… And there it is.

It seems like Rob was a little hesitant about actually doing the deed, and thank goodness.

"I asked the trainer because the director was like, 'Just do it for real, man! Don't be a pussy!'" he recalled.

"And the dog's owner was like, 'Well, he's a breeder. I mean, you can. You just gotta massage the inside of his thighs.'"

But in the end, he refused to go through with it, and the crew made a fake dog penis to use for the scene instead.

Because this is the world we live in.

Really, it's nice that Rob refused to do a scene like this — as he said, it could very well be illegal, but even if it's not, it's disgusting and wrong.

We're proud of him. honestly.

But still, it still feels like it would have been better if no one had ever learned this horrific story.

Here, go ahead and scar yourself by watching the video below:

Robert pattinson sharing sex scene with a dog in his new movie

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Kim Kardashian Reaches Instagram Milestone, Sharing Shocking Pics

Kim Kardashian really is a changed woman.

And this is very bad news for horny young men around the globe.

Just over two years ago, Kardashian crossed the 27 million follower mark on Instagram and celebrated with a seductive photograph of herself in bed.

“27 mil!!!!! Thank you so much!!!! I love you all!!!!!” Kim captioned the very sexy snapshot in February of 2015.

When her follower count subsequently climbed to 42 million, Kardashian dropped a MASSIVE cleavage selfie on fans in recognization of the achievement.

When she hit 45 million not long afterward?

You guessed it: more cleavage!

But that was before Kim was a mother of two.

It was before she was robbed at gunpoint in Paris this past October and forced to truly re-evaluate nearly every aspect of her life.

Kardashian has understandably become far more guarded since this incident and, by extension, far more clothed.

Earlier this week, she accomplished a true Instagram feat, becoming just the sixth person to reach 100 million followers.

However, she didn’t strip down in celebration. She didn’t show off her boobs. She chose to show off her family instead.

kim thanks

“I CAN’T BELIEVE I’VE REACHED 100 MILLION FOLLOWERS ON INSTAGRAM, THANKS TO YOU GUYS!!!” she wrote as a caption to the above family portrait on her official website.


On Instagram itself, meanwhile, Kardashian not only didn’t reward followers with a new naked selfie.

She didn’t even feature a new picture of herself!

She went with the following image of daughter North West and wrote as another caption:

“She has no clue what 100 million followers means but she’s excited cause i’m excited lol thanks for the follows and the love.”

This brand new Kim Kardashian is probably good for the reality star’s mental health.

But is it good for her future as an actual reality star? Can a buttoned-up, responsible, conservative, more private Kim Kardashian remain a legitimate A-Lister?

No. Not if the failing ratings for Keeping Up with the Kardashians are any indication.

After the aforementioned robbery in Paris, Kim stepped fully away from the spotlight.

She didn’t share anything at all on social media and she didn’t go out in public.

Following several weeks of being on a self-imposed lockdown, however, Kim re-emerged little by little, posting various pictures of her husband and children at home.

“It was time for Kim to get back on social media and back to work,” an insider told Entertainment Weekly in January, explaining:

“That is a huge part of her career. She has obligations to support her family and has an entire team working for her. It was time to get back to normal.”

Well, not normal.

Normal would have previously meant a Kim Kardashian nude spread in honor of this social media milestone. 

The new Kim Kardashian normal is a portrait of her loved ones.

We’re sorry, fellas. But you had to know this day was coming sooner or later, robbery or no robbery.

As for where Kardashian stands in the grand scheme of Instagram, she still has a ways to go before she can threaten Selena Gomez as the most popular user.

That singer is the most followed person on the platform by far, with approximately 120 million fans.

She is followed by: Ariana Grande at 105 million; Taylor Swift at 102 million; Beyonce and Cristiano Ronaldo, both at 101 million; and then Kim.

Kardashian is a solid 20 million followers ahead of the next person in her family, however, although we could actually see Kylie Jenner catching up someday.

She has her own reality show coming out and she remains very open to taking nearly everything off on a weekly basis.

That’s a tough combination. It’s one Kim can’t really compete with these days.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on both Instagram accounts to see if Kylie can someday usurp her sibling. Stay tuned!

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San Diego State ends talks on sharing proposed MLS stadium

SAN DIEGO – San Diego State has cut off talks to share a stadium with a group that wants to attract an MLS team as the centerpiece of a billion dollar development at the site of aging Qualcomm Stadium.

In a statement released Tuesday, the school says the city should pursue ”a transparent” process to develop a plan for the 166-acre site.

FS Investors unveiled plans for its SoccerCity development less than two weeks after the NFL’s Chargers announced they were relocating to the Los Angeles area.

An official with FS Investors says SDSU’s decision will jeopardize the future of its football team. The city has said it would like to close Qualcomm Stadium after the 2018 season.

San Diego State wants some of the Qualcomm site land for a campus expansion.

Athletic director J.D. Wicker has said SDSU is prepared to build a stadium on its own.

Copyright © 2017 Score Media Ventures Inc. All rights reserved. Certain content reproduced under license.

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Watch: Andre Johnson gets emotional sharing mom’s sacrifices

No one achieves a 14-year NFL career on their own.

At his official retirement ceremony with the Houston Texans on Wednesday, Andre Johnson couldn’t hold back his tears as he discussed the sacrifices his mother made to help him along his NFL journey.

Everything I did on that field was because of you. A lot of people don't know, but I played the game of football very angry. And the reason I played that way was just because of where I grew up. I just never wanted to go back to living that lifestyle again. So seeing the sacrifices you made – I remember you'd fallen asleep coming to pick me up from night school – it was just tough times that we experienced as a family that I never wanted to experience again. So I'm very thankful to you for that.

Related: Johnson wasn’t thinking about HOF during retirement ceremony

Johnson also made sure to thank his uncle, who is also named Andre, for being the father figure in his life and a trusted confidant.

The 35-year-old played 12 of his 14 seasons with the Texans, earning seven Pro Bowls and two first-team All-Pro honors.

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Hide Ya Kids! Asa Soltan Says She Won’t Be Sharing Photos Of Son Soltan Jackson


“Shahs Of Sunset” Star To Shield Son From Social Media

“Shahs of Sunset” fans may be disappointed to learn that one of the show’s main characters, Asa Soltan Rahmati has no plans of making her son Soltan Jackson a fixture on the show — or social media. The Bravo star and her boo thang Jermaine Jackson II welcomed their son Soltan Jackson this January, and Asa announced the news on Instagram:

“Lovers. We gave birth to our precious son on January 20th 2017. His name is Soltan Jackson and we are completely in Love with him. Mami, Baby, and Daddy are all doing well,” Rahmati, 40, captioned a photo of the couple on Instagram following their son’s birth. “Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your well wishes and prayers. We are literally in heaven with our precious Soltan.”

Since the baby’s birth, Asa’s mostly kept off social media, but she returned to Instagram last week with another post, this time letting fans know to not expect to see Soltan any time soon.

Lovers, I’m back! Actually I never left. In fact, I’ve never been more present. I have been in solitude, honoring life with my new born son Soltan, cherishing our bond, celebrating in Gratitude our new Family, and getting to know each other now that he is outside my belly and in the world. The last two months have been the most magical days of our lives. Being a Mother is the greatest honor and the most special experience possible. It’s also very tough. I salute all mothers out there. You are angels. Also, I will not be posting pictures of Soltan. Thank you for respecting our privacy. Beaming beautiful Love into everyone’s life.

What do you think about Asa’s decision?

Hit the flip for more of the latest from her.


During Asa’s break from the gram, she did make one exception to send Jermaine public birthday wishes. Sweet isn’t it?

And it looks like her book will be on shelves soon!

Congratulatons on baby Soltan and all your success Asa!



Blac Chyna Slammed for Sharing Dream Kardashian Breastfeeding Pic

Want to hear something cute?

Dream Kardashian, daughter of Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian, is only two days old, and she’s already got her own Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Between the two, she has just under 200,000 followers right now — oh, and her Instagram account has already been verified.

But right now, we want to talk about Dream’s very first social media post, which also happens to be her very first social media scandal.

She shared this pic — or, let’s be real, Chyna probably shared the pic, Dream won’t be able to post her own selfies until she’s at least six months old — and captioned it “Bonding time with mommy.”

Yes, that’s a picture of Blac Chyna breastfeeding her baby.

And goodness knows that will not stand.

Check out some of the disturbing comments this little family got on this sweet photo:

We don’t need to see that!! Why don’t you show us the vag she came from then?

F-cking gross u shameless money hungry ape

Poor baby is gonna get silicone poisoning gotta pray for her!

Big ass tits bruh

I don’t gotta respect no thot or her ugly ass jackpot baby … f-ck y’all lol

This sh-t is DISGUSTING … ugly ass baby & ugly ass hair tit … idc what y’all say… I ain’t gotta like it & this is the internet so I can say wtf I want on any pic I want.

So, as you can see, people are terrible and there is no hope for the future.

We are all doomed, for there is little to no goodness left in this world.

It’s not new information, but it’s still sad to hear, right?

But if you need a little bit of a palate cleanser, then just check this out:

It looks like Kim Kardashian is still kicking, even though she’s been off social media for over a month now!

She and Kanye West sent Dream two pairs of Yeezys, as well as those fancy balloons! Rob shared the photo, along with a “Thank you KimYe.”

So Kim was a little late, it seems, but she finally joined the rest of her sisters in sending Rob well wishes on his new baby girl.

His oldest sister, Kourtney Kardashian, tweeted “Feeling joyful and blessed to meet my little angel niece this morning … dream come true.”

Khloe Kardashian, probably Rob’s closest sibling, wrote “My new niece is absolutely stunning!!! So thankful I was able to land in time to witness this miracle happen! Praise God!”

Kylie Jenner came in with “I can’t stop looking at her. Congrats @robkardashian @blacchyna she’s so beyond beautiful, a dream.”

Kendall Jenner, though, still hasn’t made any kind of public comment about Dream.

What a family, huh?

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Catelynn Lowell Bashed for Sharing Nude Video of Daughter!

Is it just us, or is it a real bad time to be Catelynn Lowell right now?

It just seems like every last little thing about her life is going to hell. Like, yeah, she’s got Teen Mom money, but at what cost?

Her marriage, despite what she claims, really doesn’t seem to be going all that great, what with her husband, Tyler Baltierra, constantly making rude, thoughtless remarks about her weight and her mental illness.

And that mental illness is another thing that Catelynn’s struggling with — her depression and anxiety was bad enough to send her to rehab earlier this year, and it looks like things aren’t much better, even now that she’s out of treatment.

She’s also back to smoking weed after claiming that she wanted to stop.

Yep, things aren’t exactly looking up for our girl here, and now, things have gotten even worse.

And that’s because she has just found herself right smack in the middle of a great big ol’ scandal.

Catelynn — brace yourself, because this is surprisingly awful and stupid — had the bad judgment to post a naked video of her toddler on Snapchat.

The video showed one-year-old Nova in the shower, and Catelynn made no efforts to cover the kid up or censor any private areas.

For shame.

Obviously Catelynn didn’t have any bad intentions in sharing the video, but it’s beyond ignorant to think that no one else has any bad intentions, and it’s just unnecessary to show off your child like this.

And you know the Internet agreed.

Outraged fans contacted Catelynn via Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and a few probably sent some carrier pigeons her way, too. That’s how pissed people were.

“Everyone is looking out for Nova and her safety!!!” one concerned person wrote. “Please delete the snap, yes those videos are cute but for parents’ eyes only! Not in 2016 for the world to see. Not ever on social media! Please delete it.”

“Nova’s not a baby this is not cute it’s child porn,” another eloquent soul stated.

It looks like after several hours of near-constant criticism, Catelynn finally took the video down, but not before getting sassy about it.

“Wow is all I can say,” she wrote this morning on Twitter.

In a startling display of her complete lack of sense, she added that the people upset over the video were “retarded.”

“Sorry I used the R word,” she later apologized. “And if I offended anyone never once did I mean that. I am truly sorry I also have family that has special needs.”

Oh, Catelynn, baby, shhh.

Someone told her to “keep it classy” and tacked on a few of the crying and laughing emojis, and Catelynn responded “that’s right!!”, showing that a failure to recognize sarcasm is among her shortcomings.

About the scandalous Snapchat video, she simply tweeted that she “thought it was cute.”

Cute? Sure. Appropriate for thousands upon thousands of strangers? No.

Just think about things sometimes, Catelynn. It’s not that hard. You can do it.

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