Chester Bennington: Celebrities React to Singer’s Shocking Suicide

Earlier today, we reported the shocking news that Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington has committed suicide.

He was just 41 years old.

Bennington's musical abilities made him a sought-after collaborator, and his kindness earned him countless friends throughout the industry.

Here are some of the most moving reaction to the singer's shocking death:

1. Rob Thomas

Rob thomas
The Matchbox 20 singer posted the above photo of Bennington, along with the words, “Sonf of the day: NUMB – LINKIN PARK”

2. Vicky Cornell

Vicky cornell
The widow of Chris Cornell paid tribute to Bennington. Chester was a close friend of her husband’s, and his suicide came on what would’ve been Chris’ 53rd birthday.

3. Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy kimmel
Like many others, Jimmy Kimmel reflected on Bennington’s kindness.

4. Chance the Rapper

Chance the rapper
Chance is one of many rappers who has expressed a fondness for the way Bennington and his bandmates fused rock and hip hop.

5. Mark McGrath

Mark mcgrath
Sugar Ray singer Mark McGrath joined the scores of musicians who paid tribute to both Bennington’s talent and his warmth.

6. Dale Earnhart Jr.

Dale earnhart jr
Earnhart encouraged anyone who’s experiencing self-harm to seek immediate help.

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Nelsan Ellis: Celebrities React to True Blood Star’s Shocking Death

Yesterday, we learned some truly shocking news.

Nelsan Ellis had passed away. He was only 39 years old.

As his manager explained in a statement, "Nelsan has passed away after complications with heart failure. He was a great talent, and his words and presence will be forever missed."

Nelsan is perhaps best known for his role as Lafayette on the HBO series True Blood, but he also had roles in movies like The Help and The Butler.

And, judging by statements that have been flooding in yesterday and today, he was also known among his peers for being a truly amazing person.

Check out some of the tributes from Hollywood for Nelsan below …

1. Anna Paquin

Anna paquin red carpet pic
“It was an utter privilege to work with the phenomenally talented and deeply kind soul .@OfficialNelsan I’m devastated by his untimely death.”

2. Stephen Moyer

Stephen moyer pic
“Nelsan Ellis was truly remarkable. A brilliant, charismatic, intelligent, soulful, wonderful dude. this is just completely tragic.”

3. Joe Manganiello

Joe manganiello at the 2015 emmys
“Crushed today by the loss of my friend and castmate Nelsan Ellis. He was a wonderful person, a pioneer, and a one of a kind artist. Watching him work was like watching someone channel a spirit. It was mesmerizing. RIP.”

4. Jessica Chastain

Jessica chastain oscar dress
“This is so sad. Sweet Nelsan. We didnt even scratch the surface of seeing what this artist was capable of. My love to the family of this spectacular man. #NelsanEllis.”

5. Sam Trammell

Sam trammell photo
“I don’t know if I’ve ever seen the level of humility and kindness that came with the Magnificent Talent that Nelsan Ellis had. Miss u friend.”

6. Jesse Williams

Jesse williams at bet awards
“The few times I got to sit w/ Nelsan Ellis, he was incredibly sincere, thoughtful and generous. His tremendous talent spoke for itself. #RIP”

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Michael Jackson: 16 Shocking Secrets Spilled!

On June 25, 2009, Michael Jackson died of a prescription drug overdose.

It was a stunning incident that the music industry, and the world at large, may never fully get over.

Nearly eight years to the day after the icon passed away, Lifetime aired Michael Jackson: Searching for Neverland, an unauthorized biopic told from the point of view of his security guards, Bill Whitfield and Javon Beard.

The pair released a 2014 book about the final years of Jackson’s difficult life and, while we cannot confirm the veracity of the following tidbits, the film surprised fans with a series of revelations.

To wit:

1. Let’s Play!

Lets play
As we know, Jackson placed masks on his children’s faces to avoid having their identities known to the public. According to the movie, he referred to this act as “dress up,” turning it into a game for his three kids.

2. Blanket Coverage

Blanket jackson aka bigi
A paparazzo once snapped a photo of Blanket, with Javon tracking him down and grabbing the camera. Jackson then supposedly paid $ 75,000 to the photographer after his then-assistant Feldman destroyed the evidence.

3. How Did the Doctor Get In?

Doctor conrad murray
Dr. Conrad Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter for his role in Jackson’s death. The film says that Jackson met this physician when his daughter, Paris, got sick and required medical attention and Jackson did not want to bring her to the hospital.

4. No Brotherly Love

Smiling michael jackson
Jackson did not attend Elizabeth Taylor’s birthday party one year because he feared that his brother, Randy, would follow him there and demand money, causing a scene.

5. Ho… Ho… NO?

Michael jackson kids on x factor
Jackson didn’t celebrate Christmas because he was a Jehovah’s witness. However, he still permitted his three kids to open presents and celebrate.

6. Hot Sauce on Popcorn?!?

Farewell michael jackson
Jackson brought his own hot sauce and spray butter into the movies for his popcorn.

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Kim Kardashian Reaches Instagram Milestone, Sharing Shocking Pics

Kim Kardashian really is a changed woman.

And this is very bad news for horny young men around the globe.

Just over two years ago, Kardashian crossed the 27 million follower mark on Instagram and celebrated with a seductive photograph of herself in bed.

“27 mil!!!!! Thank you so much!!!! I love you all!!!!!” Kim captioned the very sexy snapshot in February of 2015.

When her follower count subsequently climbed to 42 million, Kardashian dropped a MASSIVE cleavage selfie on fans in recognization of the achievement.

When she hit 45 million not long afterward?

You guessed it: more cleavage!

But that was before Kim was a mother of two.

It was before she was robbed at gunpoint in Paris this past October and forced to truly re-evaluate nearly every aspect of her life.

Kardashian has understandably become far more guarded since this incident and, by extension, far more clothed.

Earlier this week, she accomplished a true Instagram feat, becoming just the sixth person to reach 100 million followers.

However, she didn’t strip down in celebration. She didn’t show off her boobs. She chose to show off her family instead.

kim thanks

“I CAN’T BELIEVE I’VE REACHED 100 MILLION FOLLOWERS ON INSTAGRAM, THANKS TO YOU GUYS!!!” she wrote as a caption to the above family portrait on her official website.


On Instagram itself, meanwhile, Kardashian not only didn’t reward followers with a new naked selfie.

She didn’t even feature a new picture of herself!

She went with the following image of daughter North West and wrote as another caption:

“She has no clue what 100 million followers means but she’s excited cause i’m excited lol thanks for the follows and the love.”

This brand new Kim Kardashian is probably good for the reality star’s mental health.

But is it good for her future as an actual reality star? Can a buttoned-up, responsible, conservative, more private Kim Kardashian remain a legitimate A-Lister?

No. Not if the failing ratings for Keeping Up with the Kardashians are any indication.

After the aforementioned robbery in Paris, Kim stepped fully away from the spotlight.

She didn’t share anything at all on social media and she didn’t go out in public.

Following several weeks of being on a self-imposed lockdown, however, Kim re-emerged little by little, posting various pictures of her husband and children at home.

“It was time for Kim to get back on social media and back to work,” an insider told Entertainment Weekly in January, explaining:

“That is a huge part of her career. She has obligations to support her family and has an entire team working for her. It was time to get back to normal.”

Well, not normal.

Normal would have previously meant a Kim Kardashian nude spread in honor of this social media milestone. 

The new Kim Kardashian normal is a portrait of her loved ones.

We’re sorry, fellas. But you had to know this day was coming sooner or later, robbery or no robbery.

As for where Kardashian stands in the grand scheme of Instagram, she still has a ways to go before she can threaten Selena Gomez as the most popular user.

That singer is the most followed person on the platform by far, with approximately 120 million fans.

She is followed by: Ariana Grande at 105 million; Taylor Swift at 102 million; Beyonce and Cristiano Ronaldo, both at 101 million; and then Kim.

Kardashian is a solid 20 million followers ahead of the next person in her family, however, although we could actually see Kylie Jenner catching up someday.

She has her own reality show coming out and she remains very open to taking nearly everything off on a weekly basis.

That’s a tough combination. It’s one Kim can’t really compete with these days.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on both Instagram accounts to see if Kylie can someday usurp her sibling. Stay tuned!

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Ex-Olive Garden Manager Spills Shocking Breadstick Secrets

We've never met Joe Wadlington.

But we'd like to buy Joe Wadlington a beer.

Because when this Internet user discovered this month that he was on a date with a former manager at the Olive Garden in Times Square, Joe could not focus on any other piece of information.

He spent the next 90 minutes grilling this suitor on the inner workings of this shocking popular Italian restaurant chain.

And now we're here to bring you Joe's exclusive findings…

1. Hold Everything!

Hold everything
Sorry, but this will now be all we talk about on this date.

2. Buckle Up, Folks

Buckle up folks
This is going to a bump, revealing ride.

3. Think You Job is Rough?

Think you job is rough
Imagine working at Olive Garden… when the breadsticks actually run out!

4. Fine! Go Back to Ohio!

Fine go back to ohio
Don’t let our amazing tourist attractions hit you on the way out!

5. Who Goes to the Olive Garden in Times Square?!?

Who goes to the olive garden in times square
Oh, okay. That makes some sense.

6. That’s A LOT for a Plate of Spaghetti

Thats a lot for a plate of spaghetti
Like, so much it should be illegal.

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14 Shocking Secrets from the Scandal Set

Scandal has solidified itself as one of the most shocking dramas on the air since it premiered in April of 2012. 

There is no subject matter this iconic series will stray away from, and that's what makes it so fresh and exciting. 

But what about when the cameras are NOT rolling?

Based on an article in The Hollywood Reporter in celebration of the series airing its 100th episode, it turns out that just as many stunners have existed on the set as on the script pages.

To wit…

1. The Original Olivia Pope?

Connie britton attends sundance
ABC originally wanted Connie Britton to be Olivia Pope, but the casting director and Shonda Rhimes were defiant that Olivia Pope was black. Could you imagine just how different the show could have been today? Kerry Washington emerged as the first black woman to topline a drama in 37 years. No, that was not a typo.

2. Shonda Was Against Making Another Show

Shonda rhimes
Shonda Rhimes was a very busy woman. She had Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice on the air, and she initially thought it would be too much to have another show on the air. After sitting down with real-life crisis manager, Judy Smith, Shonda changed her tune, and the idea grew into Scandal from there.

3. Platonic Olitz?

Olivia and fitz on scandal
In the original pitch there was no mention of Olivia bedding the Fitz. Paul Lee (Former Head of ABC) called Shonda to see if the relationship could be taken out, but Shonda said the show should not be made without that plot. Behold, the power of Shonda Rhimes.

4. An Internation Flop?

Olivia pope picture
There were even some complaints that a black lead could hinder the show’s chances internationally. It’s great Shonda and company proved the naysayers wrong.

5. No One Wanted To Be President

Does fitz want olivia back
During pilot season, most actors were spoken for and a lot of them were too expensive for the show. Tony Goldwyn was signed to a Fox pilot and Shonda called him as soon as he was dropped from the project, poaching him for some scandalous scenes with Kerry Washington.

6. Stephen, Is That You?

Scott foley plays jake on scandal
Scott Foley was a favorite of Shonda’s while he was on Grey’s Anatomy. She killed his character off after telling him she wrote the role of Stephen for him. However, the network rejected him and went with Henry Ian Cusack, who got the role because of his international appeal. Foley moved on to Fox comedy, The Goodwin Games and Shonda poached him to play Jake the day it was canceled. Things are certainly fast-paced in Hollywood.

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Cavaliers complete shocking meltdown in OT loss to Hawks

The Cleveland Cavaliers squandered a 26-point lead in the fourth quarter on Sunday to complete an utter meltdown against the Atlanta Hawks.

The reigning champions would eventually lose 126-125 in overtime to slide back into a tie for first in the East with two games remaining in the season.

Credit the Hawks for an inspired effort and not throwing in the towel, but the Cavaliers did everything in their power to lose. In addition to uninspired offense and sloppy defense, Cleveland also reeled off a comedy of errors to produce their eventual embarrassment.

That starts with LeBron James, who committed a five-second violation, two shooting fouls, and tossed an inadvisable inbound pass to Kyrie Irving all within the final 20 seconds of regulation.

Several officiating mistakes also fed into the collapse. For one, Paul Millsap's buzzer-beating jumper to force OT came only after a jumpball was called when in fact two Hawks were standing out of bounds.

Later in the overtime period, James was called for his sixth foul despite minimal contact with Millsap.

Of course, the comeback would not have been possible without excellent play from the Hawks. They hung 59 points on the Cavaliers in the fourth and OT, using six threes, 17 free throws, and by forcing nine turnovers out of the Cavaliers when it mattered most.

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