Blackened Rose: The Rock Fricassees Tyrese’s Album “Biggest Piece Of Dog Sh!t”

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The Rock Goes IN On Tyrese’s ‘Piece Of S**t’ Album Black Rose

Tyrese better be sure he wants smoke, because The Rock doesn’t appear to be playing with his roodie-poo candy azz.

Tyrese posted this video to his Instagram page and its backfiring:

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It’s said that this video is old and likely on the set of The Rock’s HBO show Ballers, because Dwayne is currently sporting a salt-and-pepper beard, but we don’t care. It’s about Tyrese and it’s funny. As hell.

Who’s here for The Rock vs. Tyrese? WE’RE here for The Rock vs. Tyrese. How bout you?

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Killer Mike Says Jeff Sessions “Scares The Sh*t” Out Of Him

The Comrade-in-Chief  is doing the most to get his attorney general to quit (just part of a bigger ploy to stop the Russian investigation) Rumors are already swirling about who Trump will choose as a replacement with even former Mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani’s name getting mentioed.

TMZ caught up with Killer Mike and asked the ATL rapper who he’d prefer to be the head of the US’s Department of Justice.

“I don’t think anyone of them is better than the other because they both support drug wars which is a racist thing. But Sessions scares the sh*t out of me – just to be frank.”

With reason we might add.

Jeff Sessions’ racist policies are well-documented. His reigniting the “war on drugs” and the new voter suppression efforts well underway are just a couple of examples.

Coretta Scott King once said Session didn’t possess “the requisite judgment, competence, and sensitivity to the rights guaranteed by the federal civil rights laws to qualify for appointment to the federal district court.” Now he has the power to take America back to the days when racist and prejudice practices were flourishing.

Check out Killer Mike’s statement below.

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1-Year-Old Died In Hot Car While Ain’t Sh*t Mom Got Her Hair Done

There’s a special place in hell for mothers like these. While she was getting her hair done, for six hours, Dijanelle Fowler’s 1-year-old baby died in the hot car she was left in. 

Reports WSB-TV:

Channel 2’s Nicole Carr was the first to report that Dijanelle Etta Fowler, 25, has been charged with second degree murder, concealing death and second degree cruelty to children.

Police said around 5 p.m. on June 15, Fowler called 911 from the parking deck and reported a “medical emergency.” Responders found her 1-year-old daughter dead in the back seat. Fowler was taken to the hospital, where she was treated for seizure-like symptoms.

DeKalb County investigators say Fowler had driven around with her dead baby for hours. Earlier in the day, they said Fowler left the baby in a running car while she got her hair done. About six hours later, she came out of the Tucker salon and found the baby had suffocated, and the car had cut off.

This story only gets worse.

Instead of calling 911, police say their investigation shows Fowler called someone to jump her car.

Warrants reveal the man who helped her was unlikely to see the child’s body in the backseat because there were “lots of clothes” to cover her.

Hours later, Fowler made the 911 call from Emory Hospital. According to the warrants, Fowler sent a text to the child’s Godfather and said she was going to urgent care for a headache. The documents said she Googled “seizure symptoms” before parking in the hospital deck.

Fowler has been charged with second-degree murder, concealing death and second-degree cruelty to children.

Actually, hell may not be enough for this woman.

Photo: Dekalb County PD

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Verlander downplays solid outing: ‘It’s kind of like whipped cream on sh-t’

Whip it good.

Justin Verlander blatantly described how he felt about his performance this season after the veteran held the Cleveland Indians to one run over 6 2/3 innings on Saturday – the first time he’s allowed one run or less since May 30th.

“It’s kind of like whipped cream on shit, really” he said, according to Jason Beck of

Verlander’s self-deprecation comes at one of the lowest stretches of the right-hander’s otherwise dominant career. Prior to the start, Verlander had performed to a 4.96 ERA and 4.3 walks per nine innings.

Despite the strong showing, the Tigers would go on to lose the game 4-0, pushing the club to 10 games under .500 for the first time this year. With several Tigers players – including Verlander – surfacing in trade talks, the 34-year-old was cautiously optimistic.

“I do think we can turn it around,” he said. “But it’s not looking great.”

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Damn: Police Officers Beat The Sh*t Out Of Suspect After A 50 Minute High-Speed Chase!

Multiple police were filmed beating a man after he appeared to surrender following a high-speed chase which crossed two states but ended abruptly in a field in Indiana. Approximately 12 armed officers could be seen pointing guns at the stationary pick-up truck before they put down their weapons but punched and kicked the suspect repeatedly. The high-speed chase started in Kentucky and ended 50 minutes later in Southern Indiana, crossing through baseball fields and over a bridge. Posted By Persist

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"Combat Veteran" Goes Ape Sh*t And Slaps The Fire Out Of A Guy He Claims Wouldn't Let Him Pass On The Road!

“So Brandon Vega and I thought it was the perfect day to go hiking up off of Old Stage road when this asshole started riding Brandon’s ass up the narrow dirt road. Then when we parked he proceeded to assault him and say it was our fault. Road rage at it’s finest ladies and gentlemen. He only walked away with a bloody nose and fat lip because he refused to fight over something so stupid.”
Credit: Lyfe Engelhart
Posted By Joe

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