Steve Mills: Knicks had to be ‘aggressive’ to sign Hardaway Jr.

The New York Knicks went above and beyond what they had to in order to secure the services of restricted free-agent Tim Hardaway Jr., giving the 25-year-old a four-year offer sheet worth $ 71 million.

The Atlanta Hawks were reportedly willing to go in the ballpark of $ 48 million to keep him, begging the question why the Knicks felt so inclined to pay over $ 20 million more than they probably had to.

“We watched him, in our opinion, grow over his time in the player development program that they had in Atlanta,” Knicks president Steve Mills said Monday, according to News Day’s Al Iannazzone. “So we decided he was a target.

“We felt like there are not that many opportunities in free agency that you have the opportunity to go after a 25 year old. We made the decision that if you want to pry a restricted free agent away from the incumbent team you have to be aggressive. So we made a decision to be aggressive.”

Mills also mentioned he reached out to Hardaway Jr. a little after midnight on the eve of free agency, although the four-year guard said he didn't hear from the Knicks until a few days later.

It had previously been reported that the contract offer came as a huge shock to many within the organization, and rightfully so. Hardaway Jr. had been a Knick to begin his career, and wasn’t exactly setting the world on fire last season with the Hawks, even with a career-best 14.5 points per game.

Nonetheless, Hardaway Jr. steps into a larger role now for a rebuilding Knicks squad, which could blow up even more so if All-Star forward Carmelo Anthony is moved. Mills is sticking to his guns on not feeling he and the team overpaid, having the utmost confidence his new talent will deliver the goods and justify his salary.

“As we look at the numbers we believe Tim is a starting two guard in this league,” Mills added. “Our trajectory for him is to be a starting two guard, the capability of being a starting two guard for the rest of his career. And those guys average 16, 16.5 million dollars today. So that’s how we came to the decision.”

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Knicks officially name Steve Mills president, Scott Perry GM

The New York Knicks‘ front office is now set in stone, with the franchise officially naming Steve Mills as its president, and former Sacramento Kings VP Scott Perry – who comes aboard on a reported five-year contract – as its general manager on Friday.

“Today marks a culture change for our organization where we reestablish the pride, work ethic and responsibility that comes with playing for the Knicks and representing New York,” owner James Dolan said in an official statement. “I’m confident that Steve is the right person to take on this role, and ensure that we return to one of the elite teams of the NBA. He’s got an ambitious plan that centers on building a young team focused on player development, communication and teamwork.

“His decision to bring Scott on as general manager is a critical first step in transforming this franchise. Scott brings tremendous skill and experience in helping to build winning basketball teams. He’ll immediately get to work adjusting our basketball operations department to make sure we have one of the most effective front office staffs in the NBA. As Steve and Scott move forward, I will continue to not be involved in the operations of the team.”

As pointed out by The Undefeated’s Marc J. Spears, Mills and Perry become the only African-American, president-GM combination in the NBA today.

In exchange for Perry's services, New York has sent Sacramento a 2019 second-round draft pick, as well as cash considerations.

“It is an honor to be joining Steve, Jeff (Hornacek), and the New York Knicks as we begin a new chapter for this beloved franchise. I am excited for the opportunity and the responsibility bestowed upon me,” Perry said. “As general manager, I will work tirelessly to develop a culture that demands results, commitment and pride from everyone fortunate enough to be associated with our team – from our staff to our players. Nothing comes close to Madison Square Garden for basketball and it is our right and responsibility to showcase that tradition of excellence, day and night. I can’t wait to get started.”

New York is coming off a 2016-17 campaign that ended without a berth in the playoffs for a fourth straight year. They finished with an overall record of 31-51, eventually leading to former president Phil Jackson mutually parting ways with the Knicks.

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Steve Young surprised ‘a good player’ like Kaepernick still unsigned

Just like old times, Joe Montana and Steve Young have contradictory opinions.

While Montana believes fellow former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick's lack of employment is justified, his former teammate is startled to see the pass-thrower without a team.

"I'm surprised, even with the situation last year with the kneel-down during the national anthem, that people can't see through that and see, here's a good player that wants to play and is not toxic in the locker room," Young told KNBR of Kaepernick, according to Daniel Mano of The Mercury News. "But he's got to fit too. He's the kind of guy who's going to come off a play fake, see a guy, throw it.

“If you want him to read through, you want him to find the fourth receiver, the outlet – that’s probably not his game. So he’s got to find the right spot for himself.”

Young understands teams' potential skepticism of Kaepernick's focus and says he would want to "look him in the eye" when discussing the quarterback's commitment to football.

Kaepernick was briefly linked to the Seattle Seahawks this spring, but a contract was not reached. He has reportedly had no other interest from potential suitors.

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Legend: Steve Irwin Stays Extremely Calm After Being Bit By A Snake On A 90's TV Show!

Irwin is introducing the audience to a seemingly harmless python on a tv show in 1991. The snake then promptly bites him on the neck but Irwin stays extremely calm. Rather than completely freak out like any normal person, in classic “Crocodile Hunter” fashion, Irwin asks for the camera operator to get a close up and even apologizes. R.I.P. Steve Irwin. Posted By Persist

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Steve Smith admits he’d be subject to suspension if he attempted comeback

Steve Smith is happily retired, and though he reportedly received interest from the New York Jets to attempt a comeback, doing so would have proven difficult.

As the brash receiver revealed on "The Rich Eisen Show," he would be subject to a suspension if he were to revive his playing career. As he attempted to file his retirement paperwork, Smith said he received three spontaneous PED tests and "just didn't want to deal with it."

“So they said the only way to have to deal with all this stuff, I had to submit some kind of paperwork,” Smith said, according to Will Brinson of CBS Sports. “I literally for a month and a half had to call these guys and was like, ‘I’m not coming back.’ They said, ‘If you want to come back, you gotta take these drug tests.’ And not drug tests like, oh, I’m doing drugs, but mainly saying to continue to play to show teams that I’m interested. I was like, ‘I’m not interested.’ So I submitted my paperwork and said, ‘Look, I’m done. I have no desire to play.’

“On record right now I have three drug tests I have failed to appear for, and so actually if I tried to reinstate and play, I would be suspended.”

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Steve Bannon: Sean Spicer Is Too Fat For Press Briefings

Steve Bannon is not the kind of guy you expect to engage in body-shaming.

For starters, he looks like if someone put a suit and tie on Keith Richards’ liver and taught it words like “globalist” and “cuck.”

On top of that, he’s a 63-year-old White House strategist, not a 15-year-old Taylor Swift fan trolling Katy Perry on Instagram.

But body-shaming is just what President Bannon is being accused of today after comments he made regarding Sean Spicer’s reduced role behind the White House press room podium.

Asked why more press briefings are taking place off-camera, Bannon didn’t give the obvious reply (“Have you seen those trainwrecks?!”), but instead delivered a one-liner that went over about as well as the first Trump Care proposal.

“Sean got fatter,” Bannon reportedly told a reporter.

The comment caught the attention of many social media users, including Chelsea Clinton, who called Bannon out for what she considers fat-shaming:

“The White House using fat shaming to justify increased opacity. 2017,” Clinton tweeted.

When several of Clinton’s followers pointed out that Bannon appeared to be joking, Clinton ammended her statement slightly:

“Oh ok. So using fat shaming to avoid answering questions about increasing opacity. Got it. 2017,” the former first daughter tweeted.

Few White House press secretaries have received as much attention as Spicer, and that’s not by design.

Spicer’s obvious ineptitude has made him a frequent target for ridicule and even inspired a series of memorable SNL sketches in which Spicer is played by Melissa McCarthy.

Judging from the reaction to his joke today, Bannon should probably leave the humor to her.

There have long been rumblings that President Trump would like to replace Spicer with Deputy White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee-Sanders.

Reducing the amount of time Spicy spends on camera is seen by many as the first step toward replacing him with Huckabee-Sanders, so it’s not hard to see why Bannon would be keen to laugh off questions from reporters.

But we’re getting Spicer wishes Bannon would’ve chosen a different way to change the topic.

Even the most soulless of dead-eyed lackeys have feelings.

We think …

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Steve Harvey Doesn’t Get Why Everyone Is So Pissed About His “Brown Water” Insult To A Flint, MI Caller

Steve Harvey Defends His Flint “Brown Water” Joke

Despite a mountain of criticism, Steve Harvey is standing by his decision to rag on Michigan’s cloudy poisoned water while ribbing a caller over the NBA Finals outcome the other day.

While making an appearance at his four-day boys’ mentorship program in Georgia, Harvey told an AJC reporter that he really doesn’t get the outrage over what he said, since it was meant to be taken as just trash talk between him and the caller, not a hardcore insult on the city of Flint and its troubles.

“The uproar came. This is sort of crazy. It was out of context. I was just talking to this one guy.”

He also made a point to bring up the fact that he dedicated a full hour of his show to the Flint water crisis when it first occurred, even putting pressure on then-Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to address the situation when it first occurred.

“I had city officials and city members for a whole hour.”

He feels like folks’ sensitivity is going to keep him from being able to do his job telling jokes.

“I don’t know if I’ll be able to tell jokes. I can’t say nothin’ about nobody!”

SMH. He can tell jokes all day long…and when he steps out of line or goes too far, the audience is well within their right to let him know how they feel about it. Steve has really been on one later…



Sit Down, Be Humble: Activist Pens Open Letter To Steve Harvey Blasting Him Over Flint Water “Jokes”


People’s Army Activist Demands Steve Harvey Put Up Or Shut Up

As you already know, Steve Harvey is in serious isht with plenty of people over his “Flint” jokes he made on air earlier this week.

We don’t usually do this, but we received an open letter from an activist who eloquently told Mr. Harvey exactly where he can go with his comments. We’re sharing it now and we want your thoughts.

Here goes:

Mr. Harvey,

I actually used to enjoy your country humor and down home jokes until recently I had to check myself for confusing ignorance with comedy. All this time I was duped into believing that Steve Harvey was the “funny uncle” or the “brother on the corner” always crackin’ jokes, temporarily relieving the pain brought about by everyday struggles. I’m ashamed to admit that my family and I would watch “Family Feud” back to back religiously to catch you hosting with your punch lines, one-liners and goofy facial expressions. As a community activist and people’s advocate I would listen to the “Steve Harvey Morning Show” periodically, in spite of your recognizable ignorance and buffoonery chalking it up as “just comedy”. But we know that nothing is “just comedy” and everything is political. In January, when you met with Donald Trump the people were upset, many felt outraged and slighted. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “the people have an 8 day memory”, we see that those words have proven to be precise because many have forgotten about your bowing down to the oligarchy and reporting to America that, “Trump is a good man”. Your latest bout of uncontrollable idiocy was delivered via “The Steve Harvey Morning Show” when you made mockery of a caller from Flint, Michigan, a victim of the genocidal practices of the US Government (Flint Water Crisis) by stating, “He (the caller) gonna say Cleveland don’t deserve jack and he over there bathing in all that silver water” and if that foolishness wasn’t enough, as your co-hosts tried to apologize and move on “your dumb ass” continues to put your $ 5000 shoes down your own throat by saying “one more thing, enjoy your nice brown glass of water”. Absolutely despicable! You must REALLY be feeling yourself. It must be pretty comfortable in “the house” when you can muster up the audacity to make mockery of an ongoing tragedy such as the Flint Water Crisis. What’s funny about the countless people who have loss their lives and loved ones from outbreaks of Legionnaires’ disease? What’s funny about the hundreds of thousands of children and adults exposed to lead poison? The same lead poison that can be attributed to behavior disorders, brain damage, hearing problems, delayed puberty and reduced fetal growth in pregnant women. Do you know that lead poison affects the heart, kidneys and nervous system? Aside from that, do you know that the residents of Flint, Michigan were forced to continue to pay the water bill for this contaminated water or risk having their children taken by child protective services? And YOU think it’s funny? You silly man! Where is your humanity? Where is your empathy when it comes to these victims of chemical and biological warfare? This is a form of ethnic cleansing and over the loss of a basketball game you douse your own supporters with brown water? You have some explaining to do. Not just a contrived press statement from your high paid publicist or a funky donation, photo op at ground zero or a “Hoodie Award”. Not this time Steve, it’s time for you to really humble yourself and invest in the community on a grassroots level or watch the community divest in you. No longer will we, Black and oppressed people be betrayed by the comprador class and delivered on a platter as the laughing stock to the ruling class. Life is not a game show respect the people or the people will reject you.

Kalonji Jama Changa
National Coordinator

Good stuff right. Do you think Steve Harvey will listen?


Watch LeBron James, Draymond Green, Steve Stoute And 2 Chainz Talk And Get Inspired [VIDEO]

This video of LeBron James, Draymond Green, Steve Stoute, 2 Chainz, Maverick Carter and more is the realest thing you will watch today.

Back in February during NBA All-Star Weekend in New Orleans, ESPN set up some fly-on-the-wall cameras to catch some real talk between LeBron and an elite crew of athletes and music heads that also included his agent Rich Paul, Charles Oakley and Paul Rivera.

No topic was off limits as they talked about sports, music, business and the GOATs in every area. Too many jewels to name were dropped in this 30-minute video. However, some of the highlights include 2 Chainz revealing the details and reasons behind his first record deal with Disturbing Tha Peace Records, LeBron’s process behind picking teammates and why Tom Brady can not be considered the greatest athlete of all time. If you don’t feel inspired after watching this, please check your pulse.

To give you an idea of how real this video is, the fellas were drinking the finest wine and liquor and noticeably got louder as the day went on. Good stuff here.


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