Steve Kerr: Celtics are ‘team of the future in the East’

The Golden State Warriors are keeping a close eye on what the Boston Celtics are doing on the other coast.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr is thoroughly impressed with the Celtics’ 13-game win streak and penciled them in as the team to beat in the East for years to come.

“It sure looks like Boston is the team of the future in the East, with the assets that they still have and their young talent and their coaching, and Kyrie (Irving) is amazing,” Kerr told ESPN’s Chris Haynes.

“That looks like a team that is going to be at the top of the East for a long time to come. Whether their time is now or the future, that’s to be determined, but they sure look like they want it to be right now.”

The Celtics returned just four players from last year’s squad that won the No. 1 seed in the East and made the Eastern Conference Finals, but this revamped squad has gelled instantly.

Kyrie Irving and Al Horford are working a clever two-man game, last year's No. 3 pick Jaylen Brown has taken a significant leap in his sophomore season, and they're getting great contributions from rookies like Jayson Tatum, Semi Ojeleye, and Daniel Theis.

Celtics coach Brad Stevens has also whipped together the league's stingiest defense, which has allowed the Celtics to grind out results even when their offense isn't firing on all cylinders.

And of course, they're doing all this without their prime offseason signing, Gordon Hayward, who snapped his ankle five minutes into his Celtics debut. Boston only figures to improve after he returns.

“They’re really sound, and they’re motivated. It’s a team that’s been on the rise the last couple of years. They lost in the conference finals. They want to win a championship, and it looks like it,” Kerr said.

“Even without Gordon Hayward and that awful injury, Boston is just crushing people. So, it’s going to be really fun to go against them on Thursday. We know how tough it’s going to be.”

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Steve Stoute & Samuel ‘Tone’ Barnes Talk Discovering Foxy Brown On Drink Champs [VIDEO]

Since it’s inception, Noreaga’s Drink Champs podcast has provided some of the most entertaining and eyebrow raising interviews from music industry icons such as Puff Daddy to more recently Irv Gotti. This time around the OG thugged out rapper from Queens got OG music industry executive Steve Stoute and one half of the producing duo Trackmasters, Samuel ‘Tone’ Barnes to drop by and indulge in some mind-altering substances while revealing some personal stories of their time in the industry.

In the clip below Tone reminisces about his time in the studio with a young Foxy Brown saying, “Fox was tough to work with” before laying down the reasons why he thought that was the case at the time.

Check it out below and peep the interview in its entirety tomorrow night at 10 pm on Revolt.

Photo: Revolt

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Cuban has spoken to Steve Bannon while pondering presidential run

Mark Cuban appears to be getting more serious about a potential presidential run in 2020.

When asked about the possibility just over a month ago, Cuban gave himself a 10 percent chance of mounting a campaign, but when he spoke at a conference on Thursday, the Dallas Mavericks owner said he's "honestly considering" the idea, according to Matthew Zeitlin of Buzzfeed.

Cuban campaigned for Hillary Clinton and has been openly critical of President Donald Trump, but as he mulls a move into the political arena, he's been in regular contact with Trump's former chief strategist, Steve Bannon, Cuban told Lachlan Markay and Asawin Suebsaeng of The Daily Beast.

The extent of their correspondence, though, seems to vary depending on who describes it.

Cuban said he's "texted with (Bannon) a few time(s)," but that none of those have been "more than one full sentence." After the Daily Beast story ran, Cuban also told CNBC's Jacob Pramuk that those text exchanges did not touch on his presidential aspirations.

“Nope,” he said. “Not even remotely close.”

Four separate sources, however, told Markay and Suebsaeng that the two have “been in touch for months about a possible 2020 bid,” and that Bannon “has encouraged Cuban to run and to consider doing so as a Democrat, seeing it as a realistic path to a viable presidential run.”

Cuban has said he’ll only run as a Republican or an Independent, and denied being directly advised by Bannon to run as a Democrat. Cuban indicated that the Breitbart executive chairman – who returned to that role after being removed from his White House post in August – only suggested as much in an interview with TMZ.

Cuban and Bannon were also spotted together at a hotel restaurant in New York a little less than a year ago, just two weeks after Trump was elected.

Sam Nunberg, a Bannon ally and former Trump campaign staffer who was fired in August 2015 for writing racist Facebook posts, described the relationship between Cuban and Bannon as being friendly and familiar.

“They talk regularly,” Nunberg told Markay and Suebsaeng. “They’re very similar. They have a lot of synergy there. Even when (Bannon) went to work for Trump, Mark would be interviewed and say nice things about Steve.”

Cuban, for his part, says he's simply looking to learn from as many people as he can, regardless of politics or ideology. He said he's also met with several Democratic and Republican senators.

“I’ll talk to everybody,” he said Thursday. “You can’t absorb enough knowledge and connect with people enough.”

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Steve Mills: Hornacek’s job not at risk, but Knicks must show progress

One NBA head coach has already been shown the door this season after the Phoenix Suns fired Earl Watson, and with the New York Knicks toiling near the bottom of the Eastern Conference at 1-3, Jeff Hornacek’s future has also been called into question.

Knicks president Steve Mills, however, doesn’t appear ready to give his coach the ax just yet. All he wants is for the team to show improvement, and that won’t happen overnight.

“There was speculation not on our part but by the outside world,” Mills said Sunday of Hornacek possibly being on the hot seat, according to The New York Daily News’ Stefan Bondy. “This summer when Jeff and I went to Jim Dolan with a plan of how we wanted to build this team – and how we wanted the team to come together – and we just want to see progress. We want to try to win as many games as we can.

Related – Lee: Some Knicks don’t know plays, need to pay more attention in practice

“We want to try to win as many games as we can. We want the guys to play hard every night. The three of us, we’re all on the same page as it relates to that. We just want to see the team move in a positive direction.”

With Carmelo Anthony no longer in the picture, Latvian big man Kristaps Porzingis has taken over the mantle of franchise player. Willy Hernangomez was expected to be right there alongside Porzingis at the forefront, but has totaled just over 28 minutes across his three appearances off the bench. He was also a DNP against the Detroit Pistons.

Mills understands how important Hernangomez is to the Knicks’ future, yet won’t step in and tell Hornacek how to utilize him. If the coach feels it’s best to sit him, then it’s on the 23-year-old Spaniard to change that.

“We’re not dictating who plays. We don’t tell Jeff who to play,” Mills added. “Jeff understands our strategy as a whole and wants these guys to develop. At the end of the day, we tell the players and we tell Jeff that you got to earn your minutes. Billy understands that and Billy’s done a really good job over the last week understanding what he has to do. He’s definitely stepped it up in practice.”

Under Hornacek's tutelage, the Knicks have notched a 32-54 record (.372). They're in Cleveland on Sunday night to take on the Cavaliers at Quicken Loans Arena.

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Mena Monroe: Miss Monroe – Steve Novak

My favorite girl from the D, Mena Monroe, wanted to ensure we had another hot feature of her, this time courtesy of photographer @SteveNovak.

Model :: @menamonroe
Photographer:: @SteveNovak
MUA:: @GlamourbyTracie
Hair:: @oneofakind_franny

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Throwback Of The Week: Steve Jobs Introduces The First iPhone In 2007!

On January 9, 2007, Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced the world to his revolutionary smartphone. Among its many breakthrough features, the widescreen iPhone, one of Jobs’ great visions, combined mobile phone function with the music app technology of the iPod, included a 2-megapixel camera and internet access. It also featured a slick scrollable touchscreen, immediately making the tactile number key buttons of cellphones seem outdated. R.I.P. Steve Jobs.

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Steve Irwin’s Son Is An Award Winning Photographer And These Photos Show Why

People often say ‘like father, like son,’ and it is so unbelievably true in this case. Robert Irwin, the son of Steve Irwin, is following in his late father’s footsteps and is helping the world to fall in love with nature. Since a very young age, Robert was fascinated with the natural world. Now, together […]
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Wrong Steve Smith gets nominated for Hall of Fame

The Pro Football Hall of Fame announced its list of 108 nominees that will be considered for the 2018 induction class – with one name that seemed to be amiss.

Among the names listed was receiver Steve Smith. The problem is that the Steve Smith that most would assume will eventually be enshrined in Canton (Steve Smith Sr.) only retired last season, so he can’t be eligible.

There is, however, a Steve Smith who is technically eligible after retiring in 2013. A former second-round pick by the New York Giants, the lesser-known Smith played six seasons between the Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, and St. Louis Rams, making 245 catches for 2,641 yards in his career – which certainly isn't Hall of Fame-worthy.

Some debate as to how the name got on the list was quickly sparked among NFL media and a handful of theories have come up.

Perhaps the Hall just saw Smith’s name and got excited?

Or perhaps a passionate fan submitted an entry of their own?

There will be at least one Steve Smith in the Hall of Fame when all is said and done – but not in this class.

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Go Awf Then: George Clooney Says Steve Bannon Would Be Licking His Azz If He Was Still In Hollywood


George Clooney Slays Steve Bannon At Toronto Film Festival

George Clooney isn’t just a fine distinguished actor, he’s also accomplished at reading a racist Republican for filth. While promoting his new film “Suburbicon” at the Toronto Film Fest Friday, Clooney talked about his role as a social disruptor and revealed how much he revels in irking Steve Bannon and his ilk.

Via Daily Mail:

‘I like that Breitbart News wants to have my head. I’d be ashamed 10 years from now if those weaselly little putzes, whose voices are getting a lot higher every week as this presidency starts to look worse and worse weren’t still [after me],’ he said.

‘Steve Bannon is a failed f***ing screenwriter, and if you’ve ever read [his] screenplay, it’s unbelievable. Now, if he’d somehow managed miraculously to get that thing produced, he’d still be in Hollywood, still making movies and licking my a** to get me to do one of his stupid-a** screenplays.’

PURE COMEDY… Clooney just flamed Bannon.

Besides politics, Bannon’s background includes a history of producing and financing Hollywood films and documentaries, but the former White House chief strategist also tried his hand at screenwriting with a project described by Entertainment Weekly as “a hip-hop musical based on Shakespeare’s Coriolanus that takes place in early 1990s Los Angeles.”

Crazy right. If it was Spike Lee writing then maybe, but this had to have been trash coming from Bannon.

In any case, Clooney is confident that he’s doing the right part by speaking out. He added,

‘Hollywood is being quite well represented right now in the West Wing somehow,’ Clooney said.

‘You know, they say I’m out of touch. You want to call me a Hollywood liberal? Come at me. I sold ladies shoes, I sold insurance door to door, I worked at an all-night liquor store, I cut tobacco for a living.

‘I can change the fan belt on my car. I grew up in that world in Kentucky. I know every bit of that world, and I know my friends and what they believe. And I know this is not a moment in our history that we’ll look back and be proud of. So if I’m not standing on the side I believe to be right, I’d be ashamed,’ he added.


Steve Harvey Regrets Tap-Dancing For Cheeto Trump, Says Obama Egged Him On

Steve Harvey is 60 years of age, and clearly astute enough to know that a Black person meeting with a man that has proven himself to be an enemy of the people would cause an uproar. Apparently, the comedian and budding media mogul was taken aback at the backlash for meeting with President Donald Trump and now regrets it all of a sudden.

Harvey sat down for a profile with The Hollywood Reporter which examined his rise to now manning six television shows as part of his growing empire. Naturally, the conversation turned to the Trump meeting in 2016 which Harvey says was sparked as a result of President Barack Obama’s urging.

From THR:

Earlier this year, you met with then President-elect Donald Trump. (Contorts his face.) Why are you making that face?
I didn’t see that coming. Jesus.

See what coming?

The backlash. It was so vicious that it really threw me. I was being called names that I’ve never been called: Uncle Tom. A coon. A sellout. Because I went to see this man?! Which only happened because my business partner got a call from the Obama transition team, who said that the Trump transition team would like to set up a meeting. The Obama team said they thought it would be a good idea because the president is encouraging dialogue. And I have a relationship with Obama. We’re friends. So I say, “OK, cool.” Now, here’s the crazy thing: I’m supposed to be on a boat for my 60th birthday, so my wife says, “Steve, just take off [and skip the meeting]. You’ll meet with him some other time.” God, I should’ve listened.

Harvey continued and said that he was hoping to support the president on the basis he was sincere about sparking a conversation between different communities who shared varying political opinions.


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