Ancient Egyptian Stories Will Be Published In English For The First Time

While people may view inscriptions in Greek or Latin as pretty, they still recognize their merit as text. Indeed, writings from ancient Greece and Rome are revered and considered classics of Western literature. Egyptian hieroglyphics, however, are often seen as mere decoration. Sometimes, the characters are literally used as wallpaper. One reason is that schoolchildren […]
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Floyd Mayweather Laughs At Tax Stories & Shows Off $100 Million Check!

“Last time I checked, it’s still right there…Ben, it’s still right there…I still got it…just for the record, I still got it” I’m making some noise some type of way,” stated future Hall of Famer Floyd Mayweather, who laughed at recent stories about his tax deferral while showing off a check for $ 100 million.

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16 First Date Horror Stories (Poor #9!)

The following text message exchanges about men or women who have agreed to go on a first date should make one group of people very happy:

Those who are in stable marriages!

Be thankful you never need to experience anything like what is relayed in the conversations below…

1. Autocorrect Can Ruin Even the Best First Impressions

Autocorrect can ruin even the best first impressions
Hilarious case in point.

2. I Didn’t Actually Barf

I didnt actually barf
But nothing interesting came out of his mouth, either.

3. Eating Dinner on a Date?

Eating dinner on a date
What a foreign concept… to at least one person, apparently.

4. Hey, This Story Did Take Place Due to a Blind Date

Hey this story did take place due to a blind date
And it’s hilarious. So we’re counting it!

5. A Case of Mistaken Identity

A case of mistaken identity
Why do we feel like this date actually went well, though?

6. After One Date? How Sweet!

After one date how sweet
Oh, oops. We meant: how scary!

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