Philadelphia Eagles Star Sued For Allegedly Banging Another Man’s Wife

There’s a special place in hell for any dude who knowingly bangs another man’s wife. Allegedly, Philadelphia Eagles defensive tackle Fletcher Cox did just that, and is getting sued for his struggle. 

Reports TMZ Sports:

Imagine finding out Philadelphia Eagles superstar Fletcher Cox nailed your smokin’ hot wife and wanted her to have his baby.

Pretty cool if you’re a die-hard Eagles fan … not cool if you’re North Carolina resident Joshua Jeffords.

Josh claims he’s got hardcore proof that the 6’4″, 310 pound defensive tackle seduced and banged his wife behind his back while she was on a work trip to Pennsylvania back in April.

Jeffords claims Cox continued the relationship via text messages — which Josh now has — and he says it’s smoking gun proof that Cox is liable for “alienation of affection” … which you can sue for in N.C.

According to North Carolina state law, to win an A.O.A. case, one must prove 3 things …
1) You and and your spouse had a genuine love and affection
2) The love and affection was alienated and destroyed
3) Malicious acts of a 3rd party produced the alienation of affection. Malicious is presumed if there’s proof of sexual intercourse.

In his lawsuit, filed on Nov. 22, Jeffords claims Cox sent her a photo of his penis on Snapchat and followed up with text messages telling her he wanted to knock her up.

Oh it gets worse. According to Jeffords, his own wife blocked him on Instagram.


Jeffords is suing Cox for $ 25,000. Considering he has evidence, he needs to go higher.

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In 1997, NASA Was Sued For Trespassing By Men Who Claim Mars Belonged To Their Ancestors 3,000 Years Ago

You don’t get a lot of property related lawsuits (or do you) when you are in the business of sending rovers and satellites onto distant planets, but this happened to NASA 18 years ago. It was back in 1997 when three guys from Yemen decided to file a lawsuit to the country’s prosecutor general in Sana’a. The case was […]
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Colorado’s MacIntyre, school officials sued over handling of abuse allegations

A woman who accused former Colorado assistant Joe Tumpkin of domestic violence is suing Buffaloes head coach Mike MacIntyre and multiple other university officials by claiming they were aware of the abuse and attempted to cover it up, according to The Associated Press.

An official lawsuit was filed by the woman on Wednesday in federal court in Denver. Tumpkin has been charged with felony assault, however a previous independent investigation determined the university did not intend to cover up the allegations despite making some mistakes.

Related: Colorado apologizes to ex-assistant coach’s alleged domestic violence victim

University spokesman Ken McConnellogue issued a statement saying that the claims “are not well-founded factually or legally.”

Tumpkin, along with Chancellor Phil DiStefano, athletic director Rick George, and president Bruce Benson are among those named in the lawsuit.

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Arizona’s Rich Rodriguez sued for breach of contract by former agency

Rich Rodriguez is being sued for breach of contract by Creative Artists Agency, according to Kyle Bonagura of ESPN.

The agency used to represent the Arizona head coach and they are claiming Rodriguez owes them $ 230,250 for work they did. According to the lawsuit, CAA negotiated his deals for the Wildcats coaching job and an on-air role with CBS.

CAA is claiming Rodriguez agreed to pay them a percentage of both deals but he ended the partnership in 2015.

"Coach Rodriguez had an 'at-will' agency relationship with CAA that began in 2011," Bennett Speyer, Rodriguez's attorney, said in a statement. "He paid CAA fees in excess of $ 280,000 through 2015, when he terminated the relationship. Rodriguez never entered in to a written contract with CAA, nor did he ever verbally agree to pay fees for any period after 2015."

CAA says Rodriguez still owes them money from before the two sides parted ways.

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Drake & Future Sued For $25M, Woman Claims She Was Raped At Concert

A woman is suing Future and Drake for a cool $ 25M. The woman claims she was raped at one of their concerts during the Summer Sixteen tour last year by someone affiliated with the venue. 

Apparently, this is enough to place the rappers at fault, so says her lawyers.

Reports TMZ:

The woman says she attended the duo’s show at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville last August.  The woman claims she was approached by a man associated with Bridgestone Arena who told her he’d take her backstage to meet Drake and Future.

The woman says she followed the man — identified as Leavy Johnson — who then allegedly violently attacked her, causing severe physical and psychological injury. According to The Tennessean, Johnson has since been arrested and charged with rape and is awaiting trial.

Johnson had outstanding warrants for assault at the time of the alleged attack. She says Drake, Future, the arena and multiple others should have known that employing Johnson had the potential to cause a dangerous situation for others.

We hope the woman’s attacker is brought to justice.

Let us know what you think of Drake and Future being named in the lawsuit in the comments.

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Lions’ Robinson, Buccaneers’ Benenoch sued for $9K nightclub tab

Detroit Lions defensive tackle A'Shawn Robinson and Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive lineman Caleb Benenoch are being sued for the remaining $ 5,332 of a $ 9,332 nightclub tab accrued in March.

Richard James Harrington hosted both players at Hyde Sunset Kitchen and Cocktails in Hollywood, where Robinson and Benenoch ran up a $ 9,332 tab. When it was time to pay the bill, both Robinson's and Benenoch's credit cards were declined.

Harrington paid the bill on the condition that both players pay him back for their expenses. It's stated in the lawsuit that Harrington received $ 4,000, but the duo is refusing to pay the remainder.

Benenoch believes they met their responsibilities, however.

“We did our part,” Benenoch said via ESPN’s Jenna Laine and Michael Rothstein.

"This is all I'm really going to say on it – I'm focused on football. I'm not really worried about what they've got going on. The legal system is going to play itself out. I'm focused on what we've got going on here."

Robinson declined to comment when asked by ESPN.

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Draymond Green being sued over alleged assault

A lawsuit will be filed against Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green on Tuesday by an unnamed man and woman for alleged assault and battery, their attorney, Lisa Bloom, stated in a press release.

The pair is accusing the NBA star of "physical assault, bullying and misleading statements made by Mr. Green that they claim have severely impacted their lives."

Bloom and the unnamed man and woman will speak at a press conference Tuesday.

Green was arrested in July 2016 after he was accused of assaulting former Michigan State football player Jermaine Edmondson. Green ultimately agreed to a plea deal in exchange for reduced charges.

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Usher Sued For $10M For Exposing Jumpoff To Herpes, Allegedly

Usher’s bad week continues. After getting put on blast for burning a woman from a past hook up with herpes, another jumpoff is suing him for a cool $ 10M for allegedly exposing her to the same STD. 

According to TMZ, a woman going by Jane Doe in her lawsuit claims that she had sexual relations with the “U Got It Bad” singer in Atlanta on April 16. This included heavy petting and her blessing Ursher (sic) with some sloppy toppy before she let him smash, with a condom.

However, they hooked up again 12 days later, this time in a New Orleans hotel, and Usher raw dogged it (condom-less sex).

Jane Doe must have been on Twitter when news of Usher’s hush money fail happened, and now she’s suing him fornegligence, battery and emotional distress. Which of course, can be worked out for that $ 10M.

This is where we point out that Usher is married.


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Bird(man) Beef: Keyshia Cole Sued For $4 Million By Birdman’s Old Side Chick

Keyshia Cole Faces Multimillion Dollar Lawsuit

Keyshia Cole’s old relationship is coming back to haunt her…in court.

You may or may not remember, Keyshia and Birdman were dating for a hot minute back in 2014. The random match ended in even more random piano grinding and eventually Keyshia jumping a supposed side jawn that she believed Birdman was hiding from her.

According to TMZ, Keyshia popped into Birdman’s LA penthouse in 2014, found Sabrina Mercadel, jumped to conclusions and whooped some azz. Now, Mercadel is suing Keyshia — three years later, oddly — for financial and physical damages to the tune of $ 4 million.

Just how did she reach that number? Well, it breaks down to $ 1.5 million for pain and suffering, $ 500,000 for emotional distress, $ 2 million for the loss of the use of a body part (huh?), $ 200,000 for future medical expenses, $ 50,000 for the loss of earnings and another $ 300,000 for the future loss of earnings.

In the paperwork, Sabrina insists her relationship with Birdman was “plutonic”… so we aren’t exactly sure how professionally put together this case is. The judge plans to review and approve each amount.

We’re just wondering which body part she’s claiming she can’t use anymore.



Hit ‘Em Up: Culture Vultures Kendall & Kylie Sued For Using Tupac’s Image On Their Trash T-Shirts

Splash News


Kendall And Kylie Jenner Sued For Tupac T-Shirts

Kendall and Kylie Jenner are facing a lawsuit for those ridiculously headazz Tupac t-shirts. As previously reported the culture vultures were obliterated for shopping around $ 125 Tupac and Biggie shirts superimposed with their faces on them.

Now they’re facing the consequences for their actions in the form of a lawsuit. According to TMZ the photographer who took at least one of the iconic shots of Tupac they used is suing the Jenner sisters.

Michael Miller who previously photographed Eazy-E, Angelina Jolie and Jack Nicholson is suing for any profits made off the shirts. Miller also added in his suit that he NEVER wanted to work with the Jenners, especially Kendall since her Pepsi disaster.

No word yet on if they’ll also face a suit for the Biggie shirts, but B.I.G.’s mother Violetta Wallace is already BIG mad over them.

Are you glad that the Jenners are facing a lawsuit for their Pac shirts???