Former employee suing NFL Films for sexual harassment

A former employee at NFL Films has filed a civil lawsuit against the league-owned company, alleging multiple incidents of sexual harassment, according to

Nadia Axakowsky, a voice-over actor, claims she was “discriminated against, sexually harassed, retaliated against by her employer solely due to her sex and for complaining of the ongoing harassment” and that former supervisors made unwanted advances. She alleges one in particular, Glenn Adamo, groped her more than once.

She said she complained to her employers about the harassment and believes the company did not properly investigate the issue.

Axakowsky was fired by NFL Films in September 2016.

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Sunken Place Steve Harvey’s Ex-Wife Suing Him For $60M

Steve Harvey‘s ex-wife—one of them—is demanding a massive bag for her alleged trouble. Mary Harvey is suing the comedian and Donald Trump delegate for a cool $ 60M. 

According to Mary, Steve’s second wife, the money is because he “damaged her soul.”

Reports TMZ:

Mary Harvey and Steve’s infamously bitter divorce was finalized back in 2005, but according to docs filed Wednesday … Mary’s still feeling a slew of ill-effects from their battle. She says she’s been suicidal and self-medicates to cope with their nasty breakup.

The suit is rambling at times, but Mary’s main point is she’s emotionally and physically destroyed after losing her son, her businesses, and the joy of Mother’s Days. As she puts it, “All was loss Mary L. Harvey was dead.”

She’s suing Steve for child endangerment, torture, conspiracy against rights, kidnapping, murder, breach of contract and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Worth noting … the document was not filed by a lawyer, but rather a woman who tells us she is Mary’s “civil rights activist.”


Don’t expect this to go very far unless Mary gets herself a proper lawyer.

Also, the fact they’re divorce was finalized a dozen years ago is not helping her cause.


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Motiejunas shoots down reports he’s suing Rockets

The recent reports over Donatas Motiejunas suing the Houston Rockets organization about how poorly his contract negotiations were handled last season are "false," says Motiejunas.

The 26-year-old Lithuanian wrote the following on Facebook on Saturday morning:

A month ago we with the NBA Players Association and the Houston Rockets found an agreement and solved everything. There are no court proceedings between us. The information which was published on media is false.

Motiejunas was a restricted free agent with the Rockets, who ultimately decided to match an offer from the Brooklyn Nets worth $ 35 million over four seasons. Only the guaranteed portions of the offer were matched, though, costing the 7-footer roughly $ 4 million-$ 6 million.

A missed physical later (a decision he made as a result of the difference in the two offers), and Motiejunas wound up joining the New Orleans Pelicans for just $ 1.5 million once his deal was renounced.

He made 34 appearances during the 2016-17 campaign with the Pelicans, averaging 4.4 points and three rebounds on 41.3 percent shooting coming off the bench.

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Report: Michigan State suing ESPN over request for sexual assault records

Michigan State is suing ESPN over a Freedom of Information Act request submitted by one of its reporters relating to sexual assault investigations, according to Matt Mencarini of The Lansing State Journal.

ESPN submitted the request to the school on Feb. 10, asking for all police reports containing allegations of sexual assault since Dec. 16, 2016, along with arrest records ranging from Feb. 6 to Feb. 9. It was filed one day after the university announced that three football players and a staff member were suspended as a result of a sexual assault investigation.

Michigan State is contending that the request has put the university in an “impossible position,” because of the fact that the office of Ingham County prosecutor Carol Siemon has asked them to withhold the records.

Ingham County chief assistant prosecuting attorney Lisa McCormick wrote a letter to the Michigan State University Police Department asking the university to deny ESPN its request because the office hadn’t made a decision.

Michigan State provided ESPN with some reports, while holding others back.

According to an affidavit signed by Michigan State spokesperson Jason Cody, ESPN reporter Paula Lavigne told Cody over the phone last month that ESPN was prepared to sue the university if the records weren’t provided to them.

ESPN previously won an open records lawsuit against Michigan State in 2015.

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Guess Who’s Mad About Messy Mya’s Family Suing Beyonce For $20 Million?


The BeyHive Vs. Messy Mya’s Estate

Beloved YouTube sensation Messy Mya was tragically slain but his legacy lives on through hilarious tribute threads and Beyonce’s smash hit “Formation” currently tangled in a dicey $ 20 million lawsuit filed by his family that definitely shook up the BeyHive.


Hit the flip for the BeyHive’s hilariously petty responses to the $ 20 million lawsuit.


50 Cent Suing Auto Detail Companies For Pimpin’ His Image


50 Cent may be from the hood but don’t think for a second he won’t flex his legal muscle if you try to get one over on him.

According to TMZ, the Queens rapper has decided to file a lawsuit against Phenomenal Vinyl, Rim Source Motorsports, and Forgiato for posting his likeness on social media to push rims (that don’t even spin) and vehicle wraps.

While Fiddy does acknowledge that he hired the companies to do some specialty work on his toys, he also says he gave them specific orders that they not use any pictures or images of him.

Phenomenal Vinyl must’ve thought it was all love because not only did they post pics of Curtis Jackson on their IG account, but they even tagged him to let him know they did so. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

So now 50 is suing all three companies for using his name without permission and also has a $ 31,000 car rims bill with Phenomenal Vinyl that’s yet to be settled because 50 says they overcharged him out of vengeance.

Don’t they know this man is “legally broke”?

Peep the pics that pushed 50 over the legal edge below and on the following pages.


Photos: TMZ

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Bobby Shmurda Suing NYPD For False Arrest

Bobby Shmurda still hasn’t made bail. However, the Brooklyn rapper is suing NYPD for false arrest.

Reports the New York Daily News:

The “Shmoney Dance” singer, whose real name is Ackquille Pollard, claims he was hanging out at a friend’s crib on Rockaway Parkway in Brooklyn on June 3, 2014 when cops knocked on the door.

“When one of the occupants opened the door a slight bit to see who was there, Officer Douglas Corso and other police officers kicked in the door and illegally entered the residence without a search warrant,” according to the suit filed Friday in Brooklyn Federal Court.

The cops claimed Pollard tried to hide a handgun inside a couch.

Pollard, 21, claims that while the cops were allegedly ransacking the apartment, they taunted him by “chanting the lyrics to his chart-topping songs,” the suit states.

Shmurda claims that the gun and drugs found during the raid were not his.

Recently, a pair of Shmurda’s GS9 affiliates were found guilty of murder.

Although the NYDN reports Shmurda is out on $ 2M bail, Complex reached out to his lawyers who claim their client is still locked up and waiting for his long-delayed trial to start.

Photo: Scott Roth/Invision/AP

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