Mobile Terrorism: London Driver Intentionally Runs Over At Least 10 With Car In Museum District

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Driver Runs Over Pedestrians At London’s Natural History Museum

The use of vehicles in terror attacks over the past couple of years has increased and grown considerably more frightening, especially in London

According to DailyMail, hundreds of tourists scattered as a car hopped a curb and sped toward pedestrians at a fancy museum district in London. At this time it is reported that the driver has injured at least 10 people in the attack.

The driver of a Toyota Prius what was used as a registered cab was arrested on the scene.

In this photo the man appears to be Black, but we’ll wait and see what details the local police release as they gather more information

At least one man was seen covered in blood as guards attempted to assist with medical care.

A witness named Greg King recounted what he heard and saw during the attack:

‘A black Toyota went ploughing straight towards us and the crowd. I heard tyres screeching and a lot of screaming and then a massive smash which was him hitting a sign and the glass falling.

‘He then swerved and went smashing into the silver car on the other side of the road which stopped him.

‘People were sprinting in all directions and then it looked like a security guard from the museum and two members of the public were pinning him down.

This world is getting crazier by the minute. Literally.

Prayers up for those injured. We’ll continue to update you on this story as more details become available.


“Weather Wars” Theorists Claim Hurricane Harvey Was Engineered, “Steered” Toward Houston As A “Weather Terrorism” Weapon

We’re bringing this claim to your attention because a growing number of observers, websites and analysts are concluding that Hurricane Harvey was “engineered” and made into a “weather weapon” through a combination of ground-based temperature manipulation tools and “chemtrail” seeding. Yes, it sounds absurd at first, until you realize that Al Gore tells us that […]
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Bucks’ Brogdon: White supremacy in America is ‘domestic terrorism’

Having spent five full years living in Charlottesville, Va. while starring for the Virginia Cavaliers, Milwaukee Bucks guard and reigning Rookie of the Year Malcolm Brogdon is well positioned to weigh in on the events that transpired in the small college town over the previous week.

"To see this happen in a place that I call home is sort of jarring for me," Brogdon told Sports Illustrated. "But if I were to be honest, the level of hate and blatant racism that still dominates the minds of so many Americans today – it's not shocking to me. I think at the end of the day, you have to call it what it is: I think it is white supremacy and I think it's domestic terrorism."

Brogdon cited LeBron James' leadership among his fellow athletes in decrying bigotry in the wake of white supremacist rallies which took place in Charlottesville last weekend. James recently denounced the words (and perceived inaction) of President Donald Trump, saying the Commander-in-Chief has made hate "fashionable again."

"I think he's been articulate in the way he's spoken, and he's been truthful," Brogdon said of the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar. "I don't think he's tried to shy away from being truthful, and making sure that people hear his voice. I think he's done an awesome job."

As to whether Brogdon would consider protesting the national anthem, a controversial demonstration closely associated with free-agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick and now Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch of the National Football League, the 24-year-old was non-committal.

"I'm not sure," Brogdon said. "I think everyone has different methods in which they're going to protest."

What Brogdon is sure about is that athletes must continue to have a voice, and not succumb to the notion they should just "stick to sports."

"I think it's extremely offensive. I think it puts us in a bubble. It simply implies that because we're athletes we don't have a say or opinion, or that we don't have the educational background to comment on things outside of sports. I just think it's absurd," he said.

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BREAKING: One Dead, Five Injured In Possible Terrorism Knife Attack In London

One Woman Killed, Five Injured In London Knife Attack

Europe is really going through it with these constant terror attacks. Another is currently unfolding in England, this time with a knife-wielding assailant going on a “rampage” through the streets of London.

Via MailOnline:

A woman has died and up to five people have been injured after a man allegedly ‘went on the rampage’ in a possible terror-related knife attack in central London.

Police confirmed a man was arrested after he was seen ‘brandishing a knife’ and ‘injuring people’ in front of horrified onlookers in Russell Square last night.

Fears that the knifeman operated with an accomplice were raised in the early hours as the Met refused to rule out further suspects. One witness said he saw ‘a man flee on a motorbike’.

Officers arrived at the scene to find six people injured including one woman who died from her injuries a short time later. The condition of the other five is not yet known and police have not yet named or revealed the ages of the victims.

One source said the suspect was seen to go ‘on the rampage’ with the weapon. The woman’s body is still believed to be on the pavement with a forensics tent covering it.

Scotland Yard said: ‘Terrorism is one possibility being explored at this stage.’

The Met said the suspect was detained after being Tasered at the scene of the incident – opposite the three-star Imperial Hotel – at around 10.40pm last night.

Police have cordoned off the area and there is a heavy presence of officers and paramedics. The Met said ‘additional units’ had been deployed for reassurance.

SMH!! We’ll keep up with this one as it develops. Prayers out to those affected by this vicious attack…



South Carolina Terrorism: Female AME Pastors Receive Death Threats Against Them & Their Children



Female AME Pastors Threatened In South Carolina

As we continue to ask ‘who is burning black churches’, a new threat has surfaced. At least three female AME pastors in South Carolina are receiving death threats via letters.

WISTV reports:

Two Clarendon County pastors say they have been targeted with threats of violence just because they are women.

The two pastors received letters where the writer used Bible verses to threaten the women, leaving them concerned about their safety. One letter was left on the front door of Society Hill AME Church on June 10th for Pastor Mary Rhodes.

“Whoever wrote this letter has taken the rime to find out who I am which means you may know my children, my grandchildren, and I have no clue who you are” Pastor Rhodes said.

Four days later, Pastor Valarie Bartley received the same letter at Reevesville AME Church.

The writer, who identifies as Apostle Prophet Harry Leon Fleming, says in the letter that “the woman cannot be head of the man in church, home and the world.”

“A lot of people do not respect female pastors,” Pastor Rhodes said. “Sexism in the church has been around for the longest time and it always gets, to my opinion, sort of hidden under the other issues that are there.”

Investigators from the Clarendon County Sheriff’s Office say that one other church led by a female pastor also received the letter.

Pastor Bartley says she worried about their safety because all three churches are located in rural areas.

“We have great concern about who is doing this and we pray they will stop,” Pastor Bartley said.


The letters may have struck fear in the hearts of the pastors, but they will not allow it to keep them from worshiping on Sundays.

“Nothing is going to stop me from doing what God has called me to do,” Rhodes said.

This is clearly terrorism….why isn’t the FBI doing more???