Ancient ‘Nukes’ Powerful Ancient Weapons Described In Thousand-Year-Old Texts

Ancient texts describe powerful weapons that the gods used on Earth thousands—even perhaps tens of thousands—of years ago. “…An incandescent column of smoke and flame, as bright as ten thousand suns, rose in all its splendor. It was an unknown weapon and iron thunderbolt, a gigantic messenger of death, which reduced to ashes the entire race…” When we take […]
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Andersen ripped Oregon State assistants in texts to reporter

It appears dissension within the Oregon State coaching staff contributed to former head coach Gary Andersen's mid-season decision to walk away from the program.

In a series of texts sent throughout the campaign to John Canzano of The Oregonian, Andersen frequently lashed out at his assistant coaches.

A snippet:

Sept. 3, after barely defeating Portland State (1-1 season record)

If the defense can not get better … I will be making some decisions I really do not like or want to make. We will grind!!

Sept. 9, after losing to Minnesota (1-2 season record)

Hard place right now… one thing I guarantee you is this: This staff needs to figure it out. I ain’t going to die doing this (expletive)! It’s on me and I get that and right now… Beaver Nation deserves much better! End of story!!

Sept. 20, four days after losing to Washington State (1-3 season record)

I hired the wrong (expletive) guys and are still working our way through a bunch of recruiting years that stunk!! It’s year three! If these (expletives) can’t get it right I will not just say fire them and start over!! That’s not the way to go about it. If I (expletive) it up that bad I will take the bullet and ride off into the sunset! I will stay old school!! I will not die doing this (expletive)!! Stay tuned!

Sept. 24, during bye week

Riot act has been read to this staff. We shall see what takes place. I have got to see better football regardless of who we are playing!!

Andersen and Oregon State mutually agreed to part ways Monday, ending their partnership after less than three seasons. Andersen left more than $ 12 million on the table by waiving the remainder of his contract.

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Rhule texts Baylor players almost weekly to respect women

Baylor head coach Matt Rhule appears to be making a major effort to rebuild the program’s image.

The new Bears coach spoke about how he's dealing with the players, and noted he texts them nearly every weekend about respecting women and off-field behavior, according to Paula Lavigne and Mark Schlabach of ESP.

“That’s not because we’re at Baylor,” Rhule said. “That’s because I’m dealing with 18- to 23-year-old kids, and I feel a responsibility just like I would feel for my son.”

Rhule sends the texts every two hours on Thursday and Friday night, starting at 7 p.m. and ending at 3 a.m.

Baylor fired Art Briles last year after an investigation into how the program handled allegations of sexual assault. The school still has six Title IX lawsuits pending from 15 different women.

"I think one thing I'll say – and I feel very passionately about this – is so often football coaches say, 'Of course, I'm against rape. I have two young girls.' To me, it's not just the fact that I have girls in my life is why I don't believe in rape," Rhule said. "When you communicate like that with football players or any young people, they begin, in my mind, to differentiate between women they know and love and women who they don't know, and then they don't place any value on them.

“We talk about what it means to be a man, and a major part of that is not just how to treat your mom, but how to treat all women, the way to be respectful to all women, how to look at women, how to speak to women and how to treat women each and every day.”

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19 Most Awkward Group Texts of All-Time

The following collection of text messages can be summed up in one word: 


They feature folks clearly forgetting they're on a group text message exchange, often sharing pieces of information with multiple people that would have been best kept to a more intimate setting.

Feel free to laugh at these snafus, but also to heed their warning:

Always be sure of exactly who is on the opposite end of any text you send. You don't want to end up in our next slideshow, do you?

1. More Wanking Please

More wanking please

2. Maybe Don’t Text All Your Tinder Matches at Once

Maybe dont text all your tinder matches at once
Just a small piece of advice.

3. Are All Parents This Horny?

Are all parents this horny
We just don’t know it unless we’re on a group text with them?

4. Note the Name of This Group

Note the name of this group
She better at least bring cookies to the next bible study to make up for this.

5. Such Hatred for Rita Ora

Such hatred for rita ora
What did she ever do to you?

6. Awww!

Ryan for all the wins!

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21 Texts That Will Probably Be Sent on St. Patrick’s Day

Drunk people and cell phones do not mix. Here are 21 hilarious drunk texts for proof.

1. Yep. That.

21 hilarious drunk texts yep that
Regret. EVERYTHING. Never doing that again. (Until next weekend.)

2. Candles

21 hilarious drunk texts candles
“Candles” is about the only thing that makes sense here and even that not so much.

3. Party Time

21 hilarious drunk texts party time

4. True Colors

21 hilarious drunk texts true colors
Alcohol brings out the truth in people, right?

5. You Don’t Say!

21 hilarious drunk texts you dont say
As if it weren’t obvious.

6. Poor Life Choices

21 hilarious drunk texts poor life choices
Not even kind of sure how this happens.

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Baylor fires staffer over inappropriate texts to teenager

Baylor has dismissed associate director for football operations DeMarkco Butler, after Butler allegedly sent inappropriate text messages to a teenager, according to KWTX in Texas.

"DeMarkco Butler is no longer employed by Baylor University," Baylor spokesperson David Kaye told A.J. Perez of USA TODAY. "As a personnel matter, we have no further comment."

Butler was hired just 28 days ago on Feb. 15.

This is the second staff member fired by Baylor under new head coach Matt Rhule, as Brandon Washington was fired after being arrested for being part of a prostitution sting in February.

This latest news comes as Baylor deals with a scandal surrounding the sexual assaults of at least 17 women by 19 football players.

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Rob & Chyna Trailer: Twerking, Tears and Texts!

We're not sure what to believe about Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna at this point.

On one hand, the couple is covering the latest issue of People Magazine, gushing over each other and looking totally in love.

Then, on the other hands, they are fighting, yelling at each other and questioning their future as a couple.


Evidence that all is not peaches, cream and roses inside the Chyna and Rob relationship is on full display in the following trailer for Rob & Chyna.

With the premiere of this program set for September 11, E! has given us our first extended look at what's on tap.

And it isn't pretty.

Well, some of it is pretty, such as when we get a glimpse of some serious bikini Twerking at one point.

But a bulk of this preview features Rob and Chyna at each other's throats.

"Yo, who is hittin' your phone over and over?" Rob asks Chyna as he looks through her cell phone in one scene.

As you can imagine, she does not react very kindly to this invasion of privacy.

"Why do you wanna keep going through my phone like you don't trust me?" the pregnant star asks her fiancé.

"I just don't get why you even care!" Rob responds.

Later on, Chyna screamed at her impending baby daddy, asking Rob why the heck he is still "texting bitches."

From there, we get talk about Depression with a capital D, as Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner both try to offer some expertise on their loved one and his relationship.

Chyna also receives a talking-to, which results in may tears being shed by the reality star.

In another scene, Scott Disick gets all profound.

In another scene, Rob and Chyna enjoy family time with her son, King Cairo.

And in another scene, the couple visits Chyna's old strip club.

The promo ends with Chyna asking Rob a very important question:

"You really wanna spend the rest of your life with me?"

What does he say? Will these two make it? Will you tune in to find out?

Check out the extra long and very special trailer now:

Rob and chyna trailer twerking tears and texts

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Taylor Lianne Chandler-Michael Phelps Texts: What Might Have Been!

Before he got engaged to Nicole Johnson, Michael Phelps was involved in a brief but tumultuous relationship with Taylor Lianne Chandler.

The Olympic great has never acknowledged this publicly, but it is believed they were together up until the night of his 2014 DUI arrest.

Since then, TLC has been a recurring fixture in gossip circles, lamenting her 15 minutes of fame and trying to cash in at the same time.

It's a fine line to walk, but she does it so well.

Here are some texts allegedly between Chandler and Phelps that will make you wonder what might have been for the star-crossed duo:

1. Taylor Lianne Chandler-Michael Phelps Sex Text

Taylor lianne chandler michael phelps sex text
Taylor and Michael discuss their sexcapades from the previous night. Certainly sounds like she had fun.

2. Taylor Lianne Chandler & Michael Phelps: Trouble in Paradise

Taylor lianne chandler and michael phelps trouble in paradise
Taylor and Michael only dated for a few weeks. But based on texts like this, we’re assuming their relationship was a stormy one.

3. Michael Phelps Blows Off Taylor Lianne Chandler

Michael phelps blows off taylor lianne chandler
Sounds like Taylor is the clingy type. Hey, sometimes a guy just wants to be alone after a DUI.

4. Taylor Lianne Chandler: I Feel Like a Fool!

Taylor lianne chandler i feel like a fool
Like we said, Taylor and Michael Phelps’ relationship was brief, but tumultuous. Here, TLC gets dramatic while discussing their time together.

5. Taylor Lianne Chandler Nude Photo

Taylor lianne chandler nude photo
Taylor tried to make things up to Michael Phelps by sending him nude photos. It seems that didn’t work.

6. Taylor Lianne Chandler Naked Text

Taylor lianne chandler naked text
Taylor seemed to enjoy sending naked pics to Michael Phelps. Considering he was about to ship off to rehab, it’s not surprising he had other things on his mind.

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Barnes sent farewell texts to Warriors after Durant joined team

Kevin Durant's decision to sign with the 73-win Golden State Warriors meant the end of Harrison Barnes' four-year tenure with the team.

Departing the only organization he had known since entering the league seventh overall in 2012, the now 24-year-old made sure to express to his teammates how important they were to him before moving on for good.

"Right after the KD decision happened, I texted everyone individually something special to them whatever it was, whatever my relationship was with them," Barnes recently told The Undefeated's Marc J. Spears. "I didn't want to do the cliche, 'I'm out, guys.' I wanted to text each person individually and tell them that we are family and how much they meant to me."

Related: Barnes wasn't looking to leave Warriors: The decision was made for me

Barnes had actually turned down an extension of $ 64 million over four years last season, betting on himself to earn even more money under the NBA’s rising salary cap, whether that was with the Warriors or not. That decision ultimately paid off in a big way, as he wound up earning $ 30 million more with the Dallas Mavericks on a four-year, $ 94-million contract.

He wasn't the only player to leave the franchise this offseason, as Andrew Bogut (traded to the Mavericks), Festus Ezeli (signed with the Portland Trail Blazers), Brandon Rush (signed with the Minnesota Timberwolves), Leandro Barbosa (signed with the Phoenix Suns), and Marreese Speights (signed with the Los Angeles Clippers) all found new homes.

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