Throwback Of The Week: Steve Jobs Introduces The First iPhone In 2007!

On January 9, 2007, Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced the world to his revolutionary smartphone. Among its many breakthrough features, the widescreen iPhone, one of Jobs’ great visions, combined mobile phone function with the music app technology of the iPod, included a 2-megapixel camera and internet access. It also featured a slick scrollable touchscreen, immediately making the tactile number key buttons of cellphones seem outdated. R.I.P. Steve Jobs.

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Throwback Of The Week: James "Lights Out" Toney (One Of The Greatest Defensive Boxers Of All Time)

James Nathaniel Toney is Known for his slick, defensively orientated style of boxing, Toney is a former three-weight world champion, having held the IBF and lineal middleweight titles from 1991 to 1993; the IBF super middleweight title from 1993 to 1994; and the IBF cruiserweight title in 2003. Additionally he challenged twice for a world heavyweight title, and was victorious the first time but was later stripped due to a failed drugs test. In 1991 and 2003, Toney was voted Fighter of the Year by The Ring magazine and the Boxing Writers Association of America. He has also made a one-time appearance in mixed martial arts, losing to Randy Couture at UFC 118 in 2010. Outside of sports, Toney played the role of Joe Frazier in the 2001 film Ali. Toney is well known for his “Old School” or “Throwback” style of fighting, consisting of his head and shoulder rolls (used to avoid punches), his ability to fight off the ropes, his slick body movements, and his infighting. By DiminikosBoxingProd.

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CP3 shares incredible throwback photo with young LeBron

Chris Paul and LeBron James go back way further than Team USA tournaments and Banana Boat excursions.

Paul shared an incredible photo of himself and James from the 1997 AAU Boys' 12 and Under National Championships. James was 12 at the time, while Paul was 11, and both were well under six feet.

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Throwback Of The Week: Floyd Mayweather Jr's Career Knockouts!

– Roberto Apodaca (1996)

– Jerry Cooper (1997)

– Edgar Ayala (1997)

– Kino Rodriguez (1997)

– Bobby Giepert (1997)

– Tony Duran (1997)

– Jesus Chavez (1997)

– Louie Leija (1997)

– Felipe Garcia (1997)

– Hector Arroyo (1998)

– Miguel Melo (1998)

– Genaro Hernandez (1998)

– Angel Manfredy (1998)

– Justin Juuko (1999)

– Carlos Gerena (1999)

– Emanuel Augustus (2000)

– Diego Corrales (2001)

– Jesus Chavez (2001)

– Phillip N’dou (2003)

– Henry Bruseles (2005)

– Arturo Gatti (2005)

– Sharmba Mitchell (2005)

– Ricky Hatton (2007)

– Victor Ortiz (2011)

**Missing from the video**

– Angelo Nunez (1997)

– Sam Girard (1998)

Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Conor McGregor

(Saturday, August 26th)

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Throwback Of The Week: Jackass 2 "Terror Taxi" Scene!

“Terror Taxi” is one of Jackass’ most convoluted stunts, and is the first one both Johnny Knoxville and Jeff Tremaine point to as one of their most memorable. The setup: The guys tell Ehren McGhehey that they’re going to dress him up like a terrorist and prank a taxi driver on the way to the airport. Ehren embraces the gag, including the time-consuming application of a full beard which was made from the casts pubic hair. The taxi driver is actually writer-director Jay Chandrasekhar, who turns the tables on Ehren when he pulls out a gun, puts him in the trunk, and makes him believe that he has shot Bam.

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Report: Warriors, Lakers among 8 teams to unveil throwback uniforms

A handful of NBA teams are expected to roll out new, old jerseys.

According to SportsLogos.Net’s Conrad Burry, here are the eight clubs that will unveil Nike throwback uniforms in 2017-18, along with the corresponding eras:

Every squad is slated to have four core uniforms – Association, Icon, Community, and one inspired by the “athlete’s mindset” – with the retro ‘Classic’ versions marking a fifth for select teams. Most have already revealed the first two editions.

Burry produced mockups of some of the Classics:

Nice Kicks provided a first look at Charlotte’s Jordan Brand retro jersey:


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