Jesse Williams’ Wife Says He Has Violent Temper, Wants Sole Custody

The custody battle between actor Jesse Williams and his soon to be ex-wife is getting very ugly. In court documents, Aryn Drake-Lee says Williams has anger issues, among other descriptors, and wants sole custody of their children. 

Reports TMZ:

Aryn Drake-Lee has unloaded on the “Grey’s Anatomy” star, demanding sole custody for a variety of reasons. She says the children are being emotionally compromised because Jesse has exposed them to at least one intimate partner and possibly more. She wants the judge to order him to keep girlfriends away from the kids until he dates them for 6 months.

Aryn goes on, claiming Jesse has a violent temper and cites a road rage incident last month with his next-door neighbor. She says after an argument the neighbor flipped off Jesse, and he then “aggressively pursued him in his car” with their 2 kids inside. She says Jesse threatened to kill him.

She’s also pissed off that Jesse posts pics of their kids on social media and says he’s doing it as a “buffer for the negative talk about him in the media.”

Keep in mind that this is all in court documents, so it’s not like Drake-Lee went public with the sole cause of smearing Williams.

However, since the docs are public record, all the tea will be exposed.

Meanwhile, despite claiming she had nothing to do with the dissolution of his marriage, it seems like Williams is dating Minka Kelly.

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Jenelle Evans: My Son is Being Violent Because He Wants to Live with Me!

After years and years of watching Teen Mom 2, we all know quite a bit about Jenelle Evans, don't we?

For instance, we know that she's one of those people who tend to create their own version of events, reality be damned.

You can see several examples of this in her new book — remember how she claimed that her mother tricked her into giving up custody of her oldest son, Jace, even though she was the best mom ever?

Meanwhile, we all remember seeing how it really played out in early seasons of the show, and we definitely remember her willingly signing over custody to the long-suffering Barbara Evans.

Still, Jenelle insists on trying to paint herself in a positive light, even if she doesn't deserve it.

And if you still don't know what we're talking about, then just check out this truly bizarre deleted scene from this week's episode of Teen Mom 2.

As you may remember from the episode, Jace has been acting out recently — so much that he threw a toy at Barbara and bruised her face.

Jenelle and Babs talked about getting him into therapy, which seems like a good idea. The poor kid has been through a lot in his eight years.

But in this clip, Teen Mom's hottest mess reveals some additional details about the situation.

Things start off with Jenelle and her fiancé, David Eason, having a little chat in a restaurant while baby Ensley sleeps soundly in her car seat.

They talk about taking some photos with all the kids this weekend, and she mentions that she's excited for Jace to meet Ensley for the first time.

Then she tells him that "He freaked out a school and he threw something at my mom, and like busted her nose."

"And she, like, doesn't understand why he's freaking out, and she calls me and says 'Oh, he's being bad' and everything."

"And then I'm like 'Well, I got my hands tied, what do you want me to do? I'm not there to discipline him and you don't let me have him, so …'"

She says that Barbara has been telling Jace's teachers that she doesn't know why he's "freaking out," and that "I feel bad for him because it's like no one knows the truth and they're believing my mom."

If you're wondering what the hell she's talking about, you're not alone.

But hang on, she gets to her point real quick …

"I know the truth," she tells David. "I know why he's freaking out. He's freaking out because he wants to live here. And that's why he's being bad."

… Really, Jenelle? That's why Jace is acting out and being violent, because he wants to live with you?

She says that she hopes Jace isn't mad at her because he still doesn't live with her, and that "I want Jace to come live with me so bad, he doesn't even know the truth."

What truth?!

The clip ends with Jenelle telling David that she's "trying everything in my power" to get Jace back.

It's just so bizarre that she thinks that her son is behaving the way he is because he wants to live with her … like is that really the scenario that makes the most sense?

Maybe he's reacting to the years and years of seeing Jenelle scream and yell at Barbara — maybe she's never shown her respect, and he's learning that.

Or maybe he's starting to realize how unstable his childhood has been, especially since his mother just had another baby when she still doesn't have custody of him.

There are a lot of reasons why poor Jace could be acting out, but a desperation to live with Jenelle doesn't seem super likely.

Watch the odd scene below:

Jenelle evans my son is being violent because he wants to live w

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Real Housewives Of ATL Reunion Pt.1: Kenya Provoked Matt To Being Violent? [Video]

This is a very valid point! On the Real Housewives Of Atlanta Reunion part 1, Sheree brings up a good point about Kenya not being scared of crazy Matt Jordan, but being shook of Porsha?

Turn the pages to see the highlights and previews…


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Thoughts on Part 1 of the Reunion tonight of #realhousewivesofatlanta #rhoa #therealhousewivesofatlanta ? #themelaninpot

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Phaedra vs kenya #rhoa #realhousewivesofatlanta #realhousewives #rhoatl #phaedraparks #kenyamoore #bravotv @phaedraparks

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Watch: Gardner, Weeks exit after violent collision on basepaths

A scary collision on the basepaths forced two players to early exits Wednesday at Yankee Stadium, as New York Yankees left fielder Brett Gardner and Tampa Bay Rays first baseman Rickie Weeks were both lifted from their matinee after Gardner slammed into Weeks while trying to leg out an infield single in the bottom of the sixth.

Gardner, who managed to touch the bag and was ruled safe on the play after smashing into Weeks, stayed down for several minutes before leaving alongside a team trainer, with Ronald Torreyes entering the game as a pinch-runner. Weeks got up relatively promptly after the collision, but was also removed from the game, getting replaced at first by Logan Morrison.

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Physically Abused Karrueche Gets Restraining Order For Violent Chris Brown, “He Threaten To Kill Me”


Karrueche Gets Restraining Order After Chris Brown Death Threats

Chris Brown has been Chris Browning.

The abusive azzhole known as Christopher Maurice Brown has been putting his hands on women again according to Karrueche Tran’s sworn testimony before a Los Angeles judge.

TMZ reports that Brown’s ex-girlfriend has obtained a restraining order against him after he allegedly told several people that he would kill her and/or “take [her] out”.

Karrueche also testified that Chris has both “punched me in my stomach twice” and “pushed me down the stairs” several years ago.

The violent singer is also said to have threatened to do physical harm to one of Karrueche’s friends and threw a drink at another friend.

Remember this?

Even after all he’s shown you in the past, some of you all were probably still like “Stop being mean to the man I have never met, he’s my fave! He was just jokingggg!”.

Ain’t no jokes, bih. He’s dead a$ $ serious and he might just be a deadly abuser.

Image via Instagram


Outrage Over Violent Police Takedown Involving Officers, K-9 And Unarmed Man!

Two St. Paul police officers are on leave following the arrest of a man who was kicked by an officer and bitten by a police dog. Frank Baker, 53, suffered “severe lacerations” when he was bitten in the leg several times by a K-9 during the June 24 incident, he was aksi the wrong suspect. He spent two weeks in the hospital being treated for the dog bites, as well as the broken ribs and partially collapsed lungs he suffered from being kicked in the chest by one of the responding officers. The incident prompted a public apology from St. Paul police chief Todd Axtell, who said in a statement Friday morning he was “disappointed and upset by what the video shows.” Posted By Persist

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Woman to ask NCAA to ban sexually violent athletes

INDIANAPOLIS – A woman who says she was raped by college football players nearly 20 years ago is asking the NCAA to ban sexually violent athletes.

Brenda Tracy and her son will present a petition to the NCAA’s Board of Governors at its meeting Wednesday in Indianapolis. Current guidelines generally allow schools or conferences to hand down such punishments.

Tracy's son Darius says he started the petition after hearing about multiple sexual assault allegations involving Baylor football players. The petition contains more than 157,000 signatures.

It’s unclear when – or if – the NCAA committee will take action. It already has already met once with the family as it debates how to address sexual violence on campus.

Brenda Tracy says she was raped by four men, including two Oregon State football players, in 1998. The Associated Press generally doesn't identify people who say they were sexually assaulted, but Tracy has spoken publicly to draw attention to her situation.

She recently met with football players at Nebraska and Baylor. Nebraska is coached by Mike Riley, who was Oregon State's coach in 1998 and suspended the two accused players for one game. They were arrested but never charged.

Baylor faces at least three federal lawsuits brought by women who claim the school was indifferent to or ignored claims of sexual assault and didn’t enforce federal gender discrimination protections under Title IX. The scandal cost coach Art Briles his job and forced university chancellor Kenneth Starr to resign.

Following Tuesday’s announcement promoting the petition, the NCAA issued a statement that read in part: ”She has a compelling story and, like us, is seeking changes on campuses and nationally to stem the tide of sexual assault. We look forward to continuing our conversation with her and other leaders regarding this important matter.”

The NCAA first began discussing the issue in 2010, and held a summit in Indianapolis in the spring of 2011. It later announced it would sponsor the Violence Prevention Think Tank.

In August 2014, the topic came up again. This time, the NCAA issued a statement on sexual violence prevention.

One month later, the NCAA released a handbook about how to deal with sexual violence and joined the ”It’s on Us” campaign.

In July 2015, the NCAA started the Sexual Assault Task Force. In February, the NCAA held another summit on the topic.

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